BJ at the Glory Hole


I pull my car into the parking spot behind the adult bookstore. The clock just hit 1:05 am. My heart is pounding out my chest. I open the door, make absolutely no eye contact with the clerk, and walk straight to the back as fast as I can.

As I enter the back room, I notice two booths on opposite sides are occupied. I stand contemplating which side to try first. I decide to try the right booth first. I go to the booth next to the occupied booth and insert $10.

The dark room lit up. On the screen is a black girl on her knees sucking on a juicy, thick white cock. Instantly I feel my cock twitch in my shorts. Oh, how I wish to be her, with her lips wrapped around a man’s beautiful cock.

Rubbing my quickly hardening shaft over my shorts, I look through the peephole. To my surprise, I see a cock facing towards me. He must have noticed me when I came in. With my excitement quickly growing, I stick my fingers through the hole, inviting him to be pleasured.

Slowly, Kurtköy Escort I see his semi-hard member begin to penetrate the hole in the wall. The thoughts of swallowing his creamy load cannot escape my head. His four-inch almost soft cock and sagging, cleanly shaven balls now hung completely through the hole. I grab his hot, smooth shaft and lift it to expose his balls.

I lean my head forward and can smell his manly aroma. My mouth is watering in anticipation as I lick my lips. I press my lips against his sack, kissing and licking them all over. His flavor begins to fill my mouth.

My wet tongue slowly runs from his balls up to the tip of his head. I kiss the tip and pull my head back from his now hard penis. The beauty of this cock is indescribable. I stare in awe as I slowly stroke his about 7 inch, cut member.

Lost in the beauty of him, I suddenly spot some precum collect at the tip. My tongue immediately licks it up. I take a Maltepe Escort second to enjoy the taste and then wrap my mouth around his head. I slowly move down his shaft at the pace of my hand. My tongue works the bottom as my head bobs.

His throbbing cock presses against the back of my throat as I increase my pace. The silky smooth skin of his wet shaft slides into and out of my lips. My eyes close as I get lost in the pleasure of pleasuring another man.

His cock pops out of my mouth and I slather every inch of him with my tongue. I am in ecstasy every second I can taste him. I suck on his slowly rising balls, excited for what they will give me in a few minutes. I moan with a mouthful of his left nut as I slap his hard cock on my forehead.

I pull my head back and gaze at his throbbing erection. The shaft is now red in color, ready to explode. I wrap my mouth around his swollen head and begin to lick the underside of his head while I Kartal Escort milk him into my mouth.

I moan as I head him breathing hard. My heart jumps as I hear him knock on the wall. Continuing stroking him I feel his cock twitch hard. With the next twitch, I feel his thick load ooze onto my tongue.

The next twitch sent a shot into the back of my throat, almost making me choke. I hold it back and feel him fire a couple more shots into my mouth. I slow my strokes as I drain every last drop of his hot cum into my cumwhore mouth.

I moan enjoying the taste and texture of his gift to me. He pulls back slightly but I hold his softening cock in my mouth. I suck hard attempting to get every drop. I release him from my mouth and kiss the tip with my mouth still full of his seed.

He pulls away and I lean back, swishing his load in my mouth. I look at the screen and see the black girl is about to receive her load. I pull my explosively hard cock and stroke as she takes a load in her mouth. I ejaculate all over my stomach, still enjoying the taste of his cum.

I swallow after I am done cumming and attempt to clean up. To my disappointment, I see the room across is now empty. Another cock would be nice, but that will have to be a different day.

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