Accident in the Sauna


This was more of an experiment based on an interesting “movie” I recently watched. It’s my first attempt at writing (erotic or otherwise) so there’s that.

In the experiment I tried to play with different personal tense. What I ended up with may be a little inconsistent. I tried using it to mark a change in the tension. If people can’t stand this I’ll go back and change it.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy and look forward to your feedback!


“Burrr!” The tall woman shivering aloud was my mother. “Thanks for driving me. You aren’t embarrassed taking me are you?” “Of course not!” I responded quickly. After my parents divorced, my mother and I had been working through the pain at our gym.

She was taller than most women with an average build that had begun to take shape over the last month of our visits. Her shorter legs were made longer with the athletic leggings and tank top, not nearly warm enough for the weather.

My own skin was rigid, frozen beneath blue gym shorts and a black t-shirt. Inside the massive brick building was much warmer. “Thank you again for driving me.” She said shivering. “These roads are too icy for me!” And everyone else, I thought to myself. The gym was mostly empty today.

Our cardio routine quickly came to an end, leaving our hearts elevated and muscles tired. “Rinse up, today is perfect for the sauna!” Mother said before heading into the shower. She wasn’t wrong either. I showered in cold water then dried off, dressing in only boxers and my towel tied at the waste.

Mom was already in the sauna. Her blond hair was darker and damp with water, hanging loosely in a hair tie. She wore a towel around her mid section covering anything that may be seen.

Immediately I thought of Amber, my girlfriend. She’d love it here and there was no policy against nudity either! The thought of her bronze skin glistening with sweat was a little too intimate to be thinking while wearing little more than a towel! The weight of my genitals suddenly became apparent.

It had been a long time since I had any sort of release. I shifted awkwardly, trying to prevent an erection. Not in front of my mom! Suddenly the ground began to shake. At first I thought I was dizzy but she saw it too!

“That was strange.” She said calmly, but her fierce blue eyes were wide and worried. “Earthqua-“Before I could finish the aftershock hit! The wooden benches rocked and a loud crack sounded from somewhere outside, the sound of stone crashing to the ground.

The pyramid of wooden beams holding the roof to the sauna snapped with a screech falling below! I pulled her away without thinking but slipped pulling my mother down on top of me.

Six more beams fell followed by what sounded like one of the walls! After a moment the dust began to set but we were pinned beneath the heavy wooden beams!

“Are..” Her back had covered most of the dust but debris choked out my voice and blinded me. “Mom, are you okay?” I managed to cough out. Her body pinned me to the slick wooden flooring.

“Are you okay? I can’t see anything!” “Y-yes!” She coughed. “You saved me!” Her weight was slowly becoming uncomfortable and her arms were pinning my own, I could barely reach to clear the dust from my eyes.

I scanned the small cramp space. It was too dark to see much. “Oh god!” I shouted. “Mom, your towel… it…” The towel had come undone and was lost somewhere near our feet. Her full breasts hung exposed on my naked chest!

“I’m so sorry!” She shouted pulling away instinctively. Her back caught the fallen wood paneling. “I’m stuck!” My mother’s naked body wiggled hopelessly over my own. Her heavy breasts bounced and jiggled against my skin!

“Engh! I can’t get up, it’s too heavy!” Her sweat glazed chest heaved up and down with her panicked breathing, brushing my bare chest with her nipples. I was furious, but more than anything I was disgusted! My mother had amazing tits!

I felt the mound between my legs grow but it was lying against something warm and poked out of my boxers. “What is that Eric?” She looked confused. I grunted struggling not to look at my mother’s bare chest. “I’m so-so sorry!” I pleaded.

Her eyes widened and it became clear to her. “Oh…! Oh no…” She gasped. “I mean its okay!” She corrected. “You aren’t helping!” I shouted. Even closing my eyes I could see my mother’s natural breasts jiggling on my bare chest.

“Will it help If I…” She lowered herself on top of me, hiding her tits on my skin. Her nipples felt strange. Were they getting hard?! My dick throbbed in response brushing against her ass it slid into the crack. I could feel the warmth of her folds behind a thin pair of underwear.

“No!” I warned. “That’s not working!” “Hang on I think I can get out. Just lift up a bit and…” She wiggled forward, sliding upward on my legs. My dick fell down her crack poking into her panties!

“Don’t… move!” I warned her. “Look resimli seks hikayeleri what I did! I’m so sorry!” “No!” I gasped, struggling to adjust it without touching anymore. “It’s not you I swear!” She exhaled; her light skin was becoming more and more flushed. I could feel the warmth of my mother’s opening on the tip of my erection!

“It’s okay don’t be embarrassed. That was very exciting and your body is just responding the way it knows.” Her moist breathing caused our skin to swell together while she tried to keep herself up.

“We just need to wait here till help arrives.” Her sore muscles shook under stress and she let out weak groans of pain. “Are you sure you’re alright mom?”

“Yes!” She said unsure. “I mean no-I can’t hold myself up for long.” She warned. “Is your- is it down?” My penis throbbed against her soft fabric. “No!”

I choked at the thought of penetrating my own mother. There was no way of telling what she was thinking.

I was stuck underneath, inches away from being inside my mom. Her arms quivered, shaking her sweaty breasts in my face!

“I’m so sorry baby!” Her voice whimpered. I couldn’t stand seeing her in so much pain, but the alternative was dreadful!

“Mom…there’s nothing we can do. Just… go slow and maybe it won’t go in?” “Maybe?” She gasped unable to resist any longer.

She lowered from a pushup stance I could feel myself pushing into my mother’s panties. My throbbing tip pushed hard onto what had to be her clit stopping in her thin fabric. Her full weight returned her tits to my chest.

She chewed at her full pink lips, her face seemingly in pain. “What’s wrong, are you okay?” “Yeah, she gasped. Your just poking me really hard, it hurts.”

“Yeah it’s been a long time, I’m sorry.” “I understand. It’s okay.” My dick felt numb and my balls were sore beyond belief!

Minutes passed with no sign of help. She was still in pain, and my erection wouldn’t go away! “Let me try something. I think we can adjust it.” She wiggled her arms but they were unable to go around my own. She adjusted her hips and I felt my dick move.

“Wait, don’t!” I warned. The thin fabric protecting her vagina slipped aside and my penis slid in nearly a quarter of the way!

Our eyes locked on each other frightened now more than during the earthquake! My dick slid in about two inches and it felt great! The pressure was gone for both of us. There was little resistance; her opening was dripping with moisture.

We held each other like this for a moment and her body softly squeezed my member. “It isn’t too bad.” I said carefully. “No…” She breathed a whisper. “Not at all.” She bit her lip again, this time it looked like guilty pleasure! “This was a big mistake!” I whispered painfully.

She softly gave a laugh that shook her breasts. I slid in another two inches, almost all the way. I could feel my mom’s pulse with my dick. “It’s getting colder.” She whispered.

Her rosy cheeks gave her face a different expression, a look of conflicting lust. “I know this must be hard for you.” She said tapping my arm. “You have no idea.” My dick throbbed again inside her.

She was getting slippery and the air smelled like sex. “Actually I do.” She chuckled again. Each time she laughed the walls of her vagina gripped and massaged me and I went a little deeper. “It’s been a long time for me too, and you are really… well… big!”

“Should I try to pull it out?” She asked and her insides gripped me again. Our heartbeats were one while I was inside her. “I mean, I can try.” Her light cheeks blushed even more.

The sweat of our bodies close in this hot room gave her face a youthful vibrance, though she by no means looks old. She raised her hips. I could feel her body clinging to my shaft as I slowly slid out of my mother’s vagina.

Subconsciously we both looked down. Her lips were covered in a small layer of neatly trimmed blond hair.

Oh god! She thought in panic, watching her son’s erection slide from her body. Her back met the lumber and he stopped. The tip of his cock still lingered inside!

Their breathing was heavy and from below he could see his mother’s nakedness in full view. She couldn’t cover herself while pushing up, leaving her completely exposed.

“Just a little more!” She screamed, unable to take it anymore. “Please, get it out!” She wiggled beneath her naked son, unable to deny her body the sensations he was giving her. She pulled away from him hard, knocking away his arms.

Her legs slipped, scraping against shards of wood. She shouted in pain, falling down. Her son’s erection filled her vagina with its full length. She stilled herself eyes wide and mouth agape, face to face with her boy. His cock twitched deep inside her at the tip of her womb.

Tears formed in her crystal blue eyes and it wasn’t because of the dust. She was done fighting it. Her lips stretched out and met him in a wet passionate kiss!

He looked at his mother in astonishment, her tongue tasting his. “Mmm-mom!” He said pulling away. “What are you doing?” “I’m doing what I have to do.”

Her hips rocked back and forth fucking herself with his dick. “If you don’t cum…” She uttered in a heavy whisper. “Then they’ll find us like this! We don’t have a choice! My career would be over if anyone saw this! No one would hire a professor that fucks her own son!”

Her beautiful face contorted while she gyrated her hips on her son’s dick. “I think there are people in here!” A muffled voice called from outside the rubble. “Hurry! We don’t have much time!”

He barely needed permission. It took everything he had not to cum in her right now!”It’s okay, just pretend I’m Amber.”

He closed his eyes trying to fake the impossible. She rocked back and forth pulling out as much as she could with each thrust. His mother’s breathing sharpened as she fucked herself on her pinned son. “Yes…” She whispered.

His hips humped with her, faster with powerful angry thrusts! Her tits bounced up her chest with each impact. Her son’s penis teased her womb but the pain was thrilling!

“Cum inside me…” She whispered. “Cum in your mother.” Her teasing sent him over. A stream of warmth shot inside her.

Her son’s erection pulsed in her gooey womb. The taboo shame was too much for her. “Nuhhh!” She moaned and orgasmed hard on his dick!

Their bodies lay united under the rubble connected by their sensitive sex. The most intimate joining either could remember.

“Just hang in there, we’re coming for you!” The voice from above called. He collapsed over his mother, and their sweaty chests mended together. His skin felt amazing against her sensitive nipples.

Before he could get hard again he pulled back and left her moist warmth. The air was cold on his wet member! She lowered near his face and locked in a second intimate breathless kiss. “Okay baby, as soon as you can move put your towel back on.”

Just as she said the heavy board finally began to lift. Standing above her with one arm, he tied the towel around his waist. With his arm finally away from hers she grabbed it from their feet and loosely fashioned it around her breasts.

A hulking man wearing a fire department shirt lifted him away by the shoulder. “Thank God you found us!” His mother exclaimed still catching her breath.

“Ms. Alice?” The man asked. He had been in one of her classes just two years ago! “Aaron? Is that you?” Setting her aside he carefully helped Eric up.

His heart still raced from the shared climax and he was painfully aware of his mother’s juices still clinging to his cock. Without a roof the room really had become cold! But with their hard work out they never noticed.

“You were lucky to have each other! Alone you could’ve frozen to death!” She thanked him and quickly made it out to shower. He didn’t see it before but his mother had beautiful long legs! Even more there was a gooey white stream trickling down one of them!

The fireman saw it too when checking her out. He couldn’t help but smile at the confused expression. “Let’s go home mom… before any news crews see us.”

They threw on their clothes and rushed out the door. Her white leggings had a slick wet spot down the left leg!

They made it home without a single word to each other. What could either one say? Her face was tired and stressed and her eyes trained on the ground.

Inside the house the two couldn’t even look at each other. “This didn’t happen.” She finally broke the silence. “I’m so-” “No!” She interrupted. “No apologies, no anything. This didn’t happen.”

He returned to his room. It had been over a year since he lived at home, but there were still some clothes in his closet. The shower in the master bedroom was running.

Thoughts of his mother washing his sperm off made him slowly harden again. It was becoming clear that things were never going to be the same …

“What am I thinking? I have to forget about this!” But I just couldn’t. I found myself walking into mom’s room. Her door was unlocked. “What am I doing?” I asked quietly, taking off my shirt. Steam flowed out the open master bath. I wasn’t thinking of the consequences.

I stepped inside wearing only my gym shorts. She was propped up on the shower wall allowing the water to run through her silky blond hair lost in thought.

This time I admired my mother’s nakedness. Her round toned ass. Her natural breasts were perky with slight sag and small pink nipples.

I closed the door behind me, catching her attention. Blank with shock and maybe fear she watched without words. Studying her face I slowly dropped my shorts. She watched in amazement as my cock sprang from the shorts. It was too late to turn back.

Slowly she relaxed giving me a view of her tits in the water. I wanted to say something, for her to say anything! There was nothing to say, and she knew this.

Slowly she looked at my body, at her son’s cock. “I had wondered if you’d be back.” “Here I am.” My voice was stern and confident.

At first she took one step out of the shower. Struggling with her open nakedness. Her eyes hadn’t left my dick.

Suddenly she sprang to life! Without hesitation she squatted down and sucked my erection into her full lips.

Her tongue flittered around the tip and she me in and out. Her hands gripped my bare ass and pulled, forcing my length down her throat. She looked up at me with watering eyes, chocking on her sons cock. It felt better than anything I had felt!

She coughed hard, spitting me out and jerking my moist shaft with a free hand. She pushed me back, opening the door. Steam poured out of the closed room.

She pushed me back onto her bed, jumping on top of me with an intimidating urgency her grip never leaving my member. She straddled my legs and sucked on my lips with hers.

I can’t stop thinking about how you felt!” She paused, tasting my mouth. “How it felt to have you inside me!” She raised her ass, leaning forward on her son’s naked chest.

“Put it in me, baby! I need to have you inside me again.” I could hardly breathe. “Are you sure?” I knew the answer but it had to be asked. “No I’m not sure, but I do know I need you inside me right now!”

She leaned forward and guided me inside her dripping pussy. It felt wrong but this time I didn’t care! She rocked up and down, riding my dick and moaning in ecstasy. But I wasn’t pinned. This time I was going to enjoy it!

I grabbed her by the ass and flipped her around so my legs were on the floor. I spread her legs by her ankles and admired the beauty of our corrupt union before forcing myself inside her swollen lips.

Her vagina squeezed me like before but more fierce and urgent. Holding my mother’s legs spread wide I fucked her with everything I had. It was hard and rough, and her body enjoyed it! The harder the thrust the more she moaned.

With each pump our bodies slammed and her juices seeped onto the sheets. “Son..?” She whispered. “Take me from behind.” I grunted in response.

Her firm ass was worth the view. I twisted her around so she was on her belly then pulled her too me by her feet.

I never expected to bend my mother over this bed. The same bed I used to climb into when there was a bad storm, or a frightening monster outside my window.

It offered safety and comfort then, as her vagina offered comfort and pleasure now.

I folded her arm to the small of her back pushing hard. I could feel the added pressure in her vagina and her ass bounced off my dick.

“Uhhh!” She shouted behind clenched teeth! Her moans had become shrieks of carnal pleasure. “I’m going to…” She ducked her head in pleasure and her insides tightened around me.

But I came first, sending ropes of my seed deep inside her. I screamed buried myself into the depth of her womb. “Did you just cu-?” She began to ask.

I ignored her taking a moment to recover. It felt like my cum had filled her making us one. I felt adventurous, and curious at once! Slowly I backed away and my sticky manhood slid out into the air.

I flipped her back over and knelt by the side of the bed. She looked down at me in shock. I never did this, not even for Amber!

I kissed her intimately, softly probing the delicate folds of her womanhood with my tongue while kissing on the outer lips. Her scent was a drug that teased me for more.

I found her clit near the small patch of smooth blond hair and sucked it into my mouth. It felt like a warm baby grape and swelled the more I played with it. She tasted like skin only with a sweeter tang and her juices lingered in my mouth like an oil.

She gushed into my mouth and shook all while watching me in disbelief. I held her in a firm grip tasting her skin and our shared juices. “Oh no!” She screamed.

“Uhhnnn!” Waves of pleasure washed over her and her naked body shook connected to my mouth. Her toned abs were firm under the stress, pulling away from her raw parts.

Her fingers locked in my darker hair her breathing slowed yet ripples of pleasure still undulated through her muscles.

“Eric…” She said to me breathless. My vision was blurry from the high of climax. I collapsed on the bed beside my naked mother.

As the hot pleasure slowly faded, the depth of our sin loomed over us. Her face was sheepish though she made no effort to cover her nakedness.

A white liquid seeped out of her pink opening, leaking onto the bed. “I love you.” Her voice was a painful whisper. Tears now welled in her tired eyes.

I pulled her tight. The steam in the room made it difficult to see past each other. We were locked in our own world now. She nuzzled my chest, no longer the way a mother embraces her son.

“What do we do now?” It was the only question I could ask. It was hard for her, cold tears dropped onto my skin. “I don’t know Eric… I don’t know.”

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