And Then There Was Vickie

Ass Insertion

Jill took a sip of her club soda and let her eyes gaze around the room, stopping occasionally when someone caught her interest. She still wasn’t sure what she was supposed to be looking for and leaned closer to Lori to be heard above the music.

“How about the blonde over by the bar?” she shouted in to Lori’s ear.

Lori shook her head and leaned closer to Jill’s ear. “No, I don’t think so. Seems more interested in the guy action. She’s probably not a hotel quest. See the jacket on her chair?”

Jill watched her intended target for a while. Yes, there was a jacket draped over the back of her chair and her eyes were focused on the guys hanging near the bar. “Damn it,” she thought to herself. “”Was the right couple or lady going to come up to them with a sign that read ‘Yes, hotel quest and interested in passionate affair with two bi women’.

It had been so many years since she had been inside a club and at the moment, she was suffering from sensory overload. The darkness of the room pierced by bright lasers and swirling spotlights, the music pounding into her ears, and swarm of people milling around the bar and dance floor had her mind racing without focus. But Lori had assured her that the Wind and Tides hotel was the place for them to find the action along the Jersey coast.

“Let’s dance,” Lori shouted into her ear. “I don’t want to sit here all night waiting.”

“But it’s a slow song,” Jill protested.

“I know. I’ll lead, I’m taller.” Lori grabbed Jill’s hand and walked her to the dance floor. The floor was crowded with couples and Jill immediately noticed that they were not the only women dancing. She relaxed and let Lori guide her as they held each other close, moving to the rhythms of the song.

“There’s a couple sitting behind you that looks promising,” Lori whispered.

Jill took her head off of her shoulder and asked, “Which one? How can you tell?”

“The red head with the hubby who looks like a tall Drew Carey. She hasn’t taken her eyes off of us and it’s a look of fascination not disgust. Let’s see if there’s interest. When I turn my back to them, grab my ass and pull up my dress a little.”

They spun around slowly, allowing Jill a brief glimpse before Lori’s shoulder cut off her view. “She’s very pretty by what I could see. Damn, I wish you weren’t so tall. I want to see how she reacts,” Jill complained.

“We’ll know soon enough, and if I’m not mistaken, you love my long legs,” Lori teased. “OK, pull up the dress.”

Jill let her hand slip from Lori’s waist and began to caress her ass, pulling the short, black dress higher as she did.

“Jesus, she can probably see your bare ass at this point,” Jill whispered.

Lori laughed, “Good! Can’t catch a fish without some bait.”

Jill shook her head and placed it on Lori’s shoulder. She let her mind focus on the warmth of her lover’s embrace. It didn’t really matter to her if they found anyone. Just being here, holding her close as they swayed to the music was enough for Jill. But she knew Lori needed excitement and adventure, as all young people do. And Jill had to admit; the thought of a threesome did excite her.

When the song ended, they broke off their embrace and walked hand in hand to their table. Jill gave Lori a quick kiss. “mmmm….. that was nice.”

“I know,” Lori answered. “It just feels so good being able to hold and touch you and not worry who is watching.” She glanced across the room. “Whoa, I think the big fish is coming to the boat.”

Jill turned and saw the red head’s husband walking toward the table. She had only caught a quick glimpse before and was pleasantly surprised to see that he was a fairly good -looking man. About 40 years old, she guessed, 6’2″, 200lbs or so. She giggled to herself, ‘He did look a little like a tall Drew Carey with his reddish-blonde hair, beard and glasses.’

“Excuse me, ladies,” he said, nervously holding out his hand to Jill. ” I’m Scott, and my wife over there, that’s Vickie. I hope I’m not being too bold if I ask if we could join you for a drink.”

Jill shook his hand lightly and smiled, “No, we wouldn’t mind at all. We were hoping to meet some nice people tonight. Please, have your wife come over.”

He waved for his wife to join them. Jill noticed Lori’s stare as Vickie came toward them. She was an attractive woman who looked to be around her husband’s age. She was uncomfortable walking across the floor alone and hurried to her husband’s side. Her slender, 5’4″ frame seemed even smaller when she stood by him. To Jill, she didn’t appear to be Kadıköy Escort a likely candidate for wild sex. She wore a conservative, floral print dress that looked as if it was designed to reveal little of the wearer’s figure. Her white stockings and low pumps didn’t exactly scream ‘Fuck me!’ But Jill knew that something had captured Lori’s desire. She hadn’t taken her eyes off of her cute, girlish face and curly red hair since she stood to join them.

“Ladies, this is Vickie, ahh…..” he stammered, realizing he had not gotten their names.

Jill rescued him by extending her hand to his wife. “Hello, Vickie. I’m Jill and this is my friend, Lori. Please sit down. Let’s order some drinks.”

Lori stood and pulled a chair for Vickie to sit beside her as Scott settled his big frame next to Jill. Jill came to the rescue again to break an awkward silence.

“Well, are you two vacationing here at the hotel?” she asked.

“Why yes, yes we are,” Scott replied. “We’re from Kansas. Believe it or not, we’ve never been to the ocean. I had a couple of weeks vacation coming so we figured we ship the kids off to grandmom’s place and have ourselves a little romantic getaway. I heard this was a great place to relax and have fun. How about you two, you on vacation?”

“No, unfortunately we’re not,” Jill answered. “We live down the coast a bit and just came here to have a night on the town. You know, get away and let the hair down, dance.”

Jill looked to Lori for some help with the conversation and saw that she was oblivious to what was just said. Lori was supposed to be the one who knew how to handle this scene. She gave her a kick under the table.

“I just told Scott how we like come here and dance,” Jill said as she gave Lori a subtle ‘Help me’ look. ” They’re here at the hotel for a vacation.”

The kick and Jill’s look shook Lori back into focus. ” Oh yes, we love to dance. How about you two,” she asked. Do you dance? I don’t think I saw you out there. A couple should always dance together, don’t you think?”

Jill relaxed. Lori was ‘on’. She could follow her lead for a while.

Before Scott could answer for Vickie. Lori continued on. “You know this place is great. All sorts of people are here. Lot’s of romance in the air. Did you notice that?”

“Yes, I guess I did,” Scott answered. ” I was telling Jill that Vickie and I came for a romantic getaway. You ladies finding any romance tonight?”

Lori stared into Vickie’s hazel eyes and said, “Yes, I think we are.”

Jill grew uncomfortable with the silence that followed. She was about to say something to break it when Scott leaned in toward the table and said in a low voice, “You know, it seems pretty hard to get a drink order in around here. If you like, we could have a couple up in our room. We just have some wine and vodka if that’s ok.”

“That would be nice,” Jill said. “We just need a few minutes to go and freshen up. How about we meet you there.”

“Super!” Scott beamed. “Room 204. Take you time ladies. We’ll get some ice and make the room presentable.”

Jill and Lori waited about fifteen before heading up to room 204. They had planned their strategy and as they knocked on the door, Jill only hoped that they had read Scott and Vickie’s intentions right.

“Hello, hello ladies! Please come in.” Scott bellowed. “We were just starting to worry you might have changed your plans.”

Jill was pleasantly surprised to see Vickie sitting on the bed in a white robe over her white stockings. They had read her right at least. Now she had to see if they take control. Lori sat on the bed next to Vickie letting her long, tan legs stretch out before her. Jill turned to Scott and took his hand. “Well, they seem comfortable,” she remarked. “How about you sit on the chair and relax.” She led him to the stuffed chair by the bed and sat on the arm next to him.

“I, uhh…,” Scott began, but Jill cut him off.

“Scott, I want you to listen for a second,” she demanded. “I’m assuming that you’re here so that Vickie can be with another woman. Is that correct?”

“Well, I….,” he stammered.

Jill cut him off again. “Just nod your head yes or no. Good, I thought so. And I’m sure you hoped to have some fun too, didn’t you? And you will as long as you don’t do anything I don’t tell you to do. Ok?”

As Scott nodded his head in agreement, Jill looked over to see Vickie smiling at her control over her husband. Jill gave Lori a nod.

Lori stood, unzipped her short black dress and let it fall to the Kadıköy Escort Bayan floor. All eyes were on her beautiful sleek body as she stood next to Vickie. Her small, firm breasts, slender waist and tight ass were making quite an impression on their hosts. Vickie reached up and placed her hand on Lori’s slender hip. “You’re very beautiful,” she whispered.

Lori touched her face and began to stroke her red hair. “You are very beautiful to me, too. Will I be the first woman you have loved?”

Vickie nodded yes as Lori brought her lips to hers and gave her a tender kiss. She slid Vickie’s robe from her shoulders. Vickie’s skin was so creamy white that the deep pink of her hard nipples created quite erotic silhouette. Lori cupped the small breasts in her hands and bent over to let her tongue swirl around each nipple.

Vickie pulled Lori tight to her breast. “Yes….. please suck them,” she sighed. Lori pulled her down onto the bed, sucking and nibbling on her nipples.

Jill looked over at Scott to see how he was reacting. He sat in the chair totally immobile, unable to take his eyes off of the erotic scene before him. She smiled as she saw the bulge in his pants and wondered how long she could keep him from trying to join in. Kneeling beside him, she unfastened his belt and pulled down the zipper reaching in to grab his hard cock. Scott pulled his pants and boxers down to his knees as Jill began to slowly stroke him.

“You’ll get you turn,” she whispered. “But you have to be patient and wait till I tell you to.” Without taking his eyes off of Lori and Vickie, Scott nodded his head yes. “Fast learner,” Jill thought. She let her fingernails tease along the purple head of his stiff penis. Turning her gaze back to the bed, she saw Vickie lying on her back, her legs with the white, thigh high stockings over Lori’s shoulders as Lori attacked her red-haired pussy.

“Lick it, yes….lick it,” Vickie began to moan. ” Oh yesssss! Mmmmmm…..make me cum. Make me cum!

Lori pushed Vickie’s knees apart as far as they could spread and began to flick her tongue at her hard clit, stopping briefly to take it into her mouth and suck on it. Vickie’s juices covered her face as she sunk her tongue deep into her pussy, letting it swirl around inside.

“Ohhhhh……fuck me,” Vickie cried. “Fuck me with your tongue!”

Jill felt her own wetness running onto her thighs. She could take no more. Letting go of Scott’s cock, she turned to him and said, “Don’t move!” She practically ripped her dress off as she moved to join Lori and Vickie on the bed. She wanted to bury her pussy in Vickie’s face, but was afraid she might freak her out. Instead, she reached between Lori’s legs and rolled her hard, wet clit between her fingers. Lori responded immediately, grabbing Vickie’s hips and pulling her hard toward her waiting mouth.

Jill pushed three fingers into Lori’s dripping pussy and let her thumb roll over her erect clit. She urged Lori on. “Make her cum! Make her cum like she never has before!”

Vickie arched her back and threw back her head. A low guttural moan escaped from her throat as she felt an orgasm begin to wash through her. Lori sucked her throbbing clit into her mouth and Vickie felt an explosion run through it. She grabbed Lori’s head with her hands and squeezed her thighs, holding her tight against her. The wonderful sensations would not stop as Lori continued to pull her clit into her mouth and flick it with her tongue. She rocked her head up and down off the bed. “Don’t stop!” she cried. “Take it all! Take it all!”

Lori swallowed her sweet juices as they flowed into her mouth, finally pulling away to look at the beauty of Vickie’s red bush and gaping pink pussy. She laid her head on Vickie’s warm mound and let her mind focus on Jill’s fingers working their way in and out of her. She pulled tight against her as she felt herself cuming.

“Hmmmm….harder, Jill,” she moaned. “Fuck me hard!”

Jill felt Lori’s pussy tighten and release and knew she was cuming. She pressed her thumb hard against her clit and slid it up and down. Lori let out a soft moan and let her legs stretch out on the bed. Jill smiled when she turned and saw Lori looking so content with her head turned and resting on Vickie’s mound. She knew she could never put her feelings for Lori in to words. Bliss was all that ran through her mind.

Scott cleared his throat and was about to speak. Jill pointed her wet finger at him. “Don’t say a word! And you better slow down jerking on that cock, cause you cum Escort Kadıköy now and you’ll miss the fun.” Scott let go of his cock and sat silently. ‘Damn! I’m good at this’ Jill mused.

She turned to Vickie and said, “I think we need to let our girl rest a while. Go over and kneel by the chair.”

Vickie gently placed Lori’s head on the bed and kneeled on the floor. Jill stood before her, her shaved pussy inches from her face. She reached down and spread her lips allowing Vickie to see her wet opening.

“Let’s see if Lori taught you anything,” she commanded.

Vickie moved her head forward and let her tongue touch Jill’s clit. The musky smell of her dripping pussy quickly overwhelmed her. She grabbed Jill’s ass and pulled her pussy into her open mouth letting her tongue rim around her lips. Jill felt her knees shake. ‘I hope I can stay standing through this,’ she worried. She spread her legs to give Vickie more to lick.

“That’s it, my little girl toy,” she sneered. “Bury your face in there. Eat me till I cum on your face!”

Jill looked to Lori, who just smiled at her, knowing Jill was getting in to this role-play. She then turned to Scott and gave him a smug look.

“Bet you didn’t think she would like pussy this much, did you?”

Scott sat motionless watching his wife devouring Jill. He knew he’d never been this turned on and hard in his life. His shy, little wife was turning into a wild slut right before him. He wanted to stick his dick into someone…..anyone, but he knew Jill wouldn’t allow it until she said so.

Jill spread her legs wider and leaned on the bed. “I want your tongue in my ass, girl toy,” she demanded. And I want it in deep!”

Vickie spread her ass checks and let her tongue push deep into Jill’s ass. The smell excited her more than she could have imagined. She pushed her fingers into Jill’s wet pussy and stiffened her tongue to fuck her ass as deep as she could reach.

Jill closed her eyes and let the sensations take over. Vickie was pushing so hard with her tongue that she had to push against the bed to prevent being knocked over. Suddenly, she felt Lori’s hands on her face and her tongue dancing with hers. She came with a long deep moan. As soon as one orgasm would pass, she felt another building up. Vickie did not let up. She could feel Jill’s orgasms with her tongue and fingers and wanted her hands and face covered with her fluids. Jill’s knees gave way, breaking Lori’s kiss and Vickie’s probes. She collapsed with her head on the bed.

As she lay there catching her breath, she heard Lori ask, “Do you think it’s time for Vickie to have it all?”

“Well, my girl toy certainly earned it. Vickie, get my purse!” Jill ordered. Vickie hurried back with the purse. Jill brought out her favorite dildo – 10″ and fat. “Alright my little slut, on all fours on the bed.”

Vickie was quickly in position. She didn’t know what Jill and Lori had planned, but she didn’t care. She had never felt so excited in her life. She wanted what ever they desired from her.

Lori slid under her and began to kiss and fondle her breasts. She could feel Jill pushing and twisting the large dildo into her wet pussy. She pushed back on to it, forcing it deeper. Vickie was drifting into a dream when she heard Jill tell her husband, “Ok, now you can come over.”

She felt Jill’s finger push into her asshole. It hurt at first, but eased as her muscles relaxed to accommodate Jill’s probes. She felt her finger pull out.

“Alright, Scott, think you can fill that for her?” Jill asked.

Scott spread his legs over Vickie’s hips and guided his cock to her asshole. As he pushed to enter, Vickie let out a sob. The dildo in her pussy made it a tight fit for Scott’s fat cock.

“Should I pull out, Vickie?” he asked.

“Do and we’re out of here!” Jill growled at him. “Here, let me lube it a bit.”

Jill slid her fingers into her own pussy and rubbed the wetness on Scott’s cock. She took some and spread it on Vickie’ ass. Scott pushed against the tight opening. Vickie gasped as her muscles relaxed and the hard cock entered into her ass.

“Oh my God! Oh my God!” Vickie cried. “Fuck me! Oh my God! Fuck me!” She couldn’t fathom the sensations she was experiencing. Her rational mind was gone, replaced by an animal like instinct to feel pleasure. She rotated her hips wildly. She reared her head back and groaned. She wanted time to stop…..to feel this pleasure over and over again. She couldn’t feel where one orgasm stopped and another began. She felt Lori try to kiss her but she couldn’t control her tongue. As she felt Scott’s warm cum explode into her ass, she could take no more and collapsed onto the bed. She heard the voices around her but couldn’t focus enough to understand them. The last thing she remembered before drifting off to sleep was Jill and Lori whispering, “we love you”.

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