Little Red Journal 5: My Type


So you probably missed, buried among the musings on my crush EK, this line:Day after birthday/—CWhy do I want him I spent the evening socializing with other choir people. I thought of a new way to do what? I lost my train of thought.It seems innocuous enough nestled among the hormone-driven sexual cravings of a teenage mind. An evening with choir people could mean one of two things.  Either I was on a bus trip to watch an opera or I was at a collaborative retreat with some choirs from multiple different schools.  Judging by an earlier entry about how I punched someone in the face in the back of the bus on the way to the Opera, this article was the retreat. I could do a whole essay about my weird propensity to bad behavior on buses. Ankara escort I wasn’t angry with the boy I punched, someone dared me to and I was tired of my goody-goody reputation.  However, the comment about evening choir socializing was about a different weekend.There’s not anything else written in my hand journal about the retreat. Surprising, since that is the only reference in the entire journal to meeting my first “boyfriend.” I use quotations there, because I barely saw him.I met—let’s call him Peter—at a collaborative event between a couple of different high school choirs. It was something of a retreat mixing the choirs. I took right away to the naive, but older twins I was bunked with. We’ll Ankara escort bayan call them Sammy and Tammy. They were adorable and innocent. Very quickly their discussion turned to the older set of male twins at their school. One of these young men was in choir with them and both sisters had a severe crush on him.His name was Peter, just like my oldest brother. He was tall, had shoulder-length curls, and his brother who happened to be dating a girl (not in choir) who attended my school. I acknowledged to the girls that he was cute. Tammy insisted cute was an understatement. Peter and I interacted a couple of times over the weekend, but It wasn’t until late Saturday afternoon that I realized Escort Ankara he thought I was cute. Their choir’s collaborative retreat culminated in an on-site dance. I think I had a nice pair of jeans, but the twins I was bunked with it had packed dresses and make up. The twins, myself, and a couple of other girls were all getting ready when we heard a knock on the door. When it opened, there was a boy from my choir and Peter. The cabin hushed. It was clear from the expressions on their faces that they planned on asking two of us to go to the dance. The dance consisted of a single light up ball and stereo in a large room literally ten feet away from our bunks. However, the dance was significant now, because Peter was finally going to ask one of the twins (who had been crushing on him for years) out.Nope.Peter told me later that he had almost jabbed his thumb in his eye he was so nervous to ask me. I was flabbergasted by the situation. At that point, I had probably had two other people acknowledge I was pretty to my face.

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