An Old Lady Visits Ch. 05


As I expected, the last chapter was received with almost universal disdain. I was so rattled by the vehemence of the reception that at one point I thought of walking back my original plan – maybe even re-write that chapter. But it didn’t feel right; and over the last few days there were several commenters who seemed to see the situation in the story the same way I did – which gave me the courage to publish the final chapter.

A word of warning: this story is very low on titillation, very high on talking. Endless, badly-written dialogue… My only excuse is that I’m a beginner writer, and pretty much wrote myself into a corner. So: this is recommended for those few people who still want to see how this all turns out. Otherwise – I wouldn’t bother.


He heard them coming up to the house, giggling and laughing. He sank back into the living room couch, where he had spent the last 5 hours, his face sat in sulky determination. He was not going to make a scene, not going to try and beg his mom to take him back… fuck them, fuck the both of them! After the way they BOTH treated him, down at the beach… he gulped, hard, the feelings of loss and humiliation threatening to come back up. He shook his head, angrily, pushing back the tears. NO! He would NOT give them the satisfaction! And as he had many times in the hours prior, he smiled grimly, thinking: you’re the one who should be apologizing to Kelly, you moron, leave her out of this. YOU are the asshole here… But his mom: FUCK her!

Oh, yeah, if he only could…

They were quite as they entered the house, talking in hushed whispers, the clacking of their flip-plops audible as they walked down the corridor. Against his will he looked up, and saw his mother standing at the living room door, looking at him. Was it pity in her eyes? FUCK her! He didn’t need her pity! Though he did need her body… needed it so much… spending those long hours in the sun has made her look even sexier than before – her dark blonde hair looking sun-bleached, her skin a little darker. She was wearing her t-shirt, which was now much wetter, her nipples large and dark against the fabric, the bulge of her giant cock very prominent against her abs. She smiled at him.

“Hey, baby…”

He nodded, his face blank, saying nothing. She bit her lower lip, started to say something, thought better of it. He heard Kelly’s voice from behind her.

“You wanna go in?”

His mom shook her head. “I’ll take a shower, first.” Looking at him, she said: “we’ll talk afterwards. OK?”

He shrugged and looked down. What was there to talk about? His mother betrayed him, betrayed his love… his dick has obviously not gotten the message, as it was painfully rigid – just the mere sight of his mom was enough for it… Damn. He heard the muffled sound of a kiss, and then his mother’s steps, going to the bedroom. He looked up, watching Kelly as she walked into the living room.


He nodded towards the bedroom. “Not gonna join her in the shower? You’re missing out, It’s usually the best part.”

She sat down in the armchair, looking at him intently. “How you holding up?”

He looked at her in surprise. “What do YOU care? I lied to you, I didn’t tell you about my mom and me, and I got fucked over, good. Karma is a bitch, right? No story, here.”

She nodded. “Well, yeah – when I think about it I do kinda get mad, but… well, I’ve met her, right? Seriously, she’s like nothing else in the world. I can understand you trying to get away, and I can understand you being pulled back… ” She guffawed. “Hell, that fucking thing must have its own gravitational pull, right?”

He nodded. “My mom is a well-endowed woman, for sure…”

She laughed. “Man, you were NOT exaggerating… When you first told me about it, I thought that was some kind of a joke, a prank or something. Nothing can prepare you for the reality of it, right?”

he gave her a mirthless smile. “What, little Jake was no indication?”

She leaned forward and slapped his knee. “Com’n, don’t start with the self-pity, OK? Your dick was just fine – YOU were just fine, I really thought we had something good going…”

He caught her hand. “I wasn’t lying all that time – I really liked you, I thought we could make it work! It’s just… well, my mom, she really did a number on me – first kicking me the hell out, then starting to seduce me all over, again… I really was hoping that she and me, we could build some NORMAL relationship, get out of that loop…!”

She said nothing, looking down at his hand, holding hers. He squeezed it, hard. “I DIDN’T lie to you, I thought I could hold her off, I wanted us to work out – but, once she arrived, it was as if nothing else in the world MATTERED!”

She smiled dryly. “You sure know how to smooth-talk a girl…”

“Come on, you felt it yourself – she’s irresistible, she’s like a force of nature…!” He looked in her eyes, pleading. “Look, it’s over for us, it’s over for me and her – but you need to believe me, I didn’t mean to lie to you, I didn’t tunceli escort mean to HURT you!”

She looked at him, thoughtful. “Well, she IS something else… but she’s so much more than just her body and her dick. Do you LOVE her? I mean – HER, not just that monster cock…”

He let go of her hand and sank back into the couch, thinking for a moment. How do you put what he felt into words? He was back where he was half a year ago, but it was so much worse, being thrown out, getting over it, and then pulled back into her orbit… his body was crying out with his need for her. “She’s all my world. There’s nothing else.”

Her look was penetrating. “You want her, I get that. But do you LOVE her?”

He shrugged, feeling his anger rising, controlling it. “What the hell is love? I’m not some schoolgirl, I don’t write her poems, I don’t… look: I love her, ALL of her, I want her, I need her. I don’t care what you call it, I know she completes me.”

She pursed her lips, nodding. “OK, what you’re describing sounds more like an obsession.” She raised her hand when he started to protest. “Look, there’s nothing wrong with lust – she has the same thing for you…” she nodded as his eyes widened with hope. “That’s right – it was up to her, she would be pounding your ass non-stop every day, 10 times on Sundays. You’re like catnip to her.”

He sneered at her. “And she can’t do this anymore because…”

She leaned back, crossing her hands beneath her chest. “You know, we fucked a couple of times more after you left…”

He snorted. “Yeah, thanks for sharing…”

She ignored him. “Mostly, we just cuddled and talked. She told me about your dad, how fucked up things got between them, that all they had going was his obsession with her dick, how that finally made him do a 180 on her…”

He felt the anger rising again. “Look, I know all about this, we talked about it, that was what she told me when she asked me to leave, the first time. But she realized herself that our need for each other was too strong; just because my fucking dad turned on her doesn’t mean we should ignore our feelings, our needs…!”

She sighed. “You know why your mom took on bodybuilding?”

He looked at her, confused. “What? What’s that got to do with anything?”

“It’s not hard to figure out. She was always very beautiful, but she had that thing between her legs that made her feel like a freak her whole life, she says she always dressed really drab, trying to make herself inconspicuous, hiding in plain sight…”

“Yeah, sure, so?”

“After your dad left, she decided to try and turn it around, be the woman she knew she could be, take the world on. And then you came and helped her release all that stuff she repressed, take ownership of it…”

He laughed. “Jesus, you suck as a psychologist…”

She shrugged. “Maybe. But it’s really quite simple, right? Last half year she’s been fucking her way through Chicago and suburbs, but it’s just not enough. She had more than enough people who worship her – but what she still didn’t have was love.”

He snorted in derision. “That again…”

“That’s right. The ‘L’ word. Someone who would lust after her body but would also be a friend, someone she could share her life with…”

“Discuss podcasts with…”

She ignored the note of sarcasm. “Yeah, that too. A partner. Like what we had, really…”

He grimaced, feeling a pang of sadness. “Yeah… that didn’t turn out too great, did it?”

It was her turn to get angry. “Yeah, because you were a fucking moron and didn’t share this tiny little thing with me! You can’t just bury something like this!”

“Share?! I asked you one time to put your finger in my butt and you told me I was a fucking pervert! How long would you have stayed around if I told you I was missing my mom’s cock in my fucking colon?!”

She smiled sheepishly. “Yeah, that WAS a little judgmental, wasn’t it? Sorry…”

They were both quiet for a moment. She looked up, excited, as a new thought struck her. “Anyway, why did we never do anal? Dude, that is fucking AMAZING!”

He laughed out loud. “So you had your tummy tickled from the inside? Wouldn’t be as much fun with a regular-sized dong – it’s like going into an empty cave, no prostate or anything to get you going…”

She grabbed his knee, squeezing hard. “Man – when that monster got up in my colon, I thought I was going to die! Couldn’t believe it would fit in, and all of a sudden it was rearranging my plumbing…!”

‘Exchanging war stories?”

They both looked up. Helen Stein was standing in the doorway, filling it with her massive bulk. Her hair was wet, and she looked fresh and clean. Jake gulped as he saw the thick rod hanging down below her large football t-shirt, the head dark against her tan, heavily-muscled thighs.

Kelly laughed happily and jumped up, walking up to the older woman and putting her hands behind her neck, pulling herself up for a quick kiss.

“Mmm… I kinda liked the sweat and the sand…”

Helen tunceli escort bayan grunted as she pulled back. “Well, I don’t; go take a shower. Don’t really see why you couldn’t have come in with me…”

Kelly shot a quick glance towards Jake, then looked back up at the beautiful futa. “I’m sure we’ll get another opportunity. Now, you guys sit down and have a talk, then we’ll see what’s what…”

Helen spanked her lightly as the young woman slipped past her. She walked towards the couch, smiling. “Well, you were right about that girl. She IS something else – and that ass… Damn!”

Jake didn’t want to answer, but couldn’t help himself. “I thought I was the one who was objectifying and stuff…”

Helen laughed lightly as she sank her gargantuan body next to him on the couch. “Oh, I see Kelly has been doing some heavy psycho-stuff with you…”

He shrugged, edging away as a cannonball-sized bicep brushed against his arm. “Well, she didn’t get to elaborate, but it was obvious she was gonna…” his voice trailed away as her hand went down, taking hold of her meaty cock, lifting it up slightly, the dark head a black panther, surveying its surroundings, looking for prey.

“I bet this bad girl would have been the center of the conversation…” she said, smirking.

He groaned, pulling further away from her. “Jesus, mom, will you just stop with this shit? What do you WANT from me?! It’s like you’re doing it all just to fuck with my head… seriously, the shit you’ve been pulling those last few weeks, messing with me, then coming here and putting on that show and then fucking my brains out and then, today, after I give in and decide to throw everything I’ve built down the toilet – after ALL that…”

He stopped, feeling the hurt coming up in a wave, threatening to engulf him. He clenched his teeth, staring down, not looking at her. Goddamit, hold yourself together! That was it, he was putting a stop to this farce, he was not going to let the insane woman that was his mom wreck his life completely! He’s a grown man, for fuck’s sake! He needed to take charge of his life, cut the crazy out of it!

His mother said nothing for a while. The room was quiet, and he could hear the water running in the shower, Kelly’s soft humming audible above it. From the corner of his eye he could see his mom’s hand moving, slowly, stroking her cock. Well, good for you, hope you’re enjoying yourself – I’m not playing your games, anymore!

When she finally spoke, her voice was subdued. “We never did talk much, did we?”

He shrugged. Here we go again. “No, had more exciting stuff to do.”

“Apparently. But I did tell you a little about your dad and me. About how it was for me… before.”

“He was addicted to your cock, started to hate himself for it, marriage bad, the end. Yeah, you told me all about it.” Were they going to torture him with talking? Haven’t the Jewish people suffered enough?! Damn, he was getting light-headed… despite everything that happened, her presence drove him crazy with lust. He shifted in his seat, trying to adjust his growing penis inside his shorts without her noticing. Goddamit, couldn’t she put on pants or something?! He wasn’t looking at it, but he imagined he could smell her cock’s rich musk… damn, he wanted to just nuzzle it, brush his lips against that spongy head, feel its texture against his tongue…

“That’s part of it, yeah. But there was much more to it, more about me. I always thought of myself as a freak. Had some very bad experiences in school…” Her hand stopped moving across the great expense of her cock, and he sneaked a glance towards her. She was looking at him, her gaze very intense, but her voice was quiet and controlled. “I was always very beautiful and people would try and reach out, but I was terrified of their reaction when they found out the truth. I shut everybody out, I hated my body, I hated myself. Your dad… he was persistent. And when he found out, he wasn’t turned off; he loved it. I thought he loved me, and maybe he did, at one point, and either way I was in heaven; sex was an amazing thing, and having someone worshipping my body was an unbelievable feeling, and then – then there was you.”

Her hand touched his arm – a light, hesitant touch. He tensed, but didn’t move away.

“Well, I had a son, and It was like nothing else in my life; I loved you so much, and you loved me, no complications, no politics, no conditions, you just loved ME…

He looked at her again and she smiled, her hand going up to his face, stroking it lightly. He smiled grimly. “And then dad tells me about your thing, and I freak out and run off…”

She sighed. “Yeah, your dad was in full-on self-hate mode by that point. The marriage was over, the son I loved was scared off by my dick and ran away halfway across the world to avoid it… I just couldn’t have nice things, could I?”

He took her hand in his, held it in his lap. “I just wasn’t prepared. I was still a kid…”

“I never blamed you. escort tunceli I was hurt, but I understood. And I decided that I would start to live; if I was stuck with that monster between my legs, I might as well enjoy it, right? I started working out and I loved it, and I started looking for sex… I deserved to enjoy myself, didn’t I?”

“Sure…” What was all of this leading to? Because, really, if the endgame was him getting fucked in the ass by his mom he was absolutely in, but all the talking was a little too much… And now he wanted to punch himself in the face, because he knew he was being an asshole. Jesus, would you just fucking listen to her?! Was THAT what Kelly was trying to tell him?

“It was fun – having sex, again, having people drooling over my body…”

“It IS pretty droolable…”

She ignored him. “It felt a little empty, and I more or less gave up on it – and then you came back, and things exploded. The kid who was the center of my life for so many years, now a man, and he still loves me, and he loves my body, and he loves my cock…”

“So, naturally, you tell me to go away…”

They looked at each other. She bit her lower lip – that move that never failed to send him over the top. Oh, god, she was so beautiful… she was 46, and you could see the years on her face, in the small creases around her eyes, but it only made her more desirable to him. She turned her body to him and her cock was now almost fully exposed, a thick pillar of vein-covered meat, the one-eyed head staring at him hungrily. He was trying to find the great anger that had filled him just moments before – he knew it was there, but he just couldn’t connect with it…

She sighed. “Yes. I loved you, but that thing that we had was not good for you – or me. What I was getting from you was NOT love…”

“Oh, come ON! Again with that word?!” Hey, there it is…! Jump on its back, ride it, make her feel it! “I worshipped the ground you stood on – what more did you want?!”

“I told you this at the time, and I meant it. I had that with your dad, and we know how THAT ended. I felt this was going the same way, and I didn’t want to lose you. Again: you became an addict, and that’s no basis for a relationship. Not a normal one, anyway.”

He looked at her, defiant. “And what do you call what you’ve been doing since then? You’ve fucked, what – 30 men? 35? 40? You were ‘looking for love’ – was that it?”

She held his gaze. “I was having fun. I love sex, I love dominating men, I love having my body worshipped.and, yes – I was also hoping to find more.”

He nodded, his anger subsiding. “And then, when it got serious with Kelly…”

“Yes. I panicked. I thought maybe it WAS a mistake, that maybe what the two of us had was the best I could hope for, and I was letting it slip through my hands.”

Jake felt dizzy. He didn’t know where this was leading to, but somehow, things were starting to fall into place. As if on cue, Kelly walked into the room, barefoot, wearing panties and a tank top. She sat down on the armchair, pulling her legs up and hugging them with her arms, saying nothing.

Helen looked at her and smiled. “Which brings us to this morning. I met Kelly, and something… clicked.”

Jake looked over at the younger woman. Kelly’s chin was resting on her knees, and she was smiling back at his mom. Did she ever have such warmth in her eyes when smiling at him?

“So – you guys in love, or what?”

His mom shrugged. “It’s still early days to talk about love…”

“Virtually day one…” Kelly interjected.

“Right. But, yeah, it feels like the potential is there. There’s a chance that we can build something together. Something good.”

“Something ‘normal'” he said, and was immediately aware of the bitterness in his voice. Fuck, he didn’t know what to think, he didn’t know what was right and wrong – he only knew that he wanted to have his mom’s heavy arms around him, her beautiful, soft breasts pushing against him, her soft lips on his, hercock pressing against his belly… he wanted to be where he belonged…

The two women were looking at him, silent. What were they expecting from him – a blessing?! His mouth was dry as he looked up at his mother. He needed answers.

“So, you tell me that I can’t give you what you want, and you think you might find it with Kelly. Is that it?”

His mom nodded. “That’s the short answer, but, basically, yes.”

“Fair enough. And short is good. But here is the thing: you tell me all this, and yet here you are, sitting with your dick out, pointing at me, virtually inviting me to suck it. So, my very short follow-up question: what the fuck?”

Helen was silent for a moment. She turned her eyes to Kelly, who smiled at her, saying nothing. She turned her gaze back to her son, and spoke slowly, softly.

“You’re my son. I love you, and I don’t want to lose you. I love having sex with you, and would love to continue doing it.”


He sat there, stunned, trying to take in what she said. After a moment he turned to Kelly. “Mmm… and… and you wouldn’t mind?”

Kelly smiled ruefully, hugging her legs closer. “Your mom is a big girl – VERY big – …” She stopped, looking embarrassed. “Sorry. But, really, she loves you, and if that’s what’s needed to keep you two happy, I’m all for it.”

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