Breeze Without The Window


You lay awake, tossing and turning, you know the one thing that’s guaranteed to make you relax, but you’re alone. Not for the first time, you find yourself wishing you weren’t. Suddenly you feel a cool breeze, and glance at the window. It’s still shut. You wonder where the breeze came from, you hear a sound but as you start to wonder what’s going on you hear a voice whisper “Shhhhh”. It instills a calm into your heart and you lie back. You know whatever happens next, will help you to relax.

You feel a cool hand caress your cheek, and you try to open your eyes, but then you feel the hands tie a blindfold around you. Your breathing quickens, as the hand ties a knot and trails down your neck and around to your throat. You know this is strange and you should be worried, but somehow you feel so safe, so relaxed.

“Is it okay?” You hear a gentle voice ask and you start a little when you realize the voice belongs to a female, but you know what she’s asking. You swallow once and nod. You hear a voice from the other side, again the question asked is “is it okay?” Oh my god you think to yourself. But you find yourself intrigued and responding. You swallow again and nod, you feel something soft whisper across your face, feather light, and you realize it’s her lips trailing down your cheek

You softly whimper as you realize this is not a dream…they are here with you making you feel so good. You give a small start as you feel hands gently tugging at your tank top; you quickly raise your arms before you can change your mind.

You feel the night air cool on your skin as they…she…removes it. Soft lips trail softly to yours and gently settle. Her tongue traces the crease of your lips asking to enter. You barely open your mouth but its enough, her tongue wisps in and explores before stroking against your own.

You whimper as you feel 2 sets of hands gently Ümraniye Escort caressing you, fingers tracing random patterns on your skin getting closer and closer to your soft mounds. You gasp as you feel their breath caress your nipple and you realize just how alive your skin feels. You find yourself arching up towards their mouths; breathing heavy and wishing their tongues would caress your nipples.

Your prayers are answered as you feel their tongues gently rub over your nipple, a Bambi escapes you as you arch up harder into their mouths begging for more friction. You feel their hands slowly moving down your stomach and you subconsciously part your legs. You are on fire, you’ve never felt like this before, they are touching you and making you feel as if you’ve never been touched before. You reach up to touch them …needing to. They tell you, “sshhh this time is for you” You relax against the pillows gasping when you feel one of their, (you unconsciously begin calling them Bambi and Barbie) you don’t know why…the names just came to you…play with the zipper of your shorts. Your breathing accelerates as you feel your zipper being pulled down and the shorts begin to be pulled off. “Lift your hips for us baby” came a husky whisper and you’re helpless to do anything but comply. You shiver as you feel your panties sliding off with your shorts…soon you are naked…vulnerable and hotter than you’ve ever been in your life. Your hips jerk as you feel hands caress downward towards your hot pulsing center. You groan in acute frustration as their fingers ghost past and trail down your thighs…your hips buck up and you hear a throaty laugh.

“Mmm Barbie. I think she likes us” You helplessly whimper knowing that they are gonna tease you before they please you. Your head thrashes on the pillow as two mouths start randomly placing hot wet Ümraniye Escort Bayan kisses all over your body, always managing to miss the places where you want their mouths–their hot tongues the most.

You gasp as one of them gently nips at your throat, and traces your jugular with their tongue, one hand is gently caressing your breast, you find your nipples are hard and stiff. You want more than what they are giving you and when you try to speak you find your throat is dry and no sound come out. You hear them chuckle and somehow, you know, they have just given each other a gentle smile.

They know exactly what they are doing to you and much to your surprise you find yourself enjoying it. You’ve never wanted to try this before, but now as their hands and lips are everywhere, you find your body reacting strongly. You reach out with a hand to run your fingers through the hair of the one kissing your neck and at your gentle urge, she moves up and kisses you gently. Her hands still caressing your breasts, your nipples harder than they have ever been. You moan into her mouth and groan as you feel the other slide up your body. She too caress’ your breast with her hands and you feel Bambi move to the side a little so Barbie can slide her tongue into your mouth. You gasp as you feel their tongues meet, electric shocks go through your body. You Bambi in pleasure as you feel their tongues twine around yours rubbing and stroking. It’s an incredible feeling. You arch into the hands that are still caressing your breasts, needing a firmer touch. Bambi rolls a nipple between her fingers lightly tugging, adding to your arousal. Barbie’s hand drifts back down your stomach, briefly circling your navel before going lower. You tear your mouth away dragging in much needed air. Panting, you reach out for them…stroking any part you can reach.

All Escort Ümraniye you feel is material and you whimper. You NEED to feel skin. “Please.” You whisper tugging at cloth. You hear a soft laugh and the sound of material rustling. The bed sags as they lay back down next to you. You can feel the heat coming off their bodies. Your hand goes back out to touch.

“Better baby?” A voice whispers in your ear, you shiver.

“Much.” You whisper back, sliding your hand down her arm.

“Where were we?” Bambi asks. You can hear the grin in her voice.

“Oh…about here.” Barbie says naughtily. You feel her weight settle between your thighs and gasp, instinctively trying to close them.

“Shh.” She whispers, gently running her hands down your thighs. You relax, letting your legs part. Bambi starts nibbling her way back down to your breasts taking a nipple between her teeth and lightly tugging, before drawing it into her mouth. Your body arches, you can’t believe you’re doing this….and with 2 women…but…”OH!” You cry out as you feel fingers brush against your slick entrance. You arch your hips desperate for the release you know that they can give you, almost mindless in your need. Hands gently press your legs further apart, you eagerly draw your knees up, not quite knowing what they are going to do, but eager to find out. You feel Bambi’s mouth release you and travel down your stomach.

‘NNNNNNNNNOooooooooo’ you moan at the loss. ‘Shh’ they whisper, chuckling. You feel them both between your spread legs and hold your breath in anticipation. Your body arches off the bed in total surprise as you feel two mouths, two tongues trace patterns on your inner thighs and around your most delicate flesh. You hiss in agonized pleasure as their tongues pierce into your hot core and lap at the juices pooled there. Tongues teeth, lick nibble and suck until you are writhing on the bed begging for release. Hands gently keep you in place as you feel one tongue slid in out of your core faster and faster as the other flicks at your swollen nubbin, before sucking at it. You scream as orgasm crashes through you in seemingly never ending blissful waves.

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