A Thanksgiving Fuck with Daddy


After Thanksgiving dinner, I lay stuffed, out on the couch, hoping to ease off the heavy meal. My father sat at the end of the sofa, so I propped my feet in his lap. He watched the news and I sighed as he began lightly massaging my toes. I’ve been having this really sexual interest in my dad. It started last year when a talk show was blaring on the TV. My parents and I sat in separate locations across the den. On cable, Oprah was talking to a couple that was having troubles with their sex life. Despite much pleading from the husband, the wife refused to sleep with him anymore.

“Know how that feels,” said my fifty-two-year-old father.

My mother simply shook her head in response. “We’re too old for that.”

I wrinkled my nose at the thought of parent sex, but as my thoughts wondered on and on, the thought of my dad so in need of sex turned me on.

There was no telling how long it’d been since his cock had felt itself buried to the hilt in a hot pussy. The thought was enough to make me excuse myself that afternoon, so I could go to the privacy of my bedroom and bring myself off with my fingers.

My mother was busy in the kitchen, washing the dishes and I relaxed into the couch cushions, enjoying the gentle feeling of his foot massage. My thoughts raced again and I felt my pussy getting wet at the prospect of being the one woman to help my dad out, as he hadn’t been with anyone in years. His massage rose to my calves and at that moment I soaked the satin beige panties. I knew I’d have to do something to fix this problem, before I went insane.

That night I watched Dad drinking bottle after bottle of beer with interest. Every night, he sits in the living room, drinking until he knocks himself out and falls asleep in his recliner. Around eleven, my mother grumbled at the sound of his snoring and excused herself to bed. It seemed as if she wasn’t even going to bother to wake him up. He was too gone.

I waited until I was positive she was asleep before making my move. Dad sat in his boxers and t-shirt, snoring away, and I stood up and got to my knees. Praying he wouldn’t wake up, I began lightly fumbling with the fabric of his boxers, tracing the flannel and slightly daring myself to go farther and farther in. Finally, in a rush of bravery, I dipped my hand into the opening, pulling outside his soft purplish cock from its hiding place.

Wow. I’d only seen Dad’s cock as a child when I peeked in the bathroom to watch his piss shoot from the monstrous organ. This time, my interest had changed a bit and I at once began imagining stuffing the piece into my pussy, feeling it writhe and throb inside of me, before spurting loads of cum inside.

I find cum to be the ultimate turn-on. I often imagined lying underneath a shower of cum from millions of men, or being fantastically with a man who had some sort of fictional dysfunction. The dysfunction would cause him to create gallons and gallons of sperm that would shoot all inside me and when I was full, this mysterious man would spray my snatch, the gooey stuff getting stuck in my pubic hair. He’d finish up by drenching my breasts and hair, until I was a walking cum-girl.

I sat, looking at the sleeping giant, imagining it as a cum-machine. At once, my hands had pulled my nightgown up and my fingers were buried in my pussy, rubbing at my clit as I stared. When I had appeased the throbbing, I returned to Dad’s cock. Touching it, gently at first, I gradually gained strength when he showed no signs of waking. I worked muş seks hikayeleri at it, thinking maybe I could even jack him off in his sleep. As the cock became hard, I leaned up in order to have a taste.

God, it was delicious. Salty and strong. I sucked on my pacifier for several minutes, my body against his recliner, grinding my clit against his leg. I was certain his skin was being drenched in my juices, but I kept on. This guy was not going to wake up. I could probably get on top of him and ride him to kingdom come and he’d snore right on.

I was wrong in my assumptions, however. As I sucked Daddy’s cock, I heard a moan and jumped, looking up to see his face. His sleepy eyes gradually opened and a look of confusion infested his calm demeanor. “What the hell?” he said, loudly, but I held onto his cock with my lips. Part of the brave side of me thought that maybe he’d give in if I did it well enough. I applied as much suction as I could, my tongue massaging his head quickly and thoroughly. He was beginning to come to a complete awakened stage, but he didn’t bother stopping.

Grinding upwards, his big hands moved behind my head to keep me down on that engorged creature. “Mmmm,” I moaned and he closed his eyes. I focused on giving him pleasure until he started to jerk.

“I’m cumming. Baby, I’m cumming,” he moaned and I waited until I tasted the first drop of his baby-making juice on my tongue. I backed away, quickly stripping my nightgown off and holding my breasts out for him to shoot on. God did he shoot. Lord knows how long it’d been since he’d jerked off, but man, it just kept cumming. That white gooey stuff hit in spurts on my breasts.

“You slut!!” he shouted as he saw how bad I wanted to feel his load. “My daughter is a sick fucking slut who wants to screw her own father.” He then positioned his cock and aimed for my face.

The spurts hit my eyes and lips, but I turned my head down so he could finish up in my hair. He sat back and moaned when he was done, but I told him I would help him wipe up the excess cum. He looked at me in confusion, but I stood up, straddling his waist with my panties positioned directly in front of his slimy cock. Taking his dick, I wiped it on the crotch of my panties, his wetness collecting with my own. Then I stood tall, slipping the panties off my hips and down my slender frame. I raised them to my long red hair, catching the globs of sperm resting in my locks. I then rubbed the inside crotch across my breasts, collecting his gooey semen. I stepped again into my panties, the cum collected in the crotch and pulled them up. The slimy stuff made contact with my hot cunt and I left him alone in the living room to recover. When I made it to my room, I masturbated, my fingers rubbing myself through the fabric, so I could enjoy the stickiness his mixture had made.

When I woke in the morning, recalling all of the excitement we’d shared the previous night, I knew that our fun was not yet over. I smiled to myself, wondering how on Earth I’d get him in the sack. I’d find a way, though. I took a shower and stepped out, drying myself and reaching to dress with the clothes I set out before going to bed. I always set out my outfits before sleeping. The mornings are stressful enough as it is.

As I reached for my clean panties, I noticed a wetness seeping through. I looked closer, sniffing the substance. Cum. My father had cum in the crotch of my clean panties, while I was fast asleep. I excitedly put the panties on, loving the feel of his semen sloshing around at my snatch. He was such a thoughtful man.

All day, through work, I thought of my father’s wetness between my legs, probably super crusty by now. When I returned home, I’d sit down and talk fair and square about being the woman he was going to fuck. I was happy to take my mother’s place.

That evening, the same ritual was carried out. I noticed, however, Dad didn’t drink nearly enough bottles of beer to pass out, as usual. Instead, he drank and then quickly began to snore. I was positive he was only faking it. How clever. At eleven, once again, my mother annoyedly left to sleep, grumbling about my father’s loud snoring. I waited until she was asleep before coming to sit in my father’s lap. His eyes opened immediately and he said, “Thought you were going to get away with what you did, last night, huh?” I jumped surprised.

“I just wanted to see your cock, Daddy.”

“Is that all?” he demanded.

“No . . . Daddy, can I fuck you? I know that Mom hasn’t. I’m a grown woman, now. I’m eighteen. I can take your cock.”

As I prepared an argument, he surprised me, by picking me up in his strong arms, then lightly dropping me to the carpeted floor. He said nothing as he stripped me of my nightgown and panties, and I watched in anticipation as the bulge in his pants grew at an alarming rate. I helped him pull his shirt off, but he slowly and tantalizingly undressed himself, after that.

His fingers clumsily ravaged my pussy, finding that I was soaked. He smiled a satisfied smile. “You’re not going to take any getting ready like your Mother,” he winked. I spread my legs as far as I could get them and he raised himself up, his dick grazing my pussy lips, gently.

“Fuck me, Dad. You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for this.”

It was all the pleading he needed. He rammed his rock-hard cock into my pussy, until he reached the hilt. I felt my pussy being rubbed rough by his hard sac hairs. God it was incredible. He began to find a rhythm. In and out. In and out. Each time, he came all the way in, our pubic bones hitting against each other. He’d grind against my clit, sending me into waves of pleasure. I hit my orgasm, quickly. I’d been fantasizing myself to a climax. He took his time, however, wanting to enjoy his first fuck in many years.

When I fell back to reality, I felt the need to take control. Help him enjoy the experience more. I rolled with him, settling him on his back. His hands immediately flew to my hips, helping me ride that ferocious cock of his. I hopped and bounced, my tight pussy contracting and holding his throbbing organ. When I’d gained control over his body, his hands left my hips and began to jiggle and massage my breasts. It wasn’t long, however, before I felt him reaching his peak, as well.

“I’m going to fucking cum in you, whore. My sick bitch of a daughter. Fuck. I’m going to fucking unleash my cum in your dirty snatch.”

As he began to spurt, I rocked back down onto his cock, taking the throbbing, jumping organ. His cum began to spurt in amazingly strong gushes. I nearly died, feeling the cum blast my cunt walls.

“Get me pregnant, Daddy. Use your cum. Make me fucking pregnant,” I moaned and his dick just didn’t stop. I laid on top of him, completely, feeling the heat of his body beneath mine as he finished his load, catching his breath.

“Goddamn,” he moaned as I rolled over, his cock popping out of my pussy.

“Daddy, did you like it? Did you miss fucking after all those years?”

“What the hell?” he asked. “All those years?”

“Yes . . . Mom and you haven’t slept together, have you?”

He thought for a moment, realizing my question. “Oh God no. But that doesn’t keep me from fucking women. There are some women at the office that-“

“DAD!” I said. “You’ve been cheating on Mom?”

“Well yes, honey. And now I’m doing it with her very own daughter.”

I sighed in satisfaction, relishing in his words. “Does this mean that we can do this more often?” I asked quietly.

“Absolutely,” he nodded, his breath racing out of control. “And when you get bored with me, I’ll start inviting the guys back for Friday night poker games. Shit. You could have five of us at once.”

“Oh my God,” I breathed. How amazing. “Daddy, I love you.” He rolled over, his body moving on top of me again. I could feel his soft cock rubbing at my pussy.

“I love you, too, Baby. Who would’ve known my daughter was a fucking incestuous whore?”

With that, he reached below us, grabbing his cock and setting it just inside of my pussy lips. Aiming it inside, he began to piss into my hot, cum-filled cunt. I have no idea how he knew I fantasized about this, too. My Daddy can piss for ten minutes, straight. And just when he tapers off and you think he’s going to stop, he’ll pause for a moment and then blast away again.

His piss began to invade my folds and the hot liquid hit my clit. He continued with his perfect aim, pounding against my nub until I erupted in a second orgasm. The yellow, acrid urine splashed against my skin, but I simply relaxed, enjoying the feeling. “Damn you are a fucking slut. How could I have raised this little piece of whore meat? Enjoying her own Daddy fucking her and then releasing his nasty piss all over her.”

“It’s not all over me,” I said, out of breath. “Just my pussy.” He laughed, having just been tested, and stood above me, keeping hold of that precious cock of his. Standing with me between his legs, he let go as if I were his toilet. Pissing all over my body, lingering at my pussy where I enjoyed the feeling most. He finished up in my hair, soaking and messing the locks up.

“I’m almost done,” he laughed, kneeling back to my face. “Open your mouth.”

I opened my lips and he stuck his cock just inside, releasing his last gush of hot, yellow piss. I eagerly swallowed the stuff and he moaned as I sucked him dry. The two of us laid back on the carpet, unbelievably satisfied and thrilled with our newfound hobby.

“Please cum in my panties again, Daddy. That felt so good at work . . . your crust at my snatch all day.”

“Maybe I’ll cum in those babies with you in them, tomorrow morning.”

I throbbed at the thought.

The sound of steps moving down the hall caused us to jump. We panicked and covered ourselves to see Mom, her hand covering her horrified face as she stared at the two of us, naked, me with my Daddy’s cum running out of my pussy lips, covered in his hot piss.

“Oh my fucking God!” she screamed. “You nasty whore! Get out of my house, you fucking bitch!”

I began to sob, running outside, naked and obscenely dirty, waiting for my parents to let me back in. It couldn’t be too long, I hoped. The chill of the air brought me to sit down on the porch, my nipples becoming erect and chilled.

My parents did finally let me back in, but not until the neighbors had seen me shivering, covered with cum and piss.. My mother watched from inside and she laughed, feeling that it was appropriate punishment.

I guess she didn’t realize how much I actually enjoyed it

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