Aunt Agrees


It was 9:30 when I woke up that morning, and it was the second week that I would be living with my aunt. Now my aunt was about 5’6, 130 pounds, with a size 36dd breasts size and a great ass, as you can see I’ve checked a few things out since I’ve moved in, being 18 years old and all. My aunt has never had any kids and never married so her excellent figure has lasted, she’s now 42. When I woke up that morning I found my aunt preparing breakfast in the kitchen. She was wearing the sexiest lingerie I had ever seen, that lingerie was a see through babydoll, and under that she had on a white bra, a white thong, a white garterbelt, and white thigh highs. I was really wondering what was going on or if she had forgot to change before I got up.

“Good morning aunty” I said.

“O hello Matt, I hope you don’t mind what I’m wearing because something a little different is going to happen today” she responded

“O I don’t mind what your wearing at all Aunty, I think you look sexy as h*ll, but what’s this change you are talking about?”

“Well Matt, as long bilecik seks hikayeleri as you live in my house I want you to wear lingerie, you don’t have to go out of the house as a girl but as long as your here I want you to wear female underwear.”

This shocked me but at the same time I was intrigued because I’ve always wanted to try on panties, thongs, and other female lingerie. As I thought about this and became immediately turned on, and then my cock began to grow and I could feel it getting hard.

As my aunt say this she continued, “Also, if you decide that you will do this, I will let you play with me and me you. Also your new name at home will be Alexa.”

“Aunty, I will do this for you, this sounds unbelievably great.”

“Ok, lets go try on some clothes.”

As she led me upstairs to her master bedroom, she had me strip of my boxers and t-shirt that I was wearing, when we go to her room she closed the doors behind us so this could be a special moment between the two of us. I immediately saw a gift box on her bed. “Now Alexa, why don’t you go over there and see what’s in your present, and see what you think.”

I spread out all the lingerie on her bed. I began trying on all the different types of lingerie. There were panties, thongs, g-string (those didn’t fit that well), babydolls, teddiettes, French maid costumes, and a few others. Clearly my aunt had been planning this day for a while. As I was trying them on my cock got rock hard from the feel of silk and satin on it. My Aunt recognized this after a couple outfits and then came over and rubbed my cock through the silky material.

“Aunty that feels so wonderful please continue”

“NO, not now Alexa first we have to pick out the outfit your going to wear today.”

As we continued my favorite lingerie that she had purchased for me was a pair of satin skin colored panties, when they were on I felt like I was in heaven. Those panties had a matching corset, which felt lovely on me as well. As I continued trying on other lingerie (after I had put the other set in my favorite pile) I found a lovely black teddiette that aunty had purchased for me. A thong and stockings accompanied the teddiette and as that was put on, I realized I liked this set very much too. Again, my dick got very hard and my aunt came over and rubbed it, which only made it bigger, but I did feel good. I continued to try on the rest of the lingerie but decided I that I would wear the panties with the matching corset.

“Ok Alexa, now that I see your set we can continue”

Aunty then got my panties and corset and helped me into them. As she was doing this by cock was again getting bigger and harder, and since my cock is rather nice size (8 inches), it started to strain the panties. Again, my aunt rubbed it but this time, since it was the third time she had teased me I almost came. After I was dressed in my corset and panties my aunt brought me down stairs where one of her friends was standing. I was immediately embarrassed but really turned on at the thought of another women seeing me in panties.

“Hi Jennifer” my aunt said, “This is Alexa.”

“Hi Alexa, responded Jennifer.

“I thought the three of us could have some fun together.” My aunt said with a smile.

To be continued…

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