After the End Ch. 06


Author’s note:

This is the sixth part of an original erotic novel set in a dystopian future about one hundred years from now. It is a fantasy about the progression of a romantic relationship, with a focus on fully-developed characters, emotional connection, and sizzling sex. Some elements explored are newly-discovered bisexuality, the complexities of trust, experiments in sexual power play, and healing from loss.

There are seven chapters in the main story, and I have plans to continue it further. Feel free to drop in on specific sections based on your mood or interest, but the dramatic tension is strongest if you start at the beginning.

The creative process has been slower than expected, and life has not been cooperative with my efforts to finish. I will get the final chapter edited and posted as soon as I can. These characters are very important to me, and I want to do my best by them and by you. I appreciate your patience and encouragement.

Thank you to each person who has sent feedback on my posted work! I am new to writing fiction, so I appreciate hearing your reactions and perspectives. It truly does help me create the best stories that I can for readers to enjoy.

Tags for this chapter include: #bisexual male, #romance, #gay romance, #first time, #teasing, #submission, #friends, #future, #dystopian, #novel



I swiped the back of my wrist across my sweaty brow and surveyed the day’s progress. Once completed, these ditches and storage ponds would hopefully drain floodwaters before they drowned our crops and keep them handy for when the skies dried up. There was no way to predict what a growing season would bring: heavy tropical rainstorms that dropped several feet of rain within days, or weeks of unbroken heat that shriveled the plants and cracked the ground. Once in a while, the world’s weather simply watered the fields and provided light to the leaves, without destroying anything. Those were the years when no one starved.

It was only late April, but between the lofty angle of the sun in this southern latitude and the humid air wrapping my skin like an extra layer of clothing that could never be shed, afternoons were already too hot. I’d stripped off my shirt for a day of digging trenches and carrying buckets of earth, and I was streaked with as much dirt as sweat. I leaned on my shovel, biceps burning, the muscles in my back feeling solid as plate armor. I may not be ripped like Julian, but thanks to projects like this, I cut a decent figure.

The sun’s orange globe was finally sinking below the tree line to the west. Shadows lengthened as workers gathered for the trek back to our fort.

“Make sure all the tools get locked up,” I called. Shaped metal was too valuable to leave laying around at night. “Reina, Derek, check the far ditches.”

The two I’d named headed to where we’d started that morning, while I took my shovel to the storage shed and supervised the gathering of equipment. When everything was accounted for, we walked home through the forest in the fading light, stopping at the stream to wash the worst of the soil from arms and faces.

“How’s it going out there?” Julian asked when I reported in at the command center.

“About sixty percent finished,” I estimated. “Needs ten or twelve more clear days. There are thunderheads on the horizon and the wind’s kicked up, but those storms usually pass by morning.”

He nodded in acknowledgement. “You need Gavin tomorrow?” he asked, referring to our community’s lead engineer, who’d done most of the design work. It didn’t bother me anymore that Julian had slept with Gavin a few times before we got together. Back then, even I had thought I was straight.

“Yeah, just for a while. There’s a rocky section that isn’t in his diagram.”

“Ok, leave the order on the board.” Julian checked the clock above the bookcases stocked with old encyclopedias and homesteading guides. “It was quiet here, so I should be free for the night as soon as the last guards check in. How about you?”

“Free as well,” I replied, suddenly less weary. We were usually so busy, it was rare to get an entire evening together.

He met my gaze and his expression softened slightly. It probably wouldn’t have been perceptible to someone who didn’t know him as well as I did; he was unfailingly professional with me when we were working. But the subtle warmth surrounding his azure irises was as good as a smile from him.

I don’t have the same mastery of my features; I couldn’t keep a smile from curving my lips. Aside from being a brilliant commander, devoted boyfriend, and dead sexy, Julian was simply my favorite person. I loved being around him even if we weren’t doing anything. Although I certainly looked forward to stripping off his clothes and getting my hands on all that sculpted muscle.

He glanced away before his smile could escape onto his face. By some miracle, I was his favorite person too. I still didn’t understand Anadolu Yakası Escort it, but over the past couple of months, I’d gotten a little better at believing it.

“There they are,” he said, nodding to the two guards stowing their rifles in the armory by the main door. “Debrief with me? Then I can go with you to dinner.”

I nodded and we went to hear their reports – short and without incident, thankfully. After a quick meal in the main hall and what passed for a shower in the communal washroom, we headed to our quarters in one of the newly-built wooden residences. The single room was barely furnished, but it was dry, wind-proof, and had an actual door: a vast step up from the tent we’d lived in before.

Once inside, we shared our customary embrace and kiss. Julian stood six feet tall, so I had to reach a couple inches up to his mouth. He could defend himself more skillfully than anyone I’d ever met, as lethal with a knife or his own bones as he was with a gun, even an unloaded one. I’d seen him knock out enemies with a single strike to the temple or diaphragm. Still, we’d both lost too many friends and capable fighters for me not to be relieved every night when he came home alive.

One kiss turned into several, then more. Julian didn’t let go, and I didn’t want to either. I slid my hands inside his faded t-shirt and pressed against the taut strength layering his back, while he buried fingers in my still-wet hair to cup the base of my skull.

When I finally paused to bare his boldly-inked torso and my own unremarkable one, he pulled me down to the bed. We spent a lot of time here, and not just because it was the only place to sit besides the bench against the wall. I kissed him some more, until he unexpectedly disengaged his mouth. A familiar blend of hunger and fondness lit his eyes as he combed through my unruly waves again and studied my face.

“I thought we might try something different tonight,” he said after a moment.

I perked up. Julian’s ideas for things to try in bed were pretty infallibly amazing. “Like what?”

“Isn’t there something we haven’t done, that you want to do?”

I considered the question. There were probably lots of new activities I’d enjoy, but I usually only discovered that after he tested them on me. I tried to remember if I’d mentioned anything specific…

Suddenly I realized we’d had this conversation before, except the other way around: it was how I’d asked Julian to fuck me for the first time. I stared at him in surprise. He hadn’t let anyone near his ass since he was raped fourteen years ago.

“Are you saying…you want…?” I couldn’t bring myself to finish the sentence, in case I was wrong.

“To try receptive anal intercourse, yes. If you want to.”

Heat bloomed inside me. I was a bit ashamed, actually, of how often I’d fantasized lately about that very thing: Spreading open this divinely beautiful, heroic man and thrusting myself into his secret back channel. Making him moan and grind on my cock as I coaxed forbidden pleasure from the inside out.

I shook my head to clear the image from my head and the flush from my cheeks. “Well of course I would want to. You said you didn’t, though. I don’t want to traumatize you.”

Julian took a deep breath. “It’ll probably be a little traumatizing, but I’m tired of being controlled by what was done to me. I don’t want it between us anymore. I still remember it…too often. I’d like a new memory.”

My fist clenched reflexively at the thought of the violent hurt done to this man I loved so much. I hated knowing how alone he’d been with his pain for so many years. Just as alone as I’d been with mine, after my family had slipped away one by one: my father abandoning us, my sister’s defective heart giving out, my mother completing suicide. Julian and I couldn’t go back, couldn’t be there for each other sooner. All we could do was try to clear the wreckage and build something better.

“Are you sure?” I asked. “I mean, you’re not…obligated…”

“I know, Avery.” He looked at me with that tender expression he never showed anyone else. “I didn’t feel like I was missing anything with other partners. It’s different with you. I want to be able to experience what you do when I’m inside you. And I want you to experience what I do, too.”

My chest filled with warmth and my pulse went flying. I threw one knee over his lap to straddle his hips, wrapped my arms around his shoulders, and kissed him deeply. God, was this really going to happen? The anticipation had me rock hard within seconds.

Julian undid my pants and reached inside to cup my erection through my trunks. I groaned into his mouth as eager pleasure surged under his hand.

“You really want to fuck me, huh?” he murmured against my lips, massaging my cock.

“Yes…” I pushed into his hand. I was ready now, right now, but I knew Julian would need to take it more slowly.

His lips moved to my neck, İstanbul Escort but his hand stayed in my pants.

“You been thinking about it?” he asked, low and lustful. His thumb rubbed the length of my thinly-covered shaft, and I gripped his shoulders.

The need coursing through my veins left my voice unsteady. “Does that make me a bad person?”

“Course not, babe.” Electricity crackled between us as he reached further inside, pressing with the heel of his hand while his fingertips found my balls. “Don’t you think I imagined it with you, before you said you wanted to? Even before I knew you liked me. Didn’t mean I was going to do anything.”

My temperature was rising rapidly toward overheated. I stopped his hand with mine and tried to regain some control. “I won’t be any use if you make me come in my pants.”

He smiled and lay back with me still sitting on his thighs. “Get on with it, then.”

I took a deep breath. More than anything, I wanted this to be a positive experience for Julian, after the horror he’d suffered when he wasn’t even old enough for sex. The weight of responsibility, being the first person to touch him since he was held down and brutalized, was making me nervous. I remembered the first time we did this together, how amazing it was and how close to him I’d felt. I hoped I would be able to give some of that to him.

I got up so I could strip down to my trunks, and Julian let me slide off his pants and underwear. I made sure his head was lifted on the pillows, so he’d be able to see what I was doing. Then I crawled over him for one more kiss.

“Same rules as with me, alright? Promise you’ll tell me if you don’t like anything or you want to stop.”

“Yeah.” His expression didn’t change, but a hint of anxiety showed around his eyes.

I hesitated. “I don’t want to hurt you.” I meant emotionally, but I figured he knew that.

He let out a breath. “I’m ok, Avery. I trust you.”

Julian was nothing if not brave, so I moved down and spread his legs just far enough that I could lie between them. I often sucked him off like this, so I figured the position should be comfortable for him. The low lamplight played over the graceful lines of his body, accentuating the ridges of muscle. Propped on my elbows, I laid a hand at his waist and caressed the smooth bronze skin.

I hovered above his groin, tracing the grooves of his abs next, watching his cock start to fill out. I gave it a few strokes with my hand, then I bent and kissed his shaft, lingering and wet, just below the glans.

Julian rewarded me with a quiet sound of pleasure. I was proud of how much he enjoyed my blow jobs; I figured the attention to his cock would take his mind off what was going to happen to his ass until he was more relaxed. Holding him in place with one hand, I inched slowly down his length, kissing and sucking until he was fully hard.

When the first drop of thick fluid emerged from his slit, I looked up to meet his eyes, then licked it out in seductive slow motion, earning a gasp. He gripped the covers as I began working him over, my tongue hitting all his hot spots. I liked doing it this way: using my mouth to stimulate his cock by every means possible before actually taking him inside. Building Julian’s need for the moment when I finally sank my mouth around him was one of my favorite parts.

I went back to his slit, tracing it gently with the tip of my tongue. I knew how that got to him and made him ache for more. Slowly I slid my lips over his engorged glans and fit them under the tender edges. At the same time, I kept licking at his slit, expanding the motion to include the sensitive spot below it. Julian moaned, tensing up as he stopped himself from thrusting further into my mouth.

When I was satisfied I’d made him horny enough, I placed a hand on his inner thigh and gently pushed his leg back. He watched warily, but he didn’t resist. I pushed the other leg until I had exposed my target, the one place he had never allowed me to touch. The entrance to his ass was so small; a thrill ran through me as I pictured squeezing my cock into it. I’d had anal sex with women before, but I hadn’t fucked anything except Julian’s hand or mouth for over seven months. I couldn’t wait to feel the full-surface compression of a tight channel on my hard tool again.

For a while, I didn’t move away from his cock, letting him get used to being spread open. I alternated between fucking him with my mouth and teasing the head, until he seemed absorbed by the pleasure.

Eventually I pulled off and reached for the lube.

“You alright?” I checked. “Want to keep going?”

Julian’s features were drawn tight, but he nodded. I hoped this would seem less threatening once we got through the initial penetration, so I dispensed a generous amount of lube onto my fingers. I wrapped his cock with my clean hand and gently set a single slick fingertip against his hole.

He didn’t quite Ümraniye Escort smother his gasp, and his legs jerked a bit. My own cock jumped. Was it right to be this excited about taking his anal virginity, when I knew how difficult it was for him? He’d told me once that no one had control over what turned them on, so I guessed I had to chalk this up to my brain wiring. Because I found it incredibly arousing to touch his tight little sphincter for the first time and watch it clench in response.

“It’s ok,” I told him. “It’s only me. Try to relax.”

I began smoothing the lubed pad of my finger around Julian’s ring, gently petting his most private place. God, it was hot to touch him here. I couldn’t believe this gorgeous, terrifying man, who had once commanded thousands of soldiers, was now lying exposed, letting me tease his asshole. I hadn’t expected the foreplay alone to get me so damn hard. I could probably come in thirty seconds if I jerked myself right now.

I stroked Julian’s cock instead, but it wasn’t as solid anymore.

“Try not to think about what I’m doing,” I suggested, attempting to restrain the excitement in my voice. “If you just focus on the sensation, this should feel good. And it’ll be even better once you let me inside.”

He breathed out and I felt him trying to release some of the tension. I watched him carefully as I paused my finger at the center of his entrance, then pushed in just a little. I could feel how tight he was, so tight that I wondered how I would get my cock in there. Inside my trunks, I was already aching for his body.

I pressed my finger a little further into Julian’s ass, amazed as I watched it disappear. He groaned and threw an arm over his face.


“I’m ok,” he said, but he didn’t sound it.

“Hey, look at me,” I directed, channeling the behavior he used with me when I was struggling. Reluctantly, he moved his arm enough to meet my eyes. “You’re safe. You’re with me. We can stop anytime.”

Julian filled his lungs and exhaled slowly.

“You know how much I like to be fingered,” I coaxed. “I want to show you why, but you have to relax.”

I put my mouth to his cock for a while, keeping my finger motionless in his ass. Once he stopped clenching, I pushed in further, angling upward, seeking the pleasure center. I knew I had reached it when Julian’s cock jumped and his breath hitched.

Curling my finger slightly, I brushed gently across his inner wall – not really fucking him, just activating his prostate. He froze for a few moments, then he arched against my touch.

“Avery…” he breathed in this adorable, helpless tone. Like he’d never imagined I could create such paralyzing sensations inside him, even though he’d done it to me countless times.

I massaged over his trigger and lowered into a more sensual register. “You like it right there, babe?”

Oops – I hadn’t meant to call him ‘babe.’ He was the only one who used any pet names in our relationship; it had always seemed awkward to call him anything besides his given name. But at this moment, the endearment felt right.

“Yeah…” His breathing sped up, and he rocked his hips slightly with my strokes.

“Let me give you another finger.”

I pushed a second one into him. He was hard again and pre-come surged from his tip. I leaned in and swallowed it.

For a while, I leisurely bathed his cock with my tongue and let him enjoy his first experience of prostate stimulation. This was probably going to give me wet dreams for the rest of my life: Julian naked and leaking, panting and thrusting while I fingered his ass.

I snuck in a third finger, just to make sure he could handle the width of my cock. I didn’t think he even noticed. When I finally pulled out of his ass, he stared at me like he was remembering where we were.

“I want to fuck you, very badly,” I told him. My cock was trying to burst out of the trunks I was still wearing, and a huge wet patch covered the front. “But you’re doing really well so far – maybe we should stop here. You could come like this, and we could do more another time.”

He shook his head. “I’d rather just finish. This wasn’t…what I have memories of.”

I figured it was his call, so I cleansed my fingers, threw my ruined underwear on the floor, and climbed up to kiss him again.

“I’m not going to be able to last very long,” I confessed.

“That’s probably just as well for me.”

I consumed his mouth hungrily, but Julian seemed more hesitant. I guessed knowing what was coming next had him tense again.

“I’ll go slow,” I tried to reassure him. “You can try squeezing; that helps get the muscles to relax. It shouldn’t hurt except for a little at first, so tell me if it does and I’ll back off.”

He didn’t say anything. The rise and fall of his chest was shallow.

“This position ok?” I wasn’t sure how comfortable he’d be with his legs bent back like this, but I doubted he’d feel safe face down.

“Yeah. As long as you’re not behind me.”

An image flashed into my mind and pierced like a knife. I wished bitterly that he didn’t have to re-live such horrible memories in order to do this. I ran my hand over the tattoos on his chest a few times and suppressed the murderous hatred toward his assailants. That wouldn’t help Julian right now.

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