A Sexy Roller Coaster Ride


It was bachelorette night at the House of Pleasure. On party nights, when it’s a packed house, there are easily over one hundred chicks for the roller coaster event. But not tonight. We were a group of five good friends celebrating the upcoming wedding of my brother John. His best friend Mike was his best man, and he is also the brother of Samantha, John’s wife-to-be. Mike had arranged for a visit to the infamous Sexcoaster night at the House of Pleasure. We were going to be part of the roller coaster. Now this is something you must have seen to believe.

The Sex Roller Coaster is basicly a room where the girls get to play with the cocks and balls of men. Of many men. The roller coaster actually looks more like a merry-go-round: it is a circular train of 20 cylinder containers, or men pods, which make an unending circle of carriages. Each pod contains a man, who lies on his back. He’s out of sight, covered with an opaque, pearly white lid. Out of sight except for his genitals. Through a hole the penis and the testicles stick outside in the open. The train rides in circles in the middle of the room. The roller coaster part arises from the actions of the ladies. They ride the train, they ride the cocks, and this ride makes the carousel a roller coaster experience.

We were ordered to present ourselves at seven o’clock. With recent testresults to confirm being free of VD’s and other unwanted diseases. We all passed the test and were brought to the brightly lit roller coaster room where we met the other men, totalling twenty.

“Gentlemen, tonight it’s Bachelorette Night. On other party nights we can easily have one hundred plus chicks lined up for you here. But tonight we have only two parties, one of which is luckily rather extended. Each group has its own colour bracelets; tonight we have a green and a pink party. The brides-to-be have striped bracelets in gold combined with their party colour, so you can easily identify the stars of the night as well as their conspirators.”

“Not that this really matters to you, for there’s no way you can interfere. It’s still a roller coaster ride where your genitals are available for the free use of the ladies as they see fit, and you can only passively witness the proceedings. But it’s still nice to figure out their relationships. You’ll have something on your mind while enjoying the spectacle, so to say. Of course you will hear their chatter and the banter, which is especially hot with bachelorette parties, and the bracelets will help keeping the groups apart.”

Meanwhile some topless beauties entered the room presenting us a glass of blue liquid. They all had amazing perky tits and wore tight fitting bottoms. I felt horny already from anticipation, but the sight of these detectable chicks made my dick fill with blood and rising north. The drink was rather sweet and for sure contained some strong aphrodisiac.

The angels helped us getting fitted with a crotch plate. It’s a rectangular plate of the same material the pod cover is made of, with one hole for the penis and the testicles. Some internal mechanism made the hole shrink to a tight vice like extended cock ring. With electro magnets the plate becomes part of the carriage when the lid is closed while laying down into the pod.

“Even though today we have only two parties, we’re lucky one party is rather large for a bachelorette party.”

Thus encouraged we all got down into our carriages which was a comfortable seat. The hot assistants closed the covers and sealed us in. The lids closed perfectly with a hole leaving the mouth and nose uncovered. My angel checked my availability with a good fondle of my balls and dick, and she gave me a hot French kiss.

Looking from the outside in the top half of the pods were opaque, but from the inside out we had a clear view. This was no doubt realised through some electronics inside and build in LEDs in the cover. The assistant’s kiss looked from the inside as if there was no cover at all. She whispered to me that I would be safe, that beyond my mouth and nose nothing of my face was visible, thus concealing my identity. “I like your tool boy, I might even fuck you myself tonight. Thanks for the kiss, and you can call me Nathalie.”

I found myself in a fairly comfortable position, unable to move but for my hands, which found grips on the bottom of my carriage to hold onto. Into the holds was a switch. Flipping the switch two holes appeared in the cover through which I could lift my arms to the outside. I quickly laid them back again next to my body, and closed the hatches again with the switch.

The train got into motion. Now this had to be a strange sight: twenty white cylinders moving in a circle with moderate speed, from which rigid hard-ons pointed straight up. An exceptionally array passed by. The ceiling was covered in mirrors giving us the change to admire our joysticks turning in a big circle. And this was the view the bachelorette parties saw as they entered the room.

First the green maraş seks hikayeleri party arrived. A young looking chick wearing a big happy smile and wetting her lips stepped towards the train. She chose my pod and climbed on top of me, her butt pointing to my face. I felt how she took hold of my stiff member with her both hands right at the bottom where my cock left the cover. I couldn’t see this but surely felt how her wet lips covered my crown as she kissed my sweet pecker.

Her bottom slid towards my face, and her short skirt crept upwards revealing the sweet girl’s knickers. A wet gusset presented itself to me, the thighs spread open because the cylinder forced her legs wide. This beautiful sight made my cock stagger even more, giving the hot chick even more of me to play with.

The green bride stepped into my view picking up the girl, saying “Let me help you Machteld, now you’re eighteen it’s time you ride one of those yourself now. Before you know it you’ll be married just like your big sister. And then you’ll only have your hubby’s cock to make fun. Now start making memories and gather experience.”

And with these words the pale blue knickers were pulled down revealing a narrow and very bold slit. Before I realised what was going to happen big sister had planted that heavenly snatch right upon my mouth. “Come on stud, prepare my sister’s pussy real good now. If you make her truly wet I will make your big rod slide up inside that virgin pussy before you can say ‘I do.'”

I licked the wet folds like my life was at stake. My tongue loved the sweet nectar seeping out of that tight slit. Slurping up every droplet of angel syrup I could reach I then felt my dick disappear into a ripe wet cunt. I had to assume it belonged to the green bride. She squatted over my cock, her hands holding on to her sisters tits. Looking up over my trophy’s mound to the perky tits I saw how they were lovingly kneaded by her sister.

Still riding around in a circle the sisters stepped up and changed position, now facing each other.

The bride first lowered Machteld towards my cock. My hard-on was lubricated with the wet coating the bride’s cunt had smeared upon me. My lapping had helped wetting the small girl’s twat, so entering that tight vice surprisingly turned out not to be an impossible task. I witnessed how my spear fully disappeared inside that virgin pussy. Once completely rooted down the bride decided I had seen enough and sat down upon my face. For good measure and out of gratefulness I tried to give the bride as much pleasure I could give her.

After some time of revelling with my cock in that awesome tight 18 year old poony and with my tongue in that soon to be wed BMS the girls rose up and stepped away from my carriage.

The train had stopped, and all pods were vacated again. It was more crowded now, and then suddenly my heart stopped beating. I clearly saw Asia and Georgie walking past my position, and they wore pink bracelets. AND THEY WERE STARK NAKED!

Georgie is my very own 19 year old sister, and Asia is her best friend. Asia is half Japanese and was many times the image I jerked off to. Especially at the times they chilled out in tight sexy one-piece swimsuits in our garden near the pool. They’re both good friends of Samantha, the future bride of my brother John. So the green party clearly had to be Sam’s bachelorette party!!

I didn’t know at that moment, but John’s best man Mike, Sam’s own brother, had pilfered from her maid-of-honour Pamela that Sam’s bachelorette party would visit the Sex Roller Coaster at the House of Pleasure. Mike had cunningly arranged John’s bachelor party to go to this very same venue, on the exact same day.

Mike had not told us, nor my brother. So now we saw ourselves confronted with our own folks, and in a position we could not simply walk away. We were condemned to the physical exposure to our own friends and sisters. And to the lovely Sam. And most probably we were going to have sexual contact, because in the setting of the Sexual Roller Coaster all initiative is with the girls. We simply had to undergo what the intuition of the moment would inspire the girls to do. Our role was to be there for the benefit of the chicks in the room. The only consolation we had was that the girls would never need to know what really was going to happen this night. My sister Georgie could easily fuck her own brothers without herself ever knowing it. And Sam was for sure going to fuck her husband-to-be, and his brother (me), and his best man (her very own brother). And never having a clue. What a thrilling incestuous event this turned out to be…

If my dick wasn’t hard already it would have become so right now within a split second. I was going to fuck my very own sister, and my soon-to-be sister-in-law, and my wet dream fantasy girl Asia. Fuck the Viagra in our drinks. Now that could become a blessing to us if it would keep our joysticks in working order all through the night. And the built in cock ring feature of the crotch plates will keep our tools in a tight vice, no doubt contributing to the very needed top condition of our toys which was called for now.

But let me tell you that’s still not the entire story. It gets even wilder. As the carousel got into motion again all girls stood close by. After a few rotations the majority of them took position over the track, with a leg on the inside and one on the outside. Had I already mentioned that by now all girls in the room were stark naked? I gaped at an endless array of fully exposed pussies which were on display a few feet above my bulging eyes. Because their stance with the legs spread over the train the pussies were slightly opened. And I’m sure most of them glistered from happiness; girly fluids tried to seep out of those ready fuck holes.

A few more rotations and my heart stopped beating again. Not for a few seconds, but during more than an entire rotation. For it took some time for my brain to register what my eyes saw.

I not only saw my sister Georgie, Sam the bride, the very hot Asia, and Sam’s maid of honour Pamela showing off their treasures. There were more ladies present which were all too familiar to our little bachelor bunch. The pink party did not only comprise the usual suspects for a bachelorette party; they were indeed as promised a rather extended group.

Afterwards Mike confessed to us that he himself had been unknown to the extent of his sister’s party. Instead of the small group of some close friends and maybe a colleague he had anticipated we now were exposed to quiet some future in-laws of my brother John, being family of Mike as well. And Mike himself to not only his own sister, but to a lot of other naked pussies of his own family. The pink party included also Mike’s two other sisters, their mother (John’s soon to be mother- in- law!), OH MY GAWD, their GRAND-MOTHER (!!), and an aunt, the youngest sister of their mom. To make it even worse our very own mom was accounted for as well… John’s, mine and Georgie’s mother. She danced around in the nude, exposing the very cunt through which we had been born.

This was going to be a very incestuous party indeed. But without the ladies ever being aware of its full extent. And we would walk away from this blast with the experience of a lifetime etched into our brains forever.

An assistant suggested the girls should do the dick dip. “I’ll show you,” said Nathalie as she took position standing over the carriages.

The train started rotating at a slightly greater speed. “Watch me and do the same!” The assistant who had helped me into my pod and had assured me my identity was safe, took the lead in dipping the dicks. She bent her knees lowering her crotch so her pussy touched the tip of the cock that came by between her legs. She adjusted her height continuously to accommodate for the length of the dicks, making sure her intimate pussy lips fondled every glans as it passed below her.

More and more party chicks took up a position above the roller coaster and duplicated Nathalie’s dipping. What started as an incidental titillation of my glans gradually resulted in a continuous inciting of the crown. With every passing pussy the tip of my penis was embraced by the petals of an engorged flower. First only Nathalie’s every rotation, but soon more and more, in the end merging into a near continuous stimulus. And as the girls got the hang of it the train started to revolve with greater speed, increasing the stimulation.

Suddenly the sexcoaster slowed down. Our carriages moved in the direction of our heads, and the girls stood facing our feet. As we nearly came to a full stop Nathalie lowered herself to an almost sitting position and let the hard-on below her slip into her honey box. As she came up again a second later the carriages moved on and came again to a stop one position further. The angel repeated her action on my shaft. As Nathalie repeated this action more and more girls started to dip our dicks into their snatches, and before long every chick present made the boners disappear into their treasure. Even my own mother! And Mike’s mother and GRANNY!!

The action went on for a few complete rotations resulting in full penetration of every cock into every cunt. I now had officially fucked my sister Georgie, her hot friend Asia, my brother’s bride Sam, her two sisters, their mother and grandmother, my own sweet mom, two other friends and a colleague of Sam, and her gorgeous hot young aunt of only 30 years. And six girls from the green party, including Machteld, the no-more-virgin eighteen year old hot sister of the bride. Nathalie had made the circle full so there was one chick for all twenty studs in the sexcoaster.

“Let’s ride the train now,” someone shouted. “Sit down on a prick and let the ride begin.”

All girls seated down in reversed cowgirl position locking a firm rod deep inside their fannies. The coaster started to rotate again. The speed increased gradually, and since there was nothing on the pod covers to hold onto except for the cocks inside their twats some chicks lost contact as the speed got faster. They were thrown from the train to the outside landing backwards on the matted floor with their legs and arms spread high up in the air. Our moms and Sam’s granny were among the first few to go. Probably their pussies were too sloppy or their internal mussels too tired.

I had figured out the tight little butt now prominently in my view had to be Asia’s. I decided to cheat a little and help her. Flipping the switch in my handle I moved my hands outside through the opened arm slots to grip the sides of the delicious bum of that heavenly play doll. I pulled Asia’s twat firmly on my shaft, eliciting a little shriek from her because of my unexpected action. But then she threw her arms in the air and rode me like I was a real roller coaster. Including the appropriate screams.

A few more men had found the switch and came to their amazon’s rescue. The coaster slowed down again. The decreased chance of uncunting made me a bit more adventurous. I strengthened my grip on Asia’s hips and made her move up and down on my shaft. After so much stimulation I started to lose it. Despite the Viagra cocktail my long awaited orgasm built to a paramount ejaculation. I pumped my pent up sperm deep inside the womb of my favourite piece of eye candy.

More guys had fired their seed inside their fuck mate. One chick said: “Let’s feed the studs their own spunk from our boxes.”

Asia stood up and turned around only to plant her fanny right on my mouth. Since I’m smitten on her kitten I lapped greedy at her sodden folds and nibbled on her tasty clit. Before long she started to moan and scream again and gyrate her crotch on my face.

Sweet nectar seeped from her slit, undeniable diluted with my own cum. Asia’s quim gave me back the big globs of spunk my piston had injected there. I’m so in love with that pussy I would eat everything it served me. If she started to piss right then I’d probably swallow every last drop of it.

Some other cunt started to clean my tool with her mouth. The attention made my fucker rise again, hoping for more action to come.

It was break time, an interlude to gain some strength back. Drinks came from somewhere, and the girls grouped together exchanging experiences, and having a good time. I heard some fragments of the chatter which confirmed the chicks really enjoyed themselves. Especially the anonymous aspect of it all clearly had dramatically lowered their inhibitions. They themselves were astonished how easy they had been lured into fucking complete strangers. And that the fact the genitals were virtual unconnected to male bodies had helped in overcoming their inhibitions.

The Viagra cocktail clearly helped all cocks to stand to attention again for the second act. More pole sitting occurred. And pussies were filled with hot sperm shots. The girls loved feeding the men with their snowballs. And the green bride went over the edge in a kinky tantrum and filled the mouth of one unlucky volunteer with her hot piss.

Our mothers and granny had a roller coaster contest ride between the three of them. The biggest sticks available were chosen for this purpose, which in itself was quiet hilarious. The two brides did the honours and decided on the three lucky bastards, their measuring method being test fucking us all. For this ride the coaster turned at a far more moderate speed, so the seniors were not overthrown this time. Instead of the winner being the last remaining sitting MILF, this time the victor would be the one that made her stallion come first.

By sheer luck Sam had chosen John’s dick, her future single primary fuck toy, and our mom took her own son’s love stick up her fuck chute. Since the other MILFs rode a cock that had no particular interest in fucking a mature snatch it was no surprise that John was the first to lose his marbles inside his very own mom granting our mother the victory.

Once the girls had had enough for the night they left the room. Nathalie and the other angels helped us out of our pods. No longer in danger of being caught we could now freely talk again and share our hilarious experience.

When Nathalie understood we five were a bachelor party ourselves and actually belonged to the pink party she nearly lost it. She was super enthusiastic about the entanglements this had resulted in. She wished us a very good and hot time at John’s wedding, and during our lives thereafter, now we had witnessed the girl’s frolics at their party and having been actively concerned.


As the first anniversary of the bachelorette party approached my mom let me know the girls wanted to organise a reunion. Off course I encouraged this idea, only asking to let me know when this would take place, so we could have our own little reunion. As soon as my mom prompted me it was going to be next week Friday, I had confirmation of the guys within an hour that all would be present again. One phone call to Nathalie was all it took to ensure our places in the next roller coaster…

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