Male Fuck Doll Pt. 02


This story is to help you have a orgasm. Very nasty, if you are offended by gay, bi,straight, kinky cum eating sissy bottom sex. Do Not Read This.

We kicked back and relaxed my mouth was so sore and my lips were actually swollen like I had a lip job. My mine was racing around in my head, I just had one of the most wonderful weekends ever.

I was so confused, I always thought I was straight, now I’m not sure. All I could think of was my gay lover fucking my mouth, tasting his cum.

My wife came over and took my hand, she said that she loved watching me with another guy. She confessed and told me that she had been fucking my gay lover for over a month.

That he lives about 10 miles away and that if it’s ok with me she would like to have these little get togethers, quite often. She said that she could tell I was enjoying all of the nasty, perverted things that we did.

She also informed me that I was a excellent cocksucker and cum eater. She was going to reward me. She handed me my butt-plug and told me to start wearing it. I bent over and spread my ass cheeks, my asshole was getting so gaped the plug slipped right in.

I started doing my daily chores of cleaning house. I didn’t have any clothes on, and every time I would bend just a little the plug would slip out and hit the floor. I noticed my wife watching and the third time the plug slipped out she saw it.

She called me over to where she was and told me to bend over and show her my ass, spread it open with both hands. She glared down at my gaped hole and said ” Look at the little vagina you got there A woman’s not going to have anything to do with a man that has a vagina for a asshole.”

She reminded me how big my asshole has gotten, and hasn’t even had a real cock in it. Talking like that had made my wife horny and she took me into the bed room and had me get up on my hands and knees and beg her to fuck me.

She has made a hungry bottom boy out of me, a full fag whore. I was begging for her to fuck me with the many dildos we had bought, I looked around and she was putting a pair of rubber gloves on.

She was looking at me with a real sexy, mean look. She reached down and pulled my cock and balls between my ass cheeks. She had a evil grin on her face as she had three fingers up my ass.

She told me that next weekend she arranged a little get together for a few of her friends that she had met recently. She told me they were all gay and that they was going to teach me how to worship a cock, anally.

But for right now she is going to try to fist fuck me, since the biggest butt plug is too small for my ass pussy as she started calling it. I was doing good with fucking her four fingers but when she started slipping her thumb in.

I thought I was going to die, when she had her hand up to the wrist in me she stopped and was real gentle. My legs where quivering and it felt like I had cum. The pain subsided and she started slowly moving her hand around in me.

I felt like I was cumming over and over, my cock had curled up in my ball sack. It looked like I had a little clit sticking out as she was massaging the inside of my asshole. I started humping on her hand.

She wants to see how much I can ejaculate with her hand up my ass. I could tell she was working more and more of her fingers up my ass, squirting the lube up in me and working it in.

I was soaking wet on my knees and sweat was pouring off of me. I was exhausted and my hands slipped and I landed on the bed, ass up in the air and a fist fucking me.

She pulled her fist out of my ass and I let out a huge fart followed by 10 little farts. She had pumped so much air up in me it was scary. I was so horny and I hadn’t got to cum yet.

I rolled over on my back and she straddled me rubbing her pussy up and down on my cock. She inserted my cock into her pussy and was bouncing up and down on it. Her pussy felt like I was fucking a bowl of jello.

Cunt juice is leaking down my balls while she is fucking herself on my hard cock. I can hardly feel anything, her cunt is so sloppy loose. All of a sudden she stopped fucking me, she looked down and said “Honey your cock is not satisfying me, as a matter of fact it hasn’t satisfied me in a real long time”.

About that time my cock lost its hardness and fell out of her cunt. She slide up and stuck her wet pussy on my face and told me to make her cum. I started licking her clit and sucking on her very used pussy, in no time at all I had her moaning and cumming.

My cock was standing at attention. When she jumped up off the bed and went over to the dresser and got my tunceli seks hikayeleri cock cage. She threw it up on the bed and told me to put it on, that I wouldn’t be having a orgasm tonight. I ask her why?

She said she would explain it to me once I had my cock locked up. I protested, she said do you want a divorce? I knotted my head no. Then do as I say fagboy. I put the cock cage on and she locked it up.

She then explained to me that I wouldn’t be cumming until next weekend when all the guys were coming over. That she was going to be fucking me every day, in the ass.

Hoping I will be able to survive next weekend, all the fucking I am going to be getting. She would get up behind me and say “suck the end of my strap-on with your asshole slut”.

She would be banging the hell out of my asshole, telling me that my asshole is her pussy. The rest of the week went by fast, she fucked me two or three times a day, and had my asshole stretched out quite a bit. The last time she fucked me my balls where so full, pre-cum was leaking out.

I was loving it more and more. One of the things I like best is her giving me a enema, I love the feel of the water squirting up in me. The night before are little orgy was very different, my wife had went out and bought me some underwear.

She tossed the bag over to me and I opened it up, inside were women’s panties. I didn’t ask any questions I just went into the bedroom and changed into them.

I was feeling real naughty standing in front of her wearing sexy satin panties. She commented to me that if I was going to get fucked like a pussy, I needed to dress like a pussy. Some men will do anything to be able to cum.

I was looking forward to having my first real cock in me. The material the panties was made of kept my penis erect, and I could feel the satin fabric thru my cock cage. Wearing a cock cage and butt plug, my panties were full.

Which made it real unpleasant for me. Friday night finally got here and I was nervous and horny at the same time. My wife had shaved all the hair off of my cock and balls, and had me put on my sexy panties.

My wife dressed up in high heels and black leather mini skirt with fishnet stockings, she had on a pair of crotch less panties and the best smelling perfume I had ever smelled. Her makeup was fabulous, she painted up her face and lips.

She looked like a whore and I was loving it. She sat me down and had a talk with me. She started out telling me that I will call her Mistress from now on, and that my cock, balls, ass and mouth belong to her. She stated that she has been fucking all of these guys for quite a while, that it wasn’t her fault I couldn’t satisfy her

. She told me while I was at work she would call them up and they would come over and fuck her while I was working. That she loved me and hoped that I would stay married to her. There was a knock at the door, she instructed me to go answer the door. I did as Mistress instructed me, I opened the door and three gentlemen were standing there.

I welcomed them in, and closed the door behind them. I was checking them out and they were checking me out, standing there in my little panties. The tallest one introduced his self as Jim, the blonde headed one was Bob and the smaller framed guy they called him Rambone.

My wife kissed each one of them, I noticed Rambone patted her on the ass when he kissed her. They remarked how sexy my wife looked. We all sat around and had a few drinks and smoked a little pot.

My wife had me stand up in front of them as she removed the butt plug and cock cage. She told them that I hadn’t had any relieve for 5 days. I looked over and Bob was staring right at my crotch and was licking his lips. My cock felt so good being released from the cage, and my asshole felt empty, when I walked I could feel my asshole sucking air.

All the guys got up and started disrobing. I was checking them out, I was shocked when I saw their cocks, no wonders my wife wasn’t satisfied with my cock. Jim had the smallest and it was 2 inches longer than mine and the a lot bigger in girth, it was uncircumcised.

That was the first un-cut cock I had ever seen. I was fascinated with it, How all that loose skin was covering the head. Bobs cock was next it looked like It would be about 8 inches hard and had a big purple circumcised head on it. My mouth was watering, I wanted to get down on my knees and start sucking him.

Then I looked over at Rambone, his cock was magnificent, a good 10 inches long and as big around as a beer can. His cock was circumcised an I don’t believe my lips would fit around the head of it.

It scared me, that was the biggest cock I had ever seen, even in magazines. It looked like you could breed cattle with that monster. I don’t even know how he got that much meat in his pants.

My wife got up and went over to Rambone and took his huge cock in her little hand. She looked at me and said this is the cock that stretched my pussy out, she got down on her knees and kissed the shaft.

It got even bigger, she stood back up, glanced over at me, and said “I’m going to enjoy seeing this cock turn your asshole in to a pussy. We all went into the bedroom, Mistress told me to pull off my cum stained panties and sit down on the bed.

Mistress wife noticed my cock had been drooling cum out of it. She looked at my panties and you could see pre-cum in them. She picked them up and rubbed the white spot across my lips.

All the guys had their cocks out and was masturbating. As I was sitting on the edge of the bed she had one at a time come over to me and let me inspect them. Check them out, touch their cock and balls, grab their ass, she wanted me to get to know them like she knew them.

Mistress was going slow with me, letting me explore their bodies. She told me to pick one of the guys out to take my ass cherry, she explained I could pick Jim or Bob.

She informed me Rambone would be busy with her. That was fine with me, there is no way I could handle Rambone”s cock. I looked over at Jim and ask him if he would like to take my virgin ass? He nodded “yes” and walked back in front of me.

I reached out and started massaging his cock and balls, I looked up at him and ask if I could do anything I wanted to? He nodded again and I stuck the uncircumcised cock it my mouth, and when I sucked it, the head come poking out of the skin shield.

It was growing and growing. I like to stick my tongue up in the skin around the head and twirl my tongue around the protected head. I had become a expert cocksucker and I really enjoy doing it, and you could tell. I had my fingers roaming around the inside of his thighs, flickering my fingers over and around his butthole.

As I am fucking my throat with his cock. I couldn’t take it anymore, I jerked his cock out of my mouth and crawled up on the bed with my ass in the air. I told him to “fuck me, fuck me as hard as you like”.

I had lost control and needed fucked real bad. Jim got behind me and started putting it in real slow. My ass started shaking and I backed up on him and he went all the way down to his balls. I looked back at him and said “fuck me Jim…I have fucked a dildo your size”.

As I was working my asshole open, Jim was fucking me hard. I was milking his cock and could hear his balls slapping on my ass. All of a sudden I felt like I was in a cloud, my mind was racing and my arms give out. I was laying on my stomach with a cock fucking the shit out of me.

I open my eyes and see my wife with Rambones cock wedged in her pussy. It was more than I could handle, I started shooting cum onto the bed. Five days of cum wasted on the sheets. Jim kept fucking me and I had cum so much it was getting smeared all over the bed sheets on my crotch, and even some on my stomach.

I realized at that moment that I loved seeing my wife fuck other men, she was having so much fun. I had never seen the look she had on her face before, total bliss.

Jim finished fucking me and shot a big load of cream up my ass. When I felt his cock swell up I had another orgasm. I glanced back at my wife, not only was Rambone fucking her, Bob had his cock out and she was sucking on his hard cock.

When Jim crawled off of me, my wife told me “be a good whore and clean him up”. I got down and started licking my mess up, I was surprised at the amount of semen that had collected around the head of his hidden penis. It reminded me of sticking my tongue in a pussy.

When I stood up my loose asshole cut a fart and cum was running down my leg. My wife called me to where she was, Bob pulled his cock out of her mouth. I was looking at her pussy, how stretched out she was, she saw me looking and took the whole cock up her, as she let out a moan.

She was covered in sweat, her lips were swollen from sucking on Bob’s cock. I bent down and kissed her, sucking her tongue into my mouth. I could taste cock on her tongue.

She whispered in my ear that she loved me, and to take Bob over to the bed and let him fuck me. Rambone wasn’t missing a lick, he fucked her at a steady pace. All you could hear was the sound of hard fucking.

I reached out and took Bob by the cock and led him over to the bed. I glided his cock into my mouth and I could taste my wife on him. Bob had a larger cock than Jim. I felt more at home sucking on him, he was circumcised and I love a big head on a cock.

I can lip lock around the head and suck the juice out of it. But I wasn’t going to get to taste his cum this time, this cum was going up my ass, and I was already lubed up from Jim’s sperm. As I was sucking Bobs cock it was getting bigger and bigger, I was amazed at how much it grew.

I looked over at my wife enjoying herself, I looked down at my hard tiny 6″cock, and thought to myself “I will never be able to satisfy her sexual”. I then tried to inhale Bobs cock up to the balls. Choking and gagging, that was a stupid thing to try.

After I quit coughing I got up In the doggie position. Bob slowly stuck the head of it in. It was large and it toke a couple minutes to get use to it. I slowly started sliding back on it. I was breathing hard but steady. As I was slowly humping up and down.

Jim joined in, he stuck his cock right in my face and I started sucking it. As soon as I tasted his cock, I started rocking back and forth on Bobs cock. The harder Jim’s cock got in my mouth the harder I fucked Bob.

At that moment I knew I liked cock better than pussy. I had become a cock worshipping sissy boy. Bob told me to slow down, that I was racking his balls I was fucking him to hard. He said that very few woman could take his cock as easy as I was.

That made me feel good, that was only my second fuck and I am getting complements. I told him I had a very good teacher and I strive to be the best of the best.

I looked over and my wife was still getting pounded by Rambone. I stopped humping on Bob and turned my head and ask him if I could eat his cum. I told him it seem like such a waste to put it up my ass.

My wife spoke up and said “beg him for his cum”. I shouted out “Please Bob, please let me suck the cum down my slutty throat”. Bob kept fucking me. Again I said “I will suck your balls, lick your asshole, please Bob give me your cum”. I could tell Bob was getting close to cumming, I will try one more time.

If it don’t work out I will scoop it up from my hole and eat it, I’m craving the taste of cum. I looked back at Bob with my tongue hanging out, licking my lips like a whore. “Please Bob let me eat your sperm, let me keep it in my mouth and worship your manhood”. I think it was working. I said “Let me taste your creamy load, let them little sperms float around in my mouth, let me be your cum dump”.

I was new at this, and learned a valuable lesson. He let me have his cum, when he got ready to cum he pulled it out of my asshole and stuck it in my mouth.

The first thing I tasted was asshole, then he flooded my mouth with the best tasting cum I had ever tasted. I am new at this and I want to experience it all. As I was enjoying my desert I kept thinking about being a faggot.

I heard my wife make a real loud moan, I looked over at her with cum on my lips. He had slipped the head of his massive cock into her asshole, she was shaking and breathing very hard. The funny thing is, she was enjoying it. He didn’t last long in her asshole, she made him pull it out.

Rambone pulled that beast out of her. His cock was bright red from 2 hours of all out fucking. I crawled over to where she had been fucking and ask her if I could service her pussy, clean her up.

Would she like for me to suck Rambone off? She said “come over and suck my well fucked holes”. She lifted up her legs and spread her lips of her pussy. Her pussy was so gaped you could drop a silver dollar in her hole and never touch the edges.

Her asshole looked almost the same, that little bit of skin between her pussy and ass was swollen together. I love to eat pussy, I didn’t even recognize her pussy. I put my face in her ass and worked my tongue up to her well fucked cunt.

Before I knew it white milky cream was all over my face. I figured Rambo might have cum in her. Her hole was so wide, it looked like she had a baby.

She fucked my face, she had her hands behind my head force feeding be her asshole. In between the moans she said” To bad you’re not hung like a real man, because you eat good pussy”. Then she said ” get to sucking on my asshole, dip that tongue deep into my hole”.

I was waiting for her to give me a shot at Rambone, I knew my asshole or mouth couldn’t take it. But I was willing to lick the cum out of him. She must have sensed my intentions, she said “Fagboy I seen you checking Rambone’s cock out, you’re not ready for that kind of meat. Now get back to sucking my asshole”.

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