An Encounter at Dusk

For Women

There’s a public boat launch with a parking lot across the Mississippi River from St. Paul that’s also a popular cruising spot because of its relative seclusion and nearby trails.Almost any time of day can be a good time for an quick anonymous connection to trade oral favors, give a handjob, or find a partner who will bend over and offer his well-lubed ass.

I often stop by the boat launch area, every couple of weeks or so, My stops are almost always during the daytime, but a few summers ago I had the rare opportunity to visit one evening at dusk. The boat launch is a short drive off Lilydale Road, and once you reach the parking lot, the usual practice is to drive slowly down to the boat launch itself, and return to the parking lot for a slow circle or two. There’s always at least one car parked near the far end, by the woods and trailheads, and often a few cars.

The particular evening I’m writing about, there were several cars at the far end of the lot, and as I slowly drove by I could see drivers in a couple of them. No one was visible in other vehicles, and I guessed their owners were in the woods.

At the end of the lot was a parked car, and the owner stood beside it smoking a cigarette. I nodded and smiled as I inched by him, then slowly swung my car around and eased into a spot nearby. I turned off my engine, released my seat belt, sat back for a moment, then opened my car door and leisurely got out.

Making sure that he had noticed me, I stretched my back, then discretely rubbed my crotch–the entire set of behaviors to make it obvious I was there for adventure. Our cars were parked less than 20 feet apart, and it was easy to see that he was watching with interest.

“Nice evening,” I said as I slowly sauntered his way.

“Feels good after a warm day to relax in the cool of the evening,” he replied.

This is the proscribed way to begin an encounter, with conversation. We chatted for several minutes about the rain last week, baseball and the Twins’ prospects, and a few other general subjects. We watched as two men discretely stepped from a trail by the edge of the woods about a hundred feet away. Each man went to one of the empty cars I had seen as I circled the lot a few minutes earlier. They got in and drove away. By then, most of the other cars had left as well.

“I’m usually not here this time of evening,” I said, guiding our conversation Ümraniye Escort to the matter at hand. “I usually am only able to come during the day.”

“It’s been a little quiet tonight–there are usually a few more cars this time of night,” he replied. “I was about to head home myself just before you came.”

I guessed my companion was about 60, a few years younger than I. He was clean-shaven, about my height and weight, and (like me) carried a few extra pounds.

We were standing by his car, two guys conversing with one another. The driver-side door of his car was open, toward the woods, and any driver passing by on a circle of the parking lot could see only our heads and shoulders. His car shielded us from full view.

“What are you looking for?” he asked, finally getting to the point.

“A blowjob,” I replied.

“I can do that,” he said. “You give head too?”

Of course I do–but I like to keep my options open until I’m confident the situation is right.

“Maybe,” I replied.

Both of us were still a bit cautious, even though it was completely evident we were interested in some sort of sexual exchange. How can it be more obvious than it was at that moment, when both of us stood facing one another, slowly stroking our crotches.

After looking around for a final quick survey of the parking lot, I unzipped my pants and fished out my cock. He did the same. Together, we slowly stroked our cocks.

“Nice cock,” I said, eying his stiff cock, about seven inches long.

“Yours too,” he said, licking his lips, perhaps unconsciously. After a few moments, he reached over with his left hand and took hold of my cock, which was approximately the same size as his. He ran his fingers up and down the length of it, jacking me slowly. I did the same with his cock.

Without saying anything, he bent down and took my cock in his warm, wet mouth, then slowly began to bob his mouth up and down my shaft. I moaned with pleasure and leaned back against his car. The dusk had nearly turned to dark and we now were alone in the parking lot.

The pleasure of his lips and mouth on my cock was divine and I was greatly enjoying the blowjob he was giving me, though I was not yet near to cumming. After a few minutes of pleasure, I tapped him on the shoulder and said, “Let me do you too.”

He rose and I bent Şerifali Escort just as he had. I took his cock in my mouth, running my tongue up and down the length of it and around the head., then opened my mouth and fully and took nearly the full length of it in my mouth. I wanted to return the pleasure he had given me. I heard him moan softly and I tasted salty precum on the tip of his dick.

Just as I was beginning to bob my mouth up and down his cock, a set of headlights appeared at the far end of the parking lot. The car drove down to the boat launch, then a moment or two returned to circle the parking lot. Even though we were shielded by his car, both of us were cautious lest the slowly approaching vehicle be a cop.

I let his cock slip from my lips and stood up beside him as the car came our direction. Whoever the driver of the car was, we would appear to be two guys parked at the far end of the lot, just chatting in the gathering darkness before heading home for the evening.

It was soon apparent that the driver of the car slowly coming toward us was not a cop but likely just another hopeful guy looking for fun. I nodded as he passed us. Since my new friend and I were shielded by his car, he could not see that we stood with half-stiff cocks hanging out of our pants. Neither of us had zipped up, and both of us now leisurely stroked ourselves. We watched the driver slowly depart from the lot.

Alone once more, we turned to one another again and lightly grasped each other’s cock. I can’t speak for my companion, but for me this is such an intimate act–two guys tenderly fondling one another, each of us giving the other pleasure, each of us feeling the pleasure of the other’s fingers as we stroke one another. In this intimacy of pleasure, neither of us spoke. Instead, our faces and quickened breath expressed the bliss we both felt.

My friend gazed into face closely, then slowly leaned closer. I easily recognized this as the beginning move of another act of even greater intimacy between two men. For a long time, kissing another man was out of bounds for me. I was completely willing to suck his cock, but I was repulsed by the prospect of kissing him, letting him probe my lips with his tongue, slide his tongue inside my mouth, or for me to out my tongue in his mouth. But that reticence was now in the past for me. Nowadays, Bostancı Escort I don’t kiss every man as we share a mutual handjob or trade blowjobs. But when the moment seems right, I kiss men with genuine erotic pleasure.

On the evening I am describing, the moment did indeed seem right. I parted my lips slightly, and our tongues languidly intertwined softly as we continued to stroke one another’s cock. I felt electric waves of pleasure all over my shuddering body.

My friend pulled back slightly and moaned softly.

“I’m going to cum,” he whispered quietly.

And then I felt his cock pulse and spasm as he shot a spurt of warm cum over my fingers and the palm of my hand. I continued to softly, gently, lightly massage the tip of his cum-covered cock, knowing that his pleasure would be prolonged. I learned this from a guy who did just this to me, even though I thought my cock was too sensitive for him to continue.

“Just stay with it,” he had urged me. “This is how to make it last longer.”

He was right, and now I was passing the gift to another man as we stood together in the darkness by his car.

After a few moments, he relaxed, and I let go of his softening cock..

“Are you close?” he asked me, and I nodded. “Yes,” I replied.

He stroked my cock for a few moments, then to my delight bent and once again took my cock in his mouth. I felt a wave of pleasure as my cock released a bit of precum. With my hard cock in his mouth and his right hand tenderly fondly my balls, I felt his left hand slide into my pants to caress my butt. Then he worked a finger into my ass and I felt the approaching pleasure just before That Moment.

“Oh!” I gasped. “Here it comes!”

And with that I spurted cum into his mouth. He held his mouth still on my cock a moment as he savored and then swallowed my cum. Then he slowly licked me clean.

He rose and we smiled at one another, both of us satisfied and spent.

“Thank you,” I said quietly.

“I enjoyed it too,” he replied.

We looked at one another for a moment or so longer. I leaned closer to him–yet another act of intimacy. He responded by parting his lips and leaning toward me. As our lips touched and tongues played, I tasted my own cum.

Our post-pleasure kiss lasted only a moment. Then we straightened our clothing, making sure our pants were zipped.

“I hope to see you again,” I said as I started to return to my own car.

“Me too!” he replied. “I’m usually here in the evening when I’m able to get away.”

I drove away in the darkness feeling completely satisfied by the summer evening’s encounter in the parking lot by the boat launch off Lilydale Road.

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