Abbie at Home


(a continuation of my earlier stories)

I got up late, laying in bed I was a bit disappointed I missed seeing my parents before they went off to work. I heard my son crying jumping out of bed I went into the next room and got him, quickly changed his diaper took him into the kitchen with me and got him a bottle. As I was feed him the phone rang, I picked it up and recognized the voice on the other end as our minister, the man who visited me yesterday afternoon. He said he was sorry for not calling sooner, that surprised me it was only 9:00 I’m sure he waited just long enough to make sure my parents weren’t home before he called. He told me how much he enjoyed out “conversation” the day before and apologized again, saying he wouldn’t be able to get back to see me until tomorrow. I couldn’t help but giggle, he was just sorry he wasn’t going to get to fuck me until then.

After I hung up the phone I finished feeding Markus and thought about what I was going to do that day. Not a whole lot to do really, I was starting to get bored living out in the country spending my days mostly alone. I decided to go into town for a bit, maybe do a little shopping. I got dressed, sort of an uncommon event these days. I put on a pair of running shorts and a tank top over my bra, then I loaded the stroller into my car and put Markus in his car seat and drove to town. I parked downtown and didn’t do any shopping just walked around. It felt good to be out among people, that was the best thing about going to church last weekend, just seeing all the people. I spent a couple of hours just walking around looking at the people and letting them look at me. Maybe it was all in my head but I was sure that lots of guys were checking me out, and that felt good, nothing like having your ego stroked a bit.

After picking up some lunch at a drive though I headed back home. I was just unloading Markus out of the backseat when the mailman pulled up. I went over to get the mail holding Markus. I’m sure he was a bit disappointed to see me fully dressed. Even though I had a shirt on his eyes were still locked onto my breasts the whole time we talked. After he left I went inside, stripped off my clothes and relaxed a bit then started to fix a salad for dinner.

Mom got home around 5:30 and asked how my day was, I told her what I did, she seemed happy that I was getting out, and also seemed happy to have my breasts still full of milk. She let me into the bedroom and I undressed her then with her on her back I leaned over her putting my breasts in her face she began to suck them, I moaned softly as I felt my milk drain out of my breasts. I heard dad get home, he quickly found us he took off his clothes and got on the bed with us. Rubbing my ass he positioned himself behind me and slipped inside of me. Having him fuck me from behind as she sucked my breasts felt so good, I came over and over until he finally shot his load into me.

After he pulled out of me, I crawled down between my mother’s legs and started to eat her, she sinop escort was soaking wet. She started to moan instantly, softly at first, then louder and louder until she came soaking my face and the sheets as she came. Then we all laid down and held each other for a while before getting back up and having dinner. We ate dinner naked, then went outside to relax a bit and enjoy the summer evening. We went back inside I gave Markus another bottle then put him too bed. Then the rest of us went to bed, dad went down on mom while I watched them she went down on me as dad emptied my breasts again.

Then next morning I was better rested and I got up when my parents did. Dad asked me if I wanted to shower with him again, I smile and said sure. As soon as we got in the shower he turned to face me blocking the water with his body he put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me down to my knees. I took his cock into my hand as he began to pee, I wet my face with his urine, then aimed it at my lips, then slowly parted my lips. I let him fill my mouth with pee, then I sprayed him with his own piss, he was almost done peeing by then, I slipped his cock into my mouth and swallowed the last little bit of his pee. Then I started to suck him, he became fully hard right way, he reached down and washed my hair as I sucked his cock. He came right as we were running out of hot water, the timing couldn’t have been much better, I don’t know what a cold shower would have done to either of us in that state.

After breakfast they left for work, I went and got Markus and gave him a bottle and changed him. We were playing a bit when the phone rang. I knew it was our minister before I even picked up the phone. We talked a bit, I could tell he was a bit nervous, but finally he got around to asking if it would be ok if he stopped by for a visit, I told him sure, and he said he would be right over. I thought about if I should get dressed or not. The first time he came over I wasn’t expecting him, this time if I was naked he would know it was on purpose, but I felt it was silly to pretend that he was coming to see me for any other reason than sex. It took him about half an hour to get there. I walked out the front door to greet him, he seemed pleasantly surprised that I was naked. Neither of us were sure what to say at this point, clearly we both knew what was going on but who was to start and how? Finally he asked nervously “well what do you want to talk about today” I thought that was funny, he didn’t come to talk but he still couldn’t come right out and say why he was there.

I got a bit bold and replied “I don’t care, just do what you want to me”.

He just stood there blankly for a moment and then said “what?”

“Use me, use me any way you want, I don’t care just do it”.

He motioned for us to go inside and he followed me in the house slapping me on my butt as soon as he shut the door. “Do you want to suck my cock?” he asked. I shook my head yes. We went over to the sofa, he quickly escort sinop stripped and sat down, his cock already hard. I got on my knees and started to suck him, I could just get all of his seven inches into my mouth. Before he came he had me stop, the rolled over sticking his ass out, “now lick my crack” he told me. I started to lick him, his ass had very little hair, his smooth skin felt good on my face as I burred it between his butt-cheeks. He started to moan softly at first then louder. “This is great, my wife will never do this for me” he said when I was trying to force my tongue into his butt hole as fare as possible.

He had me get on the sofa with my ass in the air, and he started to lick my butt hole, that is something that I have always love, and he had me squirming in no time. Right before I was about to cum he ordered me “don’t move” then he got up and ran into the kitchen, at the time I didn’t know what he was doing. He came back quickly, and started to rub my ass crack with something sort of cold. At first I thought it was an ice cube but it wasn’t that cold. It felt sort of long but also square, the more he rubbed it in my crack the softer it felt.

“What is that” I finally asked him.

“A stick of butter, something to lube up your asshole” that was a lubricant I had never thought of before, we had KY and Vaseline but this seemed to be working. He rubbed it up and down my ass crack then slowly inserted it into my rectum. It broke off when he tried to pull it back out so he slapped my ass hard in frustration and shoved the rest of the stick of butter up my ass.

I let out a gasp “OH” as he shoved all the butter up my butt, it made me feel so full back there, and sort of like I needed to poop. He got behind me and pulled me down to the floor, so I was on all fours, he got behind me and started to rub his cock in the crack of my ass.

“Do you want me to sodomize you?” he asked

“Yes please, please fuck my ass” I had been so close to having an orgasm before and I wanted to come so badly.

He rammed his cock into my asshole, I let out a loud moan as he did. I reached back with one hand and rubbed my clit as he thrust his cock in and out of my asshole over and over. When I started to cum his thrusts became more violent, making my orgasm all the more powerful. He came in my butt right after I came. When he was finished he quickly cleaned up washing his cock in the kitchen, then he explained that he had to run to another appointment, had to visit someone at the hospital. After he left I took a long shower washing all of the butter out of my ass.

That afternoon it was a nice sunny day but not too hot, I decided to mow the lawn again. I thought about what to wear again, I decided to deal with all the bouncing of my full breasts and just put some shoes on and headed out side, with Markus in the stroller. I timed things so that I was mowing the front yard when the mail arrived. I shut off the mower and walked over to the mailbox as the mail sinop escort bayan man was sorting our mail. He handed it to me as I got over to him, I smiled at him, but I don’t think he noticed his eyes were once again locked onto my breasts. We talked a bit he was so nervous it was funny, he commented about what a nice day it was, and about our lawn, but never said anything about me being naked. As the small talk lagged, I told him that I should finish mowing. I walked back over and started up the mower again, and as I finished the front yard he sat in his truck pretending to sort mail but really he was just looking at me.

He drove off after I finished with the front yard and was finishing up the back. I went back inside and to some ice tea to cool off a bit. After that I fed and changed Markus, watched a bit of TV waiting for my parents to get home.

As usual mom got home first, she asked me how my day was, I didn’t give her any details, just said “fine”.

Then she blushed just a bit then asked “did you really drink his pee?”

I smiled “just a bit of it”.

She just shook her head, I couldn’t tell if she was disgusted or a bit aroused. She went to the kitchen to figure out what we were going to have for dinner. When dad got home a bit later he striped and sat on the sofa next to me and started to suck my breasts, they were leaking before he even sat next to me. Mom came in and watched us for a bit, then slowly striped, I enjoyed watching her remove her clothes as dad’s lips sucked my breasts and his hands roamed my body.

Mom watched us a bit after she had taken her clothes off, then she walked into the kitchen, I wasn’t sure what she was doing, normally, she came back very quickly with a large glass in her hand. I was a bit confused, why did she have an empty glass? But I quickly figured out what she had in mind. She sat just on the edge of the love seat looking at us, then put the glass down between her legs and then she began to pee. Slowly at first but then she had a strong stream filling the glass, when dad heard the noise he turned to see what it was, we both just quietly watched as she filled the glass. I would have never guessed that something like that would have aroused me.

When she was done she took the glass, and handed it to me “here drink mine”.

I took a deep breath, a bit unsure if I could really do it, then I put the glass to my lips and chugged it as quickly as I could, I had to fight not to gag at the end but I managed to quickly drink it all down. They both seemed a bit shocked. I stood up and pushed mom back onto the love seat and got between her legs and started to lick her cunt. Dad quickly got behind me and his cock was inside me before I knew it, she came hard, her whole body shaking, but I didn’t stop I kept licking her, dad shot his load into me, right after I came, I kept licking mom until she came again. This time she came even harder she grabbed my head pulling my face into her crotch, grinding into my face. When I finally stopped she slid off of the love seat down next to me, and she kissed me, licking the juice from my face.

We had to stop for a quick bite to eat, nobody wanted to stop to fix a big meal, then we headed into the bedroom for some more fun.

(more to come)


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