Becoming Daddy’s Boy


The summer after my first year at college, I got a job at a state park located on the river. I was staying at a little guest house belonging to friends of my aunt and uncle. The rent was free and the place was very small; one of those “modern” style two room jobs made almost entirely out of glass and built in the late 1960s. I usually worked through the week and had weekends off and would sometime stroll along the docks near my place. This area included a number of medium sized and large houseboats and cruisers belonging to the wealthy. I usually roamed along the docks just looking for something to do or someone new to meet.

When I wasn’t working or hanging out along the docks, I spent my time trying to get a tan. I say trying because I have a very fair complexion and blonde hair. I burn easily. My little place sat right on a bluff overlooking the river and I would lie out and attempt a sun tan and stare out at the boats cruising up and down the river. Often I tanned in little or nothing and sometimes got a response in the way of a distant shout of approval or a fog horn would blow its approval.

One afternoon, I was strolling along the docks when I heard a fairly deep voice call out to me asking why I wasn’t out sunning. I looked up at a rugged forty-plus year old guy with a goatee and a broad, tanned and well-cut hairy chest smiling down from the deck of his houseboat. I answered and told him there were other things I liked to do. He smiled even more broadly, informing me that I made a nice sight on that bluff and looked even better closer up. I didn’t quite know how to respond to this come on. I had not yet defined my sexuality and was quite unsure about where I was heading. But you know what they say, “just wing it.” So I did. I looked my new friend in the eye and told him that actually I was just thinking about how nice it would be to lie on the deck of a boat and do a little tanning. Thinking that I was either baiting him or taking his bait, I was welcomed aboard.

My new friend extended his strong hand informed me that his name was Steve. I told him my name was Jay. After a few pleasantries, Steve informed me that he was planning to cruise out into the river and stay a while and that I was welcomed to go along and he would be happy to let me catch some rays from atop his boat. I took him up on it and as we made our way out into the river a couple of miles we talked and got to know one another. The ride went quick and as he slowed to a stop, Steve informed me where to find the tanning oil in the bathroom and showed me up to the top deck.

I stripped down to my white silk thong bikini bottoms and lay out on the çorum escort deck lounger. It was quiet except for a few sounds of nature and boats off in the distance. I lay there on the lounger for probably twenty minutes enjoying the peace and quiet. I had applied as much tanning oil as I could reach. After a few minutes more, I heard Steve making his way to the deck. I saw him approach through my shades. He has stripped down to his own black bikini bottoms and stood over me. He instructed me to turn over so he could rub my back and legs down. I didn’t respond verbally; I just turned over and put myself at his mercy.

Steve began to rub oil into my back and took his time slowly applying the slick substance to my tense back. He informed me that I needed to relax as he moved down to the small of my back and contined to rub the oil onto my ass. My bikini bottoms were sort of like a thong and so much of my ass was exposed. After he had oiled my legs and moved back to my ass, I could feel Steve pulling the thong portion of my bikinis away from my crack in order to rub his oil slick finger up and down the area of my sphincter. I must have been enjoying the feel of it all because I suddenly could hear myself moaning and could feel myself spreading my legs apart so he could better reach my hole. In just a few seconds, I could feel Steve penetrating my ass with his middle finger. He slowly probed my hole and soon I could feel a second finger join in the work. Soon Steve had me opened up and was liberally working my hole out and loose.

After a few minutes, I felt Steve’s hand under me and he flipped me on my back. He gently demanded of me that I sit up. I did as I was asked. I could see that Steve’s cock was rock hard and trying to peek out of the side of his bikinis. Instinctively, I pulled Steve’s bikinis free of his unbelievably huge cock. It shot out at me, a full eight inches of throbbing hot man meat. It was magnificient. I took Steve’s throbbing head and quickly licked it and swirled my tongue around it. I must have been instantly addicted to it because I quickly sucked his head into my mouth and began to swallow as much of his cock as I could humanly do. Steve put his hands firmly on the back of my head and guided my head so that my mouth would not wander from its job. His cock made my mouth water and the enormity of the man’s dick gagged me to the point of producing amazing amounts of spit. Still I wanted to swallow all of it that I could. I felt my hands wander up towards his hard hairy chest and my fingers felt for his nipples. I could tell he liked that. I hungrily gobbled his cock and slurped çorum escort bayan and moaned and groaned. I pulled off just occasionally for air and to talk to him. His cock slipped free of my very wet mouth and swung in the air before me as I told him how much I loved his cock. It was delicious. I told my new Daddy to feed me more. He forcefully grabbed my chin and guided it back to its place. Then he began to fuck my mouth. He talked naughty to me and I was enjoying all of it, the talk and the cock.

I pulled off of his cock and licked the underside of it and sucked one testicle at a time into my mouth. I saw my new Daddy’s eyes roll back into his head. He cursed me and talked dirty, but I knew he was pleased. I don’t think either of us cared if we were seen by anyone. I returned to making love to his cock with my mouth and show him what a good boy I could be. After a good half hour of sucking and stroking, Steve said he was going to cum. I was glad as my mouth was getting numb from its work. I alternately stroked and sucked and in a just a few moments, I felt him tighted his leg muscles and heard his grunting, telling me tp eat it. With that, I began to feel jets of Steve’s cum hit the back of my throat and I struggled to keep up with him. I just could not swallow as fast as he could pump the stuff. I pulled off and let the excess already in my mouth spill out of the corners of my mouth and jerked his cock as it continued to spew forth its juice. The rest of his cum hit me across the cheek and landed in my hair and on my shoulder.

After a few minutes, Steve invited me down to the air conditioned cabin. Because I was covered in tanning oil, he ran a shower for me. I stepped in for a quick shower and exited to find Steve stretched naked across his bed. His cock has only half limp and he invited me into his bed to work a little magic on him. I approached Steve from the end of the bed and lay across enough for my head to reach his cock. I took the flacid piece of meat back into my mouth. In just a few minutes, Steve was as hard as ever. Steve then pulled me up onto the bed and put me on my back. He spread my legs and descended down until his head was between my legs. He took my cock into his mouth and expertly sucked me. My cock was much smaller but the feel of Steve’s mouth on my own cock was amazing. He pinched my pink nipples and I could feel the grizzle of his goatee on my balls. After sucking my cock and licking my balls, I felt Steve probing my asshole with his tongue. I had never experienced this sensation before and was not ready for what I felt. It was simply amazing.

Steve rimmed escort çorum me for a good fifteen minutes, his tongue lashing across my sphincter and probing my hole with small quick flicks. I wrapped my legs around Steve’s head and bucked and cursed at the extreme pleasure of the moment. After several minutes, he came up level with me and kissed me on the mouth, tongue probing tongue. He sat up and reached for his dresser. He pulled from the drawer a tube of KY. He sat against the headboard and I straddled him and began sucking his cock again. He began to finger my ass again and loosen me up. After a short few minutes, he pulled me off his cock and lubed his cock for the ride to come. He put me on all fours and mounted me from the backside. I felt the pressure of his cockhead on my sphincter and felt the push of his head as it entered my hole. He didn’t move for a second and then began making short slow strokes into and out of me. In just a few minutes, Steve has a good stride going. Never has I felt such a feeling. He was gliding in and out of me with ease, his balls slapping against my ass. Occasionally, he would lean over and kiss or bite my shoulder. He enjoyed slapping my ass and spanking me as he fucked me. Twice, he grabbed me by the hair of my head.

After a while of going at it doggie style, Steve commanded me to lie on my back with my legs extended into the air. He got on top on me missionary style and began to plunge in and out of me. He showed no mercy. He plunged his full eight inches into and out of me all the while alternately cursing me and giving me a sly grin. After a few minutes of this, he told me to mount him reverse cowgirl style. I placed my feet on the bed and gave Steve room to fuck my ass from underneath.

Steve fucked me for a good thirty minutes before crying out that he was ready to cum. He pulled out and shot his second load onto my public area and across my stomach. I couldn’t resist myself as I pulled his slick cock back into my ass and rode him a while longer. As we picked up the pace, Steve stayed hard and when he began to curse and tightened his muscles, I made him cum the third and smaller load directly into my ass.

I wiped Steve off and sucked him a while longer. He needed to relax and just lie there and this gave him an excuse. I had never thought I could be so addicted to sucking a man’s cock but I was. He was so sensitive, he finally made me stop. I straddled Steve and stroked my cock for Steve’s pleasure and shot the load onto his chest. I took a shower while he cruised the boat back to the docks. This was not our last time to enjoy such cruises or to tan together. That summer held other experiences. Sometimes it was on his boat, other times at my place. Sometimes just the two of us and sometimes, one of his friends would join us. I learned much that summer. You will have to stay tuned to hear the rest of the story of Steve and my wonderful, sexy, nasty dirty summer at the river.

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