Blow and Go Ch. 03


It had been more than a month when my colleague Peter and I became suck buddies at a conference while we shared a hotel room. Our cheap company brought us together and the rest is history. Not only did I find another dick to suck but Peter also returned the favor and he found out he enjoyed sucking a dick as much as I do.

Our schedules didn’t allow us to hook up for several weeks after the conference but that was okay, we both had lives to lead. We were both married, traveled a lot in our sales jobs and even though we enjoyed giving and receiving blow jobs, it wasn’t the first priority in our lives. I had been married for over twenty years, we have two grown children together and my sucking dick isn’t something I ever want them to find out about. At times, I feel guilty because it’s kind of like cheating on my wife on one hand but on the other, it’s just a blow job without any emotional attachment involved. I’m not sure she’d feel the same if she found out. Men seem to be able to make a distinction between sex and a relationship, whereas, women feel differently.

I was nervous about the complications that it would cause if my family ever found out. They wouldn’t understand that it’s an urge I tried to keep under control. Sometimes, I’d promised myself I’d never do it again but my thoughts kept drifting back to how great it feels to have another man’s hard meat in my mouth, licking and sucking on it, making him moan in pleasure, then hearing him grunt just before he shoots his sperm into my mouth. When I recall my previous encounters, I would get that urge again and it became a theme in my masturbatory fantasies. In my fantasies, I would be forced to suck a few dicks. Being forced in a fantasy took away the guilt of enjoying it. I would have no choice as several men stood around me feeding me their cocks, not letting me go until they were all satisfied but deep down I would be loving every lick and suck of a dick.

My wife and I had sex two to three times a month, so I can’t complain too much. I still find her attractive but it seems she is losing her desire to have sex as she gets older. I don’t know if menopause has something to do with it or not or if it’s just a natural part of getting older. Her blow jobs are more mechanical now, almost like it’s a requirement before intercourse. I can’t complain because it’s more than what Peter’s wife will do. I can’t imagine being married to a woman that won’t suck my dick at all. I’m not the sexual animal I was when I was younger either but my balls still needed to be drained from time to time.

Having sex with another man at my age not only allowed me to relive some of my younger days, but it adds some spark to an otherwise routine life. What makes it wrong is also what makes it exciting. It’s also safer and less complicated than having a girlfriend. I’m not looking for a relationship. Who has time for that? There is no emotional involvement and no threat to my wife. It’s simply a blow job and sexual release. No more, no less. We blow each other and we go our separate ways. It’s a different type of blow and go than the first time. It’s also safer with someone you know.

I fought my urges to contact Peter to see if we could get together again. I didn’t want to seem too anxious and I didn’t know if he wanted to continue our experimentation with oral sex with each other. I was afraid of coming on too strong and I was also fighting the conflicts in my own mind of wanting to blow someone again.

One evening, I found myself out on the road in late-April close to Peter’s sales territory, so I sent him a text message asking how things were going. He alerted me to an impending late spring ice storm coming through the area and asked where I was. It turned out, I was less than an hour from where he was and he suggested a hotel where we could meet and ride out the storm. It was too dangerous to try and get home and it was the safest option available to us. Deep down, I think we both knew what we wanted.

Because of the storm that was heading our way, a lot of travelers were getting off the highway and seeking safe shelter for the night. Rooms were at a premium and when Peter arrived shortly before me, he booked us into one room where we would have two queen size beds. He hoped I didn’t mind but told me there wasn’t much choice given the demand for rooms that night. I wasn’t upset in the least. It just made things more convenient for what I had hoped would happen later that evening.

After we unpacked, we walked next door to a sports bar. The ice had begun to form and even the short walk was treacherous. It was a smart move not to try and make it home and there was a good possibility of some added benefits later that evening besides. We caught up on our lives over a burger and a few beers.

Things were no better in his sex life with his wife. He did try to convince her to give him a blow job a few times but was met with resistance each time so he quit asking. He told me it was nothing personal but Kadıköy Escort he figured he should at least try to get his wife to suck him rather than another guy. I understood completely and told him I wasn’t offended in the least.

When we were on our fourth beer, Peter told me, “I don’t want to be presumptuous but I’ve been looking forward to getting one of your great blow jobs again. I hope you’re up to it tonight.”

I replied, “I was hoping you were up to it yourself.” I gave him a sly grin to assure him I had similar thoughts myself.

We both finished our beers and headed up to the room to ride out the storm. It had been a long day and we both wanted to shower. I let Peter go first and got the pleasure of watching him undress before heading to the bathroom. He has an average size cock but it looked so delicious and I couldn’t wait to taste it again. My mind kept flashing back to the first time I took him into my mouth and how wonderful it felt to blow him. I was excited that in a short time, I’d have him in my mouth once again.

While he was in the shower, I decided I might as well join him so I quickly undressed and went into the bathroom. He was startled when I pulled the shower curtain back and started to get in. The smile on his face let me know that he welcomed my presence. I ran the soap over his chest and began to lather up his upper body, taking time to focus on his nipples. I know my nipples are quite sensitive and thought he might like it too. He copied my actions and played with my nipples too and my cock started to get hard as the water cascaded over our nude bodies.

We then began to play with each other’s balls. Our hands naturally drifted up to the other man’s cock as we began to mutually masturbate each other. Peter was the first to get down on his knees to begin giving me a slow blow job; licking my dick before taking it into his mouth. I let him suck me for a few minutes but I wanted my turn to feel his hard meat in my mouth. I will always enjoy being on my knees staring at and playing with a hard dick just before I take it between my lips.

I like to tease the dick in front of me by stroking it and playing with my partners balls before I allow myself the pleasure of letting him slip his dick into my mouth, feeling it sliding along my tongue as my lips close around the shaft, savoring the feel and taste of another man’s cock. I’ll close my eyes because it seems to intensify the sensation of having a cock in my mouth and better allows me to concentrate on pleasing my partner.

That doesn’t mean I won’t open my eyes at times to look up at him so I can drink in the look of pleasure on his face as I blow him. I want to make sure he is enjoying receiving a blow job as much as I am giving it to him. Making eye contact with my lover also gives us a silent connection, even if he is moaning loudly. It’s like he is thanking me for sucking his dick so well but saying it through his eyes.

Peter then said to me, “Let’s dry off and go into the bedroom.”

I reluctantly released him from my mouth and stood up as he turned off the water and handed me a towel. To be honest, I find the water in a shower a little distracting. It’s nice at first but you really can’t beat the comfort of a bed.

When we got onto the bed, we couldn’t decide who would go first. Peter then suggest that we sixty-nine. I loved that idea and had never done it with a man before. I laid back on the bed as Peter straddled my head, his balls hanging in my face. I felt him take me into his hand while I started to lick and suck on his balls. He followed suit and began to lick my balls in return. He then began to move his hips, rubbing his hard dick over my face. I loved being teased like this and felt traces of precum being left on my cheeks. I was a little disappointed not to be able to lick it off him but it was a sensual move, an almost a dominating act.

Peter then moved his dick to my lips and I gladly opened my mouth as he sank himself into my throat while taking me deeply into his. The dual pleasure of sucking a dick while having mine being sucked was incredible and only added to the excitement of the night.

We were more deliberate in giving our mutual blow jobs that night. There was no need to hurry and we both seemed to want to make the moments last. I would take his dick out of my mouth and nuzzle his shaft and balls, a move that forestalled his orgasm and allowed me and him the pleasure of a longer oral session. He followed my lead in taking his time to fully enjoy my entire cock with his lips and tongue.

At times, Peter would take control of the pace by fucking my mouth only to slow down and return control back to me. Seeing I was on the bottom, it was more difficult for me to fuck his mouth but I would thrust myself deeper into his throat at times but had to be careful because he would still gag a little bit.

Peter was the first to cum as he began to fuck my mouth again, using my Kadıköy Escort Bayan lips like a pussy. I got a close up view of his balls squeezing tightly together then releasing just before he would spray my mouth with his sperm. I savored the taste of each drop of his cum knowing it would soon be over. I continued to lick his shrinking cock, then began to focus on my own orgasm. I had him lay down so I could fuck his mouth. I got on the side of him and thrust myself between his lips, holding his head still until I filled his mouth with my semen.

We both laid down on the bed, feeling relaxed and relieved. Peter then told me, “Damn Roy, these blow jobs keep getting better every time we do it.”

“I know. I think we’re both more relaxed now. The initial nervousness is gone and we can now focus on pleasing each other.”

We chatted for a little while before we went to sleep. Another successful blow job in the bag. The next morning we found out the ice storm was worse than we thought. There were fallen trees and down power lines all over, most of our customers were closed for the day and government officials were advising no unnecessary travel so we booked the room for one more night. We sucked each other off again that morning but we both had work to do. We had to process orders, reschedule meetings and attend a staff meeting through video chat. Both of us accomplished a lot of work that day. Being stranded wasn’t so bad.

Over a late lunch, Peter asked me about the first time I blew another guy so I gave him the gory details…

It was during my senior year in college and I had an off campus apartment with another guy. We dated women and sometimes had longer relationships but there were times when we had our dry spells also. It was during one of those dry spells when Joe and I were hanging around the apartment drinking and getting high. We decided to watch some porn. We were sitting there making fun of the acting and the lack of plot but still getting turned on. Two guys were banging this girl when one of the guys stuck his dick in the other guy’s mouth.

We both expressed some shock but I was even more shocked by Joe’s comment. “I’m so horny tonight, I’d even let some dude suck my dick.”

I responded, “Yeah, I know what you mean.”

The more we watched, the hornier we got, in addition to getting more drunk and high. There were more interactions between the two guys and they seemed to be enjoying themselves. Joe kept talking about how horny he was and how the guys in the movie didn’t need a woman. It was erotic watching them please each other with their mouths.

It didn’t quite hit me on where Joe’s comments were leading until he said, “I will if you will.”

“Will what Joe?”

“I’ll do you, if you do me.”

I still wasn’t 100% sure what he was suggesting. “Are you saying you’ll blow me, if I blow you?”

“Dude, I’m so horny right now, I’d suck your dick if you suck mine.”

I was more than a little surprised but also intrigued. Between watching the movie and having not gotten laid in weeks, my balls felt like they were about to burst.

“Are you serious Joe?” I wasn’t sure if he was joking or not. We were always playing practical jokes on each other and I didn’t want to fall for one this serious.

“I’m dead serious. No one has to know.”

I half-jokingly replied, “Okay, you go first.”

I slipped my shorts down to reveal my hard on, thinking that if he was joking, I’d call his bluff.

We went back and forth on who would go first and decided to settle it with drawing cards; low card goes first, best two out of three. After two draws it was even; the last draw would decide. Joe drew a Queen and was smiling and talking shit until I drew a King.

He just looked at me and said, “If I do this Roy, you better return the favor or I’ll kill you.”

“Don’t worry buddy. Trust me. A deal is a deal.”

In a matter of moments, I peeled off my shorts and he took my dick in his hand, staring at it, then he leaned down. I then felt Joe’s mouth on my dick and saw his head bobbing in my lap. I have to admit, it felt wonderful. When you are that horny, it’s difficult to get a bad blow job. We were both a little buzzed from the alcohol and smoking a couple of joints. I always enjoyed sex when I was high and that night was no different. It wasn’t the best blow job I’ve ever had but there is no doubt it was better than jerking off again.

I was so horny, it didn’t take long for me to feel my approaching orgasm and I warned Joe, “I’m gonna cum.”

He didn’t flinch and kept sucking my dick. Within minutes, I let loose a large wad of sperm into his mouth. I think he was surprised by the amount of cum I had built up because he gagged a little but he never released my dick from his mouth until I was done cumming. He quickly took a big gulp of his beer to wash down my sperm.

Joe then pulled down his shorts, revealing his average sized hard İstanbul Escort on, smiled and said, “Your turn.”

I was really nervous, maybe a little scared at the thought of sucking a dick. I think most of my reservations were related to the stigma of doing something “gay.” However, a deal is a deal and Joe just gave me a blow job and I was obligated to return the favor. I got down on my knees between his outstretched legs, took his dick in my hand, jerking him for a moment. I stared at it, and almost chickened out but I was a man of my word.

Joe then said, “Are you going to look at it or suck it?”

Without any further thought, I leaned forward and took his dick in my mouth and started sucking on it. I knew what I liked when receiving a blow job so I did to Joe what I liked. Apparently, we shared similar thoughts when getting our dicks sucked as he quickly started moaning as my head bobbed. After the initial shock of having a dick in my mouth was over, I really got into it, especially seeing how much Joe was enjoying it. I wanted to give him a really good blow job.

He was just as horny as I was and it wasn’t long before he said, “I’m going to cum Roy.”

Joe let me cum in his mouth so I felt obligated to take at least try to take his load. I heard his breathing getting heavier and faster then felt his first wad of cum shoot into my mouth. Before I had a chance to decide if I liked it or not, a second wad filled my mouth quickly followed by a third and fourth. I was surprised by the amount of cum he shot into my mouth, gagged a little and coughed some out of my mouth, down my chin. I swallowed ninety percent of his cum though and it didn’t taste all that bad. When he was done cumming, I wiped the remnants from my chin with my arm and drank a lot of beer to wash it down.

We still dated women and got laid as often as we could but when we hit a dry spell we continued to blow each other. It didn’t replace women but we were young, horny guys and began sucking each other’s dicks when a woman wasn’t around.

The code words for wanting to blow each other was, “Do you want to watch some porn?”

We knew what that meant and we’d end up trading blow jobs. The more experience we got the better the blow jobs got too. We stopped trying to do it quickly and began to try to make it last so we’d both enjoy it more. I learned to like pleasing another man and enjoy having a hard dick in my mouth. It all ended when we graduated and I met my future wife.

Peter was excited by my story but he caught me off guard when he pursued it further. “Did you guys ever do anal together?”

I hesitated in my answer but he was also someone with whom I was having sex so I gave him an honest answer. “We experimented with anal sex a little but we mostly sucked each other.”

“The reason I’m asking Roy, is since we, you know, blew each other, I’ve watched a few gay videos online and seen guys doing anal. I was just curious, that’s all.”

“Are you saying you want to try it Peter?”

“I’m just saying I’d be open to it if you wanted. Needless to say, my wife won’t do that either.”

He certainly got me thinking and I replied, “We could try it. We’d need some lube though.”

“I just happen to have some with me.”

He smiled and I knew he had this planned in hopes I’d agree to take this a step further. Most of our work was done so we decided to do some day drinking to relax a little before we went back up to our room.

After a few beers, Peter asked, “Are you ready to go upstairs?”

I finished my beer and said, “Let’s go.”

We ordered room service and had them bring up a six pack so we could continue the party in our room. Peter hooked up his laptop to the TV and we were able to watch some bisexual porn on a bigger screen while lying naked on the bed next to each other. Neither one of us was in a rush to go anywhere and we took our time stroking each other or leaning down to suck a dick when the urge hit us.

When they guys started doing some anal sex, Peter commented, “The guy taking it up the ass seems to be enjoying it as much as the guy giving it to him.”

“I can tell you that once you get used to the feeling of having something in your ass, it can be quite pleasurable. It’s a different kind of feeling.”

After an hour or so of watching various videos, Peter asked if I was ready. I told him he could do me first and I gave his cock a little sucking to make sure he was good and hard. He grabbed the lube and I told him to grease himself up really well. I bent over offering him my asshole.

Bending over, offering another man your asshole is a very submissive feeling. I could feel the cool air of the hotel room on my asshole as he spread the lube on his cock. I felt the cool gel as he let it drip onto me. I made sure to tell him to go slow. I hadn’t done this in over twenty years so it was like being a virgin all over again. It seemed like I waited forever before I felt his manhood begin to press against me. He was trying to go slow but was struggling to penetrate me. I then felt him push hard against my ass and his dick went inside me but I wasn’t ready for how deeply he went. I clenched my ass in pain and told him to slow down. He apologized and let me adjust to having a dick in my ass again.

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