A Wolfe’s Escapade [12]

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This life of mine has seen some adventures. Perhaps more than my share or perhaps less, depending on who is asked. Some have been sexual, some haven’t. Some have been dangerous, and some have simply been weird. As I sat across from Eliza, listening to her proposal for my next adventure, I considered how particularly dangerous it was. She leaned back into the soft couch after a long exchange, her eyes locked on mine in an intense and steady gaze as she stretched the slender legs that were left bare by her shorts. “Come on. You know you’ve always wanted to do something like this.” She was teasing me while maintaining the calm of a negotiation. “I also know it’s against our rules. You know the rules are there for a reason, Eliza,” I returned her gaze as I thought about the prospect and struggled with a decision. “Yes, but I know the rules; you taught me perfectly, and I’m the broker of this scene. Everything will be kept safe.” “Even our safety protocols have limits of effectiveness,” I said. “This sort of thing is never really safe. That’s why it is against the rules.” She sat up, leaning forward in her seat. “Aaron,” she began. “I’ve known you for a long time now. I know her reasonably enough, or she wouldn’t be considered. Someone like me brokering and negotiating for the people involved is about as safe as you can get with an unprotected anonymous encounter.” I nodded, thinking about the emphasis she played on the words she had repeated several times now. She was teasing me. Of course I want to do it, I thought. There was a certain thrill in having sex with a woman I’ve never met without protection, a certain taboo. It was unwise, and against the rules for several reasons. And that is precisely why a primal part of me wanted so badly to do it, why the thrill existed behind the fantasy. This particular situation was, as Eliza said, about as safe as this sort of scene could ever get. A third party doing all of the necessary negotiations and checks, while the participants themselves get the full experience of their fantasy fulfilled. It was the only way I would ever allow such a thing, and she knew it. “You know that I prefer to meet people and build relationships before playing, for reasons far beyond safety concerns.” She nodded. “Compatibility, learning to read them, adjusting yourself to their needs. I know how you are. But I also know this is a major fantasy for you, and I’m certain this girl is a good fit for it.” I took a deep breath, thinking and letting the idea sink in while all of my concerns bubbled up. “Alright,” I said after a while. “I’ll do it.” “Yes!” she responded with an excited jump in her seat. “You won’t regret it. I promise!” “There are a few things to discuss,” I said, interrupting her glee. “Even if I don’t know the person, I need to know the scenario. When, where. Her limits. Triggers.” She gazed into my eyes for a moment, pulled from her own sudden fantasies. “Are you sure we should discussed the scenario in depth?” I wondered for a moment. “Do you think we’re compatible enough for me to read her and play the scene on instinct?” “I imagine it’s harder with a stranger, but you always have been good at inventing a scene on the spot.” Nodding, I let my thoughts wander in that direction before replying. “Alright. We’ll discuss a couple of general things later, but if you think the go-with-the-flow scene structure will work with her, I trust you. So, when?” She smiled. “When is for you to decide. I know your schedule, and she’s slightly more flexible. You and I can mediate something comfortable for her.” “As for where,” she continued, “that should be here. I can drive her over, even lead her into the bedroom with a blindfold on. It’ll add an extra thrill for her, keep your address anonymous, and you’ll have full access to all the goodies of the dungeon if you decide to use them.” I nodded. “Very good. The rest?” “I’m afraid she’s not experienced enough to know herself too deeply. I’ve gone over checklists and stuff with her, but most of it just makes her curious. I expect she’s rather liberal sexually, but we won’t really know her limits until we begin to approach them, so we can only be careful and go through our normal protocols. Start slow and work up as you get a feel for her and learn to read her. Push her as far as you dare, though. Don’t baby her. She can probably handle most of what I can, she just hasn’t experienced as much as me. It’s all a bit different given the circumstances, but I trust Küçükköy escort bayan you’ll figure out what she can handle quickly.” I nodded again. “I’ll be gentle with her, then.” She smirked, knowing well what my idea of gentle was. “As for traumas, or triggers that hit a nerve,” she continued with a more serious expression, “there are none that she’s shared with me. Again, our normal beginner protocols should work just fine for this scene.” “And the overall scenario?” I asked. “You’ll find a slutty woman you’ve never seen before in your bed after coming home,” she smiled. “The rest you can improvise.” I chuckled. That could be quite fun.“What about safe words or signals?” She widened her smile. “Her hand signal is the peace sign, and if you don’t keep her gagged the whole time her safe word is pudding.” “Pudding?” I asked, raising a brow. “Pudding.” She held firm with a smile, and I knew it was a story I would hear eventually. “Alright,” I said, chuckling softly. “All noted. Thank you for preparing this properly.” She smiled and blushed a little. “It is prepared properly, too. You have nothing to worry about on the safety front, and she has very good ideas of what to expect from you. Although the circumstances are different, all of our normal safety protocols and most of the other rules have been met. All you have to do is walk in and take her.” I chuckled again. “As for when,” I said. “Tomorrow night?” She grinned. “Perfect and done.” We smiled to each other, sharing a warmth in silence. There are things that only lovers can share, things that are too much for mere words. Resisting each other, we each prepared the wicked plans we had for this new, anonymous encounter of mine. As the evening rolled on, Eliza and I worked out the rest of the necessary details of what was going to take place. It was difficult to maintain the sense of spontaneity associated with this particular fantasy while setting everything up properly, but I decided I would much rather have this sense of security for what was going to happen than the sense of very real risk and danger I would have had, and the worry that would follow, after fulfilling the fantasy to the imaginary letter. Fantasies are great, but fulfilling them often requires a lot of thought and preparation. When night came, we decided not to sleep together because we were both excited and knew what would happen. “Besides,” Eliza said, “while you’re laying in bed thinking about my pussy, just imagine that tomorrow night you’re going to be releasing all that frustration on a fresh pussy you’ve never met.” “You do know how to talk to a man,” I replied. And I love it. She grinned and I knew that she understood my thoughts. I did let my mind wander that night, but I ultimately decided to sleep and conserve my strength. Most of my fantasizing took place the next day. I rarely let myself be distracted while I work, but this was a special occasion and I had plenty to think about. The hours rolled on, and I’m certain I remained half erect the entire day. A couple of the people who know of my lifestyle even offered curious glances, but I survived the day without being obvious to most people. After clocking out, I let my mind run a bit wilder. The drive home was insufferable as I let the pleasure build, let my thoughts explore every corner of my fantasy and what I was going to do. The anticipation built to an intense high by the time I pulled into the drive. While I refrained from moving in a hurry, controlling myself as I believed a man of my position should, I also made no effort to hide the bulge in my pants while walking up to my door. In retrospect, perhaps it’s a good thing that none of the neighbors were around at the time. The knob turned under my hand and I stepped inside, locking it behind me. I noted that it had been left unlocked. They’re waiting. I walked silently through the house towards the bedroom. “The Dungeon,” as Eliza called it, was a lot more humble than it sounded. It was a rather normal bedroom, with a king sized bed and matching furniture placed where such things are meant to be. What impressed her about the place was my modifications to nearly everything in the room. It was my private dungeon; a normal bedroom at one moment, a torture chamber the next, and a romantic love nest the very next. Small changes can create large effects, and the entire room was designed to make those small changes very easy to implement. Walking Escort Mecidiyeköy through the house, I noted the absence – or rather, the invisibility – of Eliza. I knew she would be somewhere, would surely be watching. Maybe through a video feed, maybe even hiding in the closet. But she would be nearby, both as voyeur and as our safety backup. I wondered where she would be hiding and how she would keep tabs on the scene she created for me and her friend, but as the door to my little dungeon came open my mind shifted elsewhere. My expected guest was laying bound to the bed, wrists and ankles tied to the four corner posts by chain and leather shackle. It left her in a wide spread eagle position. She was gagged and blindfolded, and I took note that her ears were open to hear. I would make use of that. I adjusted my walk, normally quiet, to make a little extra noise. I let her hear every step as I walked around the bed, sitting on the edge to look down on her. I expected her to feel my gaze, her imagination to run wild. What was I doing? Was I just going to look? Where would I touch first? A thousand questions racing through her mind, all placed there by what I didn’t do as much as by what I did. She squirmed under her restraints, and I knew I was in control.Kicking off my shoes, I let them fall to the floor to let the small noise echo through the room. She gasped, trying to determine what it was, trying to hear and feel, or even smell what I was doing. I moved in my seat on the bed, letting her feel my movements and wonder what was coming while I removed my socks – taking my time, letting her think the vibrations in the mattress were something else; my approach, perhaps. I stood, my bare feet not making a sound as I walked around the bed once more. Slowly I stepped, letting my eyes wander over her naked flesh and studying her as my own imagination and instincts flared. I was planning. Plotting the most effective ways to make use of the situation, make use of her tension and her desire. Stopping at the foot of the bed, I looked upon her, taking in the entirety of her lithe beauty and the eroticism of her current situation. My arousal quickly flared to new heights as I stared at the swell of her breasts, moving with her heavy breathing. Looking down, I noted that her pussy was bare; the sensitive flesh shaven clean – perhaps by Eliza, I thought, adding another surge to my arousal – and glistening with her fluids. She knew I was there, watching and building her anticipation. She knew, and her anticipation grew rapidly. I watched her squirm, the leather cuffs around her ankles keeping her slender and smooth legs in place. I smiled and continued my casual walk. Lightly, gently I touched my finger to the sole of her left foot as I came around. She jumped and gasped, surprised by my first touch coming at such a place. I smiled at her reaction, genuinely amused, and softly caressed my way up her leg. Touching gently her ankle, calf and knee. Lightly caressing her inner thigh. Higher, closer my hand moved, barely in contact with her hot flesh. She squirmed, trying to move towards my hand, trying to rush me towards her intended target. My amusement rose as I held my hand at the same pressure while it traveled up her leg, not giving in to her silent demands. Before I reached her sensitive and swollen folds, I moved my hand away. She groaned at the loss of touch and I smiled broadly, suppressing a chuckle. I sat on the edge of the bed, my left hand touching her again a little higher. I let my palm rest against her lower abdomen as I spoke. “You don’t know who I am,” I said, “and I do not know who you are, either.” But we are going to learn plenty soon enough, I thought. My hand slowly moved higher, caressing my way up lightly as before. She squirmed under my touch, wanting and aching for more. “But I will tell you,” I continued, “if you haven’t noticed by now, that I enjoy teasing.” She nodded, squirming as my hand moved closer to her breasts. I closed my fingers, lightly touching her between the soft mounds. I smiled when she resisted the obvious urge to move, forcing my hand to touch where it was avoiding. “And I will also tell you this,” I said as I lifted my palm, my fingers beginning to trace a figure eight around her breasts. “You have willingly walked into this scenario, knowing that I will do with you as I wish.” She nodded twice, squirming and moving her legs as if to squeeze and grind while Merter escort failing to do so under my chains. Her breathing became a shallow pant. “Do you know what I wish?” I asked, my voice deeper with arousal. She shook her head. I smiled, knowing precisely what I was doing to her. Thoughts were racing through her mind even as the arousal grew and blurred everything out. I had every intention of making her remember this day, remember me. I leaned in, lowering myself to speak into her ear. My hand began moving lower, caressing its way down her belly again. She arched her back in anticipation. “I’m going to fuck you like an animal, you wicked little slut,” I said. My voice sunk deeper, making it sound like a growl. She gasped, arching her back. I could almost feel the surge echoing through her body from my words, and my hand quickly emphasized it. I pulled away right before I got to my target again, but this time I brought my hand down sharply, slapping her swollen and dripping folds with a rough strike. She screamed through the gag, squirming her body as much as she could under her firm restraints. I thrust my middle and ring finger inside of her, and there was no difficulty in doing so; she was tight, squeezing my fingers in a vise grip, but she was also lubricated well by her own desire. I began calculating how the main course would feel for me as my hand moved. I had no tease to offer now, nor mercy to lend. My hand became a blur as I plunged my fingers inside her over and over at my strongest pace. She screamed from behind the gag while her body squirmed and thrashed under me, held tight by the strength of her bonds. She gripped my fingers even more firmly than before and I smiled, recognizing the signs. I extended my right hand to grab the cloth covering her eyes and in a flash it was gone, lost somewhere in the room behind me. I leaned over her, gazing into her wide green eyes. My hand never slowed, my fingers pushing her towards an unseen edge. “Look,” I said, pulling her gaze into my own sharp eyes, on fire with the passion I felt. “Feel,” I continued, leading her thoughts with a deep growl. “Feel me inside you, feel me take you.” Her eyes grew wider, mesmerized by my words and their effect while getting lost in my actions. Her head was certain to be spinning, her mind willingly obeying my aggressive and commanding voice. She shuddered and gasped as her entire body suddenly became more sensitive to me, more aware of my touch and my very presence. I enjoyed these mind games, and I made a point of becoming very good at them a long time ago. And this is why. This power, this control. I glared into her eyes intensely as I watched her reactions, felt her tension rise and her breath get lost somewhere in her own passion. I watched the signs, feeling them, waiting patiently for the right moment. The moment came, her entire mind and body right on the edge. It just might work on her, I thought. “Cum for me,” I growled, glaring into her eyes. Her eyes grew even wider as her body instantly obeyed, and I suppressed my grin. The restraints kept her spread eagle as she lost control of her limbs and the pleasure whisked her away to another world. “Cum for me,” I growled again, leaning down into her ear. “Cum. Feel it all and just cum for me.” She screamed as her body obeyed me completely. My fingers still reaching inside of her, a little slower, a little more softly as I carefully brought her down from an intense climax so that her body would still want and be ready for more. She finally collapsed, limp in her restraints, panting and softly moaning as my vigorous massage became a slow and gentle caress. Little by little, my movements came to a stop. I rose up, sitting beside her with my hand in place while I waited for her to catch her breath. Slowly her breathing settled and she opened her eyes. I looked into them, seeing the glaze and knowing she was looking at me from another world, from her subspace. I resisted a smile and suppressed the pride of succeeding at these mind games on a stranger, opting instead to wiggle my fingers inside of her. She arched her back, moaned softly and then looked down, becoming more aware of where my hand still was. I then withdrew my fingers, slowly and carefully raising my hand up into her sight. Her eyes grew wide and she blushed when she saw what I meant her to see – a thick string of her fluids, dripping from my fingers back into the puddle between her legs. It was time for me to smile as my hand moved slowly towards my lips. I watched her eyes, and she watched me intently as I brought my fingers to my lips. Slowly, erotically I began licking, tasting her. I was not shy about it, and I expressed my pleasure with smiles and soft moans as I tasted and very audibly swallowed every drop of her I could find on my hand.

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