A School Girl Crush


“Hi there. I saw you watching me today.” She came out of nowhere but my body immediately reacted, a sharp intake of breath as I struggled to regulate the storm brewing inside me. “Breathe little one” her seductive voice whispered as her lips slightly brushed against my earlobe, those beautiful, soft, luscious lips were now teasingly nibbling and licking, ever so gently yet urgently as the heat continued to rise within. The impact was instant. Her hand found its way to my inside thigh, nudging and kneading, as my breath came out hard and fast in staccato bursts as I desperately tried to take control of my limbic system. I sensed her smile as she felt the moisture gathering, all the while lingering on the fringes, teasing, and rubbing. Her tongue had found its way inside my ear leaving it as moist and wet as I was between my legs.

“Ooh someone seems pleased to see me” – her adept fingers quickly slid beyond the ineffectual cotton barrier that was losing the battle of protecting my privacy. She started massaging my clitoris; another sharp intake of breath as the heat of her intensity rose within me, deliciously tugging at my scant resistance and desire for her, as she navigated her way around my clit, and continued her assault on my senses nibbling and licking and kissing my neck, ear and cheek, exploring my increasingly wet and wanting vulva. “Breathe little one” she urged again. I loved that she called me ‘little one’ seeing as I was hardly ‘little’. We were both almost the same height, tall, muscular and athletic with me being the chunkier of the two.

On my arrival at the High School, feeling confused, anxious and displaced, I was assigned to her group. Her role was to show us around and help us find our bearings. I hovered on the periphery not wanting to draw attention to myself, watching and listening to her instructions as she guided us to the various centres including the Science lab, the gym, tennis courts and Göztepe Escort the swimming pool. Later, we congregated in the hall where the leaders explained the activities the school had to offer. From the time she stood up and addressed us as head of sport, I hung on her every word, I was besotted. I think I fell in love with her at first sight or if it wasn’t love, it was pure hero worship. When I looked at her my entire world flipped, I wanted her mouth all over me.

I had enrolled at an all-girls secondary school, a new experience after years at a co-educational Primary School. I watched as she stood up and instantly commanded the room, oozing confidence, and charisma. Her tall, lithe, lean body rippling as she walked, strutting in her Lycra shorts and sleeveless athletic top. Her hair recklessly tied in a knot and dumped unceremoniously on top of her head, yet even that I found attractive, but it was her eyes, like a blue haze, full of smoke and mirrors; one moment piercing you with a penetrating stare and another, all smoky, misty and mysterious. Her face was not beautiful, but it was interesting, almost Nordic in appearance. High cheek bones descended into an aquiline nose ending abruptly in a bit of a snub; but it was her mouth that demanded and commanded my attention. Her full, sensuous mouth covered slightly protruding teeth; one canine having slipped across to embrace the incisor causing a slight deviation from otherwise perfect dentition.

Her fingers had found their spot, becoming urgent in their exploration and search for the elusive G-spot. Her other hand found its way to the front and she started massaging my breast whilst her pelvis thrust up against me, comfortably cocooning me in her warm, delectable embrace. It was a full blown assault on my senses and I didn’t know where to focus. My breast tingled as my nipple hardened to her touch enjoying the gentle yet firm pressure. My Göztepe Escort Bayan mouth wanted to take ownership of her but was thwarted by her evasive yet teasingly familiar tongue that licked and tasted while thrusting into me from behind. The heat rose from those fingers that tugged and plunged and massaged playfully, skirting the edges, becoming more urgent as my excitement mounted and my pussy grew increasingly wet. I started to feel frantic.

“So why were you watching me today?” Really!! How was I supposed to answer her when my brain was totally disengaged and I was now purely limbic? My amygdala at full throttle! “Talk to me little one… I want to know, why were you watching me today?” Aaghh! clearly, she was not about to let it go. It was true, I had wondered around after school and found myself at the tennis courts. I wasn’t exactly a tennis fan, as it was the one sport I had never mastered. Frustrated at my inability to control the trajectory of the ball, I had given it up and opted for Squash instead, as at least it was played in a confined and predictable space. On arrival at the courts I saw to my delightful surprise that she was engaged in a tennis match with one of the opposing house captains.

I watched, mesmerised by her athleticism and ability to place the ball perfectly, within the confines of the court. She moved effortlessly from one side of the court to the other, lobbing, smashing and at times coaxing the ball over the net easily beating her opponent and winning the match. I applauded along with the other spectators albeit somewhat more enthusiastically as it drew her attention towards me. There it was again, those eyes that fixed themselves upon me and those lips that creased into a lopsided grin, both curious yet enjoying the attention. If I answered her question, I would have to admit to stalking her on some level. Not a Glenn Close, boil-the-bunny type stalker, Escort Göztepe but a deeply besotted, puppy-love one, which when said out loud probably sounded pathetic. Now my body started feeling a different kind of heat, that of embarrassment and the fear of being found out.

Her fingers grew more urgent as she pressed up harder against me.” come on tell me” Oh God I wish she could just stop talking so that I could remain suspended in this state of ecstasy. I wanted to drown her out, but she was as persistent with her words as she was in finding ways to make me hers, to take ownership of me. “I am going to fuck you so beautifully my little Bull.” I was yet to find out that one of her superpowers was to get me to talk, to open up and reveal my underbelly, something I was not a fan of doing. “I can’t talk now” I managed to stammer. She giggled and thrust deeper inside of me. I was hungry for her and wanted her to devour me. In time I found out that there was a subtle cruelty about her that I found both frightening and exhilarating. She enjoyed taking me to the edge of desire only to withdraw leaving me hanging precariously between pain and ecstasy with nerve endings screaming for more. She held all the power and knew it, using or abusing it at will.

I regard kissing as the highest form of intimacy. I needed to take control of her mouth, but she once again avoided my advances, purposefully evasive as she kept her lips just beyond my ability to taste her, it was pure agony. My heightened state of arousal was on full alert.

Her fingers plunged deeper, finding the elusive spot, sending me into orbit. I laced my arm backwards, pulling her into me, I heard an intake of breath as she gyrated against me, finding our rhythm. The tension was building and her heart pounded against me as our passion mounted, I pulled her closer as she plunged further inside me, my breath had all but stopped focusing on the intense emotion swelling as I rushed to the edge of that elusive precipice, teetering on the edge, willing her to go all the way. “Just don’t stop” I managed to burst out as we exploded, both orgasming, our bodies convulsing against each other, finding symbiosis in our mutual release…this was just the beginning.

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