A Letter to My Mistress


I am here as instructed, at the side of the bed, on the floor, on my knees, nude except for my collar. I have cleaned myself, both inside and out. I felt demeaned, kneeling nude in the bathroom, head against the tile as I inserted and gave myself the enema, filling myself with the warm soapy water solution. Placing more and more in me, until I could hold no more. Then holding it until the need became too great. Then sitting there, humiliated as I relieved myself.

You instructed that I go through this three more times. Each time you instructed that I add more water. Each time you required that I hold it longer. I did as you require, going through this humiliating process three more times. By the last time, I could feel my tummy noticeably extend and I began cramping as I held it. Despite the nature of the act, the degradation and uncomfortable, my penis . . . your penis . . . was erect. What is wrong with me?

I could say cleansing myself should give me some insight as to what is to come. But I have read your wishes and I know what is to come. I don’t know which is worse, not knowing or knowing. However my place is to serve you and suffer for you.

As you instructed, I have not cum in days, since you last told me to withhold. Since then, I have thought of you. How I want and long for you and the things you have me do. I have teased myself. I visited some of the less than wholesome websites. I have played with myself, stroked myself to the point of orgasm, and then stopped, denying myself relief. This has brought to where I am today.

I eagerly came home, thinking of what I was going to do to myself. Not only did I eagerly come home, I had to make up an excuse to tell some friends who asked that I spend the afternoon with them. It is not like I could tell them what my real . . . your . . . plans were. Then, once home I hurriedly made preparations.

After the enemas, I bathed for you. I took a scented bath as you required. You were correct; the bath took longer than a shower would have….frustratingly so. I was forced to wait for the tub to fill, and then bathe. I shaved my penis . . . your penis . . .as instructed, resisting the urges to stroke it as it remained erect under my ministrations.

Kneeling here, at my bed in candlelight, I proceed with my tasks. I am slowly stroking my penis and balls with ice, getting my penis to soften. The ice is so cold and uncomfortable to say the least. The water drips from through fingers, on to the floor upon which I kneel. I hold the ice against the underside of my penis. All this results in desired effect and I wither.

I then take the cord you required me to purchase and tie my cock and balls. I bet the young girl who sold me the cord had no idea what use it would be put to. First, via a slip not, I loop it tightly around the base of my penis and my balls. I separate each ball with a loop. Then beginning at the top, I wrap the chord around my scrotum until my balls are distended and pushing tightly against the sack. Then I take the remaining cord and wrap it tightly around my penis. My penis is leaking precum, which I scoop up with my finger and rub under the head, making me erect again…straining against the cord.

I then take my nipple clamps and affix them tightly to my nipples first the left, then the right. At first, there is no pain. But as I tighten them, the pain begins. God how they hurt, Mistress. I cry out. It is hard to concentrate on typing as my nipples throb.

I step away now to perform my next İstanbul Escort Bayan duty. As I do so, the chain connecting the clamps swings, causing renewed spasms of pain.

I have returned, kneeling again. As you required, I had moved to the foot of the bed. I tied the chain of the nipple clamps to the footboard of the bed, forcing me to bend over at the waist. I looked to the side and saw myself in the mirror. There I was , a 6’2″, 220 pound man bound to the bed by his stretched nipples. My penis still hard and straining against its confines. Any moment I made stretched my nipples, causing more pain. Then I took the paddle and spanked my ass. 25 strokes per cheek. It hurt Mistress and here, alone in my home, I cried out. At times I had to take a break. At times the strain on my nipples seemed unbearable. Once the spanking was over, I looked in the mirror, My cheeks are red and my rear tender. My nipples stretched, distended. I untied the chain from the bed and retuned to my post at the side of the bed.

As I kneel, my ass feels as if it is ablaze. Thankfully, my nipples are now only dully throb. But I know this will change.

Again I stroke myself, teasing myself, making myself harder and harder. The cord bites into the flesh of my penis. I stop and pick up the butt plug. I begin putting lube on but plug. It’s fairly large, and unpleasant to insert. But I know what’s coming, so the plug should be the least of my worries. I think of you and my devotion to you as I begin to insert it. At first it hurts as it stretches me. I go slow, fucking myself with it and adding lube. With each stroke it goes in deeper and easier as I begin to relax and stretch to accommodate it. I appreciate that you allowed me to take my time, this time. Ultimately, I relax and the plug, stretching me more, slides into place, filling me. I feel stretched and full. Despite the patience used in inserting the plug, I still squirm as I become accommodated to the invasion.

Thinking of you, I again begin stroking myself. My penis and balls continue to strain against the cord. Next, I get the small whip, the one with lots of little tails. I begin whipping my cock as I type. This only makes me harder. I can see the purple veins strain against the binding.

Then I work on my balls. They are now purple in hue and are tight against the chord as I strike them. While the whipping of my penis was somewhat pleasing, the striking of my tightly bound balls is not. The pain is excruciating, which is scary as I know what is next.

I take the leather crop and bend over. I begin striking my ass. 10 hard strokes to each already read cheek. I look back into the mirror and see that the crop has left its bite marks, adding to the colors on rear end. Then I begin slapping the top of my cock. With each slap, it bobs against my balls, each time causing pain. But, then I go to my balls.

How I wish you had not required this. I considered not going through with it. But I must. I want to obey you, to do your bidding. I need to suffer for you. With the crop, I begin lightly slapping my left testicle. The slightest slap sends shivers through me. God, Mistress, how will I endure this. I proceed; 10 times each ball. Mistress, I hurts so. I am beginning to sweat. The pain borders on unbearable. I finish with my left testicle and look, with dread at my right. Knowing I have 10 more slaps to go. I begin on the right as pain swells through me. But I survive.

After catching my breath, I continue. Next comes the cloths pins. I İstanbul Escort pace two on each nipple, around the clamps, awakening my chest and sending new pain through my nipples. Then I place three on each ball. I know you wanted more, but the skin is so tight from the chord, only three will fit. Three on the underside of my cock, the last on just on the underside of the head. Then two on the head.

Pain shoots though my nipples, cock and balls. The slightest move, sends pain from all parts of my cock and balls. I am no longer hard. But I want this. I want to suffer for you. I take the whip and spank my tortured cock. Ten times. The pain is almost unbearable. Some of the pins come off. Thankfully, you have not required that I replace them. Then I stand in front of the mirror, and watch as I spank each nipple. What a pathetic sight I make. However, none of these come off, and each slap only sends pain through my chest. 12 slaps, each nipple.

Then I kneel in front of the mirror, knees spread as far as I can. I look at myself and reflect. I see myself, bound, clamped. Nipple clamps tightly hold my now pale nipples, which are surrounded by cloths pins. Penis tied and withered, with multi colored cloths pins biting my flesh and dangling. Any movement caused shooting pain. I did this to myself, for you. You require that I look at myself and ponder my devotion to you for five minutes as I suffer. I am devoted to you Mistress, here to serve you. Here to suffer for you.

After the five minutes, I begin removing the cloths pins. Beginning with the ones on my balls I pull them off. I ache, each time I open one and blood returns. Then I move onto the ones remaining on my cock. As I release the ones on the head, I squirm as my penis become awash with pain. Then to my nipples. The cloths pins are painful as I pull them off. However, the nipple clamps, which have been on for some time, are much worse. I begin with the right nipple. The right side of my chest explodes in pain and I cry out as the clamp is released. The chain falls and pulls against the left nipple, sending renewed sensations though my left side as I massage the feeling back into the right nipple. I look down at the left nipple, knowing what is to come and also knowing there is no choice. I release the clamp on the left nipple and cry out immediately as the nipple abruptly awakens.

Once this is accomplished, I untie and release my tortured cock. Thank you, Mistress. The relief is intense. Then, as you requested, as a reward, I get to stroke it with a little lube. It feels good, Mistress and I begin to harden. Thank you. I continue to stroke, to the point of orgasm, then stop. It is not time to cum yet. There is more suffering to endure.

It is time to “paint you a picture” as you requested. The candles have been burning for a while They are big candles, in glass containers, so the wax has begun pooling. Lying back, I feel the floor against my tender ass. Then I take the red candle and, going from nipple to nipple, I dribble wax onto me. My nipples are tender and extra sensitive as the hot wax engulfs them. Then I move the candle down across my stomach. The wax covers me. Again I cry out as it dribbles onto my cock and balls. As this torment continues, my erection fades.

Now I take the white candle, again dribbling the wax on my chest, nipples, down my stomach and onto my cock and balls. The now dried wax from the red candle dulls some of the sensation, but does not entirely shield the burning sensation. My chest, stomach, pubic Escort İstanbul area and cock and balls are painted with red and white stripes of wax.

Next I take your cock mistress. The large dildo. I look at it. It is bigger than the plug, to which I have now become accustom. It’s much bigger than my own penis, which is now hanging limply between my legs Then, as you instructed, I speak out, asking to suck your cock. Alone, naked, painted with wax, impaled by the plug I ask aloud: “Please mistress, please let me suck your cock.” Then, I open my mouth, stretching wide, slide my tongue out and bring your cock to my mouth.

Then I stroke myself again while sucking your cock. The dried wax begins to flake off between my fingers. I feel degraded, but as I slide your cock in and out of my mouth, I begin to harden. I take you deeper and deeper, until I gag. Then I begin sliding my mouth up and down your cock. I suck and lick it as I harden. I begin leaking again. As you requested, I scoop up the precum and wipe it on your cock. Then I lick it off. I suck you deep now as I reach back to remove the plug. I groan around your cock as my ass expands around the tapered plug as it comes out. I drop it.

I take your cock and, reverently applied lube. I now move to my back to carrier out your desires…

I have returned. As you required, with my legs up in the air, I placed your cock against my asshole. Out loud, I pleaded: “Mistress, Fuck Me… Fuck My Ass. As I slid it in, I gasped. While there was some pain, the plug has loosened me some and you slid in, filling me. Slowly, I slid it, deep inside, to the hilt. I then rested — growing accustom to your size. Then I slowly began sliding it in and out, fucking myself your cock.

Then I began stroking my own penis, as I increased the tempo of your cock in my ass. My cock grew and throbbed as I increased the pace. I began fucking my ass harder and faster. Moaning … pleading aloud. I looked down at my cock. It is now almost purple, standing out among the red and white wax. My balls jiggle as I force your cock into me. I felt the pangs of orgasm pending. I struggled to restrain my self, but continued stroking. My asshole felt like a gaping hole, wiling accepting your cock… yearning for it as I slammed it in and out. I struggled not to come, but, finally, I could not stop it. Screaming, I came, shooting my cum on my stomach, chest and hands and I again plunge your cock to the hilt.

Afterward, I rested a minute, attempting to regain some composure. I pulled your cock from my ass. Then, as your required, I licked the cum from my hands, until they were clean. I crawled to the mirror. As you ordered I kneeled in front of the mirror. Knees spread and hands behind my head. I am a pathetic sight. My abused nipples and balls were striped with red and white wax. My cock was dripping cum. My stomach and chest covered with wax and cum. Then, as a final humiliation, I felt a twinge in my rear and watched in dismay as lube began dripping from my gapping ass. I stayed in this position for ten minutes, as required, pondering my stature and devotion to you.

After my ten minutes, I have returned to conclude.

Thank You, Mistress

Your servant.

Post Script:

As I sit here, over a day later, making the final amendments to this letter (as were required as I was not the best typist at the time it was written) I am embarrassed at the apparent depths of my depravity. My nipples remain tender. My ball still dully ache and one, is a little bruised. All a constant reminder of my devotion to you. However, despite my humiliation and embarrassment I feel as I review this, my cock… you cock.. begins to stir and I yearn to serve you, suffer for you and please you. I am truly your humble servant.

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