Balance of Power Ch. 04: Owned


Please note — All characters portrayed in this fictional story are 18 and over. This chapter finalises this portion of the story however if you would like to continue there have been further chapters written under the title of Power Versus Submission to be published soon. This chapter contains themes of coercion and questionable consent, if this is likely to offend you please read no further.


Driving home that afternoon, suddenly I felt exhausted. I guess I hadn’t noticed how tired I was sooner due to the adrenalin coursing through my body but now I had allowed myself to unwind a little and knowing that thanks to Tahlia, my house would be empty, I couldn’t wait to get home, kick off my shoes, have a glass of my favourite red and then perhaps just lay down for a late afternoon snooze.

I’d never had an orgasm like that, not in my vanilla life with my husband David who until now had been my only lover, with perhaps the exception of the wonderful night he took my virginity and I became pregnant with Carly.

I couldn’t help but think to myself those few moments of sheer pleasure riding that Girl’s face must be how a true orgasm feels. All those other times when I thought I had cum, I probably hadn’t, certainly not compared to the violent eruption I felt that afternoon. A part of me, the part of me not feeling sick with anxiety and exhaustion, a part of me deep down did wonder if my body would ever scale those heights of ecstasy again.

My fantasy of submitting to a teenage school bully now fulfilled, I guess you could say at that point I was ready to go back to my safe vanilla life with David and Carly. Of course I was dreaming, Tahlia had taken steps to ensure my vanilla life would be lived at her whim, at least in the short term until she tired of me and I could prove what a hopelessly boring submissive I would make for her. At least that was my initial plan to try and escape the trap she had set for me that I had allowed myself to fall into.

I work in the city and would usually catch public transport to and from the office but today with having to meet Tay first thing this morning I had driven from my home in the eastern suburbs to her school in the northern suburbs. Thankfully it wasn’t a long drive from the office to my house and I was so very grateful to not have to be sharing public transport with anyone that afternoon.

I needed a shower, that one thing was certain. Tahlia had only used my nose and chin to masturbate briefly and I had washed once back in the office but in my mind I could still feel her juices all over my face. And I won’t even tell you the state my pussy was in given how aroused I’d been all afternoon, not to mention the orgasm that still had me wet well after the event.

So you can imagine my relief when I pulled my car into the driveway with nothing but a big empty house in front of me. I went through my usual routine getting out of my car, putting everything I needed to take in the house on the front passenger seat before walking back up the driveway to check the letterbox, then back to the passenger side of the car to grab everything I needed to take inside, keys jangling free in my right hand so I could unlock the front door without having to put anything down, slid the key in the lock, turned it, and my heart fell.

My front door was already unlocked.

We had never been robbed before and I didn’t even know if I should go inside. What if the robbers were still in there? Of course, when I look back on it now I should have realised there was no sign of forced entry, just an unlocked front door. Needless to say my heart was racing again as I pushed my door open and glanced in expecting to see my beautiful home ransacked. Yet as I walked further into my house down the corridor that led into our main living areas, not a thing was out of place. I think that was when I heard her voice.

I didn’t know how much more emotional trauma I could go through. My heart was racing at the fear of being robbed but then in the same moment that I heard her voice, that fear and anxiety, that terrible knot in my stomach, that horrible reality of my life today returned.

Tahlia was in my house.

I think I saw her first. She was still in her school uniform, dressed exactly as when I had seen her only an hour or two earlier at school. She hadn’t even kicked off her shoes. Reclined in one of my lounge suites talking on her mobile phone as if it was the most normal thing in the world for her to be here.

She looked up and saw me and never even broke conversation. Instead she motioned with her hands, at first waving hello and then clicking her fingers and pointing to the floor beside my recliner.

Surely she didn’t expect me to?

But I did. I guess that was when I first realised how terrified I was of this teenage schoolgirl. In that first day of uncertainty and hopelessness where in my mind she held all the cards, she could quite easily ruin my life if she so desired, as well as hurt my daughter, I simply made up my mind right then and there to do what I was told. I put my laptop and all my work gear I still held in my arms on the table as I walked in Bostancı Escort the room and went to walk over to where she had pointed.

I had taken one step when she started clicking her fingers again, more urgently this time. She gestured with her hands for me to get down and was about to interrupt her call when I understood what she meant. I was to crawl to her. Crawl to her like a dog, then sit on the ground beside her like a dog and then while she spoke on the phone for the best part of fifteen minutes, kneel beside my lounge suite like a dog while she played with my hair petting me like a dog.

About ten minutes later and by the time Denny walked into my house, I was well aware who Tahlia had been talking to. And even though I had only heard one half of the conversation a lot of my questions had been answered. Apparently Flea wouldn’t be coming, she had to go home and also keep an eye out on Dani. Other than that Tay spoke to Denny mostly about me. I didn’t like much of what I was hearing but I stayed quiet like a good little doggie, behaving herself, kneeling down beside my couch while my owner petted my hair and scratched me behind the ear.

With Denny now here, they terminated their call and Tahlia started talking to me directly,

‘As you probably guessed Robbie, or should I call you doggy (laughter from them both) a lot more happened while I had you tied up in that locker than you could ever imagine. Yes, I went back to class, as I promised you I would but what I didn’t tell you was that I had a free research period. So while I went back to class, Denny ducked out and had a copy of your house key cut for me. You would have seen the texts by now I sent to Carly and your husband, you see I wanted my little toy all to myself for a few hours so we could finalise a few things, make this more official. Well, not really official, but binding I think is a good word to use.

Denny had some important classes this afternoon so had to go back to school after what you did to poor old Dani in the toilet but I only had gym so I was able to skip my class after lunch and went to pick up your key, it’s amazing how easy it is to do things like this when I have all your personal details. Did you even notice your driver’s license and credit card missing from your purse? I guess not since you hadn’t mentioned it.’

They both laughed again as I knelt beside my chair miserably listening to them. Of course I hadn’t checked the contents of my purse. We had just raped a girl and my life was spiralling out of control. When Tay handed me back my bag and purse, I just assumed everything was still in it, I didn’t bother to check.

‘I used your card and some more information in your purse to find your uber account. Then once school finished I gave all the details to Den so she could do the same. And here we are!’

I was a bit stunned and really had nothing to say.

She was still playing with my hair as if I were her pet sitting at her side when she violently grabbed a fistful and pulled my head back. While these sudden acts of violence frightened me most about her, I should have been way more scared of how much control she was about to take of my life.

‘So tell me bitch? Are you happy to see me again?’

I didn’t know what to say. My stomach was in knots I was so nervous that she was in my house, and on the same day we met. Things had just moved so quickly. In my arousal, and even while fantasising before this fateful day, I had never even considered what a dangerous young criminal I was dealing with. Yet now as I knelt on the floor of my own home with her in total control of me, all the reports I had read in the lead up to our meeting together about her criminal offending, the likelihood of her offending again and the common assaults came flooding back to me. Fresh tears sprung to my eyes as the helplessness of it all started to sink in, the danger I had bought upon myself, upon my family and the stinking pain in my scalp while she roughly held me by the hair. I couldn’t believe I could be so stupid, and all just to fulfil a fantasy? Honestly, I can’t even tell you.

You know the texts to Carly and David, they were there, yet they just didn’t seem real to me. But with this, this was her in my house, invading my own privacy, my own personal space, it was hard evidence of exactly how much control she held right now. And you know how when you are in trouble, or you feel threatened, there is usually someone for you to call or to speak to, or to report it to, well I had no one. She held evidence against me that if she allowed or encouraged Dani to press charges I would be the one seen as the criminal, not her.

She stood up, hand still wrapped in my hair.

‘Since you’re not talking puppy, I will have a look around our house myself, and you can follow me on your knees while I pull you by the hair. If you’re going to act like a little bitch, then I will treat you like one, let’s go.’

I yelped as she started walking toward the kitchen with a handful of my hair, I was forced to crawl hurriedly along behind her.

‘Now it’s pretty obvious what room this is puppy’ she led me Bostancı Escort Bayan to a corner right next to our rubbish bin, ‘sit right there and no comments while me and Den have a look around.’

Tears started running down my face, this was all too much. They went through everything in my kitchen. Opened every cupboard, every drawer, every pantry. Tahlia read every piece of paper on my fridge from personal invitations to insurance papers to bills. Denny helped herself to a soda and offered one to Tahlia before they grabbed some after school snacks to eat.

‘So tell me Robbie, do the three of you usually eat at the table together?’

I shook my head no. Generally David would go into his room to watch sports while Carly and I might watch something together while eating dinner, we only really ever ate at the table when we had guests, which in recent times was not that often.

‘Okay then, when she sits at the table where does Carly usually like to sit?’

I remember thinking at the time I would have to stand up for myself. The tears were flowing but I wasn’t actually crying. So I ignored her question and gathered my strength in the same way I did the very first time we met earlier that morning. That brief moment when I tried to stand up to her. Back when I was a student counsellor and she was a school girl.

So from my kneeling position where Tay had led me, beside the bin, I started to stand up. I was going to stand up and talk down to her like she was still my student. This simply couldn’t continue. So I lifted one foot up from underneath me and planted it on the floor ready to rise off the ground when I caught her eye. Tahlia often had this look of amusement and mischief about her, like a cheeky kid, but there was this other look I had already seen a few times today.

I was kneeling back down humiliatingly beside my bin in an instant. Just where she had placed me. It was a withering look, similar to the cold stare that I had seen with Flea, but more calculated almost like she is challenging you to defy her. I had been hit often enough by her already today to know better than challenge that look. So I remained kneeling, and speechless.

‘Good girl Robbie. I don’t know what’s going on inside that head of yours but I can tell from looking at you it is full of rebellion and confusion. The fact you’ve not said a word since you walked in the door tells me more than you can imagine. I know it’s only our first day together but you need to start to understand that I will be coming in and out of this house anytime I want. I’ll do what I want in it too. There’s nothing you can do to stop me.’

And that’s when I started to cry. Not just tears but actually broke down and cried properly. Right in front of them both. Through my flood of tears I could barely make out Denny coming over toward me. She knelt down beside me reached over to give me big cuddle. She just let me sob into her shoulder for what seemed like a few minutes. She was whispering in my ear. Something about sisters. That she would always help to support me because she could understand better than Tay could. That submissives should always stick together . . .

With Denny’s support I was eventually able to pull myself together. I looked back up at Tahlia, playful, mischievous Tahlia again. The look of terror she gave me was gone thankfully.

‘I’m sorry Tahlia.’

I was deliberately using my adult/mother/teacher voice with her now. Strong, confident and forceful.

‘It was such a shock coming home to see you here. Given everything that happened all I wanted was to come home to my empty house, which I was very grateful to you for organising by the way, come home, kick my shoes off, flop down on my couch and have a good cry. I can’t even begin to tell you how badly I feel about what I did to Dani. I feel sick and dirty. I just want a shower. Wash it all off me. Wash this entire stinking day right off me!’

I rarely swear but I did raise my voice at her. I was frustrated and angry. This is my house! She should not be here. I never fantasised about any of this, this wasn’t what I wanted. It’s not what any sane person would want!

Tahlia walked over to where I knelt and crouched down in front of me. She took my face in her hands, gently, and forced me to look straight into her eyes.

‘Robbie, Robbie, Robbie.’

I couldn’t understand why she had to be so damn condescending.

‘My poor little bitch. Didn’t truly understand what she was getting herself into when she thought it would be cute to fulfil some stupid submission fantasy to a schoolgirl. Robbie, even you should know that fantasy hardly ever works out like reality. You probably know more about me than I know about myself with all your stupid reports and whatever paperwork the education department has on me. Surely you had some understanding what might happen by playing your silly games with me?’

I stared straight back at her.

‘Can we please talk about this Tay?’

‘That is why I am here Robbie. To talk. That is why your house is empty right now. But I only talk in certain ways to certain people, and you certainly Escort Bostancı haven’t earned the right to ask anything of me yet. In fact, you should still really be trying your hardest to please me, you should be earning your right to privileges from me, not the other way around.’

She let go of my face and stood back up walking over towards the table.

‘Now where the fuck does Carly sit?’

Angry Tay was back briefly so I showed her the spot where Carly would usually sit and eat her breakfast. Tahlia pulled the chair out from where it was tucked in under the table and used it as a step to stand on making a scene of taking her school dress off displaying her naked pussy and arse to both me and Denny. She reached behind herself and pulled her butt cheeks apart, squatted, then backed up and sat right on the edge of the table where Carly would eat. Her naked ass, and specifically her butt hole, resting disgustingly on my dining table. Denny then pulled the chair even further out at which point Tahlia called me over to take a seat.

I rose from my kneeling position and walked over to take my seat right between Tahlia’s spread legs. Denny helped to push the chair back in and Tahlia put her sandaled feet on each arm rest so that I was trapped between her legs looking straight at her taut athletic tummy.

Tahlia grunted, ‘I was hoping to have you directly at the same level as my pussy. Denny go and grab a cushion from the couch please and put it on the floor here for Robbie to kneel on. Robbie I want you kneeling before me so that your eyes and mouth are directly level with my pussy.

You will listen and worship my pussy. Listen carefully to what I say, but also never direct your gaze from my cunt. I want you to start with little kisses around the inside of my thigh, Denny will guide you as to what I enjoy and how I expect to be worshipped. There is a hierarchy in my gang, it starts with me at the top, Flea is my associate but she still answers to me, while Denny is our slave. You heard me earlier talking to Denny about your place in the group.’

This was true, it was all part of the conversation I had walked in on when Tahlia was talking to Denny while we waited for her to arrive. I had started to lightly kiss around the inside of these perfect teenage thighs now surrounding my face. Denny had knelt down beside me and was quietly whispering in my ear while Tahlia spoke.

‘You might not know it from what you’ve seen so far but neither me nor Flea are lesbians. Sure we enjoy when Denny goes down on us but we never return the favour, I don’t like pussy, nor does Flea. The difference between Flea and I is that she enjoys sexually tormenting our victims. Especially pretty white girls. I don’t know I guess it’s a race thing with her but you need to be very aware of what I told you earlier today, Flea fancies Carly and all it will take is one word from me and Carly could find herself in the same place as Dani today. Remember that. You see the difference between me and Flea is that I get drunk on the power. I’m not usually one for sexually assaulting girls. Like I know what you saw today says otherwise but that was all business. Dani was a means to an end of guiding you down the path I have.

I do everything for a reason Robbie. And it’s always to my own benefit. I don’t mind hurting people to get what I want. Did you notice I didn’t use Dani today to get myself off? I don’t need sexual assault on my rap sheet but I did ensure everyone else’s DNA was on her face. And I made damn sure that yours was last and freshest. You see, if I want someone to go down on me it will always be consensual with someone willing, like either you or Denny for example. I know in your mind you think I’m blackmailing you into this but we both know why you’re here. This is what you always fantasised about, isn’t it. Bullied when you were a little girl and now you fetishize it to deal with the trauma they put you through. Poor thing. But also, lucky thing!’

Tahlia burst out laughing with that. By now Denny had directed me to start kissing Tay’s labia. Unlike Denny, Tay’s are quite prominent and Denny instructs me to lightly kiss each side before taking the sensitive flesh into my mouth and suckling gently on them in turn. When Tay talks she sounds so in control, and at first I thought she was, but now as I worship, kiss and suck on her labia, it’s clear I am turning her on. Her moisture gathers initially at the top of her pussy but Denny has told me I am not to go anywhere near her clit until I am told I can.

‘I use my pussy now to overpower girls like you and Denny. The submissives that enjoy worshipping me this way are the lucky ones. I know you’re turned on by being forced to serve me like this, that’s why you came on to me the way you did this morning. This is exactly what you wanted. Of course there needs to be something in it for me, well besides the orgasms (laughter from them both this time), and I enjoy the fact that every time you see Carly sitting here eating her breakfast in future you will be reminded that it’s the same place my naked, sweaty ass marked her spot. You see Robbie, this is a power exchange moment right here. I told you what would happen this morning, didn’t I? I said I would take things from you. And from Carly. Well my naked arse on your dining table in the place where she eats is at least a pretty strong metaphor now for Carly’s new place in your life. Beneath me. Everything in your life is beneath me now . . .’

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