Beth’s Wedding Reception Encounter


Beth was in her room getting ready to attend a wedding reception with her parents and she wasn’t happy. Oh, she had loved any and all outings when she was a little girl as they were occasions for her to get all dressed up pretty. She loved the attention and compliments as much as the music, dancing, and the unlimited soft drinks.However, by the time she reached sixteen these events had become boring. So unless it was a close family member, she had been allowed to stay at home. Now if only her parents had not come home early and caught her on the couch with a momentary boyfriend.Clad in her prettiest and skimpiest bra and panties, Beth was straddling his lap and in middle of a deep-tongue kiss when her parents came in the door. The teens had been so lost in their kissing that they never heard the door of the attached garage open.The young man bolted so fast that her parents never saw his face, and Beth was left alone to face their wrath. As punishment she was no longer allowed to remain behind unsupervised. If a house sitter could not be found she was forced to accompany her parents to their outings. They also went over the new rules she had to follow.First and foremost, there was no drinking allowed. This caused Beth to smile inwardly as she nodded her understanding. She had always managed to sneak a few drinks without her parents catching on. The bartenders at many of these functions never bothered to check her ID. If they gave her a questioning look, all it took was some mild flirting and a smile to get the change their minds.Beth was well-versed in flirting as she had been taught by the older girls at school. Her pretty face, long blond hair, and slender body always caught the eye of many a man and boy. But it always seemed that just as she was getting into a conversation with some handsome male, her father would just happen to wander over Escort Beşevler to where they sat.”So, I see you’ve met my daughter. Did you know she is only sixteen?” he would ask.Once the truth was known, many of these males would leave her side with a look of shock on their faces. It left Beth very angry and always led to a mild confrontation with her dad.”We were just talking,” Beth would explain.”Right. That why his hands were on your knees and heading toward your hemline. When you’re on your own I won’t care if you bang every guy you meet. Until that time comes you keep your legs together,” he would say.Beth couldn’t help it as she loved the boys. She loved touching them and being touched. She loved talking dirty and being talked dirty to. It seemed to her that she was horny twenty-four-seven.Beth finished her hair and makeup and began to dress. She chose the shortest and tightest dress and the highest heels in her collection. A lacy shelf bra and thong panties were her choices in lingerie. Both her parents commented that her dress was a little too short and tight but allowed her to go as is.She followed her parents as they made it through the reception line and congratulated the bride and groom. Beth then circled the room greeting her relatives and engaging in conversation until nature called and she headed to the ladies room. Upon exiting the powder room she had no desire to return to the main hall and decided to explore this old banquet hall instead.Aside from the large main ballroom, there were three smaller rooms. The last room looked more like a study by its furnishings and book-lined shelves. The room was dark, save for a small lamp sitting on an end table between a small couch and a leather easy-chair. Beth entered and took a seat on the couch where she removed a pack of cigarettes from her purse Çankaya escort and lit one. Smoking was frowned upon but overlooked as long as it was done out of her parent’s sight.”Is this the forced attendee’s section?” a female voice asked.Beth looked up and saw a very attractive older female entering the room and giving Beth a big smile.”Yes, it is. Please join me. I’m Beth.” “I’m Daria,” the female stated as she took the chair on the other side of the table.”So, wad ya in for?” Daria asked in a cartoon tough-guy voice.”My parents caught me with my boyfriend,” Beth responded.”That ain’t so bad,” Daria responded.”I was in my underwear and sitting in his lap, cowgirl style,” Beth admitted.”Well at least you had some clothes on,” Daria responded.Beth found herself checking Daria out. For an older female, she was very attractive and in great shape. Daria had long dark hair that fell past her shoulders and dark eyes. Daria’s miniskirt was made of leather and black in colour and hugged her hips, thighs, and butt.A tight blood-red silk blouse was unbuttoned just enough to see the tops of her well-endowed chest and an occasional glimpse of the red bra underneath. Black pantyhose covered her incredibly long legs, and black stiletto heels adorned her feet. Beth found herself hoping that she would look that good when she got older.Beth also hoped that Daria didn’t see her nipples that had gotten hard and were now visible against the front of her dress. It sometimes happened when she was checking out a female in a sexy outfit. It wasn’t the girls that turned her on. It was imagining what she would look like wearing that ensemble that did it. Sexy outfits were one of her weaknesses.  “So, were you two going to get down and dirty?” Daria asked with a wicked smile.”I hadn’t made up my mind,” Beth responded. “You’re not a Cebeci escort bayan virgin are you?” Daria asked.”Hell no. He was good looking but not a great kisser and his touch was too rough. But I was so horny that I figured I could get off by grinding myself on the bulge in his jeans and save myself the torture of him being inside me,” Beth admitted.”Oh my God. I think I was out with his older brother last week,” Daria responded with a laugh.”So how are you forced to attend? You’re an adult,” Beth asked.”My job. The groom is a big shot with the company I work for. Attendance is mandatory for all senior execs,” Daria answered. “At least you don’t have your parents here watching you like a hawk,” Beth stated.”Believe me they used to,” Daria responded.”Speaking of which, I better show my face or Dad will come looking for me,” Beth responded as she rose from the couch after stubbing out her cigarette.”Are you going to come back?” Daria asked also standing up.”Just as soon as I make my presence known,” Beth answered.”Great. I’ll grab us a couple of drinks. What’s your favourite?” Darla requested.”Rum and Coke,” Beth responded.Before Beth could move Daria leaned in and kissed her on her cherry red lips. A bolt of electricity shot through Beth’s body as their lips touched. It caused her nipples to get hard and she felt a familiar tingling in her lower belly. Now, none of the kisses she had ever gotten from the boys had ever affected her that way.”Sorry about that. Sometimes I can’t control my urges,” Daria apologized.Beth left the small study and returned to the main hall with Daria’s kiss still lingering on her lips. This was the first time she had ever been kissed by a girl and as the song said she liked it. Oh, she had received hugs and kisses of greetings from her chums at school, but it was nothing like this.”What’s the matter with me, I’m not a lesbo?” she said to herself.In her absence, more guests had arrived and her parents were happily chatting away with these new arrivals. Beth let them see her and they called her over to introduce her to some distant relatives.”Where have you been?” her dad asked.”Smoking,” Beth responded.

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