A trip to remember


A trip to rememberOne of the best memories i have is off a fantastic and really hot trip i had with a friend of mine…we werent really a couple and we used to flirt with each other and generally have fun together…she would point out if any girls thongs were on display and when we would chat on the phone, she would tease me saying that due to a power cut she was in her under things…it used to be fun and it was platonic all the way….There was a wedding of a common friend and it was in a town approximately 5 hours away… i had a car and a motorbike and Pally asked if we could go by bike as it was more fun that way….we packed for the trip and we managed to tie both the back packs on the sides of the bike so that we didnt have to wear it on our backs. The trips started brillaintly with wonderful weather and i pciked her up from a common spot and she was in jeans and t-shirt and looked very sporty…we started our drive and we talked and joked as we went our way…the weather was cold and as she held me from behind..i could feel her nipples pressing into me and i couldnt help but grow hard…i tried to concentrate on my driving and distracted myself with chatting about the places we would see on the way.. we were to drive through a forest area and winding roads as we were heading to a hill station..the drive started getting scenic and it was a pleasure being in the company of this intelligent and very sexy girl…As we entered the forest area, the number of vehicles reduced dramatically and we were essentioanlly on our own. I had to take a pee stop, so i parked my bike and headed to a nearby tree to relieve myself… as i headed back , she had a grin on her face and told me that i was lucky that i coule pee anywhere that i wanted…but as a girl…she didnt have that option…i looked around and on the opposite side of the road, the forest had a bit of an opening and i told her to head there…she crossed the road and entered the opening…2 minutes later she ran out and told me that she couldnt build up the guts to ‘do her business’ since she was scared of the being alone. she said she would hold on and manage till later…we started again and as we drove for an hour she asked me to stop as she was had to go bad… i found another opening in the grandbetting giriş forest and parked..she looked really scared and didnt want to enter the forest..we could smell all types of a****l smells and Pally was shivering with fright…she begged if i would come with her and off course i volunteered to go in with her…we walked for a minute inside and it was so quiet and eery..there were huge trees all around and i asked her to go behind one…she didnt want to leave my side and she finally blurted that if i didnt mind she would take a leak in my presence…i was tongue tied…i told her that it was cool…she asked me to hold the tissue roll and she turned her back to me and started unbuttoning her jeans and sliding it off her hips… her beautiful brown butt right in front of my eyes and as she bent her knees to get into position, i was rewarded with the sight of her hairy pussy …there was a few seconds of inaction and then all of a sudden a fountain of her sweet smelling pee shot of her pussy…. i was in a state of ultimate arousal…seeing the pee hitting the soft sand and flowing towards me was a sight i can never forget…i was turned on bad and i actually didnt hear her asking for the tissue twice…she turned her head and laughed when she saw my dazed expression…i handed over the tissue and she cleaned herself and pulled up her panties and jeans…we walked in silence and we got on to the bike and before i could start she kissed my cheek and told me i was too sweet for words…we drove through the forest and Pally hugged me tight and the heat from her body and the memory of seeing her pussy while she peed would not let my hard on subside….as Pally tried to hold me better, her hand brushed my hard on and i moaned without knowing..she tensed and i felt very embarassed…she suddently giggled and told me that i really must be glad to see her….i laughed with her and my inhibitions just evapurated…i told her that seeing her pee was one of the most raw and sexy things i had ever seen.. she hugged me tighter and i could feel her warm breath on my bike…she suddenly asked me to stop…i did immediately worried that she must have had a cramp or must be feeling uneasy…she got off the bike and asked if i grandbetting yeni giriş had packed a blanket…it was getting chilly so i removed the blanket that i had packed and and handed it over to her…she looked sweaty and bothered and i didnt understand why she needed a blanket…she started walking into the forest and i didnt know what she was upto…i followed her and she found a soft area and spread the blanket there…she turned to me and i will never forget the look in her eyes or the huskiness of her voice…she called out my name and she sank into the blanket and told me she wanted me bad…i walked up to her and she got up and pulled off her tshirt…her small perky boobs looked wonderful in her sheer bra..she pulled of her jeans and i loved the way her panties covered her rounded but firm butt…i pulled off my tshirt and pulled down my shorts…my cock was rock hard under my undies…she gasped seeing the bulge and she said she had never imagined getting into this situation with me…i lay down beside her and i kissed her forehead, her eyes, her nose, her chin..i kissed her lips gently and then before she knew i kissed her hard and took her lips in between mine and sucked and tugged on them…she moaned and i started kissing her ears and nibbled on them…she seemed to love it and she was squirming…i licked her ears from top to bottom and then kissed her neck and nape….she was really moaning..her sounds were driving me wild..i kissed her fingers and sucked on them one by one…she was really turned on and i could feel the heat of her body… i sucked on her fingers as if i was giving a blow job…she was sweating and i could smell her pussy inspite of the smell of the forest… i licked her arms and shoulders and asked her to lift up her arms…her armpits were sweaty and i pushed my tongue to her hairless pits and licked at the salty but wonderful soft skin there…this really took her by surprise and she started shivering and i felt she had mini orgasm…she shook with pleasure and i took the chance to unhook her bra and took one hardened nipple in my mouth and sucked deeply on it….she was moaninloudly and i covered her mouth scared that we would attract some wild b**sts…I licked her well shaped grandbetting güvenilirmi tiny breasts and her nipples were so hard that it must have been hurting her…i then licked her belly and pushed my tongue into her navel….i then went completely down…till her ankles and licked and kissed moving upwards…i spread her legs and moved my tongue up her calfs, behind the knees, licking her delicate knees her outer thighs and then finally her inner thighs…i saw her white panties clearly for the first time…and what a sight it was…her crotch area was wet beyond words..she was so wet that her pubic hair was highlighted thru the transperent wetness of her panties…i moved my face closer to he inner thighs…i licked in circles and she was literally in tears…i moved my tongue at the edge of her panties and all of a sudden i gave a deep kiss to her pussy thru her panties…she screamed!!!! i started to lick her pussy thru her panties and she started to grind her pussy to my face …i stopped all of a sudden and she shouted at me to not stop….i grabbed her panties from her waistime and pulled it off hard…she moaned….i pulled off her panties and held it close to my face…her juices had completely soaked her panties and i loved the deep smell of her arousal…i put the panties away for my self and i bent down and got between her legs. her pussy was pink beneath the thick pubic growth…i pushed my tongue deep inside before she knew it and she screamed again…i licked and sucked her pussy so badly that she literally cried and shed tears of helplessness….she burst into a major orgasm and her thin juices slid all over my face….she was moaning and screaming.. she literally fainted with tiredness and ecstacy….i fell beside her and admired her beautiful and supple body…after nearly 5 minutes, i helped her up and got her to wear her jeans, bra and tshirt…her panties had been confisticated by me and anyways they were too wet for her to wear…she was in a daze and i had to constantly remind her to hold me tight as we drove to finish the journey…we reached the sleepy town and were met by all our friends…they all commented on how drained out she looked…they were worried she had not been drinking enuf fluids….how were they to know that i had managed to drain her out of a lot of pussy juice…..as her female friends led her to her room , she turned and when no one was looking she pushed out her tongue and wet her lips…she winked at me and slowly went away…i knew that the next 2 days were going to be one hot and sensual experience…..

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