An Unexpected Encounter Ch. 01


It was another standard day in the office for Claire. There was filing to be done, phone calls to be answered and reports to be written for her boss. It was a very basic job and didn’t pay anywhere near enough to what she needed to cover the debts she was trying to pay off. Her evening job would not pay for it on its own either as the income was so unsteady. Something in her hated the evening job, but at the same time it was rather fun. She finished off the last report of the day and left it in the boss’s in-tray for him to check over at his leisure and left the office for the day.

Once she was home off came everything she had been wearing that day for work, the suit, the blouse, the low heeled shoes and tights. A transformation took place and she ended up wearing a tight fitting black and red corset, a black mini skirt, no underwear, black stockings and knee high boots. Claire looked at herself in the mirror adjusting her clothing to be just right before changing her make-up also, her then being ready for her nights work. As she inspected herself in the mirror she sighed “I hope I don’t have to do this much longer.

She wrapped herself up in her long black coat and headed to the bar she frequented at night, searching for lonely men to make some money from. Pendik Esmer Escort Maybe she would find a rich man tonight and make a nice amount, or maybe it would be a night full of £10 hand jobs. She never knew what her luck would produce. She sat at the bar on one of the high stools for quite some time that night, a lot of men entered and left but not a single one was interested. Then she saw her boss come into the bar and she gulped the last of her drink and went to leave in quite a hurry, not wanting him to see her there like that. She’d likely get the sack if he spotted her. It was too late. He had already seen her and stopped her putting his arm out and smiled “Take a seat Claire. I’ll get you a drink. No point in spending the evening alone.”

Claire gulped with her coat tightly done up around her and sat back down accepting his offer knowing it would be worse to refuse the drink than just leave. She just hoped he hadn’t noticed the coat was longer than what she was wearing beneath it or worse still that he thought she wasn’t wearing anything underneath.

Her mind was flitting between all these embarrassing ideas of what he may be thinking of her when he might not even be thinking so at all. As Claire drank her drink her boss did not say Pendik Eve Gelen Escort much but he had not been thinking anything about how she was dressed or what she was doing here, until one of her regular “clients” walked over drunkenly sliding his hand up the back of her coat gripping her ass and saying “How about a quickie gorgeous, your always so good I will give you an extra £10 tonight for it.” Claire went bright red in front of her boss, not wanting to turn down the money or stop this guy, but her boss was there right in front of her. She glanced at him hoping he hadn’t heard or seen but he was looking right at her a slight smirk on his face as if waiting for her response before he said anything.

Claire gulped and said “N..not tonight Frank, I’m already booked for the whole night.” Trying to put him off, not knowing why her excuse had come out so obvious and stupidly. It was enough to put him off though and he said he would find her another time. Claire dared not even look at her boss after that just, drank the drink and got up to leave. He put his arm out and stopped her.

“Where are you going Claire, thought you were “booked” for the night.” he said with a smirk. She gulped and looked up at him for a moment stuttering “T..that Pendik Evi Olan Escort was to get him to leave me alone..” trying to be all innocent but her coat had unbuttoned a little and was showing off what she wore underneath it. He didn’t buy her little lie and said “I think you wanted that really but you’re too embarrassed to do what you have been doing every night just because I’m here now. You can walk home with me. I want to discuss something with you.”

He took her arm not letting her gather her coat back together, and walked out the bar with her making sure she kept her coat wide open to show off what a little slut she was. She nervously walked with him terrified he was going to sack her, biting her lip all the way but there was no point hiding from what she was doing any more he knew.

“You have a number of choices Claire. Either you give up being my secretary and find yourself a new job, or do this full time as you seem so good at getting clients, OR you may keep your job, however, there will be new conditions. You might even get a pay rise if I see fit to do so.” He waited for her response to his proposition. It was fairly clear the conditions he was speaking of were not going to be a simple case of the two of them keeping quiet about this meeting tonight. Claire was not sure what to say about it and tentatively asked with a gulp “M..may I have some time to think about it?” knowing he would not divulge his conditions until she had made a decision. “You have until we reach my house to make a decision or I will make it for you” he replied.

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