Ann’s Fetish Search Ch. 07

Big Dick

The time in San Francisco went by quickly. My last stop was Boston. This time, I did not have any time to stop home and see my husband Steve. We spoke to each other almost every day and he was getting lonely. I told him that I only had a month more of my primary research and then I would be home for a couple months putting my paper together. He could have me non-stop when I got home. Steve told me that he was going to make so much love to me I would not be able to walk for weeks. I told him that I could not wait.

I arrived in Boston to find it cold and rainy although it was mid-summer. My accommodations in Boston were in the Fens area. The architecture was amazing. Old brick row houses bracketed every street. My apartment was built before my grand parents were born. The next day I went to work. This time I was working at the largest hospital in Boston. It was a level one trauma center and got patients flown in from the entire New England area. My co-workers were extremely professional and very direct with their patients. It was quite refreshing.

The first few days resembled all my other hospital stays. There was a constant stream of women and men with bruising, foreign objects in the rectum and rope burns. At the beginning of week two, a man arrived in the ED with some very linear wounds. He had no explanation for the wounds. The ED attending, asked me to see if he would speak to me. I entered the room and introduced myself. I explained my research and asked him if he had something to share with me. He looked down and seemed a bit embarrassed. I stayed silent. After a moment, he said that he had visited a dominatrix who had a BDSM salon. It was his first time and he did not know that she would take it to the point she did. He said that when they started, she gave him a safe word and he did not know what that meant. Towards the end of the session, she was caning him extremely hard and he was screaming for her to stop. She did not. When he finally realized what the safe word meant, he screamed it loudly, repeatedly. The dominatrix assumed he knew what he was doing. Now he had some serious welts on his body. The story seemed fantastic, but I took him at his word.

I sat and listened intently, while smiling inside. This poor man was looking for a little kink and got his ass kicked. As time passed, he mentioned where the salon was and told me that her name was Mistress Amy. I was intrigued with what he told me and asked him for the address and number. He knew them both off the top of his head. I wanted to speak to her to find out how often things went overboard. I took the number and went to the doctor’s lounge and called. A sweet voice answered. I asked if I could speak with Amy and the person told me I would have to make an appointment, which I did for the next day.

The next day was my day off. I went for a little sight seeing walk around Boston. The history there is amazing. I walked for hours and covered an area from the North End, Faneuil Hall and over past the State House. Not far from there, on Boylston Street was Amy’s salon. As my appointment time approached, I made my way to her place. It was one of the typical brick rowhouses. Nondescript. I walked up the small stairs from the street and rang the bell. A young lady opened the door and I gave her my name. She had me sit down and handed me what looked like a menu. I opened it and there was a description of services. Crap, I thought, I was here to interview her. This lady thinks I am a client. I got her attention and tried to explain. The young lady said that bartın seks hikayeleri Mistress Amy wanted me to experience a session before we had the interview.

Well, I thought, I love kinky stuff and I am always up for something new, so I looked back down at the menu. There were three choices, one hour “Yes Ma’am” session, two hour “Mistress Worship” session and a three hour “Total Enlightenment” session. What the heck, I thought, I want the Total Enlightenment session. The young lady gave me a robe and took me to a room and told me to undress. Mistress Amy would be with me shortly. I undressed and placed my clothes in the provided locker.

The door opened. Mistress Amy stood before me. She was about 5’6″, 130 lbs., thick, long black hair pulled back tight from her face, then into a thick braid that ran down her back to the top of her tight ass. She was in black, form fitting leather from neck to toe. On her feet were 5-inch heeled, shiny black leather lace up boots. Her hands were covered in long black gloves. She was very muscular and fit. She looked stern and gave off the hora that she could kick your ass in a flash. I told her my name. She barked back that my name was “Pet”. I replied, “yes ma’am”. Mistress Amy directed me over to several tags on a board on the wall and told me to pick one. They all had random words on them. I chose “Apple”. She informed me that this is my safe word. She then picked up ball gag off the table and placed it in my mouth and locked it behind my head. I giggled and thought, so much for the safe word, I am gagged. Next, she picked a leather hood and pulled it over my head and locked it around my neck. Suddenly, I was in black out. My heart began to race.

Mistress Amy walked me across the room and told me to lay down. I fumbled around and found a vinyl covered bed. I laid down. Quickly, Mistress Amy locked my wrists and ankles to the bed. She moved the bed so that my arms extended as if I was on a cross. She then spread my legs. Once in a spread-eagle position, she fastened a leather belt around my waist that totally locked me to the bed. My heart was pounding out of my chest. I had absolutely no control of my body. I was now in Mistress Amy’s total control.

A few seconds of silence passed, then the sound of boots on a hardwood floor began to ring out. Mistress Amy then whispered, that I was about to be enlightened. Her crop moved slightly over my gagged and hooded lips, then made its way across my chin and down my neck. As it reached my cleavage, she made small circles. Her crop then lightly brushed my nipple of my right breast. I shivered. Suddenly, SMACK! I screamed out a muffle cry as she slapped my nipple with force. I felt it immediately get rock hard. My left nipple did the same in sympathy. Mistress Amy then gave my left nipple the same treatment. My eyes watered behind my leather hood. It was incredibly painful at first, but then, there was a rush, a tingling that seemed like relief. Her crop slowly made its way down my chest and across my stomach. She reached the spot where my bush would be, but I had shaved it bare years ago. She made small circles with her crop again.

SMACK! Fuck! My body convulsed as best it could as Mistress Amy snapped my clit with her crop. I felt it immediately respond by swelling up to the size of a peanut. Damn, that hurt, but then seemed to become hyper-sensitive. At this point, Mistress Amy told me that if she saw that my nipples or clit were not fully erect, she would have to get their attention again. It was my job to make sure that they did not relax. At this point, I could feel my heart pound in every part of my body.

There was another brief bit of silence. Then, I felt Mistress Amy between my legs. I began to feel her applying lube to my tight little butt hole. Once lubed, Mistress Amy announced that to reach enlightenment, my body must be filled. As she said that and inserted a large metal butt plug into my ass. I was not ready. It hurt and she was not gentle. A moment passed, then my butt began to relax and accept its new visitor. Within a minute, I felt something rubbing on the lips of my vagina. Again, Mistress Amy announced that to reach full enlightenment, I must be filled. A dildo slowly penetrated me. I laid there, gagged, hooded, with both of my holes full, strapped to a bed, unable to move. I have often told my patients that sex is a power-exchange, and this was truly that. All my sexual power was now in Mistress Amy’s hands.

A soft buzz began to fill the room. Mistress Amy began to rub a vibrator across my hard nipples. It felt amazing. She ran it down my chest, stopping at my clit. Shortly before reaching my clit, the dildo inside me began to thrust in and out slowly. She had me hooked to a fuck machine, Mistress Amy turned up the vibrator and placed it on my clit. I squirmed a bit and tried to press my groin up into the vibrator. My clit was still fully engorged, and the vibrations felt fantastic. As she turned up the vibrator, the dildo increased speed. In total black out beneath my hood, all I could do was feel the sensations that Mistress Amy was providing. It felt amazing and I was already close to orgasm.

Mistress Amy placed her gloved hand on my pelvic area and turned the vibrator to high. My body began to shake, I was awfully close. Mistress Amy pushed down on my pelvic area. I was about to roll off into a crazy orgasm. She stopped. WHAT! Mistress Amy pulled the vibrator away and the dildo stopped thrusting. I was so remarkably close, I let out a gagged moan and twisted in my restraints just to try to get something to touch my clit and set me off. There was no use. I just laid there shivering. Mistress Amy informed me that I was not at the level of excitement that would bring on enlightenment and that we would have to start over.

The crop kissed my gagged mouth, then made its way across my chin. It made circles around my cleavage. SMACK! FUCK! The shock of another strike on my nipple made my eyes water. My left nipple, this time shrunk in fear, only to be fully awakened by her crop. Seconds later, my clit was being taught a lesson for its failure to remain at full attention. The soft buzzing started again. My nipples we rewarded with soft vibrations. Soon, my clit was receiving the attention it desperately needed. The dildo reminded me that my pussy craved a hard cock, as I was getting very wet. My ass gripped the butt plug in a death grip as if to assist me in my quest for orgasm.

Within minutes, I was on the edge again. Mistress Amy’s hand pressed on my pelvic area, reading my body’s internal signals. This time, I was going over the edge. I felt my body tighten. All I was waiting for was the electric shock of orgasm to begin. FUCK! Mistress Amy removed the vibrator. My body shivered as if I had been in ice water. She had ruined two orgasms. My mind was like mashed potatoes. I could not think straight. I needed a release. I tried to Kegel muscle my way over the edge to no avail.

Mistress Amy’s crop made small circles over my gagged mouth. Shit I thought, I am so fucking horny now, how much more can I take. Once again, my nipples were awakened, then my clit was punished for not staying at attention. Once again, I was brought to the edge and left wanting. For the next three hours Mistress Amy repeated her punishment, repeatedly.

The process began one more time. My nipples remained fully erect out of shear fear as did my clit. The pounding of the dildo was like a second heartbeat within my groin. Mistress Amy rubbed small circles on my clit with her vibrator. My body was at a level of sensitivity I had never felt. The butt plug seemed to now be a permanent part of my body. The walls of my vagina pulsed as if it was possessed. My clit was so hard and sensitive, it felt like it was on fire. Once again, I felt my body stiffen. My back arched slightly against the restraints. Mistress Amy’s hand pressed hard on my pelvic area. I could feel my orgasm building again for the umpteenth time. Then suddenly, like a bolt of lightning, it struck. My eyes opened wide. A muffled scream burst out of my mouth. My body began to convulse. Huge, violent waves of electricity seemed to flow though my body in waves. It was as if I was in the electric chair. My hands clenched in a fist then my fingers shot out as if to point at everything in the room at once. My pussy began to gush huge amounts of my cum. The butt plug fired out of my asshole like a bullet and crashed to the floor.

I convulsed in orgasm for what seemed like minutes. I felt as if I was outside my body. In a trance. Before my eyes all I could see were shooting stars. My body was losing all control of itself. Finally, I began to get control of my senses. My entire body was tingling. I could feel Mistress Amy’s breath flowing across my body, it was that sensitive. Suddenly, I seemed to get a huge rush of adrenalin. I shivered and let out a muffled scream as if I had conquered Mt Everest.

Mistress Amy released my restraints and removed my hood and gag. I sprung off the bed like a kangaroo. I began running in place, flailing my arms as if I were in a boxing match. I let out a couple more screams, then shivered violently for a second. I was out of control. My body was releasing a huge rush of endorphins and adrenalin to my brain. I had never felt more alive. All the while Mistress Amy stood there and smiled at me.

I looked at the clock on the wall. I had been denied an orgasm for over three hours. I had never had an orgasm like that before. It was truly and out of body experience. It was like a drug. I wanted more, I wanted it again. I wanted every orgasm to be just like this one. Mistress Amy directed me to get my clothes and meet her in her office. As I dressed, my body continued to shiver and shake. It was like I was having small explosions.

I arrived at Mistress Amy’s office. I introduced myself and explained why I was in Boston. She seemed extremely interested. She told me she had been a dominatrix for almost ten years and had many regular customers. She said that once people had reached the enlightenment level, they were hooked. She joked that she was a legal drug dealer. She dealt endorphins and adrenalin. I told her that I had found her through one of her clients. I explained that he did not say the safe word and it went too far. Mistress Amy laughed and said, “oh, that must be Charlie, he loves when I beat the shit out of him. He knows the word; he just loves the pain.” I burst out laughing because that was my patients name, although I could not tell her that. We spent about an hour talking about being a professional dominatrix and then I left her to her work.

Over the next two and a half weeks, I returned three times for more enlightenment.

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