Black Magic Pt. 04


When they arrive at the room, her master shuts the door and moves over to the dresser to take off his jacket.

Eva waits on her ass in the middle of the room. She looks around.

The room was spacious and elegantly decorated with tones of deep blue and beige. She had half expected the room to look like a seedy motel room.

But then again, she thinks. That wouldn’t be on brand for Black Magic. At least from what she’s seen of it so far. In the middle of the bed was the bed. Large enough to hold at least four people and opposite the entrance was a full length window.

She sees her reflection on it and blushes. She wonders whether anyone could see. No. She reprimands herself hastily.

Not unless you’re –

“Oh? Would you like to be fucked against the window?” She jumps at the voice. Her master grins at her. “That can be arranged.” He says.

Eva coughs. “I didn’t -i mean. I wasn’t thinking of that.” She says. It sounds fake even to her own ears.

Her Master nods. “Sure.” He says teasingly. “Well, since you’re all eager, let’s get started shall we?”

He walks to the bed and sits down, legs splayed, and instructs Eva to sit between them.

When she does, he pulls out a key and bends down to unlock her harness and pulls open the zipper on her crotch. Eva gasps at the cold air that rushes into her pussy. The new stimulus makes her walls tighten around the pill vibrators making her moan.

“You’ve done well, holding yourself back.” He comments.

“Now, let’s get those out of there.” Eva nods. She doesn’t think she could last longer with the constant vibrations.

“Well?” Her master asks, leaning back. “What are you waiting for?”

Eva’s eyes widen as she realises samsun seks hikayeleri what he meant. She nods hesitantly and squats, spreading her legs open.

“Yes master.” She says and begins to push the vibrators out.

She gasps as she comes a little with each one that emerged from her pussy, falling into a wet puddle under her. Her face felt hot with humiliation. Yet, the feeling only made the process more intense.

Finally, she was on the last one and she couldn’t seem to get it out. It dangles at the edge of her pussy. She makes a sound of annoyance and raises her ass to shake it out before she realises what she was doing. She bucks her ass up and down a few times and it loosens enough to slip out. Her master chuckles and she realises what she’d done.

Did I just hump the air in front of a stranger? She thinks, mortified.

Her thoughts are subdued when her master strokes her hair. “Well done” he says. “Now it’s time for your treat.” He unbuckles his pants and pulls down his underwear enough for his dick to pop out, already at half mast.

Eva swallows. She crawls nearer and pulls down the cloth to reveal the whole member. It nearly hits her on the face. She gives it a few strokes, trying to wrap her head around the fact that she needs to put this in her mouth.

That she agreed to put this in her mouth.

Her master’s hand finds its way to the back of her head, making her look up. “Come on now.” He says, giving her hair a firm tug. She nods, leaning down to give it a few kicks at the tip and the base before sucking down on it in earnest. She hollows her cheeks the way Alex told her to and bobs her head, swirling her tongue on the veins of his dick. The pleased hum she hears spurs her further and she pushes the dick further in until her nose is locked with his pelvis. The pull on her hair tightens at that. She moans around the cock sitting heavily on her tongue.

She stays for a few seconds before pulling off and taking it in again. It continued for a while until her master pulled at her hair. “Enough” he commanded. Eva pulls off his dick, she feels saliva trickle down her chin. Her face must be a mess. Her master grins. “And you say you’re a first timer here?” Eva looks down. Embarrassed but also pleased with the compliment.

“On your fours” her master commands suddenly. Eva nods, obeying easily.

“Now walk up to the window and present yourself for me there.” Eva feels her pussy clench at the insinuation. She was about to be fucked for everyone to see.

“Yes master” she responds, dazed. She crawls up to the window and pulls herself upright. Beyond the glass she sees a couple of people in the garden. They only needed to look up – and they’d see her, breasts squashed against the glass and pussy dripping with fluid.

She presses her hands against the glass and pushes her ass out.

“Now spread yourself open.” Comes the command. She nods and reaches two fingers under her and splays out her pussy.

She feels her master behind her. “Well done” he says and presses into her. She keens as he kept going until the whole length was inside her.

He fucks into her slowly at first before snapping his hips hard and fast, pushing her up the glass with every thrust. In a while Eva finds herself fucking back on his dick, in a daze of pleasure.

At some point her master switches on her anal vibratior making her legs weak.

“Look at the slick on the window pet.” Her master says. Sure enough, there’s a patch of slick smeared on the glass where she ground on.

He reaches Infront of her and pulls at the chain connecting her piercings, making them squirt milk onto the glass as well.

“Such a mess” he says. Thrusting and squeezing her breasts at the same time. She tilts her head back and moans as two white streams coat the window and trickle down her body.

With a couple more thrusts, her master comes inside her. She feels the cum pour into her, endlessly. She moans as she feels her stomach expand with cum sloshing within. She looks at herself in the glass and comes again.

Her master makes her walk towards the dresser with his cock still inside her, keeping the cum from dripping. Her womb pulses at the new angle his cock was hitting. She feels like she’ll come again from just cockwarming. When they reach the dresser her master pulls out a harness. It had a black leather panty with an inbuilt plug which he presses into her pussy. He takes the leather straps and secures them to the ring of leather that went around her now inflated stomach.

“There” he says. “Now it won’t go anywhere,” Eva nods. Her master leads her to the window where she was made to shake her belly to whoever was watching.

The cum sloshes inside her and her pussy throbs as she felt the plug bump against her cervix.

“Well done pet” her master says, stroking her hair as she licks the cum off the window. Her master had told her to clean up her mess.

Her nipples are now covered in two black pasties to stop them from leaking further. Her belly brushes against the floor ever so slightly as she dips down. He holds her by the leash as she cleans the floor, ass up and tail wagging with every motion.

“You made an excellent little bitch.”

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