Another Weekend At Essie’s


After spending my past weekend with Essie, I had a ton of things to do. I informed my Senior Sergeant of my decision not to reenlist. Being discharged from the Armed Forces entails a lot of details. I scheduled my physical, returned my weapons and started checking out. The week went by fast for me. Early Friday afternoon I showered and made myself ready for another weekend with Essie. She promised me she would spend the next weekend at her condo with me and I was so looking forward to being with her. Essie is fifty and I am twenty-eight. Essie looks, acts and works like a thirty-year-old. Most men and women would refer to Essie as a cougar and to me as her cub. Our relationship did start that way, but now we are falling in love with each other. We don’t see the age difference as an obstacle. Essie has been working long and hard hours lately. Her ranch is spitting up oil like an infant pukes. Another new field had been discovered and her company is exploiting it for all it is worth. The price of oil is still high and she has her wells working 24/7. She is banking it all because there will be a day the barrel price will drop and she will stop pumping. Essie’s managing foreman is not having much luck finding employees to fill out his crews. Essie and I discussed this and she wanted me to apply for a job, but first I needed to spend this weekend making love to the most beautiful woman in my life. We had planned last Sunday to meet again this Friday and spend the weekend together. I don’t have to pack anymore since Essie and I went shopping in San Antonio – not what you think, I bought my own clothes. Essie did buy me a nice pair of work boots though. I arrived at the condo around two p.m.. The place was so silent it felt eerie. Without Essie it was just a hollow cube – a nice cube, but still a cube. “Well,” I thought, “I’m not just going to sit here moping around; I’ll bake her some fresh homemade bread.” Now don’t laugh, I can bake. That is something I learned from my grandma. She could out-bake anyone and won a substantial number of contests. I really liked what she baked and I was determined to learn. Grandma was pleased that I wanted to learn, so she taught me all her secrets. I did a quick inventory to make sure I had the right baking utensils. I would have to go to the store and pick up a bread pan. I also needed flour and yeast. Essie had the rest of what I needed. After returning from shopping, I did my magic and popped the dough in the oven to rise. Her new fancy oven has a proof cycle, which I like. While waiting I played around on her pool table, just honing up my skills; I was going to challenge Essie to a game. I checked on the dough and saw that it had doubled in size, Acıbadem Escort so time to shape into a loaf and pop it back into the oven to rise again. Back to the pool table again. My pool skills were returning. I have never played Essie so I don’t know if she is good or not. Her table was expensive, so I figured she knew which end of the cue hit the cue ball. I checked to see how the bread was rising. It was ready to bake. I pulled it out and preheated the oven. Ten minutes later the loaf was in the oven and baking. I heard my phone give an SMS alert; ‘hi hon c u in a hour got stk tatrs corn luv ya’. One thing I love about Essie, she sure likes steak, and I do too. The bread was done so I pulled it from the oven. I set the loaf on a wire rack to cool. I quickly cleaned up my mess and washed everything. I turned on some romantic music and waited for Essie. A few minutes later the elevator door opened and she walked in. Let me describe what I was looking at: Dirty boots, dirty jeans, dirty shirt, dirt and oil smudges all over her exposed skin, hair tucked under a dirty cap and all that topped off by the biggest smile on earth. “What did you do?” she asked. “It smells so good in here, did you bake bread?” “Just for you baby, just for you.” “God, I love you, Randy. Come with me, give me a good scrubbing down in the shower. I want and need you before we do anything else tonight.” Essie was on her way into the master bath. I caught up with her and started to strip off my clothes. In the bath I kissed my dirty girl and stripped her down. “In the shower, lady,” I said, while bumping her forward with my semi-erect cock. I had my work cut out for me. This woman was really filthy dirty. “What the hell were you doing today that made you so dirty?” I asked her. “I was doing your job – you know, the one you will have on Wednesday.” I laughed at that; it was probably true. She said I was going to start at the bottom and work my way up. I had promised her I would be the type of employee a boss dreams about. Not nightmares, good dreams. I pushed her head under the shower stream to wet it, then poured a palm full of shampoo in my hand. I scrubbed her head down to the scalp, rinsed her hair and shampooed her again. I cleaned her hair until it was squeaky clean, and then I worked a conditioner into her hair. I piled her hair up and wrapped it all in a hot steamy towel. Now I could go to work on the rest of her body. I had her mesh pouf loaded with her favorite body wash and I started scrubbing. Her face was the hardest to clean. I did my best and removed all the dirt and oil. Her neck had dirt caked with sweat on her skin; this woman was some kind of dirty! I just Acıbadem Escort Bayan went to work and scrubbed her from her neck on down to the tips of her toes. I pulled the towel off her head and rinsed her all over. She looked like a different woman now, all pink and pretty. I toweled her down then sat her down so I could dry her hair. When that was done I said, “Now you take over, I have reached the limit on what I know how to do.” Essie stood up and kissed me and then chased me out so she could finish. I slipped my boxers back on and retreated back to the great room and waited. “Would you like a drink?” I yelled to her. “Yes, Southern Comfort on the rocks,” she yelled back. I made us each a drink, then sat down, looking out the window while I waited for her. I heard a light tapping and looked towards the sound. There stood Essie, all 5′ 9″, her long legs encased in red stockings that were held by a red garter belt. Her sheer red panties were over the garter belt, covering the most fabulous ass on the planet. Essie was not wearing a bra; instead she was wearing a very sheer red top. I could see her areolas, tightly pushing her hard nipples out into the fabric of her top. What a beautiful sight she was. My cock tented my boxers almost immediately. “Wanna fuck, big boy?” she asked. “My pussy and I are just waiting for your answer.” I stood up, walked over and pulled her hot body against me. I let my lips do my talking for me as I kissed her, pushing my tongue deep into her mouth. Her tongue resisted mine, I tried to gain an advantage but her tongue would not allow it. Our tongues wrestled back and forth for seconds until I pulled back and kissed her neck. Essie melts when her neck is kissed. She can’t help herself. I held her as she folded her body into mine. I took her hand and led her to the couch. “Sit down my love,” I said. Essie sat in the corner of the couch and folded her legs onto the cushion. My mind was grasping for words to describe the beauty, poise and extreme sexiness that Essie was displaying. I handed her the drink I had poured earlier and held mine up. She clinked my glass with hers and we drank a silent toast to each other. Her sexy smile and the way her eyes looked at me let me know she was ready for me to make love to her. My heart was pounding in my chest as I mentally pictured her and I in the throes of love making. I quickly tossed my drink down my throat. Essie did the same. I took her hand and stood up, pulling her with me, and led her into her bedroom. “Be tender with me tonight, Randy,” she said as we pulled the bed cover down. “I want you to love me while you make love to me. Gentleness is what I want tonight.” Escort Acıbadem I answered her by gently lifting her and placing her on the bed on her back. I was going to be gentle with her but I wanted her to know that I could dominate her whenever I wanted. Tonight I didn’t want to dominate her but would if she signaled me that that is what she wanted. Essie never tried to dominate me, I don’t think I could let that happen. I’m not a bully, but I want my woman to know I’m her protector and will be there when she needs me. Call me a pig, but that’s the way I am. I slid onto the bed next to her and kissed her softly, letting my lips brush against her lips, against her cheek and her ear. I whispered, “I love you Essie. Will you love me back? Will you love me with your body as I love you with mine?” Essie let a slight moan escape from her lips. I slipped her sheer top off her shoulders, her breasts now exposed to my lips. I circled her areola with my tongue, slowly tightening the circle until my lips closed over her nipple. I gently sucked, I let my teeth lightly scrape her nipple as I pulled away. I moved to her other breast and did the same. I repeated this until she was moaning and her breathing did a sharp intake as her nipple popped from my lips. I kissed my way down further, over her belly button, over her flat belly. My lips stopped just over her clitoral hood as my tongue teased its way under and against her clit. Essie gasped. Essie’s pussy was very wet now. Her slit was sparkling with her love juices. A small rivulet leaking out of her cunt and over her anus. My baby was ready for my cock, but I had more lovemaking in mind. I gently lifted and spread her legs, positioning myself between them. My face was within millimeters of her hot sex. I slipped her clit between my index finger and middle finger and slowly rubbed up and down. Essie’s clit responded by swelling. My tongue, light as a feather, moved against her clit, drawing a star. I knew Essie would be cumming soon when I ate her this way. “Oh god, Randy, oh god, keep that up… you know I love the way you lick my clit. Don’t stop until I cum.” I slipped my middle finger into her cunt. Her wetness seemed more slippery than before. I went knuckle deep then turned my finger and rubbed it across her G-Spot like I was motioning her to come to me. Essie moaned more deeply now and her breathing stepped up. She was building for an orgasm. I slipped my index finger in now also. With two fingers rubbing her G-Spot, she climaxed. I pressed my fingers tight up against her spot and held them there with as much pressure as I could exert. Essie’s cunt was milking my fingers, and her labia were expanding and contracting with the spasms of her orgasm. I felt her release a small squirt of fluid that landed on my wrist, which I immediately licked up. Essie tastes good, not salty, but not sweet either. I can’t explain how she tastes except that I like it. I removed my fingers and licked her juices while sucking her pussy into my mouth.

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