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This is a true story that happened with my wife carol and I.

The time is the 70s and i was in the army,carol and I had been married for 3 years and in the habit of reading adult magazines, talking about our fantasies but never doing anything except flirting at parties.

This all changed when we were posted to GERMANY and carol found herself left alone a great deal of the time with no real friends or family to keep her company. We started to argue a lot and i went out on excersise more frequintly than before, carol stated that she wanted to find a job on the british net to meet people and make friends.

I new the NAAFI manager Len who was looking for a replacement in his store. The store was a small one with only len and one other member of staff who’s husband was being posted back to UK.

Carol started work and it seemed that she was enjoying the new job,our sex life seemed to change for the better and she appeared to take the inishative in our love making leading me down new roads, flirting and teasing more ,even dressing more daringly when we were out with friends.

Len became more socable and seemed to join our company more at mess parties Ect.

After about 3 months with more excersises than normal i came back to camp for more supplies, the camp was dead as all the troops were out on the exersise and we only had the camp guard in barracks. It was lunch time as i arrived back and i went to my quarter thinking carol would be home for lunch but she was not there so i went to the NAAFI but the shop was closed for lunch but i could hear music playing. I knocked and called her name thinking that she had stayed at work to have lunch as this had become more commen as the weeks went on.

Going into my office to read my mail and put the kettle on for a coffee i heard the door open and carol came in looking flushed as though she had been running. We talked and she explained that she had lunch and fell asleep on a chair, woke up to the door being banged and me calling her name out but by the time she reached the door i had gone.

We had a coffee and spoke all the time i was thinking how sexy she was looking, i gave her a long kiss but she appeared flustered even though i could feel how hard her tits were through her dress. I moved my hand down th her legs as by this time i had a tremendous erection that was fit to explode and i was getting randier by the second. She still was keeping her legs closed tightly together as i kissed her and tryed to open her legs to gain entry as she was leaning on the edge of my desk.

I said it allright we will not be disturbed, as i forced her legs appart i was surprised to feel her hairy fanny with no nickers on and as i entered her fanny with my finger she felt very wet, i could also feel her clitoris which felt larger than normal and this in turn made me even more randier and we both like giving head. I lifted her up on the end of my desk and pushed her dress round her waist, looking down i could see just how large her clitoris had become and the sheen off her fanny juice pouring out from the lips. This made me even more determined to go down and suck her out, she tried to stop me by pulling me towards her with my cock as she wanted to be fucked but no way as I wanted to get my way and eat her out.

She bursa escort lay back and i could see her close her eyes as i went down to lick her, on removing my fingers from her clitoris to get my mouth onto her clitoris i licked my fingers thinking that she tasted different from normal but as i started to suck her out i realised that it was spunk i was tasting and not her fanny juice.

I pulled away not knowing if i was angry or what and shouted “you have been fucked, who was it Len?

She started to cry saying that she had missed me and was frustrated due to lack of sex with me being away so often and had been crying when Len gave her a cuddle and before she new what was happening they were kissing and he was stroking her tits as she could feel his erection pushing hard against her,they had been on the floor and len was just bringing her to a climax and started to spunk into her fanny when they heard me at the door banging and shouting.

As she cryed she said it was the first time, she was sorry and it would not happen again. As she spoke i realised i had an even bigger hard-on and i wanted to get my own back, i turned her round pushed her dress up and stuck my cock into her from behind ,forcefully and hard as i shagged her with all my anger and frustrations.

As we fucked i asked her if she had enjoyed it and asked how big he was, she kept meeting my thrusts stroke for stroke ,telling me he was about my size but much thicker with a big circumsised purple headed cock. At that i exploded into her feeling and hearing her shout as she reached her own orgasim at the same moment.

I looked at her glazed eyes and the small smile she gave me and reminded her of the fantasis we had spoken about and read in the magazens and asked for the truth “had she realy enjoyed fucking Len”? She looked at me and said” yes up untill she heard me at tho door of the shop and they had both froze-up but she could still feel him shooting into her as her own orgasm carried on, that was why it took her so long to get dressed and come to find me”

I told her i did not mind but she could carry on fucking Len so long as she told me and there had to be no secrets between us.

Len and us kept meeting socialy but he never new that i was awair he had and was still fucking carol. One evening a few weeks later carol came home late from work,this was now normal if she had wanted a quick fuck after finnishing, we went to bed for a quick fuck before tea. As i was licking her pussy she said “something new happened today” they had finnished lunch and been teasing each other and one thing led to another as they started to fuck, carol wanted it doggy fashion so len had been hammering her from behind as carol was on her knees with her head resting on her hands when len had pulled out too far ,rammed back into her and missed her fanny and entered her anus. She laughed as she told me it had happened so fast and all she felt was a slight friction burn for a second as len kept on fucking her from behind not knowing he was not in her cunt, she put one hand under herself and had started to finger her cunt and clitoris as he shagged away at her untill suddenly she felt she wanted to piss and at the same time a tremendous orgasim racked her whole body and the next thing she new was coming bursa escort bayan to with len on top of her rubbing her head and asking if she was o.k.

She told me it had been great and we had stuck the odd finger or two into each others arse but i had never fucked her with my cock in her arse before, as i licking her out she had a small orgasim and as i looked at her she held a tube of KY JELLY open squeesing some jelly onto her fingers i watched as she rubbed it into her anus then inserted first one finger then a second finger into her arse pushing and streaching it open as i looked on. I started pulling on my cock as i watched this display, she spoke and said “no i want you to fuck my arse”.

I had never tried this before so as she got onto her knees i posistioned my cock at her arse gentle touching the hole only to find carol pushing hard back onto my cock as all 7 inches slid in easily. She started to push and pull without any help from me untill i grabbed her hips and met her stroke for stroke. once again she had an explosive orgasim and as we lay talking she confesed the len had been fucking her from the first week she had started working for him and the more they shagged the more shagging she had wanted but she did not know if or how to tell me untill the day i had come home early. She did say she wondered how it would feel having two cocks fucking her at the same time,w e laughed and i remember saying to her see len and fix it up? She smilled and said maybe.

Just over a week later we had a big mess dance and on the seating plan we found ourselfs and len all sitting together, we were all drinking steadily at dinner and when the meal was finnished we started dancing and drinking even more, i caught carol giving len drinks and leaving me to get my own, i said to her be carefull len will get too drunk and be to ill to find his way home, she smilled and said “so what let him enjoy himself” as she rubbed my cock through my trousers flicking it as she walked away.

At one oclock the dance broke up and as we went to the door Len pulled out his car keys, carol grabbed them and said” no way are you driving you can come home with us and sleep the drink off. looking at me as she said cant he?

When we got back to our quarted i went to get a drink, carol said she was going to get out of her evening dress and len sat down on the sittee. As i came back in carol had put on a baby doll nightdress, short with a good veiw if she bent over,she was leaning over len taking his shirt and tie off with her left breast brushing his lips as she pulled his shirt of, he started sucking her nippil but she pushed him back and started pulling his trousers of as i watched i saw his briefs were caught and being pulled off with the trousers, she looked round and waved for me to pull back outside as she said to Len lie there i will be back in a second.

She came out and said just watch len is so drunk he will not remember anything in the morning, i felt her fanny and it was soaking wet ,she pulled my fingers away laughing as she stuck them into my mouth and walked away.

I watched from the door as carol started stroking his cock and suddenly i saw why she had a fixation about his cock as it grew larger it must have been at least eight inches long and as thick as my wrist, escort bursa the head appeared more dark blue than purple and i felt that i was small in comparison to this cock. I watched as carol took the head first into her mouth and slowly lowered her head taking the full shaft down her throut. After about five miniuts she said to len stay there i will be back in a second, running past me she said remember last week ,get your cloths off as she ran upstairs.

She returned carrying the tube of KY jelly, smilling at me with a faraway look in her eyes as she opened the tube and returned to len. I watched again as she pulled len down onto the carpet got on top of him and plunged herself over his cock at the same time sinking down onto his shaft.

She still had the tube of KY and was rubbing some into her anus as she was shagging len , she looked round and waved me in pointing to her arse,I mounted behind her and after being in a few times now, i just pushed fully into her. All three off us seemed to be co ordinating our movements, thrust for thrust .I am not even sure if len new i was there or not as we both fucked carol for all we were worth.

Suddenly after what felt like a very short time carol yelled and her body started to shake and tremble uncontrolably just as shot my load into her arse and at the same time i realised that it felt like lens cock and mine were in the same hole as i felt him explode inside carol.

I pulled out of carol and she rolled over from len, he looked at me said nothing and i started to lightly stroke her fanny hairs, i felt a hand join mine and len was stroking her clitoris and pushing a finger I to her hole. This was too much for my mind and i felt my cock growing larger by the second so i pulled carol up and started to shag her doggy fashion with her on her knees, i felt movement under me and realised that len had craweled under and was licking her fanny as i was fucking her and it felt so very good carol was panting again in the throws of another orgasim and i shot my load very quickly into her fanny.

I lay on carol with len still underneath us as my cock shrunk and slipped from her hole,i could feel len still licking her fanny and then suddenly my cock felt his hot breath as he had taked my cock into his mouth and was giving me a blowjob, it was thrilling and at the same time frightning as i did not know how carol would react if she saw this. I just froze and shut my eyes untill i felt carol pulling out from between us, as she turned round she winked and blew me a kiss, putting her back against the sittee she opened her fanny and started to stroke and pull at her cunt while she watched len suck me off.

As things happened faster i looked over and carol was masterbaiting her clitoris with one hand and ramming the fingers of her other hand into her open hole,i could see she had her hand so far into herself that it only stopped at her knuckles, at this i suddenly shot another load of spunk right into lens mouth just as carol screamed and came with me.

I rolled off len as carol crawled over and gave us both a big hug and kiss, me first then len and i watched as he pushed the last of my spunk from his mouth into hers.

We lay together for some time untill carol moved and said “time for bed”, we made a drink and went upstairs to bed, at that carol laughed and said she was not making the spare bed len could share with us.

She jumped naked into our bed, rolled into the middle patting either side and said “one either side please.”

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