A New Meaning for “Brake Job”


A New Meaning for “Brake Job”It was a nice Saturday afternoon, and I was going for a drive with my top down. I had gotten a block from the house when I saw a neighbour, LeeAnne Cope, standing next to her car which was blocking the street in front of her house. I pulled up and asked her what was wrong. “Oh – I’m so glad to see you Trev…I must have set the parking brake, and when I tried to drive forward, the car wouldn’t move.” I said, “Yeah, LeeAnne…that’s what usually happens…let me take a look.” She was about 5-7 or 5-8, very samll waist, nice legs, and a very perky pair of 34C breasts. She had shoulder length brown hair which was in a pony tail, dark eyes, and a very attractive face. She was wearing a very tight white t-shirt which stopped just above her waist, a pair of skin-tight pink stretch shorts which nicely showed her panty lines as well as an interesting camel toe, and a pair of sneakers with white socks with lacce at the ankles. I knew her casually as a neighbour, and that she was in a long separation from her husband. I had seen two c***dren in her yard before, and guessed her to be about 40. “Let me have a look,” I said. “I feel SO dumb and SO helpless,” she said. I assured her it could happen to anyone, and sat in her car to see if I could release the brake. She knelt beside the open door, intently watching, and giving me a great view of her breasts and thighs. I fussed with the brake for a few minutes, and she said how hot it was getting in the sun. I told her I’d have to crawl under the car to see if I could release the cables. “Oh gosh NO….”, she protested, “I’ll simply have it towed to the shop.” I asked her if she had a small pry bar in her garage, and she said she did. “Please get it for me, and I’ll have you rolling in a bit,” I reassured her. I watched as she walked up her drivway to the garage, and felt a bit of a hormonal twinge watching her perfect ass with it’s provocative panty lines as she walked….actually no…more strutted like a female panther. She gave me the bar, I crawled under the car, and she squatted next to my legs with hers apart. I was treated to a clear view of her crotch, and very sexy camel toe. I hooked the equalizer bar between the brake cables, gave it a jerk, and the rear brakes released with an audible pop. As I rolled out, and attempted to stand up, I ran my head hard against the bottom edge of the car door. The pain was fierce, the world narroed into a small balck dot, and I was out cold on the street. I awoke a few minute later to hear her frantically tempobet giriş calling my name, and asking me if I was O.K. I realized I was bleeding, and that she was holding a towel to my forehead. “I’m O.K. LeeAnne,” I weakly said as I regained my senses. “My God, Trev, you’re cut and bleeding….let me help you,” she insisted. I got to my feet, and she wrapped an arm around my waist to steady me, but in so doing, pushed her right breast hard against my side. “Let’s go into the house so I can tend to that cut,” she insisted. “Better move your car off the street and pull the keys out of mine”, I told her. It was then I realized the “towel” she had held to my bleeding forehead was actually the t-shirt she had been wearing, and she was now bent over the door of my Corvette showing a very sexy white lace bra. My head was pounding, as was the other head below my belt as we walked up to her house. I sat in her kitchen as she cleaned up the cut, and applied a latge adhesive compress. She seemed indifferent that her breasts – clad only in the lace bra – were only inches from my face. “I am SO sorry this happened…I feel awful,” she said. “My gosh, I’m a 38 year old woman…you’d think I’d be more functional.” I laughed and told her it wasn’t a big deal, and not to worry. She told me she had been self-sufficient for the past year and a half during the separation from her husband, but at times, she screwed up. We talked for quite some time, had a couple of ice-cold beers, and got to know one another. I had a headache, but was feeling much better, and she was looking VERY much better. “How is Lorene?”, she asked. I told her she was spending more of her time at the out of town branch store she had opened, and that she only got home one weekend a month. “so you’re knocking around that big house all by yourself?”, she asked. She broke out laughing when I told her I had locked all the monsters under the beds in the cellar. “Hmmmm,” she said pensively, “I wonder if I have monsters under my beds?” I asked if her k**s were monsters, and she told me they were angels like her, and that they were at her mother’s home for the weekend about 100 kilometers west. “For heaven’s sake….look at me….I just realized I’ve been sitting here in my bra all this time !!!”, she exclaimed,”Please forgive my impropriety.” I swallowed hard, and said, “No harm done…now that my eyes can focus again, it’s a rather pleasing sight.” She laughed, and replied, “Thought so…I saw you staring at my boobs.” I just sat across from her and tempobet yeni giriş smiled. “Tell you what,” he said, “I want to get these shorts off…keep me company while I change.” My penis was telling me it wanted to run the show as we headed up to her bedroom. I felt excited but a bit awkward, so to lighten the mood said, “I can check for monsters under your beds while I’m here.” She said her k**s’ beds were fine, but she was unsure what was under it. “You go ahead and check for me, eh?”, she asked. I lifted the bed skirt, made a theatrical production of looking,and fell to the floor with a terrifying scream. “What the FUCK !!”. she screamed and came running over to the side of the bed where I had crawled half way under. I rolled over laughing -still under her bed – and she said in mock anger, “You fucking smartass…you scared the shit out of me.” I rolled out, and sat up to see she and taken her bra, shorts, and sneakers off, and was kneeling in front of me wearing only a shiny white hip-hugger panty and her white anklets with the lace tops. “Here,” she said, “Maybe seeing my boobs will dim your comedic spirit.” To say they were gorgeous was an understatement. They were full, but perky, had very large dark brown aereolas, and quite long suckable nipples which appeared to be fully erect. “What do you think?”, she whispered. I told her there was no monster under her bed, but couldn’t guarantee there wouldn’t be one IN it. She sat back on her butt with her arms behind her and her legs spread slightly. “So what does it look like”, she asked with a smile. I unzipped my jeans, and with no briefs on, my penis popped out at full attention. She began to rub it with her ankle socks, and I saw the gusset of her panty was wet. “What can I do to repay you for fixing my car and make up for your injury?”, she asked. I wasted no time in asking, “Will you tease me with your lingerie?” Her reply came instantly as, “Of course…what do you what me to put on?” I thought for a minute and said, “A slip and a pair of heels, please,” I said. “Consider it done,” she said as she stood up, “Do you prefer halfs or fulls?” I told her I liked either, and in a few quick moves, ahe was standing before me wearing a very sexy dark tan half slip with a lace hem and embroidered roses on one side, and a pair of black heels. “What do you intend to do now,” she asked, “Jerk off?” I told her I would but wanted her to give me her panty. She reached up under her slip, pulled down her panty, and handed it to me. “Go ahaead and jerk tempobet güvenilirmi off for me, but you have to suck and bite my nipples as you do it,” she said. I stood facing her and jerked with her wet and warm panty as I licked her breasts, aereolas and nipples. Each time I gave her nipples a light bite, she would gasp and stiffen. She was pushing her belly and thighs against me, and soon I dropped her panty to let her rub her slip on the underside of my penis.I picked her up and laid her on the bed on her back. “What the hell do you think you’re going to do?”, she demanded sternly. Her slip was well past her thighs as I spread her legs. Her kitty had a light feminine fragrance like a musk soap, and I could see how wet she was. “Just jack off on the outside of my kitty,” she said. I could only remeber how sexy her camel toe looked earlier, so I pushed myself into her kitty slowly, as far as I could go. She hissed and let out a low growl, and through clenched teeth said, “Put a condom on….I’m not on anything.” I pulled out of her, and she rwched into a small jewelry box on the nightstand. “Here…hurry and put it on…I haven’t been fucked in a year and a half, and I NEED it.” I must have humped her missionary style for an hour. The condom cut some of the sensation, so my balls were ready to burst. “I saw you staring at my boobs, ass, and pussy when we were outside….I knew you wanted to fuck me.” she said. I pulled out of her, tokk off the condom, and began to jerk. She sat up, bent forward, and took my penis into her mouth. I was fingering her with one hand, and pinching her nipple with the other as she sucked me and moaned loudly. Just as my balls erupted, I pulld out of her mouth, and shot ribbons of hot semen across her face, onto her chest and breasts, and into her hair. She let out a series of screams, and my hand became very wet as she squirted with her climax.We laid together on her bed for a bit, and I sat up to leave. She pulled me back down on top of her saying, “I need more of the monster.” I kissed her saying, “Be all dressed up at 8:00 tonight…we are going out to dinner.” She smiled and said as she rubbed her still-erect nipples, “O.K., I think I know just exactly what to wear. As I got up, she took off her slip, wrapped it around my penis, and began to slowly stroke it. She leaned foward, opened her mouth, pushed her finger up into the area behind my balls where the hung from my crotch, and I instantly shot several more streams into her waiting mouth. “Mmmmmm….now don;t you dare go home and jack off thinking about me…I want you all saved up for later tonight.” I smiled and said, “I can’t jack off thinking of you LeeAnne…I don’t have one of your slips or panties.” She looked at me like a cunning female panther and said, “Oh, we’ll fix that…trust me.”

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