Beach adventure


I am not twenty yet and have been living in Almere for a while. I’m quite small and thin and because I do aerobics on a regular basis my tits and behind are nice and pert. There is a nice bit of nude beach in Almere and when I went there more often, I noticed there were plenty of things happening there. I’m not a prude and I can enjoy everything you can see there. I usually go on my own and during the week there are usually a lot of men that look at me in an admiring way when I prance around naked. It is a shame that there aren’t that many women around at those times. You only see them in the weekends with their husbands. Come on dear girls, you show yourselves too at the nude beach of Almere during the week! I have met this couple that lives a couple of doors away. They are called Theo and Elly and I really get along with them. A short while ago they went with me to the nude beach. Theo wanted to do some fishing and Elly and I did some sunbathing. Elly is a quiet woman with a shapely body, slightly chubby and with firm tits. I really wanted to see her naked sometime. It was wonderful weather and while Theo was fishing we found a spot away from the wind to enjoy the sunshine. I had admired Elly’s nice, firm tits already. She was wearing a bikini bottom that went well with her deep red, curly bahis siteleri hair. I was wearing a tight tanga slip myself, cut up high and showing most of my lower body. We went for a swim and she decided to put her top back on but I told her that really wasn’t necessary. Taking a towel each with us we walked towards the water. Soon the first of the naked men appeared and Elly was a little surprised. She hadn’t been here before. I put my towel down by the water, at a spot where it wasn’t very busy yet. Taking off my tanga I walked into the water, followed by Elly who had finally taken her bikini bottom off too. After we had had our swim I found another spot where we could dry up in the sunshine. I sat down, watching Elly’s breasts and her pussy and I asked her if she felt odd, being completely naked in the open air. “I do a little,” she admitted and she told me they only did these things when they were on holiday somewhere. About half an hour later we went back to our original spot. Elly was wearing her bikini bottom again and I had followed her example… although I didn’t feel like doing so. We took a walk along the water and soon we arrived at the spot where I knew there would be a lot of men. I just kept walking in between them and I noticed the surprised look in Elly’s eyes, especially canlı bahis siteleri when one of the guys whistled at her! We walked onto a pier where we could watch the sailboats on the water and what I had hoped for happened soon enough: A guy came walking up to us, his dick at half mast. Elly nearly panicked! But we had to get passed him and Elly walked in front of me. He made his dick move up and down and I couldn’t resist to tap it gently in passing. He winked at me coyly… Walking along there were more and more men showing off their dicks as openly as possible. I had expected this as I came her quite often. When I saw a couple of guys who had gathered around I knew right away there was something going on. Passing one of the small dykes there gets you to a couple of shaded spots where hot couples had sex in public very often. I slowed down on purpose and indeed, at the spot where the guys had been standing was a couple going at it. He was laying on his back. She was on top of him, sucking his cock while he was licking and fingering her pussy. He really spoiled her and she was completely engrossed in her job too. I happened to know the girl and when we walked past she took her mouth away from the guys’ dick and said: “Hi! You here too?” I stopped and said “Yeah, it’s such nice weather canlı bahis isn’t it?” The other girl just kept on massaging her husbands dick and we were talking to each other as if it was our daily routine. Elly just stared at us, not knowing what to do. Later that day I took her on another round and I noticed she started to enjoy herself. That time she even took off her bikini bottoms when we were close to the dyke. I asked her if she fancied joining me here the next day and after hesitating shortly she said: “Yes, but I had better not tell Theo what we have seen here today!” Around ten the next morning Elly and I were at the beach again. We put up a small windscreen to have a little more privacy. I took off my panties and gave my hairless pussy a proud look. I covered myself with tanning lotion and rubbed my pussy with it too. We lay down in the sunshine and I enjoyed the warmth on my box. Half an hour later Bea, the girl I had been talking to the day before showed up and I introduced the two of them to each other. Bea took off her top and shoved her trousers and her panties down in one go. Elly and I were sitting up and I noticed Bea’s pussy was completely hairless too. It had a nice tan and while she was standing right in front of us Bea began to put tanning lotion all over her body, rubbing it in between her pussy lips as well. She put her towel down in front of ours and kneeled down to straighten it. She had her beautiful ass turned in our direction and we could clearly see her pussy that was slippery with oil.

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