Another Drunk Night


Another Friday night another chance to have a drink or many with our friends John and Mary. You see it’s a tradition to go to John’s and Mary’s every Friday after work and have many drinks. Yes, we did have some sexual experience in the past but nothing has happened in over a year, it just never came up.

One Friday, about a month ago, we were sitting in the hot tub drinking, when out of nowhere Mary gets up and strips, she turns to my wife and says “I’ll bet you are not game to do the same Kate.” To that Kate gets up gives Mary a mean look and takes off her bathing suit.

“You lady’s gave us boners, what are you going to do about it.” John says

“I’ll give you a blow job latter when we go bed.” With that John and I got naked and kept drinking. About an hour later Mary full face drunk gets up and says “I’m going to bed I can’t see straight.”

There we were in the hot tub John, Kate (my wife) and I, just talking when John splats out “That’s the story of my life; she drinks bursa escort herself silly and goes to bed. I would like to be able to FUCK on a Friday. To make it worse she will be hangover all day Saturday and won’t want anyone to talk to her, let alone touch her.”

“I’ll suck your dick if it will make you happy.” says Kate. “No I’ll suck both your dicks that will make both of you happy.”

John replies “Peter, go make sure Mary is asleep, I would not want her to come out of the room and see my dick in Kat’s mouth.”

I get up to make sure that she is out, and for safety’s sake I close the bedroom door. The door makes noise when you open it, when and if we hear the door it will give us time to pull up our pants. On the way back to the living room all I can see is John’s head and not Kat’s, I could not believe it, I was gone not even 2 minutes and she already had John cock in her mouth. She did like to suck John’s cock, since it is smaller than mine and she could get it all the way in.

Kate bursa escort bayan look’s up and me and says “just don’t stand there, come sit here next to John and pull it out.”

I walk around the hot tub and do as I’m told. Like a trouper that she is, she suck’s on John a while then on mine, John says “Kate move I’m about to come,” but she just keeps going and take’s all of the spunk in her mouth and spits it back on John.

She turns to me and say’s “it your turn show me how much you like it.” As she starts licking on my balls I see John get up to go clean himself. About a minute later I feel a hand on my shoulder; I look up and see Mary.

She looks at Kate and says “Did you blow John also.”

“Yes, I did, he needed it and you were to drunk to give him some head.”

“Get out of the way I’ll show you that I am not to drunk to give good head.”

Kate moves out of the way to let Mary get on her knees in front of me and within seconds my cock is in her mouth, escort bursa John walks out of the bathroom and sees this and yells “You were to drunk to blow me but not Peter.”

AS John turns and leaves the room. Kate says “I’ll go talk to him.”

“No, you stay and see that I am not to drunk to blow, you can go see John when Peter blow’s his load.”

With that she starts to suck on my penis, not to long later I could feel my balls get tight and I was about to explode, “Get out of the way Mary, I’m about to come.”

I told her this because John always says that she always move and never let him cum in her mouth. With that she moves her mouth and says “I want you to cum in my mouth that will show John not to start things like this when I am not around.”

As I felt all my load explode in her mouth John walk in the living room, and Mary pulls up her head and shows him my cum in her mouth and then swallows all of it.

“You fucken slut.” is all John could say.

I pulled up my pants grabbed Kate and walked out of there. All we could here on the way down the driveway was John yelling at Mary.

We have not heard or seen John and Mary since. Hope we do, I miss my Friday drinking buddies.

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