Poems for a Master

Abella Anderson

CYBER LOVE I found you in the shadowsWaiting silently for meyou whispered my nameAnd you were there..Smiling an unseen welcomeBeckoning me near There in the warm darknessYou embraced me – held metouched me and in my unchartered depths I held youclose and hoped you feltmy gentle warmthengulfing you… lost in our deep dreamsour souls drowningwithin uswe swam unconcernedin that pool of blinded lovethe tears washing over usdancing their jubilant threatpromising no tomorrow… The shadows and darknessClosing about youTaking you far awayTo a place you never leftBut from a place where you will always be..InsideDeepwithin me. The Test PassionRising within meHeat burningThe edgeUnattainableWaiting Longing forMy release from those invisible bondsClasped about meKeeping me in your enthrallmentCruelly denying that desired journey! The sensual mountainSo close rising up beforeMeBeckoning, calling my namein a soft whisperYour voiceHolding the unseen bridleReins me to youHalting my eager stepsTo waitTo Ümraniye Escort listenTo obeyMy bodyYour mindOur painful passion My loins stroked by your gentle voiceDesireGushing WetThe damp storm floodingWithin meDrowning my sensesMy breath HaltingThat strange momentExistence BecomesBurningly exquisiteThe endAs inevitableAsDeath Your dark voice CountsThe momentsPromising GloriousFullnessGently coaxingComplianceThe fire within me licking youWith my heatOverwhelmedI beg I giveI offerOn the alter of dark passionMy gift……The climax of MyBodyThe dyingTormentOfMy soul The Release Through this inviting portalI screamdreamsDesiresAs yetUnknownBinding meTo seek theeElusiveDarkCruel desireandIn your denialI burn! Those welcome bondsIn my mindTight about meMy limbs awryThe fountainheadDarkOpenInviting theeWithinClutchingEmbracingDesiringTo drown thee in my moist chasm And for yourdenialI blaze! So do I crave theeDark princeWith thy Soft wordsBeating me intoSubmissionThe Ümraniye Escort Bayan golden chainsTight about my breastMy tearsCannot pierceThy shadowy witsAs thou Has pierced My gloomy secretAnd stillYou refuse me! So I burnI blazeThe fire within meUnsatedUnquenchedAs thy hot breathOn the innocentRemnants of my loveBlowsGentlyThe ashRisingDispersesAnd I amNo more!   The Collar She knelt before himSubduedScarlet cloth Blood redAgainstSnowy fleshPricked and bleedingTightened bodiceBinding Breasts burstingsource of naturessustenanceshe clingsheavingthe Black Lord’s disdainHis chaliceHis vesselHis wordlypossession. Saphire eyesBlack lashedPleadingSeek his depthsPale armsPurple stainedIn their bindingHeld In exquisiteEmbraceHer faceTortured desireNarrow neckedOfferingTo HimCompletenessOf bodyTenureOfSoul   The symbolIn his strong HandsBraced and readyAnd sheArousedIn worshipSilently acceptingThe bountiful giftEncircling White throatShe gaspsThe Escort Ümraniye claspEternalLockedNo more herselfBut forHimHis acolyteHis adoring slave The Gift What fine gift shall I give to thee?That thou canst cherishThine eyes doth seeGold and trinkets I give thee notFor shallow giftsThou hast gotTis wordly goods thou dost disdainTo seek insteadA deeper gainTis in my soul that thou shalt findTribute for thee And repose of mindIn dutiful homageOn bended kneeMine eyes castdownI give to theeBounded body and shackled mindUncommon loveThou wilt ne’er findI pray thee masteras I bend lowIn humble curtsey thou shalt knowMine only gift to thee can beMy body and soul -I give thee Me   My Master Buttocks burnA fiery blazeYour silent smileYour arm is raisedIs this the blissThat you seek?And begging yesI play the meekAs you taunt meI wonder whyon this painful bed I lie?The bonds about meholding tightin my eyes you see my frightin my bodyin my souleach painful lashmakes me wholeBut the pleasure in your eyesdefies the whipconfounds the sighsand so I takeall you giveand earn the rewardthat I may liveSo this my Masteris the answer whyupon this painful bedI lieno greater pleasureCan there beBut to give to youOn bended kneeAll that you desire and wishAnd in return -My exquisitebliss  

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