Basic Training

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Basic TrainingAfter five and a half weeks of sharing her quarters with 50 othergirls, Gia Mazzini found the long empty bays unnaturally empty asshe walked through them. It was the first time since she arrivedat Lackland Air force base over a month before that she had beentotally alone.Still there was something to be said for privacy. Everyoneelse was spending this fine warm Saturday in San Antonio, enjoyingtheir first off-the-base pass. Gia, unfortunately, had pissed offher Sergeant enough to be assigned Dorm Guard duty instead. Asif the empty quarters really needed guarding! She couldunderstand it at night, when the Dorm Guard stood the traditionalfire watch, but during the day it was just wasting time. The worst thing about basic training, at least in Gia’s humbleopinion, was the lack of sexual relief. Although it only lasted sixweeks, it seemed like an eternity to her. Many nights she couldhear a few of the girls pleasuring themselves in their beds. Sometimes, in the middle of the night, she would see someone getup and sneak off to the bathroom. A few nights pulling a shift asDorm Guard told her that they were more interested in privacythan use of the common facilities. It was on one of those nightsthat she had watched Holly.Holly Wellington was 18 years old, six years younger thanGia. In many ways, they were as opposite as two women could be,both in physical attributes and personality. Holly had light, almostpale skin, coupled with straight blond hair that hung as long asmilitary regulations would allow. Even then, it was always tied up ina bun. Gia, on the other hand, had very short curly black hair, shortenough that they didn’t even have to cut it when she reported in.In addition, her skin was a rich olive brown, the result of a mixedMediterranean heritage. Gia was also a good half foot taller at5’9”, and had a bust twice Holly’s B-cup.Gia was self confident and aggressive, while Holly wassomewhat passive. Gia was from the big city while Holly was froma small town. In every way, Holly was the type of girl who madeGia’s panties wet every time she saw her.Gia Mazzini had known she was interested in girls as well asguys since she was 15 years old. In fact, her first three sexualexperiences had been with other girls in the neighborhood. Shefound it to be a great advantage. Too many of her friends had been knocked up or worse,simply because they were horny and their boyfriends were all toomacho to use a condom. She and her best friend Maria used todouble date all the time. Many nights they’d sent their boyfriendshome to jerk themselves off, then spent the rest of the nighttaking care of each other. It was one of those old girlfriends from the neighborhoodthat first suggested joining the Air force. Older than Gia, AngelaMartin had been in the service a little over five years now andloved it. She had assured Gia that there were plenty ofopportunities to be with other women, as long as you were carefulabout it.Standing there at the head of the empty sleeping bay, Giahoped Angela had been telling her the truth. She definitelycouldn’t take four years without the touch of another woman. Notwhen just a few weeks was driving her out of her mind.Sliding her hand past the waistband of her dark blue pants,Gia thought about the night two weeks ago when she caught Hollyplaying with herself in the bathroom. It had been two in themorning when she watched her get up. It was the fourth time thatweek Holly had made a bathroom run in the middle of the night.“Either she has an incredibly weak bladder,” Gia thought.“Or something’s happening in that bathroom that I might beinterested in.”She gave Holly five minutes, more than enough time to takecare of an actual nature call. The large communal bathroom wasremoved from the twin living bays by a long hall. Gia tried to walkas quietly as she could as she traced Holly’s steps. She also turnedoff the flashlight that she was normally supposed to use to makeher rounds.Stepping into the bathroom, she quickly checked the showerroom. Gia really didn’t expect to find her in there, but you neverknow. Walking over to the long row of bathroom stalls, Gia bentdown and looked down the length of the room. Sure enough, Hollywas in the last stall. Gia took that as a good sign. By commonagreement, the girls were supposed to use the first stall by thedoor if they had to go during the night. That way, one of themcould rush in there and clean it if someone pulled a surprise earlymorning inspection. That had happened twice already this month. “I guess the last stall has the most privacy.” Gia thought asshe quietly walked down the row. The tall woman paused one stall from the end and switchedon her flashlight. Then in a single motion, she pulled open the doorand shone the light inside. It revealed exactly what she had hopedto find.Holly sat on the bowl, her back pressed against the tile walland her legs stretched out in each direction. Her green PC T-shirtwith 3708 BMTS stenciled across it was pulled up over her smallbreasts as one hand played with her right nipple. Her whitepanties were dangling around her left ankle. Her eyes were tightlyshut and she had three fingers deep inside of her lightly hairedpussy.“What’s going on here?” Gia asked in an authoritative voiceas she shined the light in Holly’s face.The look on Holly’s face was one of utter mortification. Thecolor drained away so rapidly that Gia feared for a moment thatHolly might faint. “It’s okay.” Gia said quickly, trying to calm the girl down. “Ijust thought something might be wrong since you were in here solong.” she lied.Only Holly’s passive nature and relative inexperience let Giaget away with what she was doing. Gia knew that if one of theother girls had burst in on her while she was getting off, shewould’ve been quick to tell her to fuck off. Either that or ask herif she’d like a lick.“It’s okay.” Gia repeated gently stroking Holly’s hair, wornloose during the night. “You weren’t doing anything that we allhaven’t done at one time or another.” “Really?” Holly asked as if other girls doing it had neveroccurred to her, making Gia think that maybe this might not be such a good idea after all. Then she looked down and got her first really good look atHolly’s almost hairless pussy. The older girl had never heard afemale version of the phrase “a stiff dick has no conscience” but ifone existed it would accurately describe how she felt right now. “There’s nothing wrong with making yourself feel good.” Giasoothed, taking hold of Holly’s hand and repositioning it back overthe damp cunt. “If I’d known what you were doing in here, I’dnever have bothered you.”Holly smiled with trusting eyes, her apprehension now gone.“In fact,” the dark haired woman said as she held Holly’shand and gently rubbed it against the girl’s clit. “I’d even havebeen willing to help you a little.”“Help me?” Holly’s whisper was a mixture of curiosity andconfusion.“The way that many women help each other when there’s nomen around.” Gia continued to massage Holly’s pussy with her ownhand. “Would you like me to show you?”Holly hesitated for a few long moments, doubtlesslyrecalling, Gia thought, the speech they were given when they firstentered basic about the military’s prohibition on same-sexrelationships. “It’s not like we’re lesbians or anything like that.” Giareassured her. “We’re just friends helping each other out. Manygirls do it. I’ve seen them.”While Holly sat wondering if that little piece of informationwas indeed true, Gia upped the ante. Gently, almost too subtle forthe girl to notice, she slid her hand under Holly’s and began rubbinga middle finger against the younger clit. The experienced touch evoked an immediate response.Feeling Holly’s resistance to her presence fade away, Gia slid herindex finger into the younger pussy. With a practiced skill shebegan to twirl that around as well.It was too late for Holly to think rationally. Gia’sministrations had taken control of her body. Oblivious to anythingbut the warm sensations emanating from her pussy, she leanedback once more and enjoyed the small climax that wasn’t long incoming.A soft moan escaped Holly’s lips as Gia felt the love tunnelcontract around her fingers. It had only been a small orgasm, butit was enough to show the advantage of having a friend. Not wanting to press her luck, lest someone else need to usethe bathroom, she quickly helped Holly compose herself and senther back off to bed. The older woman had to fight the temptationto kiss the younger, but she knew that would come soon enough ifshe played her cards right. Standing alone in the empty lavatory, Gia happily lickedHolly’s juices off her fingers. She looked forward to a time shecould sample that sweet nectar at its source, a day she was surewould soon arrive. She had seen it in Holly’s eyes. * * *”And today was supposed to be the day!” Gia cursed silently. In the past two weeks the two women had stolen precious momentstogether, each time being just a little more adventurous than thelast. Gia had even managed to kiss Holly full on the lips a fewnights ago, an act that she had always considered more intimatethan licking out another woman’s pussy — not that she couldn’t waitto do that with Holly either! She had told the girl that they shoulduse their brief pass off base to get an out of the way motel roomwhere they could really consummate their relationship. To herdelight, the younger girl had eagerly agreed. “Damn Sergeant Alexander!” Gia thought. “The bitch hashad it in for me since day one, and was just looking for an excuseto stick me with the duty today.”Elayne Alexander had been in the Air force for 19 of her 37years. The new recruits didn’t even had a chance to unpack theirbags before she appeared in the barracks and announced she didn’tknow what their candy assed recruiter told them, but here atLackland, this was her Air force and her word was God. Thesooner they understood that, the better they’d all get along. Shealso told them this was her last training Flight as she was going onto a new assignment in England after this, and she wasn’t going tostand for anyone ruining her perfect record here at Lackland.Gia had commented softly and wryly, “I joined the Air forcenot the Marines.”Sergeant Alexander heard it anyway and the new recruithad spent her first night scrubbing toilets.Back home, in her own neighborhood, Gia might have tried totake someone like Sergeant Alexander out back and beat the crapout of them. Unfortunately, she knew that sort of behaviorwouldn’t work in the military. Besides, she wasn’t so sure she could take the Sergeant in afight, at least not a fair one. The redhead was just an inch tallerthan Gia, but a lot more muscular. Gia doubted there was an ounceof fat anywhere on the drill instructor’s body, an opinion recentlyformed from a first hand look. Last week, after they had come off the obstacle course, allthe girls had hit the showers before the afternoon’s activities. Normally, Gia loved the time in the showers and the opportunity tocheck out all the other girls. She made it a habit to be next to adifferent girl each time. Aside from giving her a variety, it alsohelped her keep her studies unnoticed. The one girl she nevershowered next to anymore, however, was Holly. She didn’t trustherself not to stare at that soft young body she would soonpossess. Turning that afternoon to peek at Kathy Summers under theshower next to her, Gia got her shock of the month. Only a fewfeet away, standing as nude as she was, stood Sergeant Alexander. Gia thought it strange that the non-com was showering withthe girls. After all, it wasn’t like she had just run the obstaclecourse. Having gotten a good look at her antagonist, however, shewasn’t about to complain.The image of Elayne Alexander in the raw totally blew awaythe macho butch image Gia had formed of her. That image hadbeen of a woman who would’ve fit right in with those muscle-boundweight lifter types she had seen on ESPN. The type that lookedmore like men than women.The reality was a soft, yet muscular body that had bothperfect tone and all the feminine curves. A near prefect pair ofrounded 34-inch breasts stood out as the older woman ran a soapyhand around them. Turning to face the other way, she revealed anass just as perfect. Gia wished she could reach out and touch it. Quickly she reminded herself that she didn’t want to be seenstaring and turned the other way.Around her, she could hear showerheads being shut off assome of the other women finished their showers. Wanting onemore look, she dropped her washrag and turned in Elayne ’sdirection to pick it up — only to find herself inches from theSergeant’s crotch.“Oh God!” She gasped wordlessly as she looked right at it. “It’s shaved.”“Looking for something?” She heard Sergeant Alexanderasked. A few of the closest girls also turned at the sound of hervoice.Recovering quickly, Gia picked up the washrag and held it upfor all to see. Alexander glanced at it a moment, then faced awayand ignored Gia.“Finish it up ladies! We’ve got other things to get donetoday.” she called to the few women still in there as she shut offthe water and stepped out the door.Gia took a few moments to compose herself, then followedthe other girls out.“She might be built like Wonder Woman, but she’s still abitch!” Gia said to herself as she made an entry in the logbook. The same entry she had made every hour for the last four. Nothing to report. She was just about to start another useless survey of theempty bed bays when a knock sounded on the door. Her firstthought was that it was Alexander or one of the other Sergeants,stopping by to check up on her, better yet, to catch her in makinga mistake that might ultrabet yeni giriş get her sent back in training. “Sir, may I see your authority to enter?” she askedautomatically, remembering the challenge she had been taught. The proper response was for the person attempting to gainaccess to the dorm to show their identification card. Occasionallyone of the Sergeants would attempt to get in without showing it. They did this in a number of ways, most of which were quiteintimidating. Already three of the girls in this Flight hadsuccumbed to the barrages of angry shouts and opened the door.They were all now repeating several weeks of basic. Well there would be none of that for Gia, she thought. Thedark haired girl had grown up in a neighborhood where she’d heardworse verbal threats in the schoolyard than anything theSergeants would muster from the other side of the door. Besides,it gave her a secret pleasure to see how worked up she could getAlexander or one of the others. While she stood calmly asking tosee their authority to enter. When she looked through the small door window, Gia’scomposure was abruptly shattered. Without a thought to theproper procedure, she swung open the door.”Holly!” She exclaimed. “Hi Gia.” said the young blond girl in the blue dress uniform.Gia stepped aside to let the younger girl in. “What are youdoing here? I thought you’d gone into town with the rest of thegirls.””I did,” the younger girl answered, taking a quick look downthe empty day. “But as soon as I got off the bus in front of TheAlamo I knew that it wasn’t going to be any fun without you. So Igot back on and came back.””I’m touched.” Gia admitted, surprised to find that sheactually was. After all, it was Holly’s body she really wanted, nother friendship.”I felt so bad that we couldn’t, well you know,” Holly saidbashfully, “that thing you promised.””Yes, I know.” Gia replied, noting the slight flush ofembarrassment in the other’s face. “I really wish we couldn’tmade that happen.”The tingling between her legs accented her words. It hadbeen a long time since the brown skinned woman desired a prize somuch. “I was wondering…” Holly mused as she pressed her bodyagainst Gia’s. “if maybe … we could …”Gia couldn’t believe the daring in her young conquest. Hadshe really affect on the young woman enough to make her takesuch a risk? She wouldn’t have imagined it possible.”Holly!” Gia exclaimed as she pushed the girl away. “Someone might see us!””Who’s going to see us?” the unusually aggressive teenwondered. “There’s no one else here.”It was when Holly waved her hand to indicate the rows ofempty beds that Gia realized that they were still standing in theopen doorway. What if someone had been in the hallway beyond?The brunette stepped out into the passageway and looked upand down the corridor. Thankfully, it was empty. Gia thought shesaw a blur of motion as she stepped out but after listening for afew seconds decided she was mistaken. A few feet down the hallwas the door that led to the twin bays belonging to their sisterFlight. The door was still closed and its dorm guard could not seethem. “That could’ve been very bad.” Gia groused, taking a hardbreath as she stepped back inside, this time closing the doorbehind her. “You’ve got to think before you act.””Pooh!” Holly laughed. “Since when are you the cautioustype?” “And since when are you the adventurous type?” Giacountered. “This seems so unlike you.” “Maybe you’ve just brought it all out from me,” Hollypurred as she again pressed against Gia, planting a quick kiss on hercheek. She whispered into Gia’s ear. “You’ve made my pussy so, sowet!” Holly’s casual use of obscenity was equally surprising to Gia. The blond previously had trouble saying vagina. Still it wassomething she had seen before. Back home there’d been a girl atGia’s high school named Marline Johanson. In their futures book,Marline was voted most likely to become a nun. Gia’s originalsuggestion for the student-run spoof of the yearbook had been”girl most likely to die a virgin.”It wasn’t that Marline was unattractive. It was simply thatshe still viewed sex outside of marriage as some kind of sin. Andnot just intercourse! She included oral and even heavy petting inthat description. Well, sometime during that summer after graduation,Marline must’ve had an epiphany. One hot August night, the localpolice caught her on a raid at lover’s leap. The story went thatMarline was in a rather severe state of undress when they foundher. Even more surprising, were the two young men in the car withher, both in a similar state of undress. So, anything was possible. Those possibilities made the tinglebetween Gia’s legs jump upward. “I’m still on guard duty,” Gia said with disappointment. “It’s not like I can just leave here.””So what?” Holly grinned, again pressing up again againstGia. “We have fifty empty beds to pick from.”Gia was shocked “You can’t be serious?” “Oh no?” Holly retorted suggestively. “I’ll show you howserious I am!” Taking a few long steps backward, Holly carefully undid thethree buttons of her dark blue jacket. With a flourish, the youngblond tossed it to the side. A quick motion undid the small clothneck tab and it soon sat on top the jacket.”My God, I’ve created a monster!” Gia exclaimed in her mind. But the terror that should have gripped her at that moment,forcing her to bring this scene to an end, failed to materialize. Common sense had been overcome by rising lust. For all of herexperience, this naive young girl had taken Gia captive. Gia’s heart was beating like a jackhammer. At the sametime, it seemed to skip a beat each time Holly’s nimble fingersundid another of the buttons on her light blue blouse. Half waydown the row, she revealed the simple white of a bra bought at theBase Exchange. Held tightly in check by the plain cloth were hersmall white mounds. The older woman thought it was the mosterotic sight she had ever seen. A few more buttons and the blouse joined the jacket and tie.Reaching behind her waist, Holly undid the matching dark blueskirt, letting it fall to the highly polished floor. A kick sent it tothe growing pile.”Do you want me to stop?” the half naked girl askedmirthfully. “You do and I’ll rip the rest of it off!” Gia retorted. Theflame that had started between her legs now blossoming into a firewithin her breasts.Holly laughed as she lifted each leg and pulled off her blackshoes. Dropping the last one, she brought both hands up to herbreasts and cupped them.”I think one of us is overdressed.” she mused, rubbing herthumbs against her nipples, causing them to press against thefabric.Without a second thought, Gia quickly undid the buttons ofher green fatigues. Her strip wasn’t as erotic as Holly’s had been;she was just in too much of a rush. But neither of them seemed tocare. In no time at all, the darker skinned girl was down to thesame plain white bra and panties as her friend. Gia took Holly in her arms, their lips meeting in an embraceof ardor. Long seconds passed as they enjoyed the warmth of eachother’s exposed flesh.”Maybe we should get out of the hallway,” Holly suggestedas she buried her head in the taller breasts. “Someplace a littleless conspicuous…”The idea of their exposure and possible discovery struck Giaabruptly, but that realization was strangely more intoxicating thanterrifying.The 24 year-old hadn’t felt anything like it since she’dgiven Johnny Allen a blow job in the cloakroom during junior yearof high school. In that situation, only a thin wooden door hadseparated the young lovers from fourth period French — then insession. Gia still though of that episode as her favorite “Frenchlesson”.Gia’s eyes turned in the direction of the large communalbathroom, site of their earlier trysts. If nothing else, it would bethe easiest place to explain their nudity. Holly, however hadanother venue in mind. “How bout the couch in the Sergeant’s office?” she askedwith a mischievous grin. “I still have the key.” In most male Flights, the smallest guy in the group becomesthe house mouse, the caretaker of the Sergeant’s office. ElayneAlexander thought enough of the tradition to apply it to thefemale recruits as well. The smallest girl had turned out to beHolly.Situated between the two sleeping bays, the Sergeant’soffice had twin doors, both usually locked. In Alexander’s case,the office had a desk, four filing cabinets, and a large oversizedred leather couch. At first, Gia wasn’t sure she liked the idea of using theoffice. Then the idea of coming on the Sergeant’s couch began togrow on her. Later it would be obvious to her that she was thinkingwith her pussy at the moment, not her head.”Okay.” She nodded to Holly as the younger girl stroked theexposed top of Gia’s breasts. “The office it is.”Soon as the office door closed behind them, Holly practicallyjumped Gia. Her lips and hands were everywhere at once, nevergiving the older girl a chance to thing about what was happening.All the brunette could do was react, and react she did.With a ferocity she hadn’t felt in a long time, Gia ripped offHolly’s bra and panties. The pale flesh hidden beneath them didn’tremain exposed for long as Gia covered it with her own hands andeager mouth.Following Gia’s lead, Holly, too tore the cheap material ofthe larger girl’s undergarments. Pinned as she was by Gia’sassault, she could only guide the other’s actions to the area shewanted touched the most.”Oh yes, Gia,” she panted. “I’ve wanted this so much. Takemy pussy … Take it and make it yours!”Gia didn’t need much encouragement. She pushed the 18year-old down on the red leather couch and parted her legs. Theblond framed cunt between them drew her like a moth to theflame. She’d been dreaming of this for weeks.”Oh God yes!” Holly screamed out as she felt Gia’s tonguerun the length of her pussy. “Fuck me with your tongue.” Gia brought years of skill to her task, driving the youngergirl quickly to the edge of the abyss. Holly’s sweat covered bodywas like an instrument in an artists hands — or in this case, hermouth. Holly didn’t think it could ever get any better than this.Then suddenly, she thought of a way that it could.”File cabinet!” she gasped.”What?” Gia demanded, looking up from her prize.”File cabinet,” the other repeated. “The one at the end. Bottom drawer… in the back.”Confused, but taken with the urgency of her friend’srequest, Gia abandoned her task and followed her instructions. Her brown eyes lit up when she reached into the back of thecabinet drawer and found what Holly wanted.”What do you know?” the Italian girl laughed as she held upher prize. “It looks like Wonder Woman is into toys.”Resting in her hand was a long cream colored vibrator. It’ssmooth surface buzzed with a quiet purr as she pressed the smallstud at its base.Gia brought the new plaything to the tip of Holly’s clit. Theblond girl jumped at the touch, then settled back and enjoyed thegentle pulsation.With care, Gia guided the throbbing end of her toy down thelength of Holly’s womanhood. She could monitor its progress bythe look of pleasure on Holly’s face. Delight flashed to euphoria asthe tip of the vibrator found the entrance to her inner core. Gia paused a moment, letting the hard plastic becomecovered with the lubricating moisture now dripping from Holly’scunt. With the slightest of efforts and a wicked grin on her faceshe pushed the extension of her desire inside.Holly exploded as the tiny quakes radiating out from thebattery powered device multiplied and amplified throughout herframe. Sweat pored from every opening as the young girlsurrendered to the waves of passion. She was no longer in controlof her body, but was also in no condition to care.Gina meanwhile had been using her free hand to administerto her own needs, sliding her nimble fingers deep inside herself. Fast and as dexterous as she was, the dark haired woman wasunable to keep pace with the wonder of modern technology and thecataclysmic explosion it produced in its recipient. Still, herdetailed knowledge of her own body was enough to quickly producea satisfying release. A small down payment of the joy sheanticipated when she replaced her fingers with Holly’s sweetmouth.”Oh God, Gia,” Holly cried breathlessly as she leaned backagainst the red leather, her damp skin sticking to it. “That waseverything I could have imagined it would be and more.””Trust me my little love,” Gia smiled as she licked Holly’sjuices off the now silent vibrator. “You have no idea how muchbetter it’s going to get.””Maybe she doesn’t,” said a loud, strong voice from overGia’s shoulder. “But I think I do.”Gia whirled her head at the sound. Standing at the opendoorway, dressed in her immaculately starched fatigues, stoodStaff Sergeant Alexander. “Oh shit!” Gia mouthed wordlessly. A frigid chill ran through her naked body as Gia saw thatAlexander wasn’t alone. Standing just behind her was SergeantStacy Clayton. Shorter and stockier than most of the MIT’s,Stacy had a reputation as a hard driver and a stickler forregulations. In Clayton’s hand was the dress blouse that Holly hadleft out in the hall. “What did I tell you Stacy,” Elayne remarked to hercompatriot. “I told you something was up when I saw Peaches heresneaking back into the dorm. When was the last time you ever sawa recruit come back early from their town pass?”‘I’m afraid you were right.” Stacy replied as she steppedforward and got a better look at the two naked women.“I guess the question is,” Elayne continued. “what are wegoing to do about it?”“That should be obvious,” Stacy declared in a strongunflinching tone. “Section 925, Article 125 of the Uniform CodeOf Military Justice states that any person who ultrabet giriş engages inunnatural carnal copulation with another person of the same sex isguilty of sodomy and shall be punished as a court-martial maydirect.”“That’s true,” Elayne said in a tone of resignation. “And I’mafraid what we both saw certainly qualifies.”“Oh no,” Holly cried out as tears began to roll down hercheek. She had crossed her arms in an attempt to cover hernakedness. Gia maintained her stoic silence, but a similar reactiondominated her thoughts. She couldn’t believe she might wind up inprison for wanting a little piece of ass.“But I think that maybe we shouldn’t rush to judgment.” Elayne said thoughtfully. “Maybe we should take a moment and tryand understand what really happened here. It would be no greatloss to the service if we lost Mazzini here, but Wellington has beena proven asset so far.” “Regulations state –” Stacy began.“I know the regulations better than you do,” Elayneinterrupted. “But I’m senior here and I’ll decide how we handlethis.”‘That’s your prerogative of course.” Stacy’s tone showedher disapproval.Holly seemed too upset to catch the possible chance thatthey could talk their way of their predicament. Gia however wasglued to every word.“Get her out of here,” Elayne told Stacy “Mazzini and I aregoing to have a little talk.”“Let’s go Wellington,” Sergeant Clayton ordered as shereached down and grabbed the rest of the younger girl’s uniformand tossed it at her. “And for God’s sake, make yourselfpresentable!” Holly took just enough time to put on her blouse and skirt,then followed the Sergeant out of the small office. Gia followedthem with her eyes, sure that an explosion of Alexander’s temperwas in the offering. While she was waiting, Gia reached down and grabbed herfatigue blouse off the floor. Elayne was watching the other twowomen exit and didn’t noticed.“Now did I tell you to get dressed?” she asked in anauthoritative voice when she turned her attention back to Gia. At the commanding tone, Gia opened her hand and let thegreen garb fall back to the floor. She was surprised how readilyshe responded to the conditioning of the last six weeks. She hadobeyed without thinking. It was so unlike her — or at least theway she always looked at herself.“You think you’re hot shit, don’t you?” Elayne said as shestepped to within a foot of the girl standing naked at attention.“Well this time it’s not going to be easy getting out of it.”The Sergeant paused for a moment to look Gia’s body up anddown. For some reason, the action made the younger girl feelexcited, a strange reaction considering the circumstances. “The worse part of it,” Elayne said as she passed behind therecruit. “is that you’re going to take someone else down with you. Or do you even care about that?”Gia figured no matter what she said, it would be the wronganswer.“Still, I guess some of the blame does lie with me,” Elaynecontinued. “I had more than a suspicion about you and Wellington. I couldn’t help but notice the way you where checking out the girlsin the showers.” The redhead paused again as she stood in front of Gia again. This time she was obvious about the way she looked up and downher body.“I can understand the fact that you prefer the company ofother women,” Elayne said surprisingly. “And quite honestly I don’treally have a problem with that. The Air force, however, and moreimmediately, Sergeant Clayton does have a problem with it.” Gia wasn’t sure what the Sergeant expected her to say, soshe just kept silent. She was staring ahead at the wall chart abovethe desk when she felt a touch on her right breast.“Can’t really blame Wellington,” Elayne mused as she cuppedGia’s breast. “An innocent thing like that. She must’ve beenoverwhelmed when you came on to her. It was you that came on toher wasn’t it?””Yes, Sergeant.” Gia answered, realizing that this time ananswer was expected.”I didn’t think otherwise,” Elayne continued as she pressedher forefingers against Gia’s nipple. “That’s your style isn’t it:aggressive, dominant, always in control?”The redhead didn’t give Gia a chance to respond this time asshe let go of her breast and brought her face to within inches ofGia’s own.”But there’s one think you should never forget,” themuscular woman said in a slow deliberate tone. “No matter how bigand bad you think you are, there’s always someone bigger andbadder!”The words barely registered in Gia’s brain when Elaynegrabbed her naked body and pulled it against her. Her lips foundtheir mark, crushing the breath out of the startled Airman. “I can’t believe this,” Gia thought as she caught her breathand recovered from Elayne’s forceful kiss. “This is the samecold-hearted bitch who’s been ragging my ass for the last sixweeks?””Bet you think you know what comes next, don’t you?” Elayneasked as she stepped over to her desk and sat on the edge. “Youthink I’m going to use this little incident to take control of thesituation. To make you do something you might not want to do.”Gia didn’t want to voice her answer, but that was exactlywhat she expected. In her mind she weighed the options. The ideathat Sergeant Alexander was into women and wanted her was atotal shock, one that still had her reeling. Was it worth servicingthe redhead to get herself out of this mess? She flashed back to the night she blew the two cops whohad caught her red handed when she and Martha Ross had brokenthe front windows on Roselli’s Bakery. Old man Roselli had firedMartha that afternoon in order to give her job to some cousinfrom the old country. After more than a few drinks at the localbar, getting even seemed liked a good idea. Martha had outrun thecops, Gia hadn’t been that lucky. “If I could do that, I guess I could do this,” Gia thought toherself. “At least Alexander is a fox, those cops had been pigs.””But where would the fun be in that?” Elayne went on. “No,I have a much better idea.”Gia cringed at the thought of what that better idea mightbe. To her surprise, it was the last thing she would ever haveguessed. “What say you put your clothes back on, clean up the messyou and your little friend made in my office and we just makebelieve none of this ever happened? I’ll talked to SergeantClayton and no one will ever mention it again.”Never one to look a gift horse in the mouth, Gia was alreadyreaching down for her s**ttered uniform. She froze in mid-motionwhen Elayne added to her suggestion.”Or…” she drew out the syllable. “We could leave yourclothes where they are, and see how you like it on the receiving endfor a change. You never know, you just might like it.”Gia stood back up and looked at Elayne. For the first timesince that day in the shower she looked at her as a woman and notjust a uniform. A woman that was more than desirable. Questions she might never have imagined under othercircumstances flashed through her mind. Could she imagine herselfsurrendering herself to a woman as so many girls had done to her? Could she give up the control that was so important to her?In the past, the answer was easily no. Now, standing nakedand vulnerable before the strong woman in green, she wasn’t sosure. The answer had always been easy because Gia couldn’t everimagine a woman, much less a man, to whom she might submit.Elayne Alexander radiated strength and authority in a way she hadnever imagined.In the end, the answer she was struggling toward came notfrom her head, but from the warm tingle between her legs. Atingle that instantly blossomed into a bonfire when she voiced herbodies decision.”I’ll stay.” came her reply.”Excellent.” Elayne smiled, her tongue pressing against theedge of her lips as if anticipating a feast. She paused a moment and looked at the large clock on thewall. It wasn’t hard for Gia to imagine what Elayne was thinking. It would be at least a few hours before anyone got back fromtown. Plenty of time for them to play.And even if someone did unexpectedly come back early, whowas going to let them in? It wasn’t like she was going to get introuble for not being at her post. After all what were they goingto do? Report her to the Sergeant?Elayne bent over and picked up the vibrator Gia had droppedwhen they were discovered. The top half of the plastic was stillcovered with the fruits of Holly’s orgasm.”When you borrow someone’s toys, you really should cleanthem up when you’re done.” She rubbed her finger along the lengthof it, causing a portion of the sticky residue to come off. For a brief moment, her honey covered finger shone in theoverhead florescence. Then it vanished into her mouth as shelicked it clean.”Mmmm,” Elayne purred as she tasted the treat. “I have tosay, you have good taste in girlfriends. Or should that be yourgirlfriend tastes good.” She laughed.It was an awful pun, but Gia couldn’t help but smile.”Why don’t you clean off the rest of this for me?” Elaynesaid as she handed the toy to Gia.”In fact, why don’t you make a little show of it while I makemyself more comfortable.” “Well if she wants a show,” Gia thought as she took thevibrator in hand. “I’ll give her a show so hot that she’ll come inher panties.”Gia brought the tip of the plastic toy up to her mouth andran her tongue across it. The memory of how sweet Holly hadtasted filled her mind. But it soon paled against the thought ofhow much she wanted to feel Elayne’s pussy pressed against hermouth. In no time at all, the make believe cock was a clean as whenthey’d found it. She held it out for Elayne’s inspection.”Not bad,” Elayne said, her tone still in her Sergeant mode. “It’s a pity you couldn’t keep your own equipment that clean.”Elayne took back the now clean toy and laid in on her desk.”Why don’t you help me with my boots?” she suggested asshe leaned back on the edge of the table and lifted one bootedfoot into the air.Gia surprised herself at how quickly she responded toElayne’s suggestion. Quickly undoing the laces of her boot, sheeased it off the foot. Then, just as quick she followed with theother boot. Gently she removed the Sergeant’s socks as well.If Gia had time to really think about it, which she certainlydidn’t at the moment, she would’ve realized that Elayne wasfollowing the same pattern in establishing control of the situationas she did when they’d all first arrived at Lackland six weeksbefore. Of course the tasks she had been given in those first dayshad not left her as sexually charged. If they had, she would’vebeen a much better recruit.”And now my pants.” Gia undid the web belt and clasp, taking hold of the sides ofthe fatigues. Her face was only inches from redhead’s sex. Theyounger woman could almost imagine she could smell it through theheavy material. The panties that filled her vision as she pulled down theuniform pants were as far away from military issue as could be. They were emerald green, what there was of them, and coveredwith tiny embroidered rose petals. To Gia’s delight, they were alsoquite damp. Elayne pushed away the pants after lifting her legs out ofthem. They came to a rest right next to Gia’s clothing. Kneelingbefore her, Gia hoped the panties would be next.”Now my shirt.” the woman said instead.Slightly disappointed, but pulsing with sexual anticipationnevertheless, Gia rose to her full height. Nimble fingers carefullyundid the large buttons of the fatigue blouse. As they came free,the soft white flesh beneath was more and more visible. Hot asHolly’s striptease had been on this very spot, personally undressingElayne was almost enough to make Gia climax spontaneously. “Oh God,” she said breathed, exposing the large round orbs,wrapped in a lacy bra that matched the panties. “they are soperfect.”Her previous view of Elayne’s mounds had been much toorushed to truly appreciate their perfection. Every sexual urgewithin her wanted to bury her face between them. Even if shesuffocated right then and there, she would die happy.Elayne must’ve been able to read her mind, or at leastguessed her reaction. With a sudden strong move, she grabbed theback of Gia’s head and pulled it forward. Before the girl couldrealize it, her face was pressed against the woman’s exposed flesh. “Then why don’t you get a better look?” Elayne taunted.The unexpected force added to Gia’s delight. Her lipspressed against the now hot flesh, paying homage to its artistry.Her tongue took in the mixture of natural oils and a subtle but richperfume. Gia felt like she could rest between her mounds forever,when just as suddenly, Elayne grabbed her again and pulled herface upward. Elayne’s pressed their lips together in a nearcollision. Her tongue slid right into a mouth opened in surprise,seeking out its counterpart. The excitement in both women at thecontact could be felt right down to their toes. More importantly itblazed between both of their legs.Their lips still intertwined, Elayne managed to undo thefront clip of Gia’s bra and felt it open. The heavy burden beneathit fell free. Pressing tighter, the women rubbed their nipplesagainst each other.”Suck them!” Elayne ordered. “Suck my nipples.”There’d been no order given to her in the last month and ahalf that Gia had moved quicker to obey. Her head dropped downand she closed her lips around the closest bright pink nipple. Hertongue lashed out with erotic fury and her hand cupped thesurrounding flesh. A murmur of encouragement issued from Elayne’s lips as shewrapped her hands around the back of Gia’s head and held it tightagainst her breasts. Gia in turn was using what ever skill she hadlearned from dozen of lovers to please the redhead.”Oh yes, baby, that’s it.” Elayne murmured as she enjoyedthe touch of the soft wet tongue. “I knew just watching you thatyou’d be good at this.”She let Gia feast on her ultrabet güvenilirmi mounds for long minutes, satisfiedto just enjoy the attention. Taking a strong hold of the girl’sshoulders, Elayne began to guide her ministrations downward. Atfirst, Gia was reluctant to release her mammary delights. Then,realizing the greater enticements below, let one of the nipples slipfrom between her lips.Elayne shifted her stance so that her now wet panties werepressing against Gia’s face. The intoxicating aroma sex wasoverwhelming to the younger woman. Only the thinnest ofmaterials separated her from her prize. Unable to wait any longer,she kissed the center of the wetness, gaining a taste of the fruitbeyond.”Take them off.” Elayne instructed. “But you can’t use yourhands.”Gia was puzzled for moment, then got the idea. Shegrabbed the waistband with her teeth and pulled the pantiesdownward. It was easier than she might’ve imagined. They werequickly down around Elayne’s ankles.Quick as a flash, Gia lifted herself up and went straight forher prize. Without hesitation she reached out and parted the lipsof Elayne’s shaved pussy, revealing the bright pinkness within. Asshe had the breasts, Gia considered the whole image of womanhoodbefore her was a work of art. How could one woman be the benefitof some much perfection? No matter. She quickly brushed asidesuch thoughts. For the moment, all that perfection was all hers.Straight as an arrow, Gia’s tongue worked it way up Elayne’slove channel. With short rapid motions it worked it way from sideto side. Elayne was obviously close to the edge. Little effort wasrequired to send her hurling over the abyss. As everything else Gia had seen about Sergeant Alexander,Gia guessed her orgasms would be explosive. She wasn’tdisappointed. Elayne leaned back harder against the desk andwrapped her long legs practically around Gia’s head. It was almostimpossible for the girl to breath. When she opened her mouth totry it was instead filled with sweet nectar. Not that Gia cared atthis moment. Though she tried to get all of it into her mouth, shewound up with most of it spread across her face.”Goddamm!” Elayne called out as she recovered from herclimax. “I had you pegged as a pussylicker from the moment I sawyou. But I didn’t think you’d be that good.”A smile filled Gia’s face. She hadn’t felt such a sense ofsatisfaction in a long time. The feeling was so good that only thendid she realized that in her desire to please Elayne, she hadneglected her own climax. In automatic response to that thought,she began to lightly stroke her own cunt.Noticing what Gia was doing, Elayne snapped, “Oh no, we’llhave none of that.” She jerked Gia’s hand away. A look of disappointment filled the girl’s face. Was Elaynegoing to prevent her from coming? She was aching for release. The small orgasm she’d gotten with Holly had left her less thansatisfied in that regard. “Please…” she heard herself say. It was the first time Giacould remember ever saying that to another person for anything.”Oh don’t worry, Peaches.” Elayne smiled with a wicked grin. “You’re going to come all right. But I’ve got a little surprise foryour first. Or maybe I should say, a big surprise.”Gia watched in puzzlement as Elayne stepped away from herand took a large ring of keys from her pants on the floor. Sheused one of the keys to unlock the bottom drawer of another filingcabinet.”My little house mouse didn’t know where I kept all mytoys.” She laughed as she reached into the drawer. “There aresome things I’d never forget to keep under lock and key.”Gia couldn’t see exactly what Elayne had taken out of thecabinet, but it wasn’t hard to figure out. With her back still toher, Elayne stepped into some sort of harness and pulled thestraps tight around her. Even after figuring out what the taller woman had put on,Gia’s mouth still gasped in astonishment when she turned aroundand got a real good look at it.”Holy shit!” she cried. “Where did you get a fucking thinglike that?”Elayne smiled wider. A fucking thing was exactly what itwas.”Mail order, where else.” She laughed. “Of course toanother name in a rented mailbox far, far from base.”Hanging between her legs, held in place by a harness, was aeight-inch rubber cock. Although she had a passion for women, Giastill liked to be with a man now and then, if only for sexual relief. It was immediately apparent to her that what Elayne was wearingwas longer and thicker than any man she’d ever been with.”It’s monstrous!” she exclaimed.”Well, I thought you were the type who liked a challenge,” Elayne retorted. “But if you’re not woman enough to handle it,well…”Elayne had just began to undo one of the straps when Giasaid with reassurance. “I can handle it.” The older woman had expected that response. She’d hadthe younger woman’s number all along. The knowledge that she’dbeen right made it all the more exciting.Elayne held the strap on and simulated a male masturbationmotion. She shook the rubber cock a few time to get Gia’sattention, not that it wasn’t glued to the artificial prick.”Why don’t you come over and give ‘big boy’ here a littlesuck.” she said. “I’m sure you’ve had lots of practice at it.”Gia crawled across the floor and took Elayne’s “cock” intoher hand. Slowly she slid it deep inside her mouth. Truth be told,Gia normally wasn’t enthusiastic about blowing a guy. In this casehowever, she found it an exciting turn on. “You’re a real cock-sucker, aren’t you?” Elayne laughed asshe got turned on even more watching Gia. With a slight reluctance, she took hold of the dildo andpulled it from dark haired girl’s eager mouth. She told Gia to getdown on all fours, then went to her knees behind her.”Baby, get ready for the fucking of your life!” Elaynedeclared as she readjusted a strap, tightening it as far as it wouldgo. From a blue tube that she had taken out of the cabinet withthe strap on, Elayne smeared a large amount of clear lubricant over the cockhead of her dildo. Then she pushed her slipperyfingers down between Gia’s legs and up into the already lubricatedpussy. She pushed all five fingers in, stretching the opening. “Oooo!” moaned Gia as she felt the initial intrusion.Elayne pressed her naked body up against the back of Gia’sown. She lifted the hanging cock and positioned the head againstthe now saturated tunnel.”Spread those beautiful legs, Peaches.” Elayne whisperedinto Gia’s ear as she nibbled at it. “cause this is going to be betterthan any man could ever do.” she added with a kiss.She rubbed the head of her cock up and down the length of Gia’s pussy before taking a firm grip and shoving it into her.”Aaaaa!” Gia yelled as she felt herself being penetrated .”Relax.” Elayne said as she eased the dildo out a little,before pushing it back in twice the depth of her first attempt.Elayne reach around and rubbed her fingers against Gia’sclit. Doggy style was the Sergeant’s favorite position when shefucked another woman. It gave her such a feeling of superiority. Her frantic motions against the small nub at the top of Gia’s cunthelped distract the girl beneath her from the initial pain as Elaynebegan to thrust deeper within her with an ever-increasedfrequency.Gradually, the pain lessened and gave way to an increasingpleasure. Even through the artificial cock, Elayne could feel thewalls of Gia’s cunt grabbing hold of her as she thrusted inside heragain and again. “You love this, don’t you?” Elayne asked between thrusts asshe grabbed Gia’s hips and pulled her ass hard against her. “You’re such a horny little bitch!””Oh yes,” Gia panted as she began to match Elayne’s rhythmand draw the dildo deeper inside her.Elayne slid her hands up and down Gia’s body, continuing tofuck her with increasing ferocity. Her fingers closed tight againstthe girl’s breasts as she used then to pull Gia against her timeafter time. Elayne always got off fucking other women in this way.She loved to be in control.Elayne pushed Gia’s head and shoulders down against the tilefloor, offering greater access to the depths of her pussy. Theconstant rubbing against her own love button was sending her intopre-orgasmic fits as well. Hot sweat covered the two bodies asboth shook with the energy and passion of unrestricted sex.Totally lost in the fury of her passion, Elayne grabbed Gia’sshort hair and pulled her head back. With a fierce fire in herdark eyes, Elayne pressed her lips hard against the helpless womanbeneath her. The taste of their tongues as they intertwined wasenough to push her to within an inch of the abyss.”Deeper.” Gia gasped as Elayne’s tongue slid out of hermouth.Try as she might, it was physically impossible for Elayne toget further inside Gia. At least in the position they were in.”Roll over!” Elayne commanded as she pulled the dildo all theway out. “On your back!”Not even giving Gia time to comply, the older woman pushedher onto her back. A brief moment later she rammed the largerubber cock between the outstretched legs. Gia screamed in ecstasy as Elayne drove the dildo it’s fulllength within her. It had been almost six months since she’d had aman within her and he hadn’t been half as good as the womanfucking her now. Elayne’s mounds pressed hard against Gia’sglobes, causing an electric tingling as their nipples touched. Burying her temporary manhood deep inside her new lover,Elayne’s body quaked in anticipation of the new explosion she knewwas imminent. Beneath her, Gia was lost in a similar state. Continuing to pump away with all her strength, Elayne wastaken by surprise when Gia legs came up and wrapped around herbuttocks, allowing her to penetrate to an even greater depth. Gia’s arms also wrapped around her, binding them together in anunbreakable lock.”Fuck me!” Gia screamed at the top of her lungs, a cry soloud that for a moment Elayne feared it might heard out in thehall.One final thrust was enough to unleash the buildingexplosions. Both bodies jerked violently as they were consumed bythe bodyquake that ripped through each of them. Gia drove her nails deep into Elayne’s back as the orgasmicparalysis gripped her. Elayne continued to plummet the captivepussy that was pressed so tightly against her own, until she toowas gripped by that same loss of control. If anything, Elayne came even harder the second time. Giawasn’t far behind her. By the time they were done, both womenwere drenched in sweat.As they lay exhausted on the cold floor, Gia knew she hadundergone a revelation. As much as she had enjoyed lording it overgirls like Holly, it was nothing compared to the charge she’d gottenfrom serving someone like Elayne. There were going to be somemajor changes in her life after this.After catching their breath, the two women headed for theshowers to clean up. Gia was more than happy to wash Elayne untilthe Sergeant was clean as could be. She also took the opportunityto kiss and caress every inch of that magnificent body.When they’d finished and she had dried her lover off, Giaalso helped her dress. She even tied the laces she had earlierundone.”After you get yourself cleaned up, I want you to take careof that mess back in my office,” Alexander said, shifting back intoher Sergeant’s role. “Yes, Sergeant.” Gia’s tone was now more respectful inkeeping with her new role.”When we’re alone, you can call me Ma’am.” Elayne offered.”Oh yes, Ma’am.” Gia beamed, both at the gift and theprospect that they would be alone again in the future.Pleased, Elayne kissed her lightly on the lips and then wenton her way. As Gia watched her sway down the corridor, shecouldn’t wait until the next time she could kiss that beautiful ass. * * *When she walked out on the parade ground, Elayne foundSergeant Clayton waiting. With a neutral expression on her face,she went over to her.”How did everything go?” Stacy Clayton asked. Elayne Alexander smiled. “I don’t think the Air force isgoing to have any more disciplinary problems with Airman Mazzini.In fact I think she’s going to turn out to be a model recruit afterall.””That’s good to hear.” Sergeant Clayton nodded. “It wouldbe a same to waste potential like that.””And how did you make out with Airman Wellington?” “We came to an understanding as well.” “It would be a good idea to separate the two of them.” Elayne suggested. “For their own good of course.”I’ve already filled out the paperwork.” Stacy smiled. “As ofthis afternoon, she’s now officially part of my Flight. Of coursethat means she has to repeat the last few weeks of basic, but shemore than understands. In fact, after our little talk, she’s lookingforward to it.” “I thought the two of you might hit it off.” Elayne laughed. “Ever since that night I first caught her playing with herself in myoffice. She was more than happy after that to help out with ourlittle problem with Airman Mazzini.””Yes, it looks like everyone wins.””Oh, two other things,” Elayne added. “You’re still goodfriends with Robinson over in personnel, right?”Stacy nodded her assent. If good friends could be definedas giving the Master Sergeant a blow job now and then, then shestill qualified.”Do me a favor and have him change Mazzini’s travel ordersfor after graduation. I think the English air will agree with hernicely.””I figured you might want something like that. I’ll talk tohim in the morning.” Stacy grinned. When she had BobRobertson’s cock in her mouth, there was little he wouldn’t do forher. “But you said there were two things.””Oh yes. Send a nice little gift and a thank you note toAngela Martin over at Pope. Tell her that I owe her one.””I think you owe her a big one.””I think you’re right.”Both women laughed rather loudly. The recruit passing themat that moment wondered what was the joke. The girl in dressblues shrugged and went on her way, not wanted to draw too muchof the two Sergeant’s attentions. After all, they might find somelittle job for her to do.She would’ve been greatly surprised to find that thethought that filled both their minds was that she had a really niceass.END

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