In the pub


In the pubon night after a fall out the mrs goes to the pub. There she stands high heels short pvc skirt skimpy top she there at the bar drink after drink a tall man walks up to her and offers to buy her a drink. She says yes and they talk for a hour or so by this time she is wasted and horny she asks him to go out side as she wants some air. He says ok but his friend marsbahis güvenilirmi will need to know were he was she said this was fine and goes out side. A few moments late he comes out side with his friend she looks shocked but he fit to she start to kiss the tall man she met his hand fondling her body she asks his friend to join in they marsbahis yeni giriş both start kissing and fondling her her heart is pounding she drops to her knees and unzips the pairs trouser there massive cocks falling out. She starts working both cock taking one while wanking the other. She take them deep gagging on the hard massive cock. Then marsbahis giriş the other man bends her over and start licking and fingering her wet pink pussy. She moans as she sucking the tall mans cock then the tall man picks her up and sticks his massive cock in her tight pussy. She screams as it pulls her lips apart he slams her into the wall pounding her pussy he pulls his cock out and spunks all over her pvc skirt. His friend the take over slaming her up to the wall fucking her tight wet pussy she sreams as she hit orgasium she cums all over his massive cock she pulls her pants up and walks home knowing he will never know what has happend.

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