A Sinner’s Love Ch. 04


omfg!!! i finally finished this! um the nxt chapter may take a lil longer to post considering the fact that i haven’t even started it…orz. anyways enjoy lovelies! ~


Chapter Four


I really feel warm and comfy. I poked Jarred in the forehead and the giant didn’t wake. He still hadn’t woken up when I slipped from his vice like clutch. God, I don’t think that an atomic bomb explosion would wake up the fuckin loaf. Although, he looked really cute with his full lips slightly parted and his airy, almost silent, snore. I smiled softly to myself. I grabbed up an oversized button up from my closet and walked to my bathroom while buttoning it up. I brushed my teeth, washed my face and looked in the mirror. I looked like usual; bright eyed and tousled hair, silver snake bites glittering on my lips, same skull piercing on my tongue, same black and red nautical star on my neck, same black painted nails, and same minuscule skull and rose tattoo on my waist. One thing was different though, I was friggin glowing. I bit my lip and went back to my bedroom, where a sleeping Jarred was up and stretching like a sex kitten. His muscles looked pure yum as they moved.

“Morn, sleepy cakes!” I said jauntily

“G’morn…in…,” Jarred slurred in a sexily raspy I-just-woke-up-from-a-sex-induced-slumber voice.

“So, I’m gonna be frank here and cut to the chase; are we….something? If not, you gotta get the hell up outta here,”

“Umm….I wanna be an item. And since when did you get all ghetto fab on me, elf?”

I clambered on my bed and crawled onto Jarred.

“Shut up,” I said sultrily. I kissed him softly. His tongue slowly probed into and around my mouth. Jarred pulled me down and began to suck on a seriously sensitive part on my neck that was just above my tattoo, eliciting guttural moans from me in the process. I had a feeling a hickey was there. He nipped my lip and licked one of my snakebites as he began unbuttoning my shirt. The moment was sexily love filled….until Camille came in.

“Hi doll….,” she said. Camille took in the scene; Jarred with nothing on but boxers, my skin flushed in a cream with strawberries way and my shirt half way open with a hickey on my neck. Yea, this scene wasn’t awkward at all. Oh fuck me!

“Did, I intrude on something?” Camille said innocently and naively, with a pout.

“No, shit!” I grumbled. Jarred nudged me in my waist


“Um…this is entirely compromising and I don’t think I can function right with you sitting on me like this.” I was straddling Jarred and if I had moved a little bit, I and he might as well have been having sex. Don’t even get me started on the fact that we were both practically nude.

“Woops!” I blushed, slightly embarrassed. I bent down and pecked Jarred, then buttoned up my shirt. Camille was staring at us with her eyebrow arched. This morning she had on her usual Saturday morning attire — a black and red hoodie with black sweats that said ‘lovely’ on the back in red script, her hair was out and in its naturally wavy state, but was slightly hidden by her hood and she had on some Gucci sunglasses. I hopped out of bed with some newly found briefs on under my shirt, even though the thing fitted me like a dress. I smelled food. Cami always brought breakfast on the Saturdays after clubbing. Jarred got out of bed looking so hot, with his hair fluttering around him and in almost nothing. Camille cat-walked to the kitchen and Jarred yanked me up. I was really far from the ground, Jarred is tall as fuck! He imprinted a hard kiss onto me. It was passionate enough to make even the dirtiest of people blush. He pulled away with a foolish smile.

“Woah,” I beamed.

“I never got to say good morning properly, boyfriend — o — mine,” Jarred said breathlessly. I flushed and smiled bashfully. The moment was sweet….until Camille cat — called at us.

“If y’all don’t hurry up, I’m gonna eat alla this. And if y’all gonna have sex in the living room, can it be and orgy. I want a piece of both of your asses,” Camille stated rather matter — of — fact mannerism. Jarred cracked up laughing and I practically turned into a red marker. Jarred set me down and held my hand as we walked to the kitchen. I was falling hard.

Camille was enjoying herself some bacon while me and Jarred were eating the fruits and pancakes.

“Say ‘aaaah,'” Jarred said adorably. I opened my mouth waiting for him to feed me my strawberry. Instead he took off the leaves then stuck one half in his mouth and kissed me. The strawberry’s juice slowly drooled down my chin as it bounced between our sparring tongues and mouths. Jarred pulled away, while I chewed on the strawberry. I think it just became my favorite fruit. Before I could wipe the juice from my lips and chin, Jarred licked it off, and then he pulled me into his lap with a euphoric smile on his face. Camille, for once, was speechless.

“Damn, well I see you guys hit off last night,” she said with her eyebrows raised.

“Speaking of hitting afyon escort it off…did you hookup last night?” I asked

Camille let out a sardonic laugh, “I ‘hooked up’ alright. The damn boy was eighteen and I was the little fucker’s first ‘real live’ naked woman. He looked about 23 because of his height. Then again everyone looks tall to lil’ ol’ me. I was trying to figure out why the ass cake was so infatuated with my damn boobs and why he was a so-so fuck and why he got off so easily. Turns out in the morning, he’s on the phone with his friend sayin ‘I like so scored last night’ and shit like ‘she was the best first fuck ever!’ Then his mother called and he says ‘sorry toots, I gotta go before my mom kills me for being late to cram school. Oh and I’m eighteen btw,’ and I’m just like get the fuck outta here! So, yea I ‘hooked up’ perfectly,”

Jarred and I were in hysterics by time the story was done. Camille’s attitude and mouth was as fiery as her hair and her violet eyes were ablaze. At least the ‘little fucker’ got a good screw.

“Poor thing,” I said between giggles.

“Whatever,” Camille giggled, obviously trying not to laugh. Then she went into fits of laughter, but then stopped abruptly.

“Wait a min; aren’t we supposed to be talkin’ about Deci’s night?” Camille inquired with a sly smirk.

“N…no we aren’t!” I said blushing profusely.

“Who the hell asked you?! I was talking to tall, Spanish eyed, sexy that you’re sittin’ on, dolly,”

I looked at Jared and saw his conniving grin as he answered, “Deci here is the definition of the phrase ‘a lady in the street and a freak in the bed’,”

“Oh shit,” Camille said, happily relishing in my indignity.

“Yea…last night was fun, honey,” Jared sultrily mumbled in my ear, sending delightful shivers down my spine. His almost black, almond shaped eyes became darker — if that was humanly possible — with lust and mischief.

“This morning would have been fun to…if it wasn’t for a certain pixie barging in,” Jared said with his eyebrow raised and playfully glaring at Camille.

“Oh yea, blame it on the shorty. Y’all could have continued and I wouldn’t have minded. Hell, breakfast and a show is a good deal, damnit,” Camille said defensively before dodging the apple I threw at her. She always had excellent reflexes and she was always agile. Sometimes she moved so fast that she was practically a blur.

“‘Kay sweetie, I’ll see you later and don’t be late because of ‘certain reasons’!” Camille laughed as she put air quotes around certain reasons. I locked her out, though she could have done that herself since, for some anomalous reason, she had a key. The minute I turned around Jared pinned me to the wall and his tongue was down my throat. I moaned when he pulled away to catch his breathe.

“The shower or bedroom? Either way, I could care less,” Jarred said breathlessly

“Neither,” I said to my little person down there’s censure.

“Why?” Jared whined.

“Because I have to get ready to see my mother and she’ll shank me if I don’t go without calling her,” I said breathlessly as Jared bit down hard on my shoulder.

He lifted me up, “Shower it is then,”


One insanely wonderful session later, Jared and I smelled like Belgium waffles.

“God, you’re like a rabbit!” I said when I got to my room.

“Well, it’s not my fault when my boyfriend’s so mouthwatering and enthralling,” Jared mumbled against my head.

“Come on I gotta get dressed so I can drop you off at your house to get dressed so we can get to Park Slope,”

“Such a naggy little sprite,” Jared said as he kissed my cheek

I had on a pair of gray low on the hips distressed skinnies with my same pad lock belt, my favorite black and red striped panda eared hoodie with my ETF tee shirt under it, and my favorite motorcycle boots. Finally Jared walked out of his apartment with a black hoodie with a bleeding heart on the back on and a pair of black jeans with converses. His blue black tendrils were out and in their naturally wavy state. He looked so sexy and he belonged to no one but me. Life is good.


“Okay, so sweetie, lemme warn you, my family is basically Camille times three,” I warned before unlocking the door to my family’s brownstone. Jarred raised his eyebrows and just pinched my butt. I blushed as usual. Inside the house my mother was on the couch looking pretty and slightly willowy as always. I got most of my looks from my mom. Charlotte or mommy as her children and Camille call her, had waist length, wavy white blonde hair, chocolate brown eyes, the same red cupid’s bow lips with a slight pout as me – though her’s would put Angelina Jolie to shame – and a body that the Victoria’s Secret models would envy. Today she was wearing a black and white striped mini sweater dress with pink sheer thigh high stockings. As usual she was sitting on the couch reading and my father, Damien’s, head was on her lap. Dad looked like my other half; i got my straight afyon escort bayan hair from him, though mine wasn’t jet black. He had sea foam green eyes and was tall and lithe. Today’s apparel was a black turtle neck with matching jeans and scuffed timberlands.

“Hi sweetie!” my mother said happily.

“Hey mo-” my mother stopped me in mid-sentence and noticed the hickey on my neck. With a raised eyebrow and a demonic smile, she began stalking around me and Jarred like we were her prey. In this situation, we kinda were.

“Hehe, I see someone hooked up,” mom said with an evil gleam in her eye.

“Uh…yea mommy this is Jarred,” I said nervously. After the incident with Jett my mother would go ape shit when it came to persecuting my new suitors.

“So you’re the one who gave my sweet lovely baby alla those hickies,” it was beyond me on how she knew I had numerous love bites around my body. Before I knew it, mom’s fist was in the wall next to Jarred as she said, “If you hurt my baby like that nauseating piece of smut, Jett, did,” She paused and gave a smile that kind of made me think of one of those American Girl dolls biting the head off a King Cobra. She continued, “I will not hesitate to castrate you then feed you your own dick as I give you an agonizingly slow death. Am. I. Clear?”

Jared nodded, knowing my mother wasn’t playing some type of sick game. Then she straightened up and was her normal self. I slunk over to Jared and held his hand. I got up to my tippy toes to kiss his chin. Then Jade came prancing down the stairs holding her newest girlfriend, Andi’s, hand. Jade was wearing another one of her insane assembles; a black leather mini, black jimmy louboutin stilettos, black and red striped thigh highs, and an off white turtle neck. Jade looked more like my father. She had jet black hair, a lithe frame, and the same sea foam green eyes. Andi looked so flustered and Jade had a Cheshire cat grin. They just finished doing something dirty and something I didn’t want to know about unless I wanted to get sick. Andi was a cutie pie that was slowly being corrupted by Jade. Andi had honey blonde shoulder length hair, those adorably pouty lips, Asian doe eyes (you know the ones that are slightly slanted) that were light blue and had a band of hazel around the iris, and she had a curvy, petite body with this pretty dot tattoo. It had four dots with swirls around it; they kind of looked like bite marks. Today she had on a black turtle neck with neon red skinnies and skull converses. Andi was a shy sweet heart and she always had a crush on Jade. Jade had decided to date her, but only as a fling. However, she began to have feelings for the little. Jade hopes and thinks that she is the one — her it. See, Jade always was looking for her soul mate, whether they were black, white, yellow, purple, and girl, guy, both, whatever. I had a feeling Andi was Jade’s it.

“Hey big bro!” Jade said, dragging Andi to the couch and plopping her on her lap.

“Hi,” Andi said in her slightly soprano voice. I waved at both of them. Jade began to whisper something in Andi’s ear that made her giggle and blush as she snuggled more into Jade’s body…well as much as a 4’9 girl could into a 5’4 girl. Jared and I sat on the floor. I was on his lap while he lovingly petted my head. Then Jade finally had an epiphany, “Holy shit! Deci has a new boo?!” Andi, Jared, my mother, father, and I stared at her like the dumbest dumbass of them all.

“You just now noticed the piece of smex I am sitting on. God, Jade. I knew you were slow, but damn there is a limit,” I said, only slightly playfully.

“Well, with Andi love here I don’t pay attention to much but her. You should know that big bro,”

“Even so common sense would tell you I have a new bf,”

“Wevers. Hey, mommy, did you initiate him?” Mom nodded. “Damn it! See Andi’s sexiness does things to me and I didn’t hear the commotion. Oh well, I’m not complaining,” My sister was more of a horn dog than Jared. Andi blushed more than I did in that moment than I have my whole lifetime. Everything was happy and so fluffy…until Jayson came down.

Let’s just say that Jayson was something that the devil would regret making and the bane of my existence. He hated my sisters, Camille, the family, and I. He flat out hated any type of same sex coupling and he always detested me malevolently since we were kids. He almost killed me. He hated Jade because she liked me and she was bi. He hated my parents and Camille for association and some other reason. He really only remotely liked Adrian because she was straight and, well, my brother is a plain psychopath and that’s just putting it nicely. So let’s just say that when Jayson came in the room things were tense. He looked at Jade and Andi with disgust in his eyes. Jade was ready to pounce and go in for the kill at any moment. For her size Jade could do some damage to a guy. One time Jayson said something really messed up to Andi and long story short Dad had to literally hold Jade escort afyon down so she wouldn’t kill Jayson. So it was a mutual hatred between the family and Jayson. The sad part is that Jared was a devil in an angelic wrapping. He had our mother’s eyes and our father’s hair, though it would be wavy if he grew it out. Jayson was a lean star football player who would be described as ruggedly sexy like Hugh Jackman, you know the X-men dude.

“I see the cock sucking faggot brought in a new butt fucker,” Jayson said with a sickened sneer.

“Now hold the fuck up, bastard. I don’t know where the fuck you get off talking to me or December that way, but you best be steppin’ down before I show you how skilled I am in the art of ‘I will beat you till you die’,” Jared hissed menacingly. His stare could freeze hell over. My mother, Jade and Dad gave him a brief approving nod. Jayson laughed in a wickedly vindictive way that scared the fuck outta me as it echoed through my eardrums and swirled around my head. Then his face straightened as he said calmly, “Mother why do you insist on letting grime like this in our home?” His words were spiked with hatred. I lost it then — all of the memories I tried to suppress came flooding back. I began crying like I never did before. Flashback after flashback came and went. Jade gently moved Andi off her and had her hands around Jayson’s neck in seconds.


“THIS…HA…SS…N…THING…DO …. WI…OO…LITTLE PUSSY LOVING WHORE!!!!!” Jayson yelled back with just as much venom. Jade was going to choke him out, I could tell from the look in her eyes. Anyone who made me cry would have to deal with basically my whole family. Andi had only seen this lethal, cold blooded killer version of Jade once or twice before. Charlotte went over to Jade and yanked her off. Jade had this vague, empty look on her face; almost like she was coming out of a trance. Then she began clutching her head like as if she had a headache and began to moan and shake on the floor. Andi immediately knew what to do and began holding Jade and whispering something to her. Jade began to calm down.

“Get. The. Fuck. Out. Of. My. House” My mother said through clenched teeth.

“Excuse me. You don-” Jayson was cut off.

“OUT!” Mom said with murder in her eyes. Our mom had slightly sociopathic and homicidal tendencies. She would and could kill her own kin cold bloodedly, ruthlessly. Jayson gave her a baneful look and smirk as he left. I passed out.



What the hell just happened?! I can see that December has family issues and secrets, but they were that bad? But, I’ll deal with that later. At the moment December was knocked out and tear streaked.

“Jared, take December into his room, okay? It’s the third one on the left. It has a gothic script ‘D,'” December’s mother said. I nodded and gently picked Deci up. The door to December’s room was ebony colored with a red gothic calligraphy “D” on it. Inside, the room looked like a place December would stay at. The walls were a Smokey colored black, the ceiling had “December” in gothic font, and there was a gray stuffed rabbit with patch work on it on his bed. It looked horrifically cute. The thing had stitches all over it with little pins sticking out in certain places; it had a fake blood stained eye patch, and crimson eyes. There were drawings, some finished and some undone, strewn along the walls and floors along with art supplies. The bed was queen sized with black and red ‘silk n’ lace’ sheets and comforters. The was also a walk in closet and a perfect stereo with an IPod dock and random CDs all over the place. The room practically screamed December, especially with the small collection of disturbing, but cute, stuffed animals. I set December down on his bed. He looked like a gothic sleeping beauty. His full red lips were slightly ajar. I couldn’t help myself, I gently kissed him. I got no response from him, so I kissed him again and gently slipped my tongue into his mouth. December let out a moan as his eyes popped open. He noticed it was me kissing him and quickly got into the kiss. Our kisses weren’t as heated as before; they were twice as passionate, but very gentle. We would take it slow this time. I slowly began to trail my tongue down December’s throat. He let out a loud moan when I bit down hard on his pulse point.



Jared was doing things to me. Our clothes had been discarded at some point and I was lying on my stomach as Jared trailed his tongue down my spine, making me groan and arch my back. Jared sucked hard on the little curve that signaled the start of my butt and left a hickey. He flipped me over and began torturing my nipples. He bit and sucked at them until they were over sensitized and red.

“Jared…please,” I hissed as Jared bit down hard on my hip. I needed him to fuck me. If he didn’t I would spontaneously combust. Jared just ignored me as he slowly tortured each of my sensitive parts. The room was filled with my screams and guttural moans of pleasure. Over and over again, I pleaded Jared’s name. He began fingering my hole, my prostate and every time my climax came close, Jared would stop and kiss me until my lips were raw and bruised. Finally, he lubed himself up and sunk into me up ’til the hilt.

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