Beautiful Skies Ch. 03


This is written by me, and can be reproduced for your enjoyment, however not if it is reproduced on ANY Internet pay site without compensation for me the writer.



Seeing my mother talk with the rude blonde lady, she actually smiles at me as I approach. “This nice lady said you’d be interested in babysitting for her as she lives in the same area as us. I offered to take the card but since you’re here you can take it. That’s so nice of you!” My mom says to her totally surprising me, thinking to myself fat chance meanie, she hands me the card as we’re told to board the shuttle. Quickly taking it with a fake smile and an awkward nod I slip it into my pocket, I mumble some words of thanks. We board and make our way through to the back as all the seats have already been filled by anxious travelers. Seeing a few empty seats on our left or right, I opt to go towards the left seeing her choose the other side. Slumping into the furthest seat, directly across from her was just coincidence, I place the heavy burden next to me on the floor with a loud thud.

My mom nudges me in the ribs playfully “Why don’t you go talk to her? She’s nice offering you a job like this! She looks nice and her son seems well behaved” she says to me with a smile.

Seeing her clad in dark stockings with dark leather knee high boots and a light grey skirt with a light grey form-fitting sweater, usual snob attire I think to myself trying come up of how to slip out of it somehow. “Mom, I’m dead tired. You heard her, I’ll call her but I’ll probably be too busy looking for a real job at the local grocery store anyhow. Besides, I got her number…”

Letting go of a sigh with my final statement, finally feeling the shuttle start to move much to my relief I see her let up on the subject much to my relief.

Feeling rather hot, thinking the engine must be at the back of this moving heap; I absent-mindedly take out the napkin and pat my forehead. Hearing my mom say “Fine, suit yourself but don’t come and ask me for money. I’m going to go ask someone where our luggage can be Ataşehir Escort picked up” she said in scorned tone. Nodding my head, I feel the bench shift a little as she gets up and walks away into the crowded bus that’s all huddled near the exit at the front.

The napkin having been folded on it, I open my eyes startled to see the woman on the other side has been discreetly observing me. Thinking to myself what a weirdo, I turn my attention to what’s left of the napkin. Noticing that it’s mostly the edges that have been torn, I open it up noticing some writing inside. Curious to see what it is, I flip it right side up to read and see it’s a phone number and a long sentence. Feeling as if it was suddenly getting even warmer in here, I look around feeling as if I’ve just stolen the crown jewels or something, sensing the warmth between my legs has also shot up I clear my throat lightly. Carefully reading, noticing my legs have clenched together and slightly rubbing themselves together trying to satisfy this sexual hunger of mine on their own volition, I read the words in blue “Next time we’ll play doctor, not dress up” signed ‘Cherryl’ with a blue heart.

Re-reading to make sure my mind or my eyes aren’t playing tricks on me, rubbing my legs together slightly more, feeling my nipples grow once again but I don’t care! Gently taking up the delicate piece up paper up to my nose, taking a deep breath as my mind says it smells of sweat, but my heart yearns to relive that same carnal passion on the plane again and again. That primal lust that was brought out in me can be barely smelled as I inhale in once more deeply. My mom’s laughter halts my reverie; I very carefully fold it in two and placing it gently into my pocket. Pricked by something there, carefully placing whatever is left of the napkin inside my pocket, take out the sharp object. Seeing the elegantly designed card in hand, I examine at how it’s designed, thinking these must of cost a pretty penny. Reading her name as Jennifer Thomas with designer as a title and underneath it a cell phone number, fax and office number with red bouquet in the top left corner. The letters are all in a gold colored except a crude red-penned arrow Ataşehir Escort Bayan in the middle pointing to the side of the card. Studying the card, I notice her at the top of my field of vision that she’s discreetly observing me, the tall blonde who handed it to me who’s feigning as if she’s looking outside, thinking it odd I continue on.

Not knowing what this all meant, I cautiously turn the card over. Seeing in bright red ink it’s written “CALL ME YOU SLUT”. My eyes fly open as I’m faced with that word again! Feeling my heart and body heat skyrocket sensing my hungry slit has fully awakened screaming for attention as it starts rapidly to get enflamed with lust once more. Astonished by what I’ve read, the few lines I’ve viewed on this flight have had more effect than all of the romance novels I’ve ever read, feeling my jaw hanging open in disbelief. Passing my wanting eyes over and over the words again to make sure this isn’t a trick they’re playing on me swallowing down a large breath of air as it feels that the air in the bus has suddenly gone desert dry, I shudder as a flurry of goose bumps seem to pass over my very soul. Trying to regain a little moisture in my mouth, I close it hearing the shuttle come to a screeching halt mimicking the swirl of emotions I’ve felt on this flight!

Tilting my head up to think things through, I see this stunning blonde haired nymph gazing straight at me! Swearing I could have seen the tip of her tongue moisten the length of lips, I see her part her long legs as a slight smile forms over her lips making me turn an even brighter shade of red. Unable to do any less, I smile back shyly, holding my view fixed upon hers thinking my skin must of changed four shades of red in the past five seconds. Hearing some people leaving out the front exit, she looks back at me unconcerned with anything else as she keeps her attention fixed on me as a hawk would be fixing it’s sight on it’s prey. Seeing her only smile back, I dare to play her game to see who wins this battle of wills, I part my legs a inch or two wider than her own clearing my throat in defiance loud enough for her to hear.

Noticing her eyebrow raise a notch, the frills of her stockings Escort Ataşehir are starting to show as she slowly slides up her skirt a few inches as I can barely make out the color of her panties being of a dark colored nature. Squeezing my hands tightly upon my thighs, devouring what I can with my gaze running over her every lovely contour, wondering how far this game’s going to go. Raising her eyebrow challengingly she throws it back to me smugly. Being able to see more of her long slender legs brings my attention to the moistness forming between my own legs as what feels like the grand rapids are being brought together, I start to shift around nervously at the idea of getting caught now dances around in my head. Feeling my legs flexing as this tense moment bringing me well past any state of arousal I’ve ever had without being so much as touched, wondering what I can do to top what she’s done. Letting my sight roam freely over her body trying to absorb as much as possible, thinking on how to beat that without taking my pants off that is, suddenly what she said to me in the plane comes storming back in my brain! Gently easing my hand to the hem of my shirt, starting to lift it up seeing her smile as well her eyes grow even larger, my belly button coming into view as I slowly and teasingly go on.

At that precise moment hearing a large bang against the window directly behind me sends me straight up to my feet. Jumping up startled feeling as if I just had a heart attack, my pulse racing from being so scared and from what is happening inside this shuttle, she beams back a huge smile knowing she’s victorious. Feeling as if I was so close to beating her, I grudgingly fix my clothing. Looking outside, my mother has a desperate look on her face as she’s talking with the repulsive bus driver outside who’s ogling her as she discreetly signals me to come outside.

Rushing to get the bag, I see out of the corner of my eye her legs spread wider showing me that she’s clearly wearing dark purple lace panties. With my eyes bulging out my head it seems, I give her an appreciative nod. Taking a moment or three to take in this wonderful sight, I hear my mother say my name almost frantically to hurry up and please join her. Startled back to reality once more today, I grab the bag, smile while giving her a little nod of defeat as I make way to the exit. But before losing sight of her, the woman grins broadly at me gives me a wink while blowing me a kiss whispering “Bye bye babysitter” sending my heart on another roller coaster ride.

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