A Sister’s Desire Finally Fulfilled



This story is related to the His First Time with Mom series, taking place 30 years later in my life. Having lost my Mom after a beautiful 9 year relationship, I wondered around through a series of partners. Aunt Mary and Cousin Dote had moved away because Uncle Pete had been transferred out of town. Two marriages, one failed and one widowed to cancer, and several women between.

I was on my third wife, and our relationship had been on a rocky road for the last few years. She had given me the son that I had always wanted, so I felt obligated to stay with her if only for him. She also brought my beautiful Step Daughter Katie into my life, who was giving me all of the love and attention that my wife wasn’t.

While Katie was away at college I turned to Tumblr to satisfy my urges. There I met a wonderful father named Fred and his daughter, they had been lovers for a few years. During our conversations Fred encouraged me to get in contact with my estranged family, namely my sister Connie. That is where this story begins…

As I stand at my sister Connie’s door, my mind flooded with images that had led to this planned secret meeting between us. The years of estrangement and silence had all melted away a few days ago, with her revelation that she had overheard Mom and I making love one afternoon. Instead of busting in on us Connie had gone to her room and masturbated making believe it was her I was making love too.

Growing up Connie had a huge crush on me after listening in on Mom and I. Not knowing how to approach me about her feelings we had drifted apart, each going our separate ways. Connie had turned to the lesbian lifestyle thanks to a jerk at a party forcing himself on her, hurting her mentally and physically. She found a life mate to share her life with, and had been lovers with Becky for over 25 years. Always wondering in the back of her mind what would have happened if she had only talked to me, instead of fearing I would reject her because I thought she was too young and immature. Her dreams had always been about me, her big protective brother. Connie had never longed for or had another man, being happy in Becky’s arms for all these years.

Me on the other hand, I was devastated with the loss of my Mom to cancer after 9 years of a loving relationship. On a rebound I fell in love with the first women I met, which didn’t work out. So went the rest of my life except for my second wife, who I in turn lost to cancer as well.

When my father passed away I ran into Connie there after years of no contact. We talked about getting together for dinner and catching up someday, but never did. Though we did remain in contact from time to time nothing really sparked until a couple weeks ago.

Now enter the internet, specifically Tumblr and it’s many kink and fetish blog’s. With my loving Step daughter Katie away at college I felt drawn too it. As if by instinct I felt drawn to the incest blogs that I found. Making love to family members had always been on my mind, ever since those happy days with Mom, Aunt Mary, and Cousin Dote.

I had been on Tumblr for a while, and found there are lots of men and women who have similar experiences, most of them happy ones and not sleazy at all. During a chat with my new friend Fred, the subject of subject of loving brother’s and sister’s came up. Sparking the idea in my mind, Fred had encouraged me to contact my sister Connie, who I had always liked. Wondering if there might be a mutual attraction with Connie, I took Fred’s advice even if nothing sexual happened it would be nice having a close family member to talk to again.

Finally after a few conversations with Fred, I worked up the courage to call Connie. We hadn’t talked since our father died a few years ago, and after a couple of quick calls we set a date for us to get together for dinner and talk about old times.

Before the date we kept sending texts back and forth, each one from Connie becoming more flirty than the last. A few days before our date Connie called on her way to work sounding a little upset, she wanted to know if I would come have lunch with her. Connie works the graveyard shift, and even though it was a late night visit I agreed. I threw an extra leather jacket and helmet in the bags on my old bike and headed off to meet her around 1:30 in the morning. Not knowing what to expect I spent the whole time trying to think about what to say.

I hadn’t been there long when She finally came out for her lunch break. God she was still as pretty as I remembered, strawberry blond shoulder length hair, piercing blue eyes, and what I could guess was a pair of 36 D breasts, all on a 5 foot 6 inch and 125 pound frame. Standing on her tip toes, Connie gave me a longer than normal quick brother and sister hug. I asked where she wanted to eat at this time of the morning. Lucky for us there was a casino just across the river form her job with a 24 hour buffet.

“Hey Don, where is your car at?” Connie asked.

“Your looking at it Sis.” as I motioned mardin seks hikayeleri toward the bike.

“Oh wow I’ve never rode a motorcycle before, this should be fun.”

I reached into the bags and pulled the extra jacket and helmet out. “I think you’ll enjoy it, your niece and nephew love going for rides and he’s been riding it since he was 5.”

Taking the jacket, Connie slipped it on and then pulled the helmet on. “How do you fasten it?”

I showed her how to loop the strap and pull it tight. Then I climbed on and told her how to get on behind me. “Now all you have to do is hold onto me and mimic my movements when I turn, and you’ll be just fine.”

Connie hugged herself tight to me, “Like this Don?”

“Just like that.” I turned the key on and pushed the starter button, and the bike thundered to life under us. “Okay hold on here we go.” I put the bike in gear and away we went. Connie clutched me for dear life until we had made a couple turns, then started to relax and enjoy the ride. She hugged tight to me as we crossed the big bridge, god it felt like heaven having her body so tight to mine. Feeling just like Mom the first time I got her on a bike, and flooding my mind with sweet memories of her.

Lucky for us since it was late at night there was a motorcycle slot close to the door. We had our lunch talking about old times, and the subject of Mom came up. Come to find out she had known all along, well the last couple years anyway. Connie, in her senior year of school had come home early one day and heard the two of us going at it in Moms room. I noticed her shifting around in the booth across from me. As she told me about how she had went to her bedroom and began listening to us. She wished she had been able to come to me back then, but since I was older she was scared that I would reject her.

I reached out took her hand and told her, “I’m not going to reject you now.” Connie squeezed my hand and smiled with a new twinkle in her eyes. I moved around the curved booth beside her pulling her to me and hugging her tight. She looked up into my eyes as our lips found each other we kissed.

Sparks flew as our lips parted and our tongues found each other, Connie melted into my arms as the years of denied feelings came flooding out. We broke our kiss and she hugged herself tight against me softly moaning, “Oh why do I have to go back to work…”

“Not that I want you to Connie, but your responsible just like me.”

“I know. But I don’t want to. I just want to be in your arms, like I have always wanted.”

Sadly her hour lunch flew by too fast. Out by the bike we kissed again and talked briefly about our planned meeting on Tuesday, or if she could even wait that long.

I asked her, “Where at?”

She said, “I’ll text you the place, and when after I get home.”

We kissed once more when I dropped her back off at work. While I was putting her jacket back away I noticed a wet spot where she had been riding. I leaned down taking in the perfume of her odor, then looked around to see if anybody was looking and had a lick of it. God it tasted just like Mom!

I rode home with a raging hard on, and the rumble of the bike didn’t help it at all. Eventually the added stimulation made me cum halfway home, I had to pull over to get control of myself again before had a wreck. I can’t wait till Tuesday now for sure!

After our lunch date the next couple days seemed crawl by as we kept trading more intimate texts. Always leaving me headed to the bathroom to relieve the pressure in my aching balls.

Tuesday finally came and as far as my wife Beth knew, I was taking my sister to the lake cabin to get it ready for her vacation. Since it hadn’t been used in a couple years it would need a good cleaning. She gave me a kiss on the way out telling me to have fun with my sister. If only she knew!

I hopped on my bike for the trip across town. The whole way thinking about what to say or do not knowing exactly what to expect. After a long 45 minute ride, I was finally there standing outside Connie’s door. I could hear through the door, that She was listening to some nice soft rock music. I rang the doorbell and the music turned down a bit.

“Come on in Don.” she said.

I opened the door, and then closed it behind me and turning the lock. Connie lived in a split level townhouse so I Asked her where she was, she said, up here in the living room. Climbing the 6 steps, my heart beating like a drum, I turned and looked where I had heard her voice come from. There she sat on her big sectional sofa. A big red ribbon tied around her naked body. Covering her nipples then down and around her waist, with a big red bow covering her pussy.

“I wanted to do this 30 years ago Don. So happy late birthday, I hope you like it.” I floated across the room and sat down beside her sharing a long kiss. Finally she broke the kiss and asked, “Wouldn’t you like to unwrap your present?”

I would love to have said something really cool, but all I could muster out of my mouth was. “Yes sure Connie.” With shaking hands I reached out toward the ribbon, a point between her breasts. Where she had a gift card that read “I hope you like what you see Don. Open here”. I pulled the piece of ribbon it was attached to, exposing her beautiful 38 C breasts with large pink aureoles and a darker pink nipple, that were hard and erect. “Oh Connie they are beautiful.”

“Do you really think Don?” as she smiled and wiggled them back and forth and making them jiggle.

“Yes I really do.” I reached out caressing them in my hands, my thumbs softly rubbing her hard nipples. Unable to contain myself I leaned down to lick and suck on the nipple closest to me.

Connie cradled my head to her chest, she had her answer. “Mmmm yes Don. Oh god I have wanted this so bad since the other night. I’ve had dreams about this since that day I came home and listened to you and Mom. My god is this really happening?”

I didn’t say anything back, just nodded my head and happily kept nursing and devouring her breasts. Her nipples were hard extended nubs and her areola wrinkled in lust in my mouth .

I began running a hand down over her tummy, and began fumbling with the ribbon and tugging the bow free exposing her fully to me. Even now as I gazed upon her fully naked body, I couldn’t believe how much she looked like Mom the last time we were together.

A sparse strawberry blond hair covered patch revealed itself to me just like I love it, not shaved but also no jungle. My hand slid down between her legs, as she parted them a little more inviting my touch. Her lips were wet and puffy and parted to accept my touch. My fingers slid into the slippery wet cleft finding her hard clit.

Connie rocked her hips at my touch and whispered into my ear, “Oh god Don I have wanted this for so long.” She hissed as my probing fingers found the entrance to her vagina, her labia flowered open accepting them. Instinctively two fingers wormed their way into her tight and very wet pussy. I curled my fingers upward and found her soft ribbed G-spot and softly began massaging it. Quivering Connie gasped, and with a pleading moan she said, “Oh god Don please take me.”

I knew that the combined excitement of being with my sister for the first time, and being in her tight practically virginal cunt that I wouldn’t last long.

I took my mouth off of her hard nipples, “Not yet Connie. I want to do something I have wanted since our lunch date.” I began to softly kissed my way down till I was looking at her dripping wet sex my fingers still wiggling inside her. Pausing to take in her delicious aroma, before diving in with my tongue and finding her swollen clit.

The first touch of my tongue She slumped back on the sofa and spread her legs wide, allowing me full access to her pussy. Connie reached down grabbing me by my head, she ground my probing tongue hard against her. She groaned loudly as I sucked on her clit, “OH fuck Don, I’ve wanted this for so long. Oh god yes DJ eat your little sister.” Sooner than she expected, an orgasm overtook her. “Oh Fuck baby.” she groaned, as she ground my face into her pussy. Trembling she exploded into my mouth, delivering a delicious nectar that I hadn’t tasted in years. I moaned loudly as I devoured every drop of it, slurping and sucking for even more.

As her orgasm subsided Connie grabbed me by my head and pulled me up on top of her. With an intense lust filled gaze in her eyes she groaned, “Fuck me DJ!! Fuck me now!! Fuck me like you use to do Mom!! I’ve wanted this for far too long to wait a second longer!! I’ve longed so many times over the years to feel your cock filling me. Even making believe it was You fucking me when Becky used her strap-on!!”

I raised up as she pulled my shirt off over my head. Then I stood up and slipped my pants off. Exposing my fully erect cock to her for the first time. Her eyes got huge as she saw it.”Oh my god!” she exclaimed reaching out to grab it. “I’ve noticed the bulge in your pants before but I never.. It’s even bigger than I imagined.” Slowly stroking it she pulled it to her mouth, softly licking the head she collected the precum that had dribbled out the tip. “Oh Don I would love to sample more of that, but right now I need to feel you inside me, I need a real cock!!”

I caressed her head and said, “I understand Connie, we have plenty of time for that later. Besides I bet you’ll love tasting yourself on it anyway, Mom always did, she loved cleaning it off afterward.”

“The thought of you and Mom doing those things has fueled more than one intense lovemaking session with Becky over the last few years.” With one final kiss and suck on the head of my cock she said, “Now fuck me with this beautiful cock!!”

“Your wish is my command Sis.” I kneeled down between her wide spread legs. Connie raised up on her elbows to watch as I placed my hard cock at the entrance to her pussy. Rubbing it up and down through her wet slit, getting the head all nice and wet before I plunging it into her.

Connie whimpered and rocked her hips trying to capture the head in her tight hole. “Oh fuck me Don, PLEASE quit teasing me!!”

With that I slowly in one long stroke, plunged my full 8 inches into her tight under used pussy and bottomed out against her cervix, still having almost an inch to go I thrust in the last little bit and she started cumming.

“OH FUCK DJ!”, she groaned from being filled completely with a real cock for the first time in years. Her sheath pulsed and squeezed my shaft tight. I had to bite my lip so as not to cum right then and there. I pulled back till I had just my head still inside her. With love I looked down at my beautiful orgasming little sister.

When she opened her misty eyes I began to long slow stroke into her, feeling her getting wetter by the second. She pulled me down onto her, kissing me deeply moaning and thrusting her tongue into my mouth with each thrust of my cock. Slowly I began pumping a little faster into her tight wet pussy. Swirling my hips to stimulate all of her insides and rubbing it purposely against her G-spot. She came instantly squealing into my mouth as her pussy convulsed and squirted it’s juices all over my shaft and, sucking me closer to my own cum.

Not knowing if she was on birth control I broke our kiss long enough to say, ” Oh god Connie, I’m about to cum,” panting, “Where do you want me to do it?”

I got my answer when she wrapped her legs around me, crossing them over my back and driving me in deep. “Fucking cum in me Don. Give me what I have wanted and needed for so long!!”

I pulled back giving a few last thrusts as I felt her pussy began spasming around my shaft. I felt the familiar swelling of my cock and the tingle start in my balls then rippling up the shaft. With one last thrust, I again buried myself against her cervix. Groaning loud, “OH FUCK I’m cumming Connie.” as my cock exploded inside her, splashing her insides with rope after rope of warm cum.

Connie screamed,” OH FUCK! OH FUCK! OH MY GOD YES DJ.” Her trembling legs locked around me holding me deep inside her. Connie’s vaginal muscles spasmed around my shaft, milking me as she bounced and rocked her hips against me, grinding herself through another orgasm. Then we both collapsed gasping for breath with my twitching cock still buried deep inside her.

Running her fingers through my hair Connie said, “Oh god DJ I have wanted this for so long, if only you knew. My god I should have come to you long ago.”

“I wish you had too. When Mom passed I would have come to you, but I thought you were too young for me back then.”

She giggled, “Well I’m not now.”

Smiling I said, “That you aren’t Connie, neither of us are.”

After a few more minutes of cuddling we realized our sweaty bodies were sticking to the leather sofa, and Connie suggested we go to her bedroom. She whimpered as I uncoupled from her, my still hard cock waving in the air just inches from her face as she sat up.

She gasped, “Oh my god, your still hard?”

“Yes I’m use to going for a couple times before I’m done for a while.”

She looked up at me with a questioning expression, “Really? I thought men were done after one time and took a while before they were ready again.”

“Not all of us are Sis, I’ve been known to go all night with only a couple breaks.”

Connie reached out smiling up at me as she grabbed my cock, and pulling me into her mouth. Humming and slurping as she sucked our combined juices from my shaft, oh god it was just like Mom use to do.

Letting my cock slip from her mouth she said, “Oh Don that was good. I’ve never tasted myself on a man’s cock before, and then the sweet taste of your cum added to it. Until now the only time I have tasted myself was on Becky’s lips when we kissed.” She licked her lips, and with a puzzled look, “How would you know it tastes so good?”

“Well, Mom taught me everything I needed to know about how to please a woman, and that included going back down on them after I had cum inside her. Then aunt Mary and Cousin Dote helped to refine my technique.”

“You had them too? My first taste of a woman was Cousin Dote at the family reunion, a few months after Tom date raped me with some drug. She never told me about you and her.”

“Well don’t feel alone she never mentioned you either, and we have been together several times since.”

All of the talk seemed to excite her even more as she slowly stroked my cock. “Oh god baby. Sis needs some more of this.” She stood up still holding my cock, “Follow me Don.” and led me toward her bedroom.

We stood by the bed and kissed, my rock hard cock rubbing against her tummy. Connie broke our kiss and shoved me back onto the bed. “Baby I have got to have this again.” Moving onto the bed she took a place over me, my cock waving inches from her mouth. She slurped it in humming as she stroked it a few times. Then climbed on top of me spreading her legs wide. “Oh fuck I have got to have more of this.” She grabbed the shaft and rubbed the head against her clit as she trembled, before plunging it into her opening.

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