Begging to go Bare Ch. 03


“I’m so excited” Katie bouncing up and down in her seat as we drive along. “We all got baby sitters and Mal is throwing me a special birthday party.” A month prior, Mal asked if she could plan Katies birthday party. After being pregnant together, recovering from birth together and parenting together, they’ve become way more than just swinging partners. Knowing the unique mind of our some times lover I can only assume that I’ll be having as much fun as Katie will be.

It’s been one year since Katie and Mal had our kids and its been hard to find time for our adult fun, but Mal and Katie were insistent on making this happen.

We pull up to Mal and Tosdd’s and there are more cars here then I would have expected. Maybe Mal is giving Katie a real party before some fucking later on. As we’re about to ring the bell the door flies open and a naked Mal jumps into Katies arms and drags the both of us into her home.

As Mal drags away Katie, Todd’s handshake and offered of a beer separate me from the two giggling milfs. “All Mal has been talking about is how excited she is for this party. We really have to thank you guys for doing this for us.”

A little confused by what he means, “Katie and Mal are so close now, of course I’d let her plan Katie’s party.”

Todd seems to have a lightbulb go off in his head. “This is going to be a fun one buddy. Just you wait. Mal’s been planning it but it was kind of both their idea. They’ve plan quite a fun night.”

We continue on talking, mostly about work, about how our kids are doing. How his daughter Julia looks so much like me and how happy our kids make each other.

Mal come from the den and drags us in giggling as she goes.

The room is lit softy with most of the furniture removed save for two couches and a sex bench in the center that my very naked wife is strapped into with her ass in the air, fully exposing her glistening pussy. Katie would have been this wet from the start but I can see the small bite marks on her thighs that show Mal has had a hand in making my wife so wet.

Mal sits on the couch and pats the seat next to her, indicating my place for the time being. Todd on the other hand, pulls his pants down and aims his sizable cock right for my wife’s waiting opening.

“So, Jerry, don’t worry about tonight, it’s all been planned and talked about. Your job is to just sit and watch and to listen to me.” “Mmmmm” Mals concentration breaking from my wife moaning as her husband’s full length of cock penetrates my wife. You can see little droplets of milk coming from her nipples as she sways in the bench, Todd starting to pound her pussy.

Mal undoes my pants and grabs hold of my growing erection as she continues. “God Todd looks going fucking her. Anyway, we’ll be having some more guest just as sexy quite soon. You get a surprise on you wife’s birthday. I’m quite jealous. You know the daughter you gave me was the last child I could have because of the complications? Well after thinking it over Katie has decided that she’s going to be my surrogate because Todd and I want to grow our family.” Such serous things to say as you’re getting jacked off in front of you wife being fucked.

“I karaman escort know you guys decided to stop having kids and you got a vasectomy but Katie really misses being pregnant. She misses the fun she had teasing you. And so we talked about it and we’ve solved both our problems. Don’t worry, I’ve vetted all the sperm donors that are going to CUM here today, haha, sorry for the pun. And since Katie is going to be so distracted I get to be the one teasing you.” “Ahhhhh,” Our focus is broken by Todd pulling out and cumming on my wives ass. “finally time to bring in the other guests and really have some fun. Katie’s nice and warmed up now”

Mal really did go all out. Todd walks to a side door and opens it. Out pour four men, all of varying ages, and heights, but all of them packing dicks as big as and as black as Todd. Donor number one steps up behind my wife and teases her entrance with the tip of his dick. His head parts my wife’s lips and after the fucking Todd gave her, he glides in easily. Once his cock is slick with her juices he starts to methodically fuck into my wife, making sure to go as deep as he can, grinding into her with every down stroke. Causing the bench to move slightly with every thrust. My wife moaning with every push.

Mal gets a cruel smile on her face. Her hand wraps around my dick and starts to stroke me in rhythm with the guy pounding away at my wife. “Isn’t this fun? watching Katie tied down, pussy a gape, ready to accept all the cum we can give her. I’d love to play a game and say you can stop this if you resist cumming yourself, but there is no game. Your wife’s made the choice to carry a baby for me. Nothing you can do.” I’m so turned on. All Mal needs for lube is my pre-cum. The thought of Katie pregnant again is that intoxicating.

It will be a pattern with every donor. Donor number one is hammering away at my wife, not caring about her pleasure at all, only trying to cum and get at her egg. Though the rough fucking is all for his pleasure, my wife obviously enjoys it just as much and is clenching her body against the bench and restraints, cumming form the pounding.

“this one’s my favorite. I hope his sperm find their target. I’m actually envious of her, I’ve never had Todds brother. Now Katie gets him. He might make her belly grow. He’s doing what you can’t. Kinda regretting getting snipped now, right buddy.” Donor one has spread up and seems close to coming. With his increase in speed Mal’s hand has increased and even I’m closing to blowing. “its going to be so much fun seeing Katie carry another man’s baby. I told her how much fun I had and now she wants to join the club.”

HAAAAaaa, we hear a sharp exhale and see Todd’s brother coming in my wife, deep into her unprotected womb. Katie finally has the where with all to speak, “Mmmm, yes, please deeper. I need that cum as deep as you can. I need to get breed tonight.”

Meanwhile, on the couch, I’m so close, but Mal jumps up, letting go of my cock. “Silly me, I almost forgot the last piece.” She picks up a pint glass off the floor and places it in a cup holder mounted on the bench, right under my wife’s pussy. “You’ll see karaman escort bayan what that is for in a second”

Donor number two lines himself up and pushes into my wife. His dick isn’t as long as Todds or His brothers, but after he’s done with my wife, she’d be able to fit a coke can up there. His balls are massive and swing obscenely beneath him. His cock stretches my wife’s lips as he pushes deeper, and forces out cum around the base of his dick. It slides down past my wife’s clid and drops into the glass. “see, I don’t plan on wasting any of it.”

Donor number two is faster still and more reckless with his pumping. “My hand will not keep up with him, so I’m just going to tease your head with my nails. What do you think the doctors will say when Katie has a black baby? think they’ll look at you in disgust? Will the nurses whisper about you? Will you be embarrassed by your slut of a wife having another mans baby?

More grunts and number two is done. Katie looks dazed and confused from the ferocious pounding he gave her. As he pulls out her pussy lips glisten in the light, red, and swollen and cum covered. Numbers two’s balls must have been very full because cum starts to leak out of my wife’s pussy, all of it collected in the cup. There must be 3 ounces of cum and pussy juice collected in the glass by now.

Number three steps in and is over zealous, and overly excited. He cums so quick that Mal barely has a chance to tease me.

As number four step up, by far the tallest and largest of the bunch, Mal steps in and applies a cream to both my wife’s ravaged pussy and to his enormous member. “A little numbing cream to help them all out. Make this one last. Go slow number four, She needs it.” Yelling the last part.

“Ha, with a dick this big, all I can do is go slow. I don’t hurt my bitches. Especially if they’re trying to have my baby.” He retorts.

He’s so big that he bottoms out in my wife’s used pussy with 3 inches of dick left out side of my wife’s warm hole. He starts to grind and stretch her, making sure that he can get all the way in, Making sure to get as deep as he can.

” Hey Katie, How you doing?”

“Fan fucking tastic” she say, grunting as the massive rod is forced into her pussy. “I’ve always wanted to make my fun little fantasy a reality. Always wanted to be the ultimate slut. Always wanted to get knocked up by someone else. You showed me how to have your cake and eat it too.” Something gives way and number four sinks all the way into my wife. “Ugh, oh that’s it. No one’s reach that deep before. It feels like he’s stretching my cervix. You hear that hubby? While Mal is there jerking your cock, his cock is touching places your’s never will. Hah, fuck. it’s so nice being filled with cum, with sperm that can get me pregnant, OH FUCK” With that, number four has stretched out my wife enough that he’s starting to speed up and pound away. Katies eyes rolling into the back of her head.

Mal is now furiously jerking away at my cock. “Maybe Todd and I won’t adopt the baby. Maybe we’ll make you its daddy. How fun would that be, walking in the park with your pale white wife. hand in hand, escort karaman while she hold her new baby and its creamy mocha complexion to her chest. Proof for everyone to see what a whore she is, and how useless your balls are.” With that I’m cumming, all over my chest, all over Mal’s hands, all over. “Can’t waist it.” Mal proceeds to lick up and collect all of my cum into her mouth. Katie is still being pounded into oblivion as Mal walks up and starts to make out with Katie, I see her using her tongue to push my cum into my wife’s mouth. Their tongues dance around and Mal holds Katies chin, She pulls away and Katie sticks out her tongue, wanting more. What ever’s left in Mal’s mouth she collects up with her Tongue and spits it right into Katies awaiting mouth. Adding to how slutty she is.

“That’s too fucking hot” number four calls out and proceeds to dump his load against my wife’s cervix. His orgasm seems to last for a whole minute and I can see his balls tighten up at least ten times. It must be a massive load. When he pulls out nothing escapes. There’s only air where his cock used to be. My wife’s pussy so stretched that is doesn’t close right away.

Mal walks around behind my wife and holds the half full cup of cum aloft. “anyone want to add a load to the cup before we end this evenings festivities?” Number 3 redeems himself and is the only person able to add more cum to the cup. “Good, now let’s make sure all this cum goes where it belongs.”

Mal proceeds to lower the front of the bench, pointing my wife’s head toward the ground and her pussy up toward the ceiling. She then slowly pours what must be fourteen ounces of cum and pussy juice into my wife. “Look, your wife’s so stretched I don’t even need the funnel, it just slides right in. Right were it belongs so Kaite can make a baby for me.” Mal then proceeds to pull out a vibrator and assaults Katies clit with it. She’s racked with multiple orgasms by her friend. The donors mill around for a bit and watch the cum slowly drain into my wife’s womb with each orgasm. When finished Mal reminds them to be back in 28 days regardless if Katies pregnant or not.

Katie, my darling slut of a wife is now experiencing the sleep of a well bred woman. Todd and I unhook her from the bench and lie her on a mattress Mal pulled out. I snuggle up to her and Mal is nice enough to tuck us in with a blanket. She wakes in the middle of the night, I know because I couldn’t sleep after such an exciting show. “I’m so happy I can give Mal such a wonderful gift, she definitely gave me an amazing gift on my birthday” She smiles and purrs and falls back to sleep. Knowing she’s so content I fall asleep too.

9 months later.

A cute dark skinned baby girls is being handed to Mal and Todd. Katie’s donating her egg and growing their child is over. Everyone is over the moon and joy is had by all.

“The past 9 months was spectacular. I truly feel the best when I’m pregnant. Even when I was so huge near the end.” She reminisces.

“I hate to be the slutty one here, but I’ll miss the 9 months of dirty talk we got out it.” I confess “On a more sincere note, those two look so happy.”

A smile washes over Katies face, “I know we said we were done having kids, and you got the snip and all, but what do you think? I’d love one more. And we’re in luck, the donors would love another try at my womb.” My wife looks up at me sheepishly, with a naughty look. She’s already started to plan something.

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