At the nudist beach (repost)


At the nudist beach (repost)My wife and I were in the south of Greece on vacation recently and had a great time. On our 2nd day we were at the beach and wanted to check out a small island just off the shore. We were told there was a nudist beach there so after some persuasion I got my wife to go over there with me on a pedal boat.We had been there about an hour and my wife was (with some reluctance) nude bathing when a motor-boat kept going past and eventually pulled in.There were two (English) guys in their mid 20’s in it one of which I recognised as the guy that said it was a nudist beach. Trying to hide the hopeful erection in my trunks these guys moored the boat and came up to join us. My wife half-awake tried to cover up but I persuaded her not to bother (some more booze helped).We ‘guys’ talked about the boat, the weather and night-life, etc. all this time they were so obviously eying her up .”More sun cream I think” I said and handed the bottle to one of the guys to put on … and he pinbahis güvenilirmi did … slowly and carefully around her shoulders, boobs, tummy and (with a “can I” glance to me) her thighs.Whether she forgot they were there, was half-asleep or was into it I am still not sure but her legs flattened and her knees parted slightly.The other guy then took over and wiped more on her thighs and with his thumbs he pressed some around her pussy. My wife’s pussy being massaged right in front of me. I had a hardon like a tent-pole but then so did these guys too.I then moved up and kissed her face and lips while one of the guys massaged her thighs and pussy some more. She kissed back. The guy was now kneeling between her opened legs and pulling down his trunks to reveal a thick hardon With all the massaging she was open-legged and very moist (oil or not who cares).At this point she “came round” and being very red and embarrassed smiled at me, moaned as the guys thumbs probed pinbahis yeni giriş deeper and closed her eyes. I kissed her more and said “are you okay” to which she simply replied “hm hmmmm” and I moved down to suck and bite her nipples as she put her arms around my neck.The guys probing between her knees was not going to be stopped now … he positioned himself between her open knees and teased her with the tip of his cock. She reacted by closing her eyes tighter and gyrating as if to find it and pull it in.The guy simply aimed with one had and slid his glans in then lay an elbow either side of her chest and slid inside her … slowly at first then with more force. her eyes were forced open with the size, and ferocity of his thrusting but there was no stopping him (or her) by now. I backed off to observe and saw the other guy stroking himself through his trunks and I did the same. Meanwhile this guy was now treating my wife like a lump of fuck-meat.He simply said pinbahis giriş mumbled to her things like “c’mon girl … take it … take it” she herumphed, moaned and groaned. At one stage I could hear him saying “fucking happy slapper you are babes.”After around 10 minutes of hard fucking he propped himself up and started thrusting slowly and deeply as she raised her knees even higher, put her hands around his back and slid down to his bum pulling him in deeper and digging her nails into his butt.He then bent down and thrusted into my wife harder and deeper as he gave her a bite on the neck right there in front of me as she dug her nails in his butt and back.His grunting and her moaning said it all and within a few more minutes he was grinding his last drops of cum into her and she was whining at the flood she had in her.The guy simply got up, rubbed his knees and said “awesome mate … see you around man” and got in the boat and left with his mate.My wife was left smiling from ear to ear and said “wow … did you hear that” and wiping cum off her tummy with the edge of the towel. “Fuck I needed that” she said “me too” I replied.We lay there a while until I had got ready then I fucked her too … it was kinda horny to be sloppy seconds to some k** but she got off on it.

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