A Touch of Silk–Part 1 of 2


Brad was heading to his parent’s house for Thanksgiving. Even though it was a seven-hour drive, he tried to make it back home several times a year to visit for a few days, to see his mom and stepfather, and catch up with friends. He worked as a park ranger and lived in a remote outpost in a national forest, and although he loved the woods and the solitude and the peacefulness of the wilderness, it was good to get back to civilization every now and then. He usually was craving human interaction whenever he did.Brad’s mother was Kate, a high school art teacher, and long-divorced from Brad’s father. Her husband, Brad’s step-father, was named Ethan, a tall rangy, athletic fellow who owned a large store that sold anything for the outdoor sportsman: gear for hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, climbing, you name it. Brad was close to his mom, it had just been the two of them for years when he was young, and he got along well with Ethan.In fact, Ethan had been instrumental in Brad becoming so drawn to the extremes of the outdoors, which led to his majoring in forestry and environmental science in college, which led to his post as a park ranger. Brad enjoyed his visits back home, and his conversations with Ethan. They would trade stories. Brad had plenty about crazy park visitors, and Ethan had plenty more about his crazy customers.But one of the more attractive things about visiting home, something that had grown gradually over several years, was something that at one time he would have thought to be unlikely, if not impossible. Whenever he came back to visit he found himself anxiously anticipating when he would see his stepsister Maggie.Her given name was Margarita, but she’d been called Maggie her whole life. Maggie was six years older than Brad, and was entering her senior year of high school when their parents married and Kate and Brad moved in with them. With the age difference and the newness of their living arrangement, they didn’t bond or get to know each other very well. Then Maggie went off to college and Brad was once again an only child.Brad was intimidated by Maggie in those early days. She was older, seemed so sophisticated, and he thought she was so beautiful in a primal, earthy, sultry way, and a complete contrast to himself. He was a sturdy blond-haired, blue-eyed All-American-college-boy type; she was tall and lean, with long black hair and matching eyes, high cheekbones, aquiline nose, and rich, creamy skin the color of sugared cinnamon. She didn’t have much of an ass but the rest of her was fine, with wiry, toned muscles, slim waist, long, strong-looking legs and nice, smallish but firm titties sticking straight out.Maggie’s mother Rosa was a full-blooded, dark-complected Raramuri from northern Mexico, which made Maggie half. Ethan was a big, strong white boy from New England on a long, solo road trip when he found his way into the Sierra Madre Occidental mountains and the Copper Canyon. Somehow they met, they clicked, and they fell in love. One thing led to another and Rosa became pregnant. Rosa and Ethan and Maggie lived in the mountains of northern Mexico for years before moving to the U.S. Rosa passed away when Maggie was twelve, and Ethan raised her the rest of the way on his own after that.Brad didn’t see Maggie much after she went off to college. She’d come home for summer vacations and holidays, but there was little interaction. In her junior year, Maggie met and got involved with the wrong guy. She became pregnant and they quickly married. When she miscarried she found herself without her child but still stuck with the wrong guy. She was depressed. Their marriage started off rocky, stayed that way, and got worse. Brad had met her husband, a slacker named Giles, several times at family functions but didn’t much care for him. He seemed aloof and self-absorbed, and after the first couple of years, he and Maggie seemed to be separated more than they were together. But they hadn’t bothered to divorce.Over the last couple of years, Maggie had come to the family holidays at their parents’ house alone, and Brad had had more opportunities to talk to her one-on-one. He had gotten to know her finally, and discovered that he really enjoyed Sefaköy escort bayan their conversations, and just being with her seemed to elevate his life. Comfortable, relaxed. They shared interests, and could discuss books or movies and just about any topic, and they saw eye-to-eye on most of them. They both loved the outdoors. Maggie worked as a manager in her father’s store, and their combined knowledge often produced lively discussions and debates. Damn, could they talk. Brad was now twenty-four and Maggie was thirty, and it was almost scary how after so much time he now felt so much closer to her. With all of this in mind as he drove, he found himself looking forward more and more to this Thanksgiving.—-Brad pulled into his parents’ driveway on late Wednesday afternoon. The family tradition for dinner the night before Thanksgiving was Oyster Stew, garlic bread, raw vegetables with dips and a big salad. Eat light before the big feast. And beer. Brad had drunk four St. Pauli Girls before dinner, and afterwards went right to bed, with a good buzz on and tired from his long drive.In the morning Brad went for a run and when he returned he hopped in the shower. When he re-emerged, squeaky-clean and freshly-dressed, Maggie had arrived and Bloody Marys were being served, another family tradition. The drinks would be consumed as the women worked in the kitchen and did their best to keep the men out.Maggie looked great. Blue jeans tight, white blouse tucked-in and open at the collar, hugging her breasts just right, brown boots. Her long black hair was pulled back, a scrunchied ponytail almost down to her ass, gold chain necklace, simple gold hoop earrings. She smiled when she saw him and gave him a hug, which he gave right back to her. He felt her nipples press softly against his chest, and breathed in a seductive scent as he briefly held her.The ladies did their thing and it was perfect as always. Turkey with all the trimmings. They ate late afternoon, and the men cleaned up. They watched some football. Mom and Dad faded fast and said good night. Ethan had a big day tomorrow and needed his sleep. It would be Black Friday and the store would be a circus. But Maggie didn’t automatically run off, Brad noticed, and she would also have a long day at the store tomorrow.They were seated in the den, across from each other, he in a rocker and she on the sofa. She smiled at him. He smiled at her. It was time.“You want a drink, or something?” he asked.“Sure. There’s some cognac in the pantry,” she said.They went to the kitchen together, found the bottle and poured a couple drinks into coffee cups.“Let’s go out back,” she said. “It’s not too cold.”“Sure.” Alright, he thought. Good. Nature girl.They put sweaters on and went through the french doors to the large rear deck. The yard backed up to the woods, peaceful and private. They sat together on a wicker sofa facing the pines. It was dark but the night was starlit and they could clearly see the treeline across the yard.“This is so peaceful,” she said. She un-scrunchied her long hair and let it hang free.“It is,” Brad said, and exhaled as his eyes took it in.There was a comfortable silence for a short time as they sipped their nightcaps. Conversation came gradually, but easily, and after the initial small talk about family and jobs and friends, it soon moved on to more intimate territory, to places it hadn’t gone before.“Do you have a girlfriend these days?” she asked.“Naw,” he said. “Not much opportunity for that. There are some female rangers and park employees, but most are married, plus a couple lesbians and interns. And management frowns on that anyway.”“Frowns on what?”“Relationships between employees. And who else would I meet? Some unattached camper or ranger groupie? Plus, not many women would want to live where I do: in a cabin in the forest a half-mile from the trailhead. I have to hike it in from there. That’s no fun hauling in groceries or supplies.”“Don’t you get lonely?”“Sometimes. But mostly I like the peace and solitude and nobody is hovering over me. I’m trusted to do a job, and as long as I do it adequately, they leave me alone.”“Sounds wonderful,” Maggie said.“What? Really?”“Oh Yenibosna escort yeah. I lived in a mud hut for the first twelve years of my life. A log cabin in the mountains with heat and indoor plumbing sounds good to me.”“Are you happy? Doing what you’re doing?”“It’s good,” she sighed. “I’m making decent money. But I’m working for Dad, you know?”Brad hesitated, took a gulp. “You should come for a visit sometime,” he said.“Why?”“See if you like it.”She looked at him, curious. “What happened to your old college girlfriend, what was her name, Lila?”“Yeah, Lila. We broke up after I got my job. She was cool when we were in college, but we split after I graduated. She knew I’d never make much money as a park ranger. She hooked up with a law student named Lawrence.”“Lawyer, huh? Asshole?”“Big time,” he chuckled. “And the funny thing is, she couldn’t stand the guy when we were together. Money talks, I guess, or the prospect of it.”“All for the best,” Maggie said.“Yep, it never would have worked.” He turned his body slightly toward her. “How ‘bout you? Are you divorced yet?”“Not yet.”“Why not?”“I don’t know, just haven’t gotten around to it, I guess. And Giles is too lazy and too cheap to initiate things. I think he likes it the way it is. He can screw his bimbos and has an excuse not to make a commitment.”“You should beat him to the punch,” Brad said. “Catch him off-guard.”“Yeah, I know, and I will, maybe after the first of the year. Lawyers don’t work much over the holidays and I’ll be busy as hell at the store.”Another pause as they each took a sip and placed their drinks on the table.Brad cleared his throat. “Do you think about your baby?”“Every single day,” she crackled. She hesitated, in thought. Tears formed in her eyes. “Everyday.”Brad reached for her hand and held it. “I’m sorry, Maggie. It’s none of my business.”“No, it’s okay,” she said. “It’s good to talk about it sometimes. It just makes me sad. Because I know in my heart that the reason I lost my baby is because of the stress I was under: My husband was a loser, he didn’t want a baby, he didn’t love me, I didn’t love him, and I knew I would be bringing the child into a bad marriage with an uncaring father.”He squeezed her hand. She squeezed his back.Brad had been a teenager at the time. He remembered their wedding. It was an informal rush job, with not much of a crowd, maybe forty people. He served as an usher, though ushers were hardly needed.“Why did you marry him?”She pivoted her butt on the cushion, turned her body to face him, and grabbed his other hand.“Our parents,” she said, earnestly. “I thought you knew that. Dad laid down the law, told him he wasn’t going to ride off into the sunset. He was going to do the responsible thing, he was going to marry me. It was a shotgun wedding, Dad made sure of it. I shouldn’t have let it happen, but I did. I was scared. I went along.”“That sounds like your father. He did what he thought was right and best for you.”“I know.” She wiped tears from her cheeks.“But parents aren’t perfect. They do their best, but they make mistakes.”Maggie nodded. She sniffled.After a long moment of silence with their four hands laced, Brad asked, “Do you want another baby?”“Yes, someday. When the time is right. With the right man.”Brad didn’t say anything. Maggie was looking down at their four clenched hands. He wanted badly to kiss her but he didn’t want to screw up.Then she said, “It feels good to talk to you, Brad,” and looked up. “Thank you.”“Yes,” he said. “That’s how I feel. I feel like I can tell you anything.”They were facing each other in the dark, their silhouettes outlined in soft, second-hand light. Brad broke his grip with his right hand and stroked her hair with his fingers. He gently pulled her head toward his. She didn’t hesitate.Their lips met and instantly parted. Their first kiss was like a time bomb going off. Their tongues were electric, touching, exploring, tasting. Their arms surrounded their bodies and their hands felt their ways along new terrain. Both were surprised at the spontaneity of it, but there was no holding back. Their first kiss would be one to remember. Brad had been thinking about Maggie for many months, Escort Halkalı about wanting her, but fearful of rejection, not sure if it could ever happen, not sure if it should. Now he had no doubts. She’d been thinking of him too.When his tongue left her mouth, he peppered her with kisses on her neck, her ears, all over her face.“I’ve fantasized about kissing you,” he said with bated breath.“So have I,” she whispered.Their hands roamed. His held her breast, firm and perked, through the soft fabric of her sweater, and he thumbed her erect nipple. Hers delved between his legs, rubbed his thigh, lightly brushed his cock. He was hard, she was wet.“Stay here tonight,” he said softly into her ear.“No, I can’t,” she said firmly. She squirmed back on the seat and straightened up. “Not here. It’s not right.”“Can I see you tomorrow? I could come by the store. Take you to lunch.” He leaned back and sat up. His cock was swollen to the max, her hand long gone.“No,” she said. “It’s Black Friday. We’ll be too busy.”“Uh, okay,” he said, rejected.Then she said: “How about dinner? That way I won’t be rushed and have to go back to work. We close at six. Would that be okay?”Relieved, he said of course it was.Brad walked Maggie out to her car and they kissed goodnight, a wing-dinger, right out in front of the house beneath the overhead street light. Maggie drove home with damp panties, thinking about their deep-dish kisses. It had been a long time since she’d given herself to a man and she was amazed and excited that the man might be her stepbrother. It had been a while for Brad too, and he had similar thoughts of hungry anticipation. He took his boner to bed and jerked off.—-They met for dinner at a chain restaurant down the street from the store. It was the biggest shopping day of the year, so the place was jammed and the waitstaff were already in the weeds. They were about to get on the waiting list for a table when Maggie spoke up.“Brad, why don’t we get some take-out and go back to my place? I’ve been dealing with crowds of people all day and I’m kind of tired and need some peace and quiet.”Brad welcomed the opportunity to go home with Maggie but didn’t know if her telling him she was tired was some kind of message.“Sounds good to me,” he said.They took off their jackets and went into the crowded bar. They managed to find an open stool, which Maggie took, and Brad stood. After a couple minutes they ordered appetizers and salads to go, and a couple beers for while they waited.Brad was dressed neatly in black jeans and a tan shirt, but Maggie was dressed in her uniform from work: a camo shirt with the store logo and her name on her left breast, and khaki pants. She looked like she was going on safari. He asked her about her day at the store and she said she was pretty sure they’d set a sales record. They’d been slammed from start to finish, much of it with hunters, since deer season would open the next day.They got their food and Chad followed her home. Her house was a small two-bed, one-bath cottage in an older, dingy part of town. It was the same place she and her husband had rented way back when as newlyweds, and she was still living there. They ate salads at the kitchen table and put the appetizers in the fridge. Maggie put some coffee in the pot, and while it was brewing went to her bedroom to change clothes. She returned in a few minutes wearing a cream-colored housedress which clung nicely to her shoulders and breasts, her hair tied back. She laced their coffees with some Kahlua she had sitting around. They sat together on the couch in the small living room.“Ah, this is nice,” Maggie said, sitting back and stretching. “Long day.”“Yeah, that slave-driver boss of yours needs to give you a raise,” Brad said, with a laugh.“Yeah, you’re right. Maybe I’ll go on strike.”“Do it. We can make signs and picket outside the store. Unionize!”Maggie laughed. “Nah, Dad’s okay. Besides, there’s a different kind of union I’ve been thinking about.”“There is, huh?” He smiled. “And what would that be?”“Well, today I had a hard time keeping my mind on my work. Because I couldn’t stop thinking about last night.”He put his hand on hers. “I’ve thought of nothing else.”“We crossed a line.”“We did,” he said. “And I want to keep on crossing it.”He kissed her. It was gentle and soft and deep, their tongues slow-danced as their hands slowly got into the act. He found her breast, bare beneath the thin fabric of her dress, and her fingers traced from his shoulder, downward over his arm to his inner thigh.“I…

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