Anticipation Pays Off


I was lying in her bed waiting, nervously. Waiting for the first kiss; the one that was supposed to change everything. Months of anticipation and planning couldn’t even prepare me for the moment. When I came out of my thoughts, I noticed as she looked at me — at my lips and then back into my eyes again. I watched her. She was playing with my hair and inched a little closer. She slowly leaned in to kiss me. And hesitated just an inch from my lips. I could feel her breath, as I am sure she felt mine. A second later, she kissed me. I felt a surge throughout my body. It was amazing. She kissed me a little harder for a few minutes, and then slowly pulled away. She stared into my eyes and ran her fingers down the back of my neck, then down my spine. I shivered.

She then pushed my hair out of the way, lowered her lips to my neck and kissed it, then moved back up to my ear lobe. After a moment of teasing me, she grabbed my thigh and pulled herself between my legs, wrapping them around her. She whispered in my ear, “I want you.” Feeling her breath on my ear was so hot. It turned me on even more than I already was – if that was possible. It sent a chill up my spine and I bit my bottom lip. She was on top of me now, straddling me and kissing me.

After her hands wandered up and down the sides of my body while she was kissing me, she grabbed my hands and held them down above my head. I moved one of my legs and strategically placed it between hers. With one free hand, she took my glasses off and threw them on the floor. With that same hand, she gently lifted up my head and kissed me again. My leg was still between her thighs at this point and she was gently grinding on it. She was so hot. She let go of my hands for a second and in that instant, I grabbed her and flipped her over onto her back. I climbed on top of her. She tried to get up but I resisted, pushing her shoulders back down onto the bed. I kissed her hard, then got up and looked at her as I ran my fingers through her hair. I breathed into her ear, “Fuck me, Allison.” I knew it drove her crazy to not be in control with me asking her to fuck me.

I kissed Anadolu Yakası Escort her earlobe and made my way down her neck. I bit it lightly and then took her shirt off. Her skin, so soft, smelled so amazing. I sat up and looked at her for a second before she pulled me back down on top of her and she pulled my hair as she bit my neck and then kissed down to my clavicle. I then leaned down and kissed her and teased her with my tongue while holding her down. Her hands made their way to the small of my back. Her touch made my muscles tighten.

She pulled me closer to her and sucked my neck as she moved me onto my side and ran her hand down my body. I shivered slightly again and breathed out. She bit my lower lip and slid her hand under my shirt. Ran her fingers along the seam of my bra. Then she kissed me as she unhooked my bra and pushed me onto my back again, pulling my shirt and bra off. She started grinding against me slowly. My breath became heavy and my pelvis began to thrust under her. She continued to kiss me, teasing me with her tongue, sliding it against mine and then slowly pulling away. After a few minutes of this, she completely pulled away and hovered right above my lips.

I know she could feel the heat radiating from me as she pressed her body against mine. If she could get any closer, she’d be inside of me. She knew she was driving me crazy. I secretly loved it. She kept going slowly. She kissed my neck again, knowing that it was my sweet spot. I could feel the blood pulsing through the temple where my neck met my chin and I saw her smile as she lowered her head and sucked it gently.

She began to run her fingers gently around my nipple. And kissed down my neck again, to my clavicle, then down to my breast, where her fingers had already made my nipple hard. And she licked my nipple and breathed on it, gently pinching it and kissed me there. While she was doing that, she slowly slid one hand down my leg and ran her fingers along the edge of my jeans, just so that I could barely feel it. She looked into my eyes and then kissed me passionately, Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan as she unbuttoned and slowly unzipped them. She could now feel how wet I was. She said she wanted to be inside of me, but instead of doing anything about it, ran her hands back up my body and pressed my shoulders down and kissed me until it felt like neither of us could take it anymore. She was nearly shaking as I rolled out from underneath her. I pushed her down hard and sat up, and kissed her again as I got on top of her. And she let me.

As I was kissing her, I slid my hand down her back and unhooked her bra. I took it off and threw it on the floor. She sighed and I took her hand. Began to kiss her finger tips and took her middle finger in my mouth and sucked it, then bit it lightly. She moaned and I put her hand down, kissing up her arm, moving back to her lips. I kissed her softly at first, then harder, grazing my tongue against hers. I bit her bottom lip and then pulled away for a second, hovering right above her mouth. She moved up to kiss me and I resisted, smiling. It was all about the tease.

I held her face and kissed her one more time before moving down to her ear. I breathed on it for a second and then kissed and licked her earlobe. I moved down and kissed her behind her ear, down to her neck, then made my way across her chest. I breathed on her nipple, making it hard, and then kissed it while rubbing the other one with my finger. I began to suck harder, making her moan more. I looked up and her eyes were shut tightly. “I want you so badly,” she whispered heavily. “Please, fuck me now, I can’t take it anymore.” I smiled and moved my face back up to kiss her again – to stop her words. I wanted to make her wait. I noticed how amazingly soft her lips were. While kissing her, I traced my fingers down her chest, down her stomach, and rested them just on her hip. I moved down and undid her belt. After sliding it off, I kissed down her neck, her chest, and her stomach. I licked a line down from her breast to her hips and proceeded to take her pants off. I unbuttoned Escort Anadolu Yakası the top and then stopped and kissed back up to her neck. I sucked on it gently as I grazed her nipple with two fingers. I could feel her pulsating underneath me. It was so hot. At that moment, I decided enough was enough and I pulled her pants off so that I could feel her wetness against mine.

I grinded on top of her for a few minutes; our bodies in synch, moving together while kissing passionately. I couldn’t imagine anything better. Right then, she must have decided that I wasn’t allowed to be on the top anymore and flipped me back onto my back. I thought I had thrown away the pillow princess crown, but apparently, like a halo, it shone through in the dark. She pulled my jeans off and then my underwear and started kissing up from my ankle, to the underside of my knee, to my thigh. She then teased my clit with two fingers as she kissed up to my neck and then straddled me, grinding against me. She pulled my hair as she kissed me. I started to moan and my body was pulsating under hers. She rubbed her clit in circles against mine and whispered in my ear, “I love you, Samantha.” I got butterflies. She kept touching me and teasing me until I couldn’t take it anymore. I started to breathe faster.

Right when I was close, she slowed down. I tried to pull her closer but she stopped and kissed down my neck, down my stomach, and slid a finger inside of her mouth then traced down my body with it. She paused right before reaching my clit and looked up. Smiled. She easily slid her finger inside of me as she kissed my clit and traced her tongue in circles around it, fucking me gently. I was so wet and hot. She slid another finger inside of me and I gasped slightly but let her keep going. She sucked my clit and slid her fingers deeper inside of me. My pelvis rose slightly as she rubbed my G-Spot. I started to lose control. My moaning became louder and my leg began to shake uncontrollably. I started to come as she traced her tongue up and down, then in circles. While she was kissing and sucking me, I felt my muscles tighten and relax around her fingers. I was moaning and my pelvis was thrusting until I finally calmed down. And my breathing slowed a little and became deeper. She slid her fingers out and kissed back up to my neck, and then my mouth. She stopped there for must a moment and looked into my eyes before kissing me softly again. I pulled back and said, “I love you too.”

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