Amber Goes Public


Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


This is another old story, not sure how old, probably about 15 years or so… very different to my other stories, hope you enjoy it. Please check out my newer stories written under the name Robert_Anthony.


It’s been nearly two years since Daddy started my training and tonight he’s taking me to a secret club he knows about. I’ve never been to any sort of club and I have no idea what will happen. I guess you might think that’s weird what with me being 20 now, but I gradually stopped bothering with my old friends after my first night with Daddy. Now I only live to please him and satisfy his needs.

A few days ago Daddy received a big parcel from the postman and later he came into my room and showed me my new dress. It’s made of black PVC, but at the back it’s open all the way down with just some belts across to hold it together. At first I thought it would look stupid because you would be able to see my underwear through the gaps, but Daddy says I’m not allowed to wear underwear tonight.

For some reason we aren’t even going to this club until midnight, so Daddy suggested I get some sleep in the day. But it’s warm and sunny and I can’t sleep, and even though I’m not supposed to touch myself when Daddy’s not around I can’t help running my fingers over my pussy as I think about wearing this dress tonight with people staring at my ass. I wonder what will happen?

It’s 6PM and Daddy just came in to wake me up. Guess I did get to sleep in the end after all, probably thanks to my fingers I think… Daddy says it’s time to get up as we have a long drive to the club, I think it must be somewhere in London.

Well it certainly was a long drive, but we’re here now. We are in London and we are booked into a hotel. Daddy has gone down to the bar for a drink and he’s left me to get ready to go out. I’ve already had a bath and Daddy has left my outfit on the bed. I’ve painted my nails black and got my new shiny black boots on, with buckles and straps all the way to the top. Now I need to get this dress on.

I’ve been ready for a while now, but Daddy is still at the bar. I keep trying to watch TV but I’m so nervous I can’t really concentrate on anything. This dress is beautiful, but it’s not the most comfortable really, because when you sit down all the straps and buckles dig into you, still, I guess I won’t be sitting down that much at the club.

I hear Daddy’s key in the door and turn the TV off, dropping to my knees on the floor with my head down, just the way Daddy trained me to. The door shuts and I hear Daddy coming towards me, then I hear the sound of his zip being undone and he stands before me. He just stands there for a few moments stroking his cock so that it’s fully hard and then he commands me to suck him.

I love sucking Daddy’s cock, it makes me so wet and I would even risk being punished if I could reach to touch my pussy, but the dress is in the way. Daddy’s looking down at me now, sometimes looking into my eyes and sometimes watching his meat filling my mouth. Then he pulls out and starts beating his cock hard. I know I have to open my mouth and wait for him to cum, just like he taught me. He holds my head and lets out a grunt as he starts to shoot his cum straight into my mouth. I am not allowed to swallow it until he says so and I have to wait for him to empty his balls and then show him all his spunk resting on my tongue before he lets me. Then I have to lick his cock clean.

Daddy puts his cock away and then goes to change into his club-wear. He returns very quickly and I am quite pleased as my knees are starting to ache a little. He comes over to me and fits a wide leather collar around my neck and then pulls me up and gives me a long coat to put on, then we head out of the door.

It’s midnight and we arrive at the club, it looks a bit scary to be honest, as it’s down a side street and through an unmarked door. But once inside it’s not so bad. The place is an old warehouse or something, that’s just been made into a club for tonight. They have cool things like gargoyles on the walls and everyone is wearing PVC and leather. Everywhere is lit with red lights and candles though and it’s a bit gloomy, but Daddy seems to know where he’s going and leads the way. I wonder if he’s been here before?

My question is answered as soon as he starts talking to some people that he obviously knows quite well. He spends a long time talking to a couple and then tells them that I am his slave. I feel a bit embarrassed being talked about like that; I don’t even know who these people are! Then Daddy pulls a lead out of his pocket and attaches it to my collar, he tells me to turn around and show his friends the back of my dress. I turn around slowly and the woman says some very nice things about my dress and my figure. I can feel my face getting hot and then the woman says how well designed the dress is as there are no straps across artvin seks hikayeleri my backside, which makes it ideal for spanking.

The woman asks Daddy for permission to touch me and then I feel her hand caress my cheeks, she squeezes them a little and drags her nails across them. I shudder as her hand slides between my legs and her finger gently rubs my wet lips. She pushes inside a little way and then withdraws. Behind me she offers her fingers to her partner’s mouth and he licks them clean. Daddy tells me to turn around again now and I see the woman looking at me with a slight smile.

She tells us that they will see us later and she pulls her partner along as she disappears into another room. Daddy tells me that the man is going to be whipped now and that we should go and watch. I ask Daddy why he is being punished and he says he thinks the man was a bit too keen to taste my pussy off his Mistress’s fingers…

We move into the next room and see the couple standing in a corner. The man is leaning over a spanking horse and the woman ties his wrists to the legs to stop him moving about. Then she reaches round and undoes his leather trousers, pulling them down to reveal his bare backside. A cheer goes up from the crowd and we move closer to try and get a better view. The woman (later Daddy tells me her name is Mistress Laura) looks magnificent in her red PVC basque, skirt and stockings. Even her boots are shiny red and she looks like she can handle a whip too!

I watch enthralled as I see another slave punished for the first time and my pussy becomes so wet I can barely stand it. In my head I drift off, imagining that it is me that Mistress Laura is punishing with her whip, but I’m soon snapped out of it as the Mistress reaches under her slave and starts squeezing his balls hard between strokes. He pulls anguished faces as she mauls him, but he knows better than to utter a word of complaint.

After a while Mistress Laura’s arm becomes tired and she invites her friend Mistress Eva to continue the punishment. Then she comes back over to Daddy and I and asks him if she can have me for a while. He tells her that it will cost her later, but she is unconcerned and grasps the lead around my neck, pulling me along behind her through the crowds.

She takes me to private room and closes the door behind us. The room is warm and filled with candles and a bed with black sheets. Mistress Laura tells me to get on the bed and lay on my front. I quickly do as she tells me and then feel her get on the bed and kneel over my legs. Then I feel her undoing the buckles on my dress one at a time until my back and ass is completely exposed to her.

“How long have you been a slave?” She asks.

“About two years,” I answer quietly.

“Really, well that’s long enough for you to know better than to address me improperly!”

Mistress Laura’s palm slams down on my ass several times in succession, each stroke harder than the previous one.

“About two years, Mistress!” I quickly correct myself.

“That’s better. Learn well, I do not suffer slaves as easily as your father.”

I was shocked and didn’t think to contradict her. How did she know that he was my father?

“So he is your father then, I thought as much… that just makes it even better.”

Mistress Laura prised my ass cheeks apart and looked at my asshole.

“Does he fuck your ass?”

“Sometimes Mistress.” I said guiltily.

“Yes, I bet he does, it certainly looks very fuckable.”

Mistress Laura’s finger traced down between my cheeks, her long nail dragging across my soft skin and causing my breathing to quicken slightly.

“And how old are you my little slut?”

“Twenty Mistress…”

“Twenty, well… I haven’t had one so young in quite a while.”

I feel Mistress Laura get off my legs and pull me back down the bed, then she climbs over me and lays in front of me, her thighs either side of my head and her heels against my sides.

“Have you eaten pussy before?”

“No Mistress.”

“Really… well it’s about time you did.”

Mistress Laura’s fingers pull her red PVC skirt up to reveal a pair of red crotchless PVC knickers which she parts to reveal her shaven pussy. She hotches closer to me until her beautiful slit is right in front of my face.

“It’s heavenly, isn’t it… how lucky for you that I should be your first. Begin.”

Nervously I edge forward and let my tongue slide over her soft skin, Mistress Laura’s pussy is dripping wet and she explains why.

“You see how wet I get when I punish you slave?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Don’t talk, eat my beautiful cunt.”

Mistress Laura pulls my head into her groin and lets out a deep moan as my tongue flicks eagerly across her clit. She instructs me for the next little while as I learn how to please her orally.

“Very good slave, yes that’s it… right there. Mmmmmm!”

My neck, tongue and jaw ache like hell, but I keep going until finally Mistress Laura tenses and bucks away from me. As she loses contact with my tongue she quickly replaces it with her finger as she makes the most of her orgasm.

She lies gasping for a few moments and then lifts herself up onto her elbows.


I lift myself up and move backwards to allow her to get up, but my dress starts to fall off as the buckles are still undone. I try to gather it up in front of me but Mistress Laura pulls it away.

“Leave it, if I want you covered up I will tell you.”

Mistress Laura kneels on the bed in front of me, while I stand on the floor with my head bowed, my new dress discarded on the floor. She reaches out with both hands and pulls on my hard nipples repeatedly.

“Do you like eating my pussy?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“I should hope so; it’s an honour for you to be allowed to taste my delicious juices. There are men and women out there who would kill for what you’ve just enjoyed.”

“Thank you Mistress.”

She slaps my tits from below with the palms of her hands a few times and then leans forward to suck on them. All the time she looks directly into my eyes, looking for something; fear or dissent, maybe?

Then she pulls away and steps off the bed. She walks by me and goes to a drawer on the other side of the bed, returns a moment later and tells me to bend over the bed. I do as I am told and then feel a cold gel being applied to my asshole. I breathe in sharply as her finger pushes into me, spreading the cold, slippery gel inside my tight hole. Next I feel the tip of something pressed into my ass and Mistress Laura encourages me to relax and push my muscles out. The butt plug slides in slowly, stretching my ass until it reaches its widest point. I tell Mistress that I can’t take it and earn myself a slap across my ass for my trouble.

“There is no ‘can’t’ slave, you WILL take it and you will thank me for it afterwards.”

“Yes Mistress,” I sigh and feel her hand come down on my ass once more.

Mistress Laura starts fucking my ass with the plug now, and I feel more of the lubricant being squirted on from above. This goes on for several minutes until finally she grows tired of my insolence and whining and pushes the plug all the way into my straining ass.

I grit my teeth as my ass stretches around the huge rubber plug and try not to make a sound. At first it feels like my ass is on fire, but gradually over the next few minutes it settles down and I get more used to the intrusion. It still feels like I can barely walk with it in though, but Mistress Laura assures me that I will get used to the feeling eventually.

“You’d better get your dress back on, and I’d better go and see what kind of state my slave’s backside is in… that Mistress Eva is a real bitch. Still, it was worth it, for me at any rate.”

I pick up my dress and start to retie all the buckles before pulling it back on. Mistress Laura kindly helps me to get it to fit properly again while I struggle to get used to the feeling of my ass feeling so stretched and full. Happy that I am presentable once more, Mistress Laura leads me out of the room and back to my father.

“Here she is, your little… slut-daughter,” Mistress smirks as she gives me back to him.

Daddy’s face is a picture as he realises his secret is revealed. He looks at her straight in the eye and tells her she will be dealt with later (I later find out that Mistress Laura is a switch, which means that while she dominates her own partner, she also likes to be dominated by my Daddy).

Daddy then takes me around the club, introducing me to various people he knows before casually leading me onto a stage at one end of the main room. I look around at the various pieces of equipment that litter the stage and wonder what I am doing up here. Then my Daddy bends me over another spanking horse and ties my wrists to the legs. I feel like me face is burning up as everyone in the room is now looking straight at my ass and can surely see the base of the butt-plug protruding from between my cheeks.

Daddy undoes some of the belts on my dress (the lower ones, which had previously controlled how much I could move my legs), then he opens my legs a little so that everyone can see my pussy. Next I feel a weird hot sensation on my ass and the back of my thighs and realise that Daddy is pouring wax onto me. It doesn’t hurt; it’s just a shock as Daddy knows how high to hold the candle to make it feel just right.

Then when the wax has cooled, Daddy picks up a whip and starts to warm my ass with it. He deliberately makes the tails hit the butt plug and sometimes he even makes them curl between my legs, I love it when I feel them hit my pussy, it feels amazing.

When he is finished my ass is very pink and my pussy is drenched, all the wax has been knocked off. Daddy strokes the insides of my thighs and I mentally will him to touch my aching pussy, but he doesn’t. He gets really close, but he’s just teasing me.

Then Daddy takes hold of the butt plug and wiggles it around. I clench my teeth as I feel it moving inside of me, and then he starts to pull it out. It’s all I can do to keep quiet as I feel the wide part of the plug stretching my hole again, it seems to get bigger and bigger and tighter and tighter… then suddenly it slips out and I feel completely empty inside.

Not for long though. Daddy invites another man up on stage, which brings a big cheer from the people watching. I can’t see the man but I feel him close. He bends down and his thick fingers enter my soaking wet pussy, it feels so good to have him touching me that I start to relax a little.

The man pulls his fingers away and I feel his cock pressed against my slippery cunt, then he pushes it in and it’s filling me up so much I can barely breathe. It’s so much bigger than Daddy’s cock and he really goes to town on me, pounding it into me as he holds my waist. After a while he pulls out and walks around to my head, then stuffs his huge cock into my mouth. I suck him as best I can, until all my juices are cleaned off his prick and then he pulls away once more.

He returns to my rear and I feel more lubricant being squirted into my asshole. Then I feel the bulbous tip of his massive dick pushed right up against my hole. I panic and pull on my bonds, surely he can’t seriously get that thing inside my ass? I feel it push forward and then feel my ass start to open up again as his thick rod eases inside. I beg him to stop, but he ignores me and feeds another half inch into me, I hold my breath as it slides in, I thought Daddy’s cock was big, but this is insane.

Though I feel like I am being split in two, he is gentle and careful not to hurt me. He goes so slowly that sometimes I can barely feel him moving and gradually I get used to his size. Thank God Mistress Laura prepared my ass with that plug otherwise it would have been absolutely unbearable!

After a while, I start to enjoy the fullness and after he has squirted even more lube into my crack and worked it into my ass with his cock he starts to speed up a little. I feel like I am getting close, if I could only reach my clit, I know I could push myself over the edge; but it’s impossible!

The man is really fucking me hard now and then all of a sudden I feel his cock pull all the way out of me and he shoots his load all over my pussy and ass to another massive cheer from the crowd behind me. I feel the redness return to my face as I had almost forgotten we had an audience. Now I lay fully exposed, my pussy and ass gaping and sticky with cum, my clit throbbing with need. Is my torment over or will I be fucked again by more strangers?

I am left to stew for a while and occasionally I feel someone come up close behind me and slap my ass, stick their fingers into my sodden cunt or just pull my lips apart and look deep into my stretched out hole. It is so humiliating, but my pussy drips constantly and I can feel my juices and the man’s cum dripping down my thighs.

I feel a woman kneel down behind me and she flicks her tongue around my pussy. She laps up my juices (and maybe some of the other man’s cum?) and then plunges her tongue into my ass. I want to beg her to finish me off, it won’t take more than a few seconds of her tongue on my clit, but she gets pulled away by someone before she can do it. I slump on the horse, and lay there helpless until eventually Daddy comes to free me.

He pulls me up and kisses me, then hugs me tight.

“I’m so proud of you Amber, you were amazing.”

He kisses me again and then asks me if I want to cum. I can only nod and he lifts me down onto the stage floor and then hangs my legs over the edge. He walks down off the stage and then stands between my legs. Finally, Daddy is going to lick me and make me cum!

I feel him push my legs wider apart and start folding back my dress to expose me once again. I close my eyes and try to forget about all the people there, and then I feel Daddy’s fingers either side of my clit, pulling back the hood and exposing my sensitive bud. Then I feel a tiny crop begin slapping against my clit, it’s more intense even that having the huge cock in my ass, but I need to cum and I can feel myself start to writhe as Daddy speeds up his beat.

Daddy slaps me faster and harder, faster and harder until I feel myself tumbling and spasming as my orgasm hits hard! Daddy grabs me to make sure I don’t fall off the edge of the stage and presses his head between my legs, licking my pussy roughly as I crush his head with my thighs.

My orgasms subsides and Daddy lifts me off the stage and hugs me again. He tells me it’s time for me to go back to the hotel. He says he will take me back and put me to bed, but he will have to come back to deal with Mistress Laura. I let him pick me up and he carries me back through the crowds, I don’t remember much more until I woke up in bed the next morning. Daddy was asleep, I’m not even sure if he went back to the club or not… if he did, I hope he gave Mistress Laura what was coming to her.

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