Book Store Stories No. 08


I could feel myself trying to wake up. Some how, I knew I was in a strange place and in a strange bed. I could feel and smell the difference. Yet, I could not identify these smells and the air currents that where swirling around my head. My eyes would not open. What is wrong with me?

I was feeling pleasure and started thinking I must be in a hospital under anesthesia. Though the pleasure was so nice, I didn’t care where I was.

Then I heard a voice, a voice that I recognized. It was Candy, my lovely and sexy daughter. At the very thought of her in my dazed brain, I felt even more pleasure, knowing she was close by.

Then I heard giggling. I tried to open my eyes to the blinding light, slowly with lots of blinking. The sensations that were giving me the feelings of pleasure, they where coming from my cock.

Then, it dawned on me. I was on the island, in Karl’s villa with my daughter Candy.

I lifted my head and looked down at my not so privates. There was Candy, holding my hardon and our newfound friend Anna licking it like a Popsicle. Anna is unbelievable, because of her radiant beauty and kinkiness.

We had met Anna yesterday when Karl took us out to the pool. She was one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen. Now, she was in bed with me. I’m a very lucky man. I smiled and relaxed, hoping they would continue.

Now I was thinking about Anna, that I must acquire a taste for Anna later. The two of us have to fuck before we leave this island paradise.

When I was fully awake the two sweet women who had by toying with my cock sat up at the foot of my bed. Candy said, “Wake up Daddy, get dressed we have breakfast waiting for you.” Scratching my head and rubbing my eyes I mumbled, “I hope you have lots of coffee”

Anna stood up and said, “Martin, I will go and get you a cup of coffee and bring it to you while you shower.” She then walked towards the patio door; Anna was topless with tanned skin, long blonde hair flowing over her shoulders and around her waist was sheer white fabric tied in a knot that flowed down to just above her knees. This fabric didn’t hide her body underneath; it accented her beautiful radiance instead.

Candy took my hand and pulled on me trying to move me faster to the bathroom. Finally my feet touched the floor and I felt somewhat alive. The long flight yesterday, the alcohol and the exhausting sex had brought my energy to zero late last night.

Yet, there hanging on me was morning wood. Candy giggled at the sight of my bobbing cock as I walked towards the bathroom. “I showered already Daddy, I’ll meet you at the pool, hurry now.” With those orders punched out, Candy left in swirl of yellow fabric that was loosely wrapped around the lower part of her body, her smaller pert breasts wiggling in the air.

I turned on the shower and stepped in. Karl’s shower was magnificent. No doors, no shower curtain, just an “L” shaped wall. The shower spray head was directly overhead coming out of the ceiling. I walked underneath the cascading warm water. It felt like heaven. I took the soap from the dish and lathered my body. My morning wood had finally dissipated, yet as I washed my cock, I felt alive and ready for this new day.

Anna had brought me my coffee as promised. I had completely forgotten that she had sought after the morning java for me. That is until she stepped into the shower holding the cup and saucer of coffee, stark naked. Then I remembered.

She reached for my lathered cock, grabbing it, she pulled me out from under the showerhead and handed me the coffee cup. “Drink it,” she commanded me. I took the cup and saucer from her and lifted the cup to my lips. The coffee was dark, rich and warm to my lips and mouth, it tasted divine. I looked into Anna’s eyes and she smiled at me and said, “I hear you like to fuck a girl’s ass every once in a while.”

Anna reached for the cup of coffee and took it from me; She then disappeared around the corner of the shower but returned immediately. She pushed me back under the showerhead and kissed me deeply on the lips. With large wet breasts pressed tightly between us, the soap on my body instantly made her naked skin slick against mine.

Our kiss lasted awhile. Long enough, that I was as hard as a rock once again. Anna knew it too. She broke off from the dripping wet faced kiss and turned herself around.

Anna bent over, exposing her bottom to me. She reached behind her and pulled both of her perfectly tanned butt cheeks apart and commanded, “Fuck me Martin.”

I like to please the ladies you know, so I took my wet cock in my right hand and stepped near Anna’s rear entry. I pointed myself at her back door and pushed hard.

Anna gasped and took a half step forward with my beastly thrust. Her palms flattened against the wet tile wall as she braced herself. Anna spoke to me in a deep raspy voice, “I’m ready Baby, bang the hell out of my ass.”

I pushed the rest of the way into Anna’s butt. She was tight around my cock. She felt good.

It was exciting for me, to have Fatih Escort another woman on the end of my cock. Anna was a wet dream come true. She radiated beauty and sexuality. She carried herself with an air of respectability, as other’s just stared at her beauty. But now she was banging back at me, burying my cock deep in her ass.

I reached around Anna and grabbed both of her boobs. They were real. I had expected implants as I squeezed them. “Pinch my nipples”, she hissed at me as she pushed hard against the wall. I stood as close as I could and humped upwards driving my cock deep.

My breathing became rapid and I was now standing on my toes. I said, “I’m going to cum!”

Anna held still as I squirted into her hot hole. I felt my cock pulsating against her anal muscles. We both held still for a few moments as we caught our breath.

Anna stood upright and my cock pulled out of her. She turned around and took the soap and washed my cock. When rinsed of the soap, she held it her hand. Using one fingertip she touched my little cock hole and took from it, a drip of my cum.

Anna applied my cum to both of her lips, then leaned towards me kissed goodbye.

Later I went to the pool and found Karl and Candy at the table and chairs eating fruits.

Bo, the young black man who runs the house and fucks Anna in the pool, brought me more coffee, leaving me the warming pot. He asked if I cared breakfast. I shook my head yes and said, I need protein, lots of protein. Bo laughed and said, “Eggs?” I smiled and again shook my head yes. Bo disappeared.

“Well Daddy, Karl has a big day planned for us” Candy said to me, she continued, “We’ll drive over to the resort and have dinner and watch the sunset. Then, when the darkness sets in, Karl says there will be lots to explore.”

“Explore,” I repeat to them.

Karl cuts into the conversation now, “Yes Martin, explore. You’ll find exotic locations and peoples to explore there after dark. There is even an Adult Book Store, but it’s much nicer than the one the three of us met in.”

“Sounds like a lot of fun, I just hope I have the energy for this.” I said.

“Daddy, come on. You have lots of sexual energy, besides I’ll watch after you.” Candy tells me directly with a wink of her eye.

“OK, I’m all yours Honey” I say to my daughter.

Candy now laughs, “Oh but Daddy, I want to share you with the others and I’m hoping you’ll share me too.”

I closed my eyes and shake my head in the affirmative. Deep in side I know I’m getting more and more jealous of others fucking Candy, yet I know her and I are a package deal. We play together and with others. But wait a minute. I just fucked Anna’s ass without Candy being present. Shit! Um, I had better tell Candy before Anna does.

My eggs show up and look delicious. But now I’m worried. Where is Anna?

I take two big fork full of the eggs while thinking, I have to tell Candy when breakfast is over.

After washing breakfast down with orange juice I ask Candy to come to our room, I had to tell her about Anna.

In the room alone with Candy I tell her, “This morning while I was in the shower, Anna came in”, I tell her.

“I know Daddy, I was there”, Candy says.

“You were where?” I ask, of Candy.

“I was sitting on the toilette next to the shower, I had come in with Anna with your coffee.” Candy told me. “See Daddy, she and I planned it. I must say Daddy you must of pounded her ass good and hard. I could hear the two of you so well, that I was so turned on by listening to your sex, that I had to finger fuck myself.”

“Good God Candy, I was so worried that I had sex without you being there, I had thought I had violated a rule or something.” I told my daughter.

Candy replied with a chuckle, “Daddy there are no silly sex rules with us, except one. It’s that we have to love each other the most.”

“Honey, you know I do love you. I guess I love you exclusively.” I said.

Candy smiled and pulled off the wrap that covered her hips and let it fall to the floor. She stood before me totally nude. She had been working on her tan since we had arrived and it showed. She was golden.

I took Candy to our bed. I lowered her down onto the white sheet and spread her legs. Her pussy was shaved smooth and a golden brown like the rest of her body. There on one of her inter lips glistened, a drop of her dew. My tongue lapped up her juices as her hands held my head against her body.

“Stop Daddy, fuck me now” Candy whispered to me.

I moved up facing Candy. She lifted her knees angling her pussy for my entry into her love box. I slowly lowered my body down onto hers. My cock was guided to the magic spot by Candy’s hand. I pushed her lips open and entered her. She felt so good. I just wanted to lie there a few moments and kiss her lips and make love to her.

But, Candy was ready to fuck me. She humped her hips upward forcing my cock deeper. “Daddy fuck me real slow, I want to remember you for ever like this.” She said Fatih Escort Bayan to me.

I slowly pulled my cock out then slowly pushed it back in. It felt good for me also. She was a little extra slick this morning, my cock glided in and out of her canal with a softness that is unimaginable.

Candy was cuming for me, um, so quick to day; I wonder what had her revved up.

“Oh Daddy it feels so good with you inside of me. Cum with me now Daddy, please cum now.”

I squirted my cum for the second time his morning. I filled Candy’s cunt with my gizz and then lay still for some moments. I could feel Candy having her little after waves of orgasms under my body. She quivered ever so softly sending a satisfactory pleasure signal to me, for a job well done. Candy is so loving during these moments. It almost makes me cry to write about her now.

I fell back to sleep. It was a short nap; Bo came and collected me for lunch. Sex and food, it seems that is all that happens here in Karl’s villa. I kind of like that, if I could just get few more hours of sleep in.

Lunch was served in the house. The dining table was just a few steps from the patio and pool area; never the less we were shaded from the noontime hot sun.

It was a delicious meal, light, yet filling. As we sat back and had our wine Karl outlined his plans for us this evening. After that Karl wanted Candy, Anna and I to follow him. We walked down a hallway and the further we went the light became more and more dimmer. Where was Karl taking us that were so far away from the main area of the house?

We stopped at this heavy dark wooden door. Karl produced a key and unlocked the latch and then pushed the door open.

Darkness was the first thing I saw. We followed Karl into the room and as out eyes adjusted to the darkness, I found we had entered the ultimate sexual playroom.

There was a table, filled with dildos and vibrators. There were leather restraints, whips and cuffs hanging on the wall. And in the very center of the room, were two sex swings, hanging from the ceiling. Each swing attached to the ceiling by a common beam, at the top of the swing were rollers that could separate the two sex swings or bring them together.

“Who wants to go first?” asked Karl.

Anna immediately said, “We do”, and pulled Candy towards one swing.

I watched as she led Candy to the swing, and then proceeded to undress my daughter. The two girls got right into it as the kissed each other and crushed their boobs and pelvis against each other. Karl and I just watched the two of them as they taunted us with their sexual display.

I felt my groin ache and my cock enlarging as the two nymphs played.

Karl stepped up close behind me, so close that I felt his enormous cocks pushing on my ass. His hands came around to my chest, stopped at my nipples long enough to harden them, then moved lower to my now hard cock.

“Let’s get undressed” Karl said. He started removing his clothing.

I unbuttoned and pulled off my shirt, all the time thinking that Karl will not fuck my ass. I unbuckled my trousers and let them drop to the floor and looked up to see Karl with a full erection. His cock looked like a baseball bat!

“Climb in to the swing Martin.” Karl demanded of me.

Reluctantly, I did it. The swing was quite comfortable, supporting my legs, butt, back and shoulders. I slowly swung to and fro. Karl slowly walked around to my head and leaned over my body and took my cock in his mouth.

As Karl played with my penis, I looked over at the girls. Candy was in the swing like me, but Anna was licking her pussy from in between her legs. Candy was holding the upright straps with a tight grip as her orgasms had started.

As the four of us were really beginning to be overly aroused, Bo walked in. He stopped to kiss Candy on her mouth then patted Anna’s bottom as he walked by her. He came over to were Karl and I where.

“Care to join us Bo?” asked Karl.

I watched as Bo pulled off his shirt and dropped his trousers onto the floor. His cock was just starting to harden.

Karl was still sucking on my cock, but I was no were near cuming yet. My eyes were too busy watching all the sexual activity around me. My eyes were fully adjusted to the dim lighting of the room, so I could plainly see all of it.

Bo, walked over to the table with the dildos and picked up an anal plug. Then I watched him as he spread a lubricant all over the soft rubber.

I was shocked when Bo stepped in between my legs with that butt plug in his hand. His finger reached out and touched my anus, sending quivers of excitement through my body like an electric charge.

Bo inserted his greasy finger into me, than another, spreading me wider. After a moment of play he pulled out of me. I saw him squirt a small amount of lube on to the tip of anal plug.

I held my breath when the tip of the plug touched my hole. Bo looked at me and smiled. I nodded my head up and down. I was ready.

Bo slowly Escort Fatih pushed the butt plug into my ass, spreading my hole wide enough for the largest part of it to pass through. Then my hole closed down on the neck of this toy of perversion. My cock was very hard now. During this, Karl moved over with Anna and Candy. It was just Bo and I together.

Bo pulled my swing over beside the other swing, the one with Candy in it. Candy and I were now shoulder to shoulder. She looked at me and smiled. I knew she loved this room. Yes it was special, but yet I yearned for the ol’ bookstore back home. Candy let out a gasp and Karl plugged his enormous cock into her. Their swing started rocking and Candy reached out for a strap on my swing and said, “Come with me Daddy”. I leaned over and grabbed hold of her swing strap and then kissed my lovely daughter’s lips.

Candy took hold of my head and face and held onto it, kissing me while Karl fucked her. My cock was aching to be ejaculated.

As I rocked in the swing holding onto my daughter’s straps, Karl’s cock was propelling back and forth with the rhythm that lovers make. Candy cried out in pleasure, Karl was causing her to orgasm, over and over. Candy’s face pulled away from mine, as she was lost in her own feelings of sexual pleasure.

First I felt the movement of my swing, I turned to look as Bo helped Anna place herself onto my pelvic area. Bo lowered the swing allowing Anna’s toes to touch the floor as she straddled me. With a sheepish grin on her face Anna said, “Now, I want your cum in this hole Martin.”

Anna pushed my dick up inside of her pussy with a whoosh of air and body fluids. Her hair flowed over my face as she rocked on my cock.

I felt the swing moving upwards, Bo was pulling it upwards to where Anna’s feet where off the floor. The swing was moving freely now as Anna ground her cunt into my frame.

First I felt the pulling, then a small amount of pain as Bo pulled out the anal plug from my butt. I held my breath, as I knew what was coming next.

Thankfully Bo had greased the tip of his cock before sending it down my dark anal hole. The butt plug had done its job in relaxing my anal muscles.

I was in overdrive, sexually. No way around it, I was loosing my grip on the straps as my mind and body drove down the orgasm trail. Anna was riding me and hanging on to the straps. I watched Bo’s black hands come around to the front of her body. He grasp her nipples and pinched them. Then, Bo’s hands flowed slowly down her stomach to her pussy. I felt his fingertips touching my cock as he spread Anna’s pussy lips open and rubbed her clit as my cock flowed in and out of her. Watching this caused my cock cut loose with my jizz, filling Anna’s cunt. I have no idea when Bo had cum; it had to have been close to the rest of us as I felt his cock shrinking in my ass.

I looked over at Candy. She was well satisfied, with a pool of cum on the floor under her. Karl stood to the side, taking in the view he had masterminded. We where all here and completely satisfied, along with him.

Anna climbed off of my body, down onto the floor. She said, “Martin, you have cum all over you, I’ll clean you up a bit.” First she took my deflating cock and swallowed it whole. She locked her lips tight around it and sucked my cum from my skin.

I looked down at Anna, she was smiling as her tongue licked some of the cum off her lips. Then with some amazement, she began licking my ass hole. Now that send shivers up my spine. Something about anal stimulation really turns me on. Being rimming is one of my favorite things.

“Daddy, will you eat me out when Anna is finished cleaning you up?” Candy said to me.

“Come over here now Baby, I’m low enough in this swing that you can sit on my face.” I replied back.

Candy did come over; Bo adjusted the height of my swing to accommodate her pussy to be right over my head. I stuck me tongue into my daughter cunt and tasted her and Karl’s fluids. Candy’s clit was over sensitive to my touch, as every time I flicked it with my tongue she lurched.

Anna finished my rimming. I felt her move around behind Candy. I felt Candy twisting around, so I peeked upwards. The two girls were kissing again and just as passionate as before. Bo, stepped over and got into the mix. His big black hands spread all over the girls tanned tits as they kissed.

I continued eating Candy’s pussy the best I could, there was a lot of movement of bodies’ overhead so it was difficult to keep my face in between her pussy lips.

I heard Anna say, “Fuck her Bo, right there while her father eats her.”

Candy ran her hands down my chest to my stomach, as Bo bent her over to enter her. I felt Bo’s hard cock move my tongue out of his way and it climbed into my daughter cunt, as his hands grasp her hipbones.

The swing was swinging once again, as I held onto the upright straps. Bo was pounding Candy cunt at a fierce pace. I tired to lick what ever was available to me over my face, which was pretty much everything.

I heard a scream. Thinking it was Candy I stopped licking and listened. It was Anna’s scream. Her and Karl where fucking on the floor. Anna’s legs were draped over Karl’s shoulders, as he must have been splitting her small body wide open with his monster cock.

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