Adam and Andrea, Sibling Fun


“This is so unfair,” said Andrea to no one special. She was lying on her bed looking at the ceiling. From outside the sound of a truck reached her ears and she looked out the window. It was the garbage truck passing by. She lay down again with a sigh.

Spring break and Andrea had to stay at home with her brother. It just wasn’t fair. It wasn’t her fault that he had failed all the exams and had to stay home to study the entire week. She had made plans to drive down to Daytona Beach with her friends to drink, dance and hopefully get laid. God, she needed sex. Jake, who was her part time lover, had to fly back to New York to attend his grandmother’s funeral. Her parents were at work and wouldn’t come home until late in the evening.

She got out of bed and went to the kitchen to make something to eat. When she passed her brother’s room, she knocked and then entered. “Hey, lazy, do you want something to eat?”

Adam was sitting with his back to her and when he heard the door open he quickly moved the mouse and she heard how he clicked on it frantically. “What are you doing?”

Adam swung around in his swivel chair. “Hey. Nothing much. I was doing some research. Did you say something about food?”

Andrea looked at his computer and she saw the home page for a search engine. She was sure there had been something else, but he had been too fast for her. “I’m making sandwiches.”

“OK, let me know when they are ready, and I’ll come down.”

When she turned around and walked out Adam waited until the door was closed. He returned to his computer and maximized the page he had been on. A man was kneeling behind another man and his cock was half way inside his asshole. Adam adjusted his semi hard on and clicked on the next picture. In it a young man Adam’s age was sucking an older man. His semi became full fledged hard on and he sighed. He wanted to watch some videos, but with his sister in the house he didn’t dare to. If he put on his headphones she might sneak up behind him and see him.

Adam was a ladies man at the local University. He pretty much could get any girl he wanted. With his black hair and blue eyes, he was just what the doctored ordered for the women on campus. He had a well sculptured body and an over average size cock. He knew he was good looking. The problem was that since a month ago, he had this curiosity about being with another man. He didn’t feel emotionally attracted to men, it was a physical attraction. He simply wanted to know how it felt to suck cock and being fucked up the ass. A couple of weeks ago, he had overheard Andrea talking on the phone with a friend. They were discussing the friend’s boyfriend and what they had done the previous evening. Andrea had asked her if she had blown him and when the answer was yes, she had said that she loved to suck cock, and she missed Jake. During the rest of the day he had thought about asking his sister about that, how it was to suck cock. In the end he hadn’t since she most likely would have freaked out and told him to mind his own business. Andrea was two years older than Adam and was a senior. She was to graduate this coming spring and then move to Boston, where she had a job lined up in a financial institution.

Adam also studied business and therefore their parents had told Andrea to stay at home and help him. He was failing miserably at school. The women and parties took up so much time. Andrea on the other hand was a straight A student. She was the typical book worm. She even had the horn rimed glasses to go with it. Adam was proud of his sister. She was not only a good student, but she was overall a good person. Whenever someone needed help she would always be there. She had helped him with school as far back as he could remember. She had even been nice enough to buy him his first dirty magazine when he was younger. The guys in his classes thought she was sexy and he was often asked how her boobs were. Even though Andrea was a conservative dresser, men could hardly miss her tits. They bounced when she walked and if she used a bikini they would swell out along the hem. She wasn’t very tall, but she had a good figure and therefore a lot of guys were after her. Jake had been the lucky one, and Adam was glad for it. He liked him and they would often play video games together when he came over to visit. He had even heard them fuck on a few occasions, but it didn’t bother him. Jake was a quiet lover, but Andrea liked to talk dirty during the act.

“Get down here, it’s on the table,” he heard Andrea yell from the kitchen. He turned off the computer and closed the books he had been reading.

“I’m sorry I messed up your plans,” he said when they were seated around the table in the kitchen.

“I was going with Brooke and Amy, you knew that. I don’t know if I’m ever going to be able to forgive you,” she said, ripping a piece of turkey breast from her sandwich.

Adam stayed silent. He knew better than to talk when Andrea was in a bad mood. They sat in silence for a while until Andrea mobil seks hikayeleri finished her food and pushed the plate away. “Adam, I’m going to help you this week, but I want you to put some effort into it. No late nights, and no going out. If you get a B average in the spring, I will forgive you.”

Adam smiled at her. “Thanks, and these are really good,” he said, waving his sandwich in the air.

“Go back up and in an hour I’ll come in and we you can explain how the demand and supply affects the price on any given product. I’m going out for a walk.”

When she had left, he went back upstairs and took out his headphones from his desk drawer. While the computer booted up, he walked to the bathroom where he took a roll of toilet paper and went back. He found the website he wanted and put on the headphones. On the screen a man was sucking a big black cock and Adam felt his own cock grow in his pants.

Andrea walked to a park a couple of blocks away. It was a perfect day and the sun was warm on her face. She only wore a t shirt and a pair of baggy shorts. The men that walked by her gave her boobs a look, but she was used to it. She didn’t mind the looks she got or the comments. She was proud of her body. She just didn’t like to show it off as some of the girls on campus. Why wear skin tight shorts that ride up your ass when you can be comfortable? She wore a pair of old flip flops and just as she was to cross the street into the park the band on her left foot snapped. Fuck, why did it have to happen now, she thought? She had been looking forward to a much longer walk. She picked up the broken flip flop and took off the other. She dumped both of them in a trash can hanging on a fence and went back home.

She opened the entrance door and walked in. “I’m back,” she called, but there was no answer. She had suspected to find Adam on the sofa in the living room watching TV but he wasn’t there. When she past his room, she knocked, but there was no answer. He wasn’t in the bathroom either. She went back to his room and opened the door. She saw him and was just about to say something when she stopped in her tracks. The sound of someone masturbating reached her ears, a hand slapping against skin. Had she caught him jerking off? Adam had his headphones on and couldn’t hear her. Curiosity took the better of her and she carefully moved up behind him. She wanted to see what kind of porn he was into. Andrea liked a bit of everything. She and Jake would sometimes watch porn together in his apartment on campus. He loved the lesbo stuff, and she thought it was OK, but what really turned her on was when they brought out a strap on. She had seen one movie where a woman caught her husband cheating on her and as a penalty she fucked him in the ass with a strap on. As a joke she had asked Jake if he would let her do it and he had looked at her like she was crazy.

When she got close enough to see the screen, she called out, “What the hell, Adam?” There were two men fucking each other and it was the furthest thing she had expected her brother to watch. He was always dating a new girl every weekend, and now he was watching gay porn.

He turned around and almost pushed her over with the chair. “What the hell are you doing sneaking up on me like that?”

She was so shocked she stammered. “I, I was just, you know, looking for you.”

“Get the fuck out, Andrea.”

She slowly turned and walked out of the room. When she was gone Adam sat looking at the open door for a while and then he turned back to his computer. His hard on was gone and the porno wasn’t that interesting anymore.

Andrea closed the door to her room and leaned against it. What the heck was going on with her brother, she wondered. He had always been a favorite among the women on campus. Had he always been gay, and just pretended to be straight? Was he coming out of the closet? She went to her desk and sat down. Did their parents know about this? There was a knock on the door. “Come in.”

Adam walked in and stood just inside looking nervous. “I’m sorry I yelled at you.”

She got up and walked over to where he was standing. She took his hands in hers. “C’mon Adam, tell me what’s going on.”

He sighed. “I don’t know. I have felt a need for some weeks now, and I don’t know how to get rid of it.”

“What need, tell me?”

He looked away from her and then, very quietly, he said. “I want to try it.”

Andrea was confused. “Try what? If you are gay, I am OK with it, and I’m sure mom and dad will be too.”

He laughed. “I’m not gay, I love women. It’s just that I’m curious about how it would be to touch a cock.”

Now she was completely lost. “Why? You have one, and I guess you play with it.”

He let go of her hands and sat down on her bed. She pulled up her chair and sat down opposite him.

“I mean, I want to touch another cock, and I want to know how it feels like to be fucked.”

“Oh,” was all she could come up with.

“I don’t know where it is coming from, but just the thought of having another guy’s cock in my hand excites me. I’m sure I’m not gay. I’m not attracted to men, and as far as I’m concerned the guy could stick his dick through a hole and that would be enough.”

Andrea kind of knew what he was talking about. She had felt something similar when she was younger. She had often thought about being with another girl, but it had never happened. She knew several of her friends had felt the same way, but she had never heard about a guy having those feelings, and she was very surprised. “Well, maybe you could look on the internet for someone who has the same feeling, so you can get it out of your system, I mean.”

“I have thought about that, but I don’t think it’s a good idea. You know how small this town is, and if word gets around, my reputation is gone.”

Andrea nodded. He was right. Meeting someone from around town was a bad idea. “I’ll give it a thought, and I’ll let you know. I promise not to tell mom and dad.”

Adam stood and when she got up, he gave her a hug. “Thanks.”

“You are welcome.”

I couple of days later, Andrea was walking with her mother in one of the malls and they past a sex shop. She looked in the window as they walked by and saw several dildos and dongs on display, and an idea began to grow. When her mother went into a store a few minutes later she said she wanted to check something out and would meet her in the food court. As soon as she was alone, she ran back to the sex shop and walked in.

“Hi, may I help you?” said a young woman behind the counter.

Andrea wasn’t sure what to say so she just shook her head and walked around for a while. She found the dildo section and looked at all the models they had. Some were simple and cheap and others were very advanced and expensive.

“Are you sure you don’t need help?”

Andrea turned and the woman was standing right behind her. “Well, I’m not sure what to buy.”

The woman smiled at her. “Is it for you, or a friend? Maybe for your boyfriend?”

The last sentence made her look closer at the woman. “Something like that.”

“Oh, so your man wants to be submissive, that is so cool. Here are a few strap ons.”

She took down several boxes and walked back to the counter where she opened them. “As you can see they come in different sizes and quality. I sell a lot of this model. It has a simple harness, but what makes it so popular is that it’s made of latex. Just feel how smooth the shaft is.”

Andrea looked at the item on the glass counter. It was in the form of a real cock, and about seven inches long. She took it in her hand and the woman was right, it was very smooth.

“How much?”

“$55, and you get a free tube of lubrication.”

Andrea took out her purse and paid the woman in cash. She asked for a bag and was given a simple white plastic bag with no logo on it. When she was done, she went to the food court where her mother was waiting for her.

Later that night when she heard her parents’ bedroom door close she got out of bed and grabbed the bag from her wardrobe. Tiptoeing down the hall to Adams room. She had to knock a few times before he opened. “What do you want? I was sleeping.”

She didn’t say anything but pushed past him and signaled for him to close the door and be quiet. “I have a surprise.” she held the bag out to him.

Adam was still sleepy and wondered what his sister wanted at this time of night. He took the bag from her and opened it. When he saw the box he knew he was blushing in the dark. “What am I suppose to do with this?”

“I thought it would help you with your fantasy.”

“How? It’s a strap on, and women use them.”

Andrea wasn’t sure how she should say what she thought. “Well, I thought that, maybe I could help you.”

“Help me, how?”

Could her brother be any dumber, didn’t he get it? “I’ll fuck you.”

Adam wasn’t sure he had heard right. “You what?”

“I said, I will fuck you.”

“C’mon, that’s sick. Why would you do that?”

She sighed. “It’s not sick, I’m using a strap on, it’s not like I’m jerking you off or giving you a blow job. I just want you to get this idea out of your mind so you can focus on your school work. C’mon, let’s do it.”

Adam looked at the strap on and wondered how much it would hurt. It was shaped just as a cock and the more he looked at it, he felt a stirring in his groin. “OK, what the heck, let’s do it. What should I do?”

Andrea thought for a second. “Take off your clothes and get on the bed. Meanwhile, I will figure out how this contraption works.”

Adam was already naked and lying face up on the bed before Andrea had even taken off her clothes. He watched in amusement while she fiddled with the straps to adjust the dildo. When she was ready, she said, “What do you think?”

She looked very sexy, he thought. He hadn’t seen her completely naked in years he realized. She had firm boobs and he could barely see a patch of hair above her pussy. The dildo stuck out in front of her and while he watched, she grabbed it and pretended to jerk off. “Is this how you guys do it?” she said while sticking out her tongue and making a face like is she was coming.

“Something like that. Stop playing around and let’s get started.”

Andrea walked closer to the bed and looked down at her brother. His cock was semi erect and it was bigger than Jakes. She thought it must have pleased many of her fellow students over the last six months. She remembered the time Jake had fucked her in the ass. It hadn’t gone too well, since he had been drunk and hurt her by pushing into fast and hard. She figured she would be gentler with her brother. She looked around and found the bag with the lube in it and took out the bottle. “Turn around and get into a doggy position. I’m going to lube you up.”

He did what she asked and moved closer to the edge of the bed. When the first drops of the cool liquid run down between his ass cheeks he shivered of pleasure. She must have noticed it because, she said. “Does it feel good?”


Andrea used her index and middle finger to massage the oil into his anus, and when she pressed her index finger against his little hole it slid in half an inch. “Wow, that is tight.”

“Yeah? It feels amazing, “moaned Adam.

She pulled out the finger and stepped back. He looked kind of funny with his ass in the air, but at the same time she was turned on by it. His balls hang down between his legs and his cock was still semi erect. She stepped forwards and this time she took a gentle hold of his balls and slowly massaged them.

“Hey, what are you doing?” he said.

“Helping you to relax, that’s all.” Andrea knew she was wet. Having her brother’s testicles in her hand and feeling the base of his shaft was a bigger turn on than she had expected. She wasn’t sure if she could hold up her part of the deal. Using her other hand’s index finger she began sliding it in and out of his hole. In the beginning she felt the muscles squeeze her finger, but after a while they relaxed and she managed to introduce her middle finger as well.

“Oh god, that feels good. Don’t stop.”

Andrea smiled. “Are you ready for the real thing?”


She pulled out her fingers and let go of his balls, and then taking hold of the dildo she pressed the head against his anus. It was like hitting a wall. “Fuck,” she said.

“What’s wrong?”

“You have tightened up again, try to relax, breathe slowly.” She used very short thrusts and each time the head hit his hole she could see it opened up a little bit more.

Adam knew his pre cum was dripping down and when he looked he saw long strands of it hanging from the tip of his cock. When Andrea penetrated him a flash of pain ran through his body. “Ah, careful”!

“Oh, my god,” said Andrea looking down at the dildo halfway inside her brothers ass. He was stretched tight around it. She stopped thrusting and was still. “Let me know when I can begin to move.”

Adam was trying to catch his breath. The pain was intense, but also wonderful, and as he relaxed it slowly ebbed away until there was just a dull ache. “OK, do it, but slowly.”

She took hold of his hips and gently began to fuck him. She let the cock head almost come out and then pressed the shaft back in, but never to the base, only halfway. She figured he needed time to warm up.

Adam was breathing heavily from the intense feeling that were running through his mind and body. His cock was rock hard and when he grabbed it a big lump of pre cum spilled out and dropped down on the sheets.

“I’m leaking,” he said.

“What do you mean leaking?”

“The pre cum just keeps coming out. In the beginning, it was just droplets, now it’s a flow of it.”

Andrea was so horny by now that she thought about rubbing her own pussy, but she needed both hands. “Does it feel good?”

“You have no fucking idea how good it feels.”

Andrea couldn’t hold back any longer. She leaned over her brothers back and reached for his cock, and at the same time began to fuck him hard and deep.

“Oh shit! What are you doing? Let go of my cock.”

“Oh, shut up, we have come this far, so we might as well go all the way.”

Adam had nothing to say to that. His orgasm was building in his balls, and his sister’s hand around his cock, and with the dildo in his ass thought he was going crazy with pleasure. When he came, the cum exploded out and a few drops even hit him in his face.

Andrea’s hand was smeared in cum as she let go of his cock and slowly pulled out. She wiped the liquid off with his sheet and then lay down next to him. Adam took a few moments to collect himself and then turned onto his back next to his sister.

“That was just amazing, I have never come that hard before, and the amount of cum was out of this world.”

She lifted her head and looked at his limp cock. She didn’t know what he would say, but she wanted it now. Instead of asking she just rolled over and onto him. “Hey, what are you doing?” he said when she took him in her mouth.

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