Boner’s Ribs , Special Sauce Pt. 03

Big Tits

Back…And Forth. Back…And Forth. Jack’s ass wiggled as he climbed the stairs back to Earl’s office. He was hosed off but still gritty. His feet picked up some dirt and grime off the basement floor as he made it to the top of the stairs.

He paused to spread his toes and scrape off the grime a bit and Earl turned and paused.

“Ha. I wouldn’t worry too much about that Jack. I have a feeling that you will be more ‘soiled” as the night goes on.”

As he nodded to Jack, he caught him with what looked like a smile starting on his face.

* * *

Jack was smiling. This was the closest Jack had every come to being an exhibitionist. Truth be told he was excited about the sex. But he was also excited about being so exposed. He was getting hard thinking about being the center of all the attention.

He could feel the apron press against his hardening cock. He could feel the blast from the air conditioning caress and cool his naked ass.

Jack followed Earl through the center office and toward a connecting door to the kitchen. Earl turned and paused t the door, brushing the front of Jack’s apron with his strong hands as he turned.

“Best wait here a moment Jack,” Earl offered. “I like to set the mood before I introduce the new help.”

Jack waited with bated breath as he watch Earl disappear through the kitchen. He caught sight of him again as he appeared on the security camera monitors as he made a grand entrance on the deck.

Earl was making large arm gestures to the group of men who were enjoying their ribs and beer. They in turn were yelling, slamming down beer mugs, and generally approving of whatever

Earl was saying and likely selling.

Earl made some small hand gestures. He touched his pointer finger to his thumb as if to say “choice” or “perfect” and the men again, yelled with delight.

For half a moment, Jack thought maybe Earl was referencing the rib recipe to his customers.

That was until Earl acted out having Jack over the barrel and fucking him in his virgin ass.

“Right. Of course.” thought Jack.

As the men saw this they stamped their feet, yelled again and a few even slapped the table or their knees in approval. One, who looked like a local deputy, even got up and gave old Earl a high five.

Earl was all smiles. HE WAS LOVING the moment like a ring master in a circus. Jack even caught himself smiling. He was nervously shifting side to side, foot to foot, as he recalled being bent over the barrels, and having his cheeks parted and ass filled by Earl’s big cock.

He bit his lip nervously and rubbed his cock through his small apron.

The moment passed as Earl clapped his hands together, shook a few hands and turned out of view to enter the kitchen to apparently go and fetch Jack.

Jack broke his gaze with the monitor only to turn to another and see Katie in the front room. He saw very clearly how she once again bent down to scoop up more peanut shells in front of another customer. She didn’t even bother to hide the game this time as she showed off her pussy lips to to the very pleased trucker.The trucker licked his lips and adjusted his crotch as he watched Katie take a very long time to resume as standing position.

“Bitch” thought Jack.

But he didn’t have too much time to dwell as Earl entered the room again with a huge grin on his face.

“Ready?” Earl asked.

“To get bent over the barrels again Earl?”

Earl didn’t miss a beat.

“Maybe later. But it’s time to make your entrance and meet the guys!”

Earl pulled a long orange napkin from a box. “Tun around Jack.”

“What? Why?”

“I’m gonna blind fold you. It’ll make it more exciting for you and my customers.”

Jack turned, exposing his tight naked ass again to Earl. Earl reached over and tied the napkin around Jack’s eyes so he could only see the floor, much like he experienced with his own shirt in the basement.

When he finished tying and looked down appreciating Jack’s body again.

“Mmmmm.” Earl moaned. “Glad I got to have you before they did.”

With that, he slapped Jacks naked ass and spun him around.

“Here we go,” Earl said and took Jack by the hand into the kitchen and out to the back deck.

* * *

Daylight was fading but Jack could still feel the light on his body.

As soon as Earl brought him into view he could smell the beer, the sweat, the lust, and lots of bar-b-cue sauce.

Jack was greeted by cheers and lots of “Hey Now! and Earl found a good one!”

“Come on over Jack” Earl gently ordered. “How’s about you let them take a look at ‘cha.”

“Step on up on the bench, son. Don’t be shy.”

Jack tried not to smile. Jack tried to keep his cock hidden beneath the apron. What the fuck had he gotten himself into?

He did as ordered and stepped carefully onto the picnic table bench with Earl guiding him.

“Give them a little turn! Earl shouted. Jack gingerly pivoted in a small circle atop the bench.

He could feel the rush of air from the ceiling fans cascade down his Anadolu Yakası Escort exposed body.

More cheers. More clapping and stomping.

“You boys feel free to get acquainted with my new host” Earl offered.

With that, Jack could feel the steamy humid air shift around him as the body heat of the men drew near. Then he felt the hands.

Tentative at first, and just the one to start, but quickly another and another. Jack was being groped, touched, studied, and molested by a room full of drunken horny strangers.

One rather rough hand found his nipple and massaged him there causing Jack to utter a soft


More hands, firm and strong were running up and down his legs. These were skilled hands, perhaps the hands of a tradesmen. They felt electric as they caressed up and down, up and down brushing his leg hairs.

Naturally other hands found they way to Jack’s exposed ass. Slap Slap Rub Slap and repeat on the other cheek. Slap Slap Rub Slap.

Jack was vocalizing his pleasure at all the attention and not holding back. His cock started to peak out form beneath the apron. His stiffening dick didn’t go unnoticed as a hand soon shot it to greet its hard presence,

“OH,” Jack moaned.

The new hand on his cock pumped him lightly but with painful pauses so Jack couldn’t quite get to cumming.

“That’s a good start, everyone.” Earl cut in and the hands began to pull away as Jack whimpered under his breath. How could they take all that feeling away?

“Ok, Ok. Jack let’s show em everything. Knees on the Bench face the table.”

Jack was absentmindedly rubbing his chest and smoothing out his apron. He did as he was told and got down on his elbows resting on the table showing all the men on the patio his naked and recently fucked hole.

“Spread those cheeks for us Jackie,” Earl ordered. It was a subtle change. Calling him Jackie instead of Jack, but Jack cocked his head in reaction as he slowly brought his hands back. He rested his head against the table as his fingers fumbled across his ass cheeks as he presented his hole to the men.

More hoots and hollers followed and this time a rough hand gave him a decisive slap on his ass that made Jack wince.

“Hell YEAH!” Jack heard and could feel a change in mood as the alcohol and evening wore on.

Then the audible sound of a zipper. No two zippers.

“That’s right boys’, Earl more growled than spoke “Ease him into it.”

With that Jack felt two different semi hard cocks rubbing across his ass cheeks. At first it was one on each cheek. Then one dropped lower and just stopped against Jack’s exposed hole.

The other cock kept slapping against his cheeks making him jump. His cock jumped too and was quickly hard again.

The cock against his ass didn’t attempt to enter. But it was being guided up and down. Up and down. For a moment it was on his hole threatening to invade. Then it was slowly drifting down to his balls. Resting. Then gliding back up to his ass. Jack could feel a trail of precum being passed between his balls and asshole. It made his cock leak too.

For a moment there was silence as everyone watched the two cocks tease and warm Jack to the heat of his customers. Jack could hear the crickets starting to chirp as the cocks slapped and teased him moment by moment.

“Ok Jackie. How’s about turn over for us?” It wasn’t a question really. Jack understood that now. And again, the amazing feeling he had from the two naked stranger’s dicks vanished and left him wanting more. So much more.

Jack lifted his face off the table still smelling ribs and freshly made sauce. He moved slowly and deliberately now. He was trying to remember the movements of a stripper he had seen once at an all nude joint. Shift gently on one hip. Slowly push his feet away from his tight stomach. Turn. Spread your legs. Lay down on the bench. As he thought it, he did it.

Laying down on the bench he spread his legs pulling his knees in toward his chest. Feet up and out. The erotic energy of the heat, of the evening, of the men, he was so turned on.

He even started rubbing his nipples and his cock through the apron.

“DAMN.” Jack heard a voice let out. “See, boys, I told you he was ripe and in need.”

Jack could hear at least one man zip his cock back away. But not the other.

“All right Boys. It’s the moment you’ve all waited for. Time to Initiate Jackie here to Boner’s. everyone pick a side.”

Wait pick a side? Where they just going to tear into him?

There was quite a bit of jostling and mumbling as Jack heard the man gather around him.

Wait? This couldn’t be a circle jerk or bukakke? Were they all naked and stroking?

“Ona Count of 3. One, Two, Three!”

And with that Jack was hit from all sides by…wait? What was that? It wasn’t cum.

No, It wasn’t cum. It was sauce. Earl’s famous recipe from 15 different squirt bottles. Covering Jack from head to toe in sweet sticky barbecue sauce.

EVERYONE broke out laughing. There Bostancı Escort were a ton of high fives and beer spilling as everyone enjoyed the moment. Jack sat up and started laughing too. In fact he was laughing so hard with a seriously hard cock that he left his mouth wide open. Then it hit him right on his tongue.

Rope after rope of hot white cum shot passed his lips and toward the back of his throat! Jack closed his mouth as another three shots plastered and stuck to his face. Not even the blindfold kept it all out. Jack…or should we all just call him Jackie’s face was a mixture of sweet barbecue flavors and cum.

Jackie swallowed the cum.

“Yessssss!!” Jack heard one man scream.”

Was the guy who just plastered his face?

“I told you. I told you,” the man said. ” I knew he would swallow his first load. He didn’t even blink he just gulped it down. Pay up Bob! Oops! Sorry Pay up stranger man. Hahahah.”

It was like being at a super bowl party. Except Jackie was the half time show after a last second touchdown.

He wanted to be pissed but he enjoyed the taste of the cum mixed with Barbecue sauce. And his cock was still rock hard.

“Ok, OK. Well done Jackie! Well done my boy…er…lady.” Now Earl was cracking jokes too.

“All right, all right. Y’all take your seats again and I will make with the beer and ribs. And…

AND (almost yelling) Since Randy won the bet, young Jackie will be starting at the very lucky Table 3!” More cheering mixed with a few moans of disappointment followed.

“Be sure to tip your hostess. Have fun Jackie.”

And with that Earl was gone. Jack’s blind fold was removed and he wiped the cum away from his eyes.

“C’mon over Jackie. Time to provide good service to the winning men of table 3.”

Jack did not resist. He was SO horny and had just had his first taste of cum without a cock no less!

He followed Randy back and took his place beneath the table marked 3. While every other table kept their pants on the three guys at 3 didn’t bother. They just dropped their jeans and underwear and sat naked below the waist on the benches around the circular wooden table.

It was going to be a long night.

* * *

Jack could see the shadows of the moths dancing against the lights hung against the tin roof. He was also face to face with three naked cocks.

He could see two of the guys were cut and the third was not. Each was adorned with a fair amount of “pubeage.” Two of the guys cocks were average but the third, one of the cut guys was bigger. No he wasn’t just bigger. Jack realized that his cock was thick, and long, and…beautiful.

Wait. Had his own mind just used the word beautiful to describe another man’s cock? It had.

The bigger cock was softened but it was still dripping cum. He must have been the guy who shot in Jack’s mouth. There was really only one way to tell for sure.

Jack leaned in and smelled the semi hard cock. The three men had gone back to watching the game and were for the moment ignoring Jack. But as he drew in closer the guy with the nicer cock, Randy, rapped his beer repeatedly to the table.

“I don’t feel you sucking Jackie. And I don’t see my friends squirming and smiling. You best get to work if you want to earn them tips.”

Jack didn’t need another reminder. He leaned in close and lightly and applied his tongue to a stream of cum sticking between Randy’s cock and his leg. IT WAS HIM.

Jack lapped at the string like a cat drinking milk. Randy continued his conversation but shifted so Jack could get better access to his stiffening cock.

Jack completed eating the pearls leading to the source and lips found they way to his cock head. Randy had just cum a few minutes before and he was still sensitive. His cock danced around Jack’s open mouth until Jack at long last corralled his prey.

And with that, in that moment, Jack or Jackie became an official cock sucker.

Jack inhaled Randy’s cock and slid his fingers to Randy’s ball sack. He was pumping his face up and down Randy’s dick and squeezing his balls to build back up his next load.

Randy grunted. “How is he Randy?,” the uncut cock asked. Randy nodded and let out an audible… “Ahhhhhhh.”

“He’s pretty good.” At hearing that, Jack’s new found cock sucking honor was offended. He paused briefly and doubled his pace. “OK OK He’s REALLY GOOD.”

Jack slowed his pace but made it worse for Randy. He pressed his fingers to his lips and made a fist. Each time he went down on Randy’s cock he tightened his grip and urging toward another load.

“Easy. Easy kid.” Randy said. I’m good for now.

Jack reluctantly released him with a soft pop. But he gave Randy’s head a final lick.

“Me next,” the uncut cock demanded.

Jack turned his ass to Randy and crawled over to the uncut cock. It felt different but also fun to get him hard. Jack set about his work getting the guy worked up. His flaccid cock stretched as Jack kissed and sucked his cock.

Over his shoulder, Bostancı Escort Bayan Jack could see Randy still hard and gently stroking his cock as Jack sucked the second man who he overheard called Bill. Bill was getting hard but was more involved than Randy. He grabbed the back of Jack’s head and held him in place while Jack worked his dick with his tongue and fingers.

He started lifting his hips while Jack kept the pressure on. He wanted this. He realized that he didn’t just want the tips any more. He wanted the cum. He wanted to pleasure this man humping his face.

Bill grunted and unloaded into Jack’s hungry mouth. “Awwwwwww mmmmmm yeaaaaah.”

“What did I tell you?”

“Yeah, you’re right. He’s a natural.”

Jack swallowed as much of Bill’s load as he could but he was still licking it off his lips when the third guy grabbed him by the hair and nudged him over to his hard dick.

Jack was on autopilot. Tease, please, suck, squeeze, and repeat.

He was working Frank’s cock for a good five minutes when he felt a sense of heat and pressure at his ass.

Bill was fully recharged and without much fanfare or asking for permission he was lining his hard cock up with Jack’s ass.

“Well let’s see if Earl was right about his ass too.”

The table was rocking and squeaking as Bill lowered his body down into Jack.

The back deck fell silent for a moment as the other 12 men watched Bill slide into Jack’s ass. Jack had to pause sucking as he got used to Randy’s beautiful cock fucking him.

Frank slapped Jack’s face not hard but enough for Jack to be surprised.

“Back to work sunshine. I need to drain these balls.”

Mmmmm Mmmmm Mmmmm Jack was half muttering to himself have agreeing to be a better cock sucker.

Randy was now fully engaged in fucking and not satisfied with the access he had beneath the table. In a quick motion, he half stood keeping his cock in Jack’s ass while he flipped the table onto its side.

“Better grab them beers boys!” He grunted as Bill and Frank scrambled to get hold of their mugs.

Jack was giving two loyal customers all he could in front of 12 more. And it was more than he could handle. The pressure of Randy’s dick in his ass, the cum in his mouth as he sucked another, it was too much.

Jack grunted and blasted his load all over the wooden floor of the deck. His load triggered the other two that followed. First Frank pull out and sprayed Jack’s face at point blank range. Judging by the size and thick nature of it, it must have been weeks since Frank had released a “healthy” load.

Randy followed right after, cumming deep into Jack’s naked and unprotected hole.

“Wheeeeeeew,” Randy almost whispered. “I needed that. Lucky you aren’t really a girl or you’d be having my baby after that deep load.”

Frank Laughed heartily. Bill sprayed beer all over his beard and Jack’s back. and the other 12 men got a sense of just how special their new back deck host was going to be for them.

“Three cheers for Jack!” Earl bellowed as he arrived back with Katie and fresh plates of Ribs and beer.

“Hip Hip Hurray! Hip Hip Hurray! Hip…Ha hahah Hurray!”

Sloppy drunk didn’t describe the state of affairs on the back deck. They were all getting pretty ripped. And as they did, as they each got their cocks serviced and balls emptied, Earl kept taking more cash and swiping more credit cards.

“Nice job kid.” Bill offered and slapped Jack’s ass. He stuffed a $20 bill into the apron and made his way to the men’s room. Frank added a $5. “Yeah not bad but next time focus on my cock not Randy’s dick…even if he is balls deep in your man pussy.”

Randy added another $30 saying “That’s more than I tip my masseuse. Of course I don’t fuck her.”

The trio made their way out and Jack moved on to the next table and the next.

He sucked under the tables. He sucked out in the open. He was laid across the end of the long picnic table while each next drunk guy attempted to fuck him. Four more actually succeeded, some shooting cum into his ass and others pulling out to keep the trail on his face moving along like a milky river.

The eight others tried to get it up and some managed to jerk off on Jack’s body in one way or another. Some used his hands while he was being fucked or just jerked it while watching and stepped to his mouth to unload their balls.

Some even used his toes and dirty feet. They just rubbed his sticky feet and toes against their dicks until they creamed his toes.

It was close to One AM when everyone stumbled off the deck and into their cars or at least into the back of their pick ups to sleep it off for a while.

Jack was like a pink hue of cum mixed with sauce. And his apron was stuffed with cash.

He made it to the mens room and stared at his body. He needed a shower or at least a hose again. He went back out to the deck and leaned against the door.

He counted his tips and managed a cool $400.

“Not bad for a first night huh Jackie?” Earl staggered over and looked him over with a tired smile. He didn’t wait for Jack’s reply but set about resetting tables and cleaning up.

Jack realized that in the space of just a day he had opened more than just his mind. His ass and jaw were sore. Maybe he was gay now, he wasn’t really worried about labels. He was too tired to think about that.

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