A Perverted World


Waking up to the sound of Mom banging her fists on my door and shouting “Get up, Sid. It’s 8:30” is never a nice way to wake up. I’ve never been an early riser and I hate loud noises early in the morning. And now, Mom was getting on my nerves.

“Yeah, Mom, I’m coming!” I shouted back, burying my face in the pillow.

“All right, honey. What do you want for breakfast?”

I also hated when people asked me questions early in the morning, even before I’m fully in my senses.

“Bacon and eggs!” I shouted back, even though Mom wasn’t shouting anymore.

There was the sound of her footsteps going down the stairs and I got up from my bed. Slipping into my slippers, I went to the bathroom and sleepily started brushing my teeth.

Today was a very special day for me. Today was going to be my first day of college. Cuntington College was the only college in our town and everyone in our town had graduated from there, including my parents and their parents. Even the teachers teaching there had graduated from there. I had been looking forward to this day since I had graduated from high school. College life on TV has always been nice, just sex, partying and booze. And I was determined to do just all those things in my college too.

After a quick brush, I went downstairs. There was the sound of the TV emanating from the living room, probably Dad watching. I went straight to the kitchen and Mom had just finished plating up. There were my bacon and eggs, Dad’s usual piece of toast and a glass of orange juice, and Mom’s special oatmeal.

“Right on time, Sid.” Mom said, smiling at me. She was wearing a tight crop top, exposing her perfectly smooth belly skin and the top pushed up her round melons. Her jeans were also tight, which accentuated her ass. As always when I look at Mom, I got an instant hard-on.

“Yup, on time.” I said, ogling at Mom’s boobs. “I’m so excited about college, Mom.”

“Well, you should be. Cuntington is gonna be the best thing that’s gonna happen to you. You’ll love it there,” she said, and then, she raised her voice. “Randy, breakfast’s here!”

The sound of the TV went away and walked in our local paperboy, Randy Dickins, into our kitchen.

“Oh, it was Randy!” I exclaimed, looking at him. “I thought it was Dad, considering the orange juice and toast.”

Randy gave a friendly laugh and said, “Well, what can I say? Great men eat alike.”

“And fuck alike.” Mom said, giving a seductive look towards Randy.

“Yes, that too.” Randy said, sitting at the table.

“Oh, so you’re Mom’s morning fuck today?” I said, also getting seated at the table.

“Yes, today’s my day to fuck her. I hadn’t fucked her in like, I don’t know… maybe three weeks, so I thought I would pay her a visit.”

“And what a visit it will be.” Mom said, getting seated beside Randy and squeezing his dick.

“Oh… Mrs. Slutson…” Randy komşu seks hikayeleri moaned and gave Mom a deep, passionate French kiss.

“All right, you two,” I said, “you can do that after I go off to college.”

Randy suddenly broke the kiss and turned at me, “Oh, right, I forgot! Today’s your first day, ain’t it, Sid?”

I nodded, gulping down the eggs. Randy had graduated from Cuntington five years ago with excellent grades in every subject and I was sure he could give me tips on how to do well there.

“Boy, you are in for a treat.” He snickered, while munching on his toast.

“Got any tips, pal?”

“Tips? I don’t know, buddy, just do well, I guess. Be obedient to the teachers, do whatever they tell you to do. That’s it!”

I nodded acknowledging his “tip”.

“So, where’s Dad, Mom?”

Mom put down her spoon and said, “He’s off to the mall to buy a new cell phone.”

“What happened to his old one?”

“It’s a long story,” Mom said, “Initially; there was some problem with the connectivity, so he took it to Ben.” Ben’s Electronics was the nearest electronics store in our neighborhood. “Ben had opened the back case and was fiddling around when Katherine walked by.” Katherine was a nurse at St. Lustian Hospital. “And you know about your Dad’s sex drive. He instantly picked her up, slammed her butt onto the table where Ben was working and the two men started fucking her. And somehow, their cum fell on the open circuitry inside the cell phone, and I guess, it short-circuited. So, now he’s gone to get a new one.”

“Wow!” Randy said, “I didn’t know cum could do this.”

“Anything liquid can mess up electronics.” Mom said, continuing eating her oats.

“So, how’s everyone, Randy?” I asked. “How are the Dickins?”

Randy quickly finished the toast and said, “Everyone’s great. Dad is off to Vegas with Janice.” Janice was a waitress at Cum E Cheese. “He needed some time alone with her so that they could fuck one-on-one, which is impossible here, since Mom always gets in between them. She just can’t seem to get away from a threesome. So, while Dad is away on a fuck trip with Janice, Mom is currently banging Dr. Jackson.” Dr. Jackson was the Chief of Medicine at St. Lustian. Randy stopped, taking a gulp of the orange juice. He continued, “And Grandma Abigail is now fucking Jason. You remember Jason, right?”

I nodded. Jason Pricked was one of Randy’s closest friends. A few years back, we had invited the Dickins family to our house for Christmas, and Randy had brought Jason along. I clearly remember all the fuck stories he had told, all the many places around the world he had visited, and all the many chicks he had banged. I had thought he was bluffing, and I still do, even though Randy assured me he wasn’t lying. But the most distinctive feature about his visit was that he had taught the men how to delay orgasms as long as possible when you’re licking a chick’s pussy. He had demonstrated his skills with Mom and Mrs. Dickins, and we were all enthralled at this uncanny ability. Even though I don’t believe half of his stories, I have immense respect for him for teaching me that skill.

Randy continued. “Yeah, so Grandma had gotten a little mad at me for not telling her about Jason’s pussy licking skills. So, to calm her down, I called up Jason this morning and he is now slurping Grandma’s clit, at least that’s what he was doing when I left.”

I took in all the small talk and suddenly remembered something. “Hey, I just remembered. How’s your thesis coming out?”

Randy was currently working on a PhD degree, on the importance of pornography in our everyday lives. God knows why he was hell-bent on this. After graduating from college with a degree in design, he had gone to New York City to work at GQ. After nailing the interview (I mean, actually nailing it, not “nailing” it), he had worked for just three months when he realized his love for our small town and its sex-friendly people was too much for him and he came back. Now, for someone who has worked at GQ designing the magazine’s pages, one would expect that he would become something like the editor-in-chief for our local paper. But, no. He opted for the most simplistic job, delivering the papers in the morning. He claims that his brief stint at GQ showed him that he preferred everything in life to be as simple as possible, no worries, no tension, no nothing. But, after almost four years of riding his bicycle in the morning and delivering papers (at the same time, banging any lady who was awake), he “realized”, once again, his passion lay in something big. But, not so big that he would have to relocate. He wanted to get a PhD in pornography and teach here at Cuntington College.

“Pretty good, actually,” he said, giving a radiant smile. “It’s gonna be over in about two more weeks, and then, I will be, legally, a Doctor…” he softly spoke the works looking at Mom. Mom, who always had a weak spot for nurses and doctors, no matter which type of doctor, bit her lips and her hand slipped down to her jeans, where it unzipped the pant.

“Ooooo… Doctor… I would love to be your first patient…” she moaned seductively. Her fingers entered her pussy and started to slide in and out. Her eyes were half-closed, half-open and looking at her morning fuck, her breasts were heaving and her breath was getting faster. Randy unzipped his pants and took his dick out, and I, unable to control the sexual energy bubbling up in me, decided to follow suit.

Every slide of her fingers into her pussy matched our strokes of our dicks. Every heaving of her breasts made our dicks even stronger, harder, although it would have seemed to have been impossible. Every sexual moan from her mouth willed our determination to jack off spectacularly.

Randy now picked up the oatmeal bowl, which was now almost empty and aimed his dick at it, and motioned to me to do the same. Not wanting to waste a single drop of cum, I stood up and aimed my thick, erect dick at the bowl, while continuing my strokes of pleasure.

“Ohhh… you naughty boys… so thoughtful of you…” Mom moaned, her voice now barely a whisper, but intensely charged with sexual energy. Her body was trembling and her fingers were zooming in and out of her pussy like lightning bolts. An orgasm was imminent.

It happened a second after. Mom’s body arched backwards, the chair tilting backwards and almost falling. She let out a shrill of pleasure and her love juice gushed out of her hole like a river, dripping down her crack and falling on the chair and the floor. Randy and I, excited even more, increased our pace and a few seconds after, our dicks let out streams of cum that covered the remaining oats in the bowl in a gleaming white cover and a pungent odor. In fact, our combined cum “out-take” was so large, that the bowl was now a quarter full.

Mom’s face was now radiating with an odd glow and her fingers were gooey with her cum. Slowly sitting down on the cum-stained chair, she licked the cum off her fingers and said, “Now, let me finish my oatmeal. After that, I’ll clean off your dicks.”

Randy handed her back her bowl of oats and cum, while his other hand let go off his dick, which he left out in the open, since Mom would take only a few minutes to clear her bowl.

“Sid, I gotta say, your cum volume has been consistently increasing over the past few days.” Mom said, slurping down the cum.

Before I could say anything, I had looked at the wall clock and realized that I was already ten minutes late for my first day of college.

“Mom, I’m sorry, I gotta go. I’m already late.” I looked at her and saw that her face drooped a little on hearing me.

“Just one lick, Sid. Just one lick.” Mom pleaded.

“I’m sorry, Ma.” I said, standing up, my dick still out of my pants.

“Now, hold on, Mister!” Mom stood up, her voice now harsh and demanding and her tits jiggling from the sudden movement. “I have given you blowjobs, anal fucks, boob jobs and have let you raid my pussy, the same pussy that you were born from, countless number of times. Now, you’re telling me that you can’t offer me your cock, you filthy motherfucker!”

Randy whistled looking at our stand-off.

“Mom-” I started when Mom cut me off; by getting on her knees and taking my cock in her mouth. She started blowing my cock so fast, that my legs started to tremble from the intense sexual energy being relieved. After just ten seconds, but at least ten thousand licks, my dick shot another shot of cum onto Mom’s face. With a few licks, Mom let go off my dick, which was now totally clean and shining with Mom’s saliva.

“Ten seconds. Ten.” Mom said in a slightly scathing tone and stood up. Giving me a peck on the cheek, she turned her back and went to Randy, who was once again jacking off.

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