B5 Chapter 7 Jeanne’s Introduction


B5 Chapter 7 Jeanne’s IntroductionChapter 7: Jeanne’s IntroductionClyda, Dee Dee and Jordan took their seats on the far side of the stage of the auditorium. Tiffany stopped at the podium, and addressed the assembled amazons.”All right everyone. I hate to start sounding repetitive whenever I’m up here, but we have to make some more critical decisions. A short time ago, Barocca committed some very serious acts in the Main Event. As a result of her actions, she was expelled from the Island.”Between then and now, Barocca has taken actions and gathered evidence about our Island colony here. To make a long story short, she’s threatened to go public and expose us to the media and the rest of the world. While it wouldn’t be the end of the world for us, it would definitely make things considerably more difficult, and draw a lot of unwanted attention that we don’t need to us.”As everyone knows, we took liberties and bent the rules, when we decided to make Jordan a shemale amazon. Because of that, Barocca obviously felt that she was entitled to do the same thing. Somehow, someway, Barocca has managed to create her own shemale amazon.”We’ve agreed to hold a contest between Jordan and Barocca’s new girl for control over the Island. Whichever side wins will have total control and domination over the other. I don’t like having to risk everything on a situation like this, any more than the rest of you. But since Jordan and Barocca’s girl seem to be at the root of things, we felt it was best if they had it out between each other.”I want to stress to all of you, that this will be a contest featuring both girls in all types of sexual events, both giving and receiving pleasure. By the time we’re done, we’ll all know everything that there is to know about these two ladies. We are not going to have only one or two events where one side might ‘fix’ the outcome, and have things decided too quickly. The very first event will be a Milking contest between the two girls. Which ever side wins, they can choose the next event. It’ll go back and forth until there’s a clear-cut winner, that everyone can agree upon.”Now I’ll turn things over to Barocca, and she’ll introduce her new girl to everyone.” Tiffany pressed a button on the podium, which signaled Barocca, who was waiting in the anteroom.Tiffany took her seat, and Barocca strode over to the podium. “Hello, everyone. I heard that you missed me, so I’m back.” A number of girls muttered under their breath, and several blatantly gave Barocca the finger as she surveyed the audience.”My, my. Aren’t we the feisty ones today?” teased Barocca.”Cut the bullshit and get to the point, bitch,” called out one girl.”Say your piece, and get the fuck out of here, Barocca,” called out another. The crowd was quickly turning ugly, as the memory of Barocca’s actions, and her mysterious escape was still fresh in everyone’s mind.”All right, ladies, I’ll get right to the point. As Tiffany mentioned, I’ve taken out an ‘insurance policy’, in the form of a full-blown exposé on the Island, to insure my safety for the time being. It goes into enough details on things like unpaid taxes, no land or real estate deeds, and Dee Dee’s unauthorized medical procedures, to shut this place down in a hot fucking minute, if I should go public with it.”But I don’t want to shut down our little home here any more than you do. I do however want to make major changes in the way things are done. To that end, I created my very own shemale amazon. My girl and Jordan are gonna have it out in a major contest in one month to decide who controls the Island. “Okay, everyone. I think some introductions are in order here. I’ll admit it probably hasn’t been a well-kept secret, that I recruited, and then brought someone to the Island recently.” Barocca pressed the button on the podium that signaled to Jeanne to come into the auditorium from the anteroom. An attractive black girl walked towards the center of the stage, wearing a red satin robe. “This is Jeanne, girls. Some of you might even recognize her, from her career in fuck videos, years ago. So she’s no stranger to performing in front of an audience. Go ahead and remove your robe, Jeanne.”Jeanne slithered out of her robe like a stripper, and handed it to Barocca. The overhead lights reflected the rippled definitions of her well-defined arms and legs, as well as her flat, muscular tummy. Jeanne could have easily passed for a competitive body builder. A well-groomed mane of softly curled black hair outlined the thin smirk on her face. The most notable feature of Jeanne was the huge bulge in the front of the red spandex bikini that she wore. Approximately the size of a small g****fruit, her package stressed the tight material to its absolute limits. Jeanne stood a few paces apart from Barocca, with her hands on her hips. The other amazons in the auditorium were already sizing Jeanne up, and drinking in her body’s features. Despite the tension in the air, everyone was mentally imagining what Jeanne might look like completely naked, and were formulating their own fantasies that they would like to carry out with her, at a later time and place.Jeanne’s pose was somewhat calm, and almost modest, as she made no outward moves yet to flaunt or display herself to the other amazons. Other girls were bustier, although Jeanne certainly had a nice full set of breasts. Still other girls were even more muscularly developed, particularly Ebony. What made Jeanne stand out was her facial expression. New girls were typically timid and somewhat shy as they were first introduced to the amazons. Newcomers usually displayed the type of awe and reverence that was reserved for whenever someone met an actor or celebrity.If ever the expression ‘the cat who ate the canary’ could be embodied in an individual, it was personified in Jeanne today. Although she was trying not to overly smirk, or be too openly brazen, Jeanne had an air of anticipation and excitement that was noticeable to everyone.”I won’t bore everyone here with a lot of tedious scientific explanations,” said Barocca.”What you’ll soon see before you, is the result of years of development and research on my own. I have invented a growth hormone for the penis. As well as a means of giving a girl her fully developed penis in one operation. Jeanne has undergone that operation, and has also been administered small doses of the hormone in the form of injections for the past three weeks.”The exact method of how Jeanne had received her cock wasn’t entirely true. Barocca felt it was better to sell her story 1xbet yeni giriş with a slightly different spin, rather than admitting she had openly pirated Dee Dee’s technology, and also having to explain the alien software.Off to the side of the stage, Dee Dee, Tiffany, and some other amazons watched Barocca’s presentation with a growing sense of unease.”Years of development and research on my own,” muttered Dee Dee, not bothering to conceal her contempt. “What a crock of bullshit. Anyone who’s been on the Island as long as we have can tell she stole my work. I’ve got half a mind to operate on her without anesthetic.””None of us likes this any more than you do, Dee Dee,” replied Tiffany. “We’re stuck with this because the threat of Barocca’s exposé has forced our hand here. Because we gave Jordan special treatment and broke the rules, Barocca’s got us over a barrel, forcing this contest to take place.””Everyone knows why we’re here,” said Barocca. “So we’ll get right down to cases. Actions speak far louder than words. And there’s no denying what you’ve all come here to see. So without further delay; Jeanne would you do the honors, please?””Certainly, Barocca. I’d love to.” Jeanne gave a quick wriggle of her hips, and a slight tug with her hands on her bikini panties. In an instant, her panties slid to the floor, and Jeanne deftly kicked them to the side with her foot.Jeanne’s cock was a magnificent sight to behold. Although it was completely soft, it dangled almost to the top of the girl’s knees. Even in this state, it was a full eleven inches in length and almost three inches in diameter. The bulbous head was a dark brown and glistened softly in the harsh light. Jeanne’s testicles were equally proportioned, like two plump tomatoes swaying gently in her nut-sack. The skin of her cock and pelvis were tanned to perfectly blend with the rest of her body. Off to the side, Jordan noticed that she actually had produced a small drop of saliva in the corner of her mouth as she watched Jeanne remove her bikini bottom. Jordan watched the bikini drop to the floor to reveal one of the longest, thickest cocks that Jordan had ever laid eyes on. The auditorium was filled with appropriate ‘oohs’ and ‘ahs’ and even a few girlish snickers. Jordan found her hands reaching towards her crotch to finger her clit and massage her balls without consciously realizing it. Sitting next to Jordan, Clyda noticed her fidgeting in her seat. Clyda elbowed Jordan gently in the ribs, forcing her to stop her fondling herself.”My, aren’t we easy to please?” snickered Clyda. “You’d think that you’d never seen a cock before, girl.””Sorry,” blushed Jordan. “I guess I just can’t help it.””Just keep your hands away from yourself for a few minutes,” scolded Clyda, as she slapped Jordan on the wrist. “If you start playing with yourself, we’re going to wind up with either a riot or an orgy on our hands. We can’t have you loosing control and shooting off in front of the audience just yet.””As you can see,” announced Barocca, “the size of Jeanne’s penis and scrotum far exceed many of the cocks that you’ve already seen on the Island previously.” “The increase in the length and thickness of the penis, while impressive, is really only one effect of the hormone,” continued Barocca. “Its other main functions are to increase the production of semen in the body, and also improving the circulatory and cardiovascular systems to allow getting an erection in record time. I think that a complete, graphic demonstration is in order to show you just what I mean.” Barocca turned and faced Jeanne.”Jeanne, would you be so kind as to give yourself an erection?” Barocca requested. “I’m sure the audience here is very interested in seeing just how big your cock will actually get.””No problem, Barocca,” replied Jeanne. “I thought you’d never ask.””I think you might find this helpful,” said Barocca, as she handed Jeanne a jar of the typical lubricating jelly that was commonly used by almost all the amazons on the Island.From her seat, Jordan gazed at first into the eyes of Jeanne, but soon her stare fixed on the massive organ between her legs. Jeanne took several scoops of jelly just to sufficiently lubricate the entire length of her shaft, even though it was still limp. Now Jeanne shed any pretenses of modesty or shyness. Like a veteran stripper or entertainer, Jeanne knew she had the audience riveted on her and her cock.Jeanne put one hand on the base of her big dick and tried to wrap her fingers all the way around, but it was simply too large. With her cock limp, Jeanne could force her hand to encircle the girth of her cock, but it was quickly becoming more difficult. As her cock filled with blood, it was like trying to keep a bicycle tire from inflating with air at the gas station. Jeanne resolved to using both of her hands in combination to constrict her penis and begin stiffening it. Clenching her fists tightly, Jeanne began to slowly draw her hands from the base of the trunk to the tip of the head. Jeanne’s penis began to pulse and grow. She continued massaging her organ, varying the tightness of her grip and the speed of her stroke. Jeanne’s cock grew and lengthened at a remarkable rate. Even the amazons, who were accustomed to seeing huge pieces of cockmeat on a daily basis, were amazed at how quickly Jeanne’s piece of meat sprouted to life before their eyes.Jeanne’s eyes glowed with a sexual lust and energy that was evident to everyone in the auditorium. Every amazon felt a feeling of sexual pride and lust whenever they aroused their cocks to erection, and admired them, and displayed them for their partners. But Jeanne had a look of lust and passion in her face as she watched her cock grow to its full size that was almost demonic looking. Before anyone had really realized it, Jeanne stood before the audience of amazons, with her hard-on proudly reaching out into the air, and glistening wetly from all the jelly that had been smeared on it.By alternating between lengthwise stokes and a twisting motion, Jeanne had been able to stiffen her cock to a rampaging full erection in well under a minute. Jeanne stood facing the audience of amazons with her hands on her hips, brazenly and proudly displaying her massive cock for all to see. Jeanne’s cock seemed to twitch and throb in the air, as though it had a life of its own.”What do you think, girls?” Jeanne coyly asked the audience. “What I’ve got is every bit as big, if not bigger, than almost any other cock you’ll see on the Island. The only competition might 1xbet güvenilir mi be from that freak that you call Ebony.””Quite impressive, wouldn’t you say, girls?” Barocca knew that she had a captive audience by now. Mentally, Barocca was forcing herself to keep calm. It wasn’t wise for Jeanne to make any kind of taunts about Ebony, especially in front of all these witnesses. Still, Jeanne had already blurted out her taunt in front of everyone.”Let’s just see what the tale of the tape says about Jeanne’s meat,” said Barocca as she produced a tape measure from the podium.”If you’ll relax yourself for just a moment please, Jeanne,” asked Barocca. Jeanne released her breath and let her cock lower slightly, so it now stood out from her crotch at a ninety-degree angle, like a battering ram.Barocca placed one end of the tape measure against the end of Jeanne’s cock where it joined her pelvis, and Jeanne playfully placed her little finger on the end of it to hold it in place.Barocca slowly unrolled the tape measure along the rest of the shaft of Jeanne’s cock. Barocca didn’t bother to count off the numbers. The sheer amount of time it took for Barocca to reach the head of Jeanne’s cock spelled out the tremendous size of Jeanne’s meat far more dramatically than any words could do.”Well now,” said Barocca. “If I read this right, I make out to be that Jeanne has just under twenty-four inches of cock between her legs. Would anyone like to come down here and verify things for themselves?”The auditorium had grown ominously quiet. Although she didn’t say a word, Jeanne made no attempt to conceal the incredible glee and lust she was feeling, as many of the amazons stared at her with open mouths.”Twenty-four inches,” announced Barocca. “Now where have I heard that particular number before?”Many of the amazons turned their heads towards Jordan. From her seat, Jordan fantasized what she might do with such a huge cock that so closely resembled her own. Her mind began to race with erotic images filled with passionate sucking and fucking. Could she fit something that big inside her? Jordan had taken roughly that much cockmeat inside her when she had faced Ebony, as well as from the other girls in the Main Event. But seeing Jeanne spring to life so quickly, and with such malicious glee on her face, caused something to quiver and shake in the pit of Jordan’s stomach.”All right Jeanne,” Barocca ordered, “Now please show our audience what happens if you continue to stimulate your cock.” Jeanne began to masturbate her cock. The only sound in the auditorium was the telltale slapping and smacking sounds Jeanne’s hand made, as she ran her left hand up and down the shaft of her cock. Jeanne’s right hand gripped her scrotal sac, and began squeezing and massaging her balls. It was obvious from her fluid movements that Jeanne was an expert at this technique. As her stokes came faster and faster, Jeanne’s large breasts began to jiggle and bounce. She began to pump herself furiously, as though her life somehow depended on it. Jeanne continued to fist-fuck her penis with all of her strength. Jeanne moaned as every muscle in her body flexed and pulsated. Her back arched and her cock jutted straight upwards toward the ceiling. A thick, white stream of cum burst from Jeanne’s huge dick. Not a typical squirt, or spurt, as with an average ejaculation; but a long, fat rope of semen. The cum shot out again and again from her cock, splattering on the stage floor a full six or seven feet in front of Jeanne. Her body continued to buck uncontrollably as blast after blast of sperm erupted from her horse-like penis. This ejaculation continued for almost a full minute, while the audience looked on with shock and amazement. As Jeanne’s cock spewed what seemed like endless blasts of sperm, a large, gooey puddle formed on the stage. Jeanne’s hands became plastered in the sticky milk, as did her legs. A few of the cum-jets even landed at the feet of the amazons in the first row of the audience. Jeanne continued to pull on her cock until every glob of semen had been squeezed from the tip. Jeanne continued to slowly pump back and forth on her cock. The amazons in the audience had to remind themselves that they had just seen Jeanne shoot off a monster load. Jeanne’s cock was still rock hard, and showed no signs that it was ready to slow down, not even slightly.”Good fucking grief,” exclaimed Clyda. “I haven’t seen anyone shoot off a load like that outside of the milking rituals. And she couldn’t have been stroking her cock for more than a minute. The girl’s not human.” “You can say that again,” Jordan said under her breath. Her pussy was dripping wet and her nipples were rock-hard. She was horny as hell and hungry to see what would happen next. “Ready for an instant replay, ladies?” Jeanne asked the closest amazons as she tightened her grip around the base of her mule-sized dick. Jeanne began pulling on her fat cock once again. Within seconds it was throbbing like a fire hose filled with pent-up water pressure. After a dozen strokes, Jeanne’s body spasmed again, and her giant penis began spewing forth huge globs of semen again. The audience was dumfounded. Jaws dropped as excited murmurs and gasps filled the auditorium. As before, the amount of cum was like nothing anyone had seen or experienced before. No one was able to take any exact measurements, but many of the amazons swore that Jeanne’s second orgasm was longer and more powerful than the first had been. Blast after blast of sperm rocketed out of Jeanne’s cock, shot into the air and splashed onto the stage floor. Barocca smiled and watched the audience with glee, as the giant white volleys of goo spewed forth and spilled onto the floor. “Yes, my fellow amazons,” she said, “today, I present to you the true multiple orgasm. My d**g increases the production of seminal fluid by more than several hundred times its normal amount per ejaculation. Not to mention the pleasure derived from such an experience.” Barocca turned her attention to Jeanne, as she stood panting next to the podium. “The introduction of this d**g will not only aid anyone who might have difficulty producing sperm,” Barocca explained. “And the treatment will also help anyone who would like to increase the size of their penis as well. But it will for the first time give amazons the ability to enjoy as many climaxes as they wish during one sexual encounter.” Barocca nodded to Jeanne, who grasped the shaft of cock and within seconds stroked her cock to yet another immense ejaculation. 1xbet giriş Hot white streams of milky sperm began erupting from Jeanne’s dick.”Does it feel good, Jeanne?” “Yes…oh…god!” Another cum jet blasted from the Jeanne’s mammoth cock cutting her testimonial short. Soon the eruptions subsided and the Jeanne’s body began to involuntarily twitch and shiver. Barocca faced the audience again and asked, “Is there an amazon here in the auditorium who wouldn’t enjoy this kind of sexual experience?” Jordan shifted her stare from the white jets of cum that were blasting from Jeanne’s dick like a fire-hose gone berserk, to the amazons seated in the audience. No one raised a hand. “Of course not,” she thought. What red-blooded shemale in her right mind wouldn’t want a giant dick capable of shooting almost gallons of cum at a time, on demand, at a moment’s notice? In the next fifteen minutes, Jeanne produced several more tremendous orgasms, all at Barocca’s command for the awestruck audience. Jeanne had shot off a total of six times in under half an hour. Her cock had never been seen at less than a raging hard-on, and the total volume of her ejaculations seemed to have gotten stronger as she progressed.”Get a good look at the wave of the future, girlfriends!” shouted Jeanne. “This is raw, unlimited, sexual fucking power between my legs you’re looking at now. I just got my cock, and I know I can outperform almost anybody on the Island. Just think what I’m gonna do in a month from now at the contest!”Why, I’ll bet I can even out-fuck and out-cum that bitch, Ebony!”Barocca grimaced for a second, and tried not to let her expression show to the audience. “Girlfriend, you’re gonna dig your own grave, if you keep trash-talking about Ebony like that,” thought Barocca. “I had to learn that lesson the hard way. I hope that you don’t regret it.”Barocca seized the moment, and resumed her spiel to the audience. “Okay, Jeanne. You can relax, and let your cock go back to a more natural state now.” Jeanne’s cock gradually returned to a more natural, limp state again. As Jeanne’s sixth orgasm finally ended, Barocca wrapped up her speech to the amazons.”I think everyone here gets the idea,” said Barocca. “I can offer every amazon even larger sized cocks than what most of us are used to having now. And the ability to reach erections in seconds, and then orgasm virtually on demand.””Jeanne is quite capable of continuing on far into the night at this rate, I assure you,” continued Barocca. “But I think out little demonstration here has made our point. This is what you can look forward to if my group holds power on the Island. I offer instant gratification when it comes to developing a new cock for a girl, or increasing the size of her present cock.”Barocca handed Jeanne her robe, and she donned it. Barocca stuffed Jeanne’s bikini panties into the pocket. Almost every set of eyes in the auditorium were staring at Jeanne’s phenomenal cock, even after it had finally softened and gone limp.”But there’s one catch girls. Anyone who wants my favors has to declare her loyalty ahead of time. Submit an e-mail to myself and Tiffany, requesting that you be moved to my side of the Island. Anyone is welcome, but think very carefully about your decision. Once you’ve switched to my side, you can’t go home again.”And like Jeanne mentioned, she’s only been a shemale for just over a week. Just think what she’s gonna be able to do, once she’s got some experience under her belt. That’s some-thing else that anybody who joins me can look forward to also. “Between now and the contest, Jeanne’s gonna get some ‘special training’ and coaching from myself and some other amazons who are with me for the time being.”I have no doubt that Tiffany and her girls are going to be doing the same thing with Jordan in the coming month. I’d be shocked and disappointed if they didn’t. I don’t want to hear any excuses about either girl being unprepared or not ready.”Tiffany, Jeanne and I, and some of my other girls will see you in a month. I know my way out of this place. Our boat’s waiting for us at the dock.” With that, Barocca and Jeanne walked out of the auditorium.As Barocca and Jeanne left the stage, and entered the anteroom, the door closed behind them. The girls headed for the exit, intent on making a quick getaway. Barocca faced Jeanne as they headed for the door.”Jeanne, what the fuck were you thinking, mouthing off like that about Ebony? Trust me, that is one girl you don’t want mad at you.””I’m sorry, Barocca. When I had that hard-on, I just felt like I could take on the world out there. I was so full of energy and confidence, it just came out of me like that.””Whatever else you do, don’t make a habit of saying stupid things like that….”As they opened the door to the main hallway, a broad, muscular arm shot out across the doorway, blocking their path.”Going somewhere, ladies?” asked Ebony, as she glared at Barocca and Jeanne. “I heard every word of your little speech, and watched you two on the monitors.””E-Ebony…” stammered Barocca. “Look, don’t try anything, girl. I meant what I said about the exposé.””Don’t worry Barocca. Don’t piss your pants. I’m not gonna lay a finger on you or your little pet there. I really want to see the two of you back here in a month. I came to give you a little ‘parting gift’.” Ebony handed Barocca a small disc in a plastic case.”What’s this?” asked Barocca.”It’s a DVD of the last time you and I had sex together, Barocca. I’m sure you remember that?”Barocca winced involuntarily. She remembered Ebony’s brutal **** of her ass, all too well. Ebony moved her arm, so that Barocca could pass, and then moved to stare at Jeanne. Ebony glared down at her, from over a foot above, because of her height.”Jeanne, you’ve got a nice piece of meat between your legs; no doubt about it,” said Ebony. “But you are not, repeat NOT, the ‘king of the mountain’ yet. Not by any stretch of the imagination, girl. I want you to watch that film between now and the contest. You’ll get a good idea of what happens to someone when they piss me off. As well as what a real cock can do.”Ebony turned back to Barocca. “You’d better teach this little bitch every trick in the book, Barocca. Because the others and me are sure as hell gonna do it to Jordan, in the month before the contest. And you’d better pray that Jeanne finds a way to win it.”Because if you don’t, the two of you will fall into my lap afterwards. I can guarantee that what you see on that disc, will be only a fraction of what I’m gonna do to you two little sluts. You’re both on my shit list, from now until the end of eternity.”Ebony moved out of the doorway, and folded her arms across her tummy, as she leaned against the wall.”Have a nice day, Barocca. And I’ll see you in a month, Jeanne.”

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