A Surprising Seduction Ch. 1


I knew my mom was hot from the time I hit puberty. As soon as I began masturbating I was fantasizing about her. And later, in high school all the guys were always over to use my pool in the summer, hoping she would be home from work or be tanning on the weekends. Mom rarely disappointed too, sunning herself in a modest two-piece on the weekends while all my male friends gawked at her. If she ever knew she was the neighborhood “hot mom” she never gave any indication.

The older I got the more I thought about mom and every girl I dated was compared to her. I had a steady girlfriend through high school, but a careful eye would have seen that she was just a younger version of my mom and when I was with my girlfriend I often imagined she was my Mom. Not that she needed a younger version of herself. Mom was twenty-two when she had me, so when I was in high school she was in her thirties and looked like she could have been in her twenties. Mom had been a beauty queen in high school and the years hadn’t diminished her looks one bit. Her long, sunny blond hair still fell past her shoulders, I used to play with it all the time when I was little, and her eyes still sparkled blue. And Mom has kept her amazing body. Seeing old pictures I think it got better after she had two kids. Her ass is rounder and plumper than when she was a teen and her breasts look heavier, they’re 36C’s, I know from checking out her bras in the laundry, too. Sometimes thinking about Mom just makes my cock ache.

So anyway, I’m twenty-two now, the same age that Mom was when she had me and she’s been my lover for over two years now. I found a way to make my fantasies come true when I was nineteen and away at college. They say that the meeting of all those different cultures and ideas is good. I know it was for me. Some of you may think what I did to get my Mom was wrong, but I can’t say I have any regrets. Here’s my story.

My freshman year at college I met this exchange student from India named Saji. Saji was a great guy and we decided that we would be roommates during our sophomore year. When we became roommates we became the best of friends and I took him back home for a weekend. He stayed in the guest room and we had a great time. And I could tell by the way he looked at my Mom that Saji wanted her just as much as all my friends always had. But Saji was different. He actually said something. We were drinking in the dorm one night.

“Dude, would you get pissed if I told you something?” Saji asked, taking a swig of his beer.

“I don’t think so. Try me.” I replied.

“Well, I have not been able to stop thinking about your mother. She is such a hottie.”

I didn’t know what to say, so I agreed.

“She came to check on me the first night, she was standing in the doorway and I could see right through her nightgown. I felt really bad about thinking of your mother that way, but I couldn’t help it.”

I knew just the nightgown he was talking about. It always drove me crazy too. I tried to make him feel better, and maybe me too a little. “If you think you feel bad, think how I feel. I’m her son!”

“What? You think your mother is hot too?” Saji was very surprised.

I had told him a little so I didn’t see what there was to loose by telling him the rest. “Dude, I’ve been fantasizing about my mom since I was a kid. How could I not? She’s like a goddess.” Saji nodded his agreement. “Sometimes I think I am doomed to never be completely happy with another girl.”

“So would you? You know…” I thought I knew what he meant, but didn’t say anything. “If you could,” Saji continued, “would you be with her?”

“I…I…uh, hell, of course I would. As weird as that’s supposed to be, I would in a heartbeat.” Just thinking about it got me hard. “But dude, there is no way she would ever even think about it. She loves my dad way too much.” That part was true. My parents acted like they were as in love as the day they met. My dad worked hard and that meant being on business trips a few days every month, going to some regional office or another and every time he came back I would be able to hear my parents making love from down the hallway. My mother was so loud every time she came. Believe me, that had provided more fodder for fantasy than a hundred pornos could. “And anyway, she would probably hate me, think I am some disgusting little freak if she knew how I feel.”

There was a glint in Saji’s eyes now. “What if I could do something to help you? If I could make your fantasy come true, would you do it then?”

I had no idea what he was talking about. It was all academic, so I said, “Sure.”

“Then this is your lucky day, friend.” Saji went on to tell me how back in India his family was well-regarded herbalists and medicine men and that when his father came to this country he brought much of his knowledge with him. Saji had been studying with his father for as far back as he could remember his father had been mixing up elixirs that healed the family far faster than western medicine had to offer. But what Saji had to muğla seks hikayeleri help me was not a medicine, he said. It was something his father would not teach him and Saji had only been able to learn by sneaking into his father’s journals. What was it? Now that Saji had teased me I had to know what he was talking about. There was a mixture of powdered herbs that when combined acted like a psychotropic agent. What the hell was that, I asked him. Saji smiled and simply said, “Mind control.”

“You’re out of your mind. What, am I going to hypnotize my mother into sleeping with me?” I snorted.

“No, it’s nothing as clumsy as you would see in a movie,” Saji told me. This, he said, worked over time. Several weeks to a month, depending on how strong-willed the subject was. Well, I knew Mom was pretty strong-willed. The subject did not turn into a zombie and best of all they had no idea what was happening. As far as the subject was concerned all of their thoughts and feelings were coming from them.

“So why are you offering me this ancient family secret?” I asked. There had to be a catch.

“Because you’re the only person here who’s truly been a friend to me. And, obviously I expect you to tell me every detail.”

I don’t know why I made the show of struggling over my decision, but I did. After a few minutes of silence I told Saji, “Okay, what do I have to do?”

When Saji went home for Spring Break he mixed up some of the herbs. Of course he wouldn’t tell me what was in the mixture he brought back, but he assured me that it wouldn’t do anything to hurt my mother. He handed me a big ziplock baggie of something that looked like green tea, but ground up more finely, and some written instructions, along with a vial of an amber oil. Saji said it had a very slight, bitter taste, but depending on what I slipped it into she would never notice. The oil was the “activator.” It was to be used after the herbs had softened Mom up. Lucky for me Mom has a cup of tea every evening after dinner, Saji said that should work perfectly because it would probably start kicking in when she was ready for bed.

Because it would take several weeks before the mixture started to have an effect on my mom I had to wait until summer break to put my plan into motion. The anticipation was almost physically painful. I don’t think I had ever been so happy to be home. Mom and Dad were happy to see me and we took our time catching up. Mom doted on me for the first week or so like I was a kid again and of course I sucked up every minute of that I could. All the while I was figuring out how to make my move.

After I had been home for a couple weeks I finally got up the nerve to start slipping the powder into Mom’s tea. Usually she put the mug into the microwave with the tea bag in it so it wasn’t much to slip in while she was in the other room and quickly add my stuff to the water. Mom did not seem to notice any taste difference, although the third time I nearly got caught and it took a lot of courage after that to keep it up. But then I hit on the idea of making my mom’s tea for her. She thought I was loopy the first time I offered, but I told her I was going to get myself a snack anyway and why should she take care of everyone else but have no one to take care of her. She thought I was odd, but said all right.

Time seemed to slow to a crawl as I watched mom like a hawk, waiting to see if she did anything differently. Saji said that at first she would seem to be a little fatigued, going to bed early. He said when that started I could begin the suggestion part. I caught a break after I had been drugging Mom for about three weeks. Dad had to go to Dallas for business for three days. He was leaving on a Sunday and coming back Thursday sometime. That would give me a good chance to get the programming started.

The night before Dad left my parents made up for the time he was going to be away. They must have gotten a little too used to me being away because they were much louder than I ever remembered them being. At least they waited until after they thought I was asleep. When I heard my mom’s first moans I was instantly hard. I made sure a tissue box was close at hand because I knew I would be taking care of myself. I knew Dad had to be inside her because she was getting louder and louder until Mom was crying out, “Denny, oh GOD! That’s it, Denny, right THERE! OH RIGHT THERE, BABY!” Mom was behaving much more wildly than I remembered. The freedom of having the house to themselves must have really had an effect. I heard a knocking too and it took me a moment to realize that it was their headboard hitting the wall. Wow! Mom was getting louder and louder, telling Dad, “Fuck me! Oh fuck me, Denny!” Hearing my proper mother talking like that was so hot. My hand was flying up and down my cock as I pumped my own eight-inch shaft. I heard my mother scream her orgasm right after I heard my dad grunt with what must have been his. In my mind I could see Mom under me, crying those things out for me, and I came right after they did.

Dad flew out the next, which left Mom and I alone. It was June at that point and warm and Mom spent the day reading and working on her tan by the pool. She was a high school teacher so she had the summer off, but it hadn’t really been warm enough for the pool up to that point. I had to mow the back lawn and I decided that was the perfect day. I tried not to be too obvious about checking Mom out, but I wasn’t too worried, I don’t think it would even occur to her that I would be. She was wearing a nice pink two-piece. It wasn’t anything too extreme, like a string bikini or anything, Mom would never wear that, even in the yard, but it showed her body off very nicely. Her large breasts glistened from her tanning oil and those long legs stretched out so liquidly on the chaise. I was so caught up in looking at Mom that I nearly ran over the mower cord.

That night I went out to a movie with some friends. I knew that if I didn’t get out of the house I would explode.

I rolled home around midnight and found all the lights out. Good. I figured Mom had been in bed for about an hour or so. And don’t think I forgot about drugging her. I know it was a little early, but I mixed it in with dinner. I moved through the house as quietly as I could and went to my room to change.

My parents’ bedroom door was closed, but not all the way, so I eased it open and entered the dark room. There was enough light from the window for me to get my bearings. The window was open and a slight breeze made the curtains flutter. Mom and Dad have a huge four-poster bed and squinting a little in the darkness I could see Mom laying on it. Slowly I made my way to the side of the bed.

“Mom?” I whispered. I repeated myself a little louder until I was convinced she was asleep. She was laying on her back with the sheet kicked off and I could see then gentle rise and fall of her chest. She was wearing a white cotton nightgown which would have fallen to just above her knees had she been standing, but in her tossing and turning it had ridden up so that it barely covered her forbidden parts. And the top seemed to cling to her breasts, which were spilled to the side. Her nipples made little impressions through the thin cotton. My cock was growing very hard.

Satisfied that she was asleep, I sat on the side of the bed, next to my mother. Saji said she would be hard to wake up if she was in dream sleep. I had the vial clutched tightly in my sweaty palm. This was it, finally time to see if I had what it took to get my mother into bed. Slowly I uncorked the vial. Saji said just a little bit of the activator would do the trick, so I put a few droplets on the tip of my pinky. I pressed my pinky to Mom’s lips. She drew a sharp breath and I almost jumped off the bed. Then she opened her lips and licked the oil from my fingertip. That did nothing to make my hard-on go down. Mom let out a soft little moan and I could see her posture change, kind of like she was waking up, but she stayed asleep.

It was so quiet in that bedroom that when I spoke again I startled myself. “Mom, can you hear me?”

She didn’t speak and I was about to ask again when she murmured, “Hmmhmm.”

“Do you know who this is?”

“Mmm, yes, sweetie, my tall, handsome son, Tommy.”

It was weird to see Mom speaking like she was awake, but he see her eyes closed. “How do you feel, Mom?”

“I feel really good, honey. Very happy. How about you?” Mom smiled in her sleep.

“I’m feeling great,” I said. She definitely did not seem her “normal” self. Time to get started.

“I heard you with Dad last night.” I said.

“That’s nice, sweetie.”

“It sounded pretty hot. Sounded like you really loved getting Dad’s cock.”

“Oh yes, it felt great. I love it when your dad’s inside me. He feels so good.”

“I bet he made you cum.”

“He always makes me cum, sweetie. But sometimes I don’t think that’s too hard.”

“Really? Do you always cum easily, Mom?”

Mom wrinkled her brow. “Should we really be talking about this?”

“Why not? It’s okay.”

“Okay then, if you say so.”

I let out a sigh. She had me worried for a second. “So would you say you’re horny at lot?”

“I don’t know what a lot is, but I do get horny.”

“I wish you got horny when you thought about me.” I told her.

“Really? That’s sweet, but it’s kind of funny.” Mom giggled a little. She was acting like a schoolgirl.

“I have a nice, big cock, and I know what to do with it.”

“Mmmm, now that part sounds pretty good.”

“What do you do when you get horny, Mom?”

“Well, if your father is around I fuck him. If not, sometimes I touch myself.”

“I think it would be cool if you were horny right now. Could you do that for me?”

“Of course, you know I would do anything for you, sweetie. Let me think about something that will make me hot.” It was so weird to hear my mom talking to me like that, but very cool at the same time. I thought of something.

“Okay, I am going to count backward from five. With each number you’re going to get a little more turned on. When I reach one you’ll be very turned on.” I wondered if something like this would work. I still didn’t really know what I was doing. “Five…” Mom didn’t give any response. “Four…” Mom licked her lips and in the near darkness I thought I saw her expression change. “Three…” Mom inhaled sharply and softly moaned. I could see her moving her hips a little and her nipples were definitely nice and hard. “Two…” Mom moaned louder this time and it looked like she was trying to resist touching herself. She pressed her thighs together. I waited a little longer and said, “One.”

“Ohhhh…” Mom moaned. Her hand was on her thigh, but she didn’t touch herself. Part of her still must have been saying you can’t do that in front of your son. Well, that would go away soon. “Oh sweetie, how did you make me feel like this? Mmmm, it’s so good.”

God damn, Saji’s stuff really worked. I figured I had probably done enough of a test drive. He had warned me to work into it a little, so I didn’t want to push too far on the first session. Besides, I knew I would be getting everything I wanted soon enough.

“I know some secrets, but I’m not going to tell you yet.”

Mom actually pouted, like a little girl. I could still see her moving her hips. “That’s not fair.”

“Well, if you do all the things I ask I will tell you.”

“Okay, that sounds fair.”

“Now tomorrow I want you to be horny like this all day. From the time you wake up until you go back to bed I want you to feel a tingle in your pussy.”

“Okay, but I don’t know if I can handle that. Your father’s away.”

That made me a little jealous. “And you can’t touch yourself all day. You’ll want to, but you will know you can’t. Not until it is time for bed. At eleven o’clock exactly you’ll go to bed. Then you can touch yourself.” Then I had a thought. “I want you to think you closed your bedroom door, but don’t close it.”

“Yes, sweetie, but why do I have to wait all day?” Mom whined. She looked like she would have touched her pussy right then if I gave the word.

“Because I asked you to. And don’t you want to make me happy?”

“Always, sweetie. I always want you to be happy.”

“Good. And I want you to dress a little sexier because you’re so horny. Okay?”

“That part will be easy. What would you like me to wear?”

“Pick something out. Think of what I might like to see.”

“Yes, sweetie.”

“I’m going to go back to bed now and you should go back to sleep too. You won’t remember this conversation, but you will remember what you have to do.”

“Yes sweetie, goodnight.”

I left Mom then, but God knows I didn’t sleep at all that night.

Mom was up early the next day and I could hear her knocking around downstairs. I was kind of surprised because she usually slept in during the summer. I made my way downstairs and found her in the kitchen.

“Good morning,” I said, but almost choked on my words. I could see that Mom had definitely been listening last night. She was wearing a yellow sundress with spaghetti straps that criss-crossed behind her back. I knew she wasn’t wearing a bra and her breasts looked so sexy when she moved. I could also see her thick nipples straining at the dress. The cotton was so thin I could also tell she was wearing a thong under it. I didn’t know my mother owned anything like this. I also hoped she owned more.

“Hi sweetie,” Mom said. She came over and gave me a quick hug and a kiss on the cheek. Her breasts felt so good crushed against me. “I need to run to the store. Is there anything you’d like me to get?”

Is was then that I noticed Mom was a little flushed and she was standing kind of funny, almost like she was squeezing her thighs together. I tried not to give away that I noticed. “Nah, nothing special for me, I got everything I need.”

“Okay sweetie, see you in a little while then.” Mom kissed me again and I watched her great round ass as she sashayed out of the kitchen. It was that moment that I knew I could get my mother to do anything I wanted.

This was all teaching me that I am an extremely impatient person. Just like the day before waiting for nighttime was torture. When Mom came home from the store I helped her unload the car and then she changed from the sundress into her bikini and lay by the pool for a couple hours. Mom pulled on shorts, but didn’t bother to put on a top when she made dinner on the barbeque. The sight of those luscious breasts hanging out all night was making me nuts. I went up to my bedroom to jerk off a couple times. I couldn’t help myself. I gave Mom her tea just like I had been doing for weeks and like clockwork she went to bed just when I told her to.

Five minutes later I was upstairs, outside my parent’s bedroom. Mom was just coming out of the bathroom. Her shorts were already off and she was just was just wearing panties and her bikini top. She went to her dresser and opened one of the lower drawers, reaching into the back of it. Her great ass was pointed right at me. When she straightened up Mom had a paperback and she went over to the bed.

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