Ann’s first bull. A true story.


Ann’s first bull. A true story.Her first experience.So I have decided to tell the true story of how my wife was persuaded to fuck another guy.It was September and I was working freelance as an equipment demonstrater for catering equipment at Trade Shows throughout UK. At the show in question I took her with me for the 3 day event in Cornwall.Arriving at the hotel which had been organised for us by the company I was working for, we were introduced to the other staff I would be working with for the 3 day event, with the intention of leaving my wife to explore the beautiful area. We all had dinner sat around a large table, probably 12 people and apart from my wife and the wife of the company owner, it was all men. We disussed the forthcoming event and worked out the strategy. Most of the salesman from the company were in the 50s/60s age group, apart from one who seemed to be around our age group 30/35, and it had not escaped my notice that he had been glancing over toward Ann throughout the meal. I suggested a short walk and made this an open invitation but the only person to accept this was Tim, the youngest guy.Ann had shoulder length copper hair, a fine figure with absolutely gorgeous large firm tits, and very strong often erect nipples, she was often braless and carried it off well. Considering she’s had two c***dren she had recovered well in terms of her pussy, that was always tight and very wet when aroused. She was certainly kaçak iddaa no prude, and very streetwise and confident, and we didnt really hide any fantasies from each other, but I would never have dreamt of them coming true.We had a 20 minute walk around the area, chatted about nothing important but seemed to have a laugh, and to my initial excitement Ann seemed to hit it off with Tim and liked him. On our return to the hotel the owner let us in and said everyone had gone to bed ready for a very early start the following morning, so thats what we did too. I have to say that looking back i did probably have slight thoughts and fantasies that something might happen on this trip.A very hard day at work followed, and we had a real good time at the show, and all the salesman and the boss seemed to be very happy with the days orders. On returning to the hotel we just had time to shower and change before meeting for dinner. A few glasses of wine with our meal and Ann and I were fired up to go elsewhere for a few drinks, nobody seemed interested apart from Tim, so off we went to search out a few local pubs. Mindful of a busy day to come, we werent too late or too drunk, just slightly merry, and all three of us had a good laugh. I had noticed that Tims glances had progressed to the odd feely touchy moment towards Ann, nothing too sinister and certainly not enough to establish a sexual encounter. Back at the hotel Tim invited us to his kaçak bahis room for a nightcap as he had brought a bottle of whisky. We had a large whisky each and conversation turned to how i had noticed his knee and arm touching of Ann, and he did admit to liking her and said i was a lucky guy. While he was having a pee I saw my chance, had a quick word with Ann, and we decided to put a plan into action that gave here a get out chance.“ok Tim we’re going to our room for a quick chat, we will leave the door unlocked if we decide we want you to join us, wait five minutes and come down to room 3, if the door is open its on, but if not we have decided against it.”Then what happened was quite crazy really, Ann was up for it but nervous, and before a matter of seconds our room door opened and in walked Tim, so much for a get out chance, we never got chance to decide wether to lock it or not. He played an ace there. Ann rushed to undress and hide under the covers, I quickly followed, Tim took his time, asked if we were ok with the situation, and we sort of said yeah suppose so, he went in the bathroom, and I went to fondle Anns pussy, and there was my answer, she was soaking wet with juices, so given I was very erect i went straight to it and started fucking her, Tim came from the bathroom, finished undressing, and revealed the largest cock I have ever witnessed in reality, Ann turned to look and gulped “jesus thats huge” I could see illegal bahis a mixture of fear and excitement overcome her, and before much longer she was attempting to push me off. As i rolled over Tim rolled on and went straight at it although he was very careful when entering her soaking pussy, a few short strokes to bed it in then he was seated properly and began to pump into her. Ann was mesmorized, she didnt show any hint of pain, and was happy to thrust in harmony with this huge cock fucking her, Tim commented how wet but tight she was, and said how nice her tits looked bouncing to the beat. Im guessing she had already had a couple of mini cums, but I could see she was leading up to a real good one. Her attention was all toward Tim now, so I edged out of the bed, went for a piss, got a glass of water and sat to watch them get on with it. She was taking a hell of a fucking, in fact the sort of fucking that would have hurt some women, but she was in her own world of ecstasy, and seemingly taking the biggest cock of her life with ease. After a good twenty minutes of solid fucking and at least three very strong cums from Ann, Tim looked over to me looking for the ok to cum in her, I just nodded a yes, then he exploded in her with the strongest thrust of the whole shag, and the only one where i noticed Ann give a little wince of pain, then a huge smile of appreciation. The night continued for about another thirty minutes, with all the foreplay that never happened in the first place, Tim asked if we could go again the next night, I said we would talk and I would let him know at the show tomorrow. But that is another story…… but true…….

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