Brenner’s Lake Ch. 01


RACHEL327: Hey

SANDYBABY6: Hey, Rach.

RACHEL327: What’s up, gf? Did your cousin show up last night?

SANDYBABY6: Yeah, we went to town to pick him up on the 6 o’clock train or something.

RACHEL327: This is Danny, right? The one I met a couple of years ago?

SANDYBABY6: Yeah. He’s 18, same as us. His mom is basically dumping him off with us for a couple weeks so she can go to Europe, but he’s kind of cool with it.

RACHEL327: He was kind of hunky the last time he was here, wasn’t he? For 16, anyway.

SANDYBABY6: I guess. He’s my cousin, Rach.

RACHEL327: That doesn’t mean you can’t notice, just means you can’t do anything about it. I’m sure he notices your boobs.

SANDYBABY6: First of all, ick. Second of all, ick. And third, I guess he’s okay looking.

RACHEL327: In other words hunky.

SANDYBABY6: Whatever.

RACHEL327: So what did you do?

SANDYBABY6: We were thinking about going into town to see a movie. We’d have invited you to come with. But he was kind of tired from the trip, so Mom ordered in some pizza and Danny and I watched a DVD.

RACHEL327: What a thrill.

SANDYBABY6: This morning, City Boy didn’t get his ass out of bed until I’d finished all my chores, and when he finally did, I asked him whether he wanted to hike through Brenner’s Woods and have a picnic by the lake. I warned him that hardly anybody knows the woods anymore, or knows there even is a lake, so if he told anybody I’d have to kill him.

RACHEL327: Good.

SANDYBABY6: So we packed a basket lunch, I felt like Little Red Fuckin’ Riding Hood as we walked through the woods. I took him on the long trail, and we didn’t get to the lake area until about Ankara escort 1. We ate, bullshitted for a while, it was nice. I told him you and I came here to swim sometimes. That we skinny-dipped.

RACHEL327: You didn’t! Gawd!

SANDYBABY6: Come on, what’s the big deal? We’re best friends, he knows we’ve seen one another naked. So of course he says “I’d have liked to see that!”

RACHEL327: Some cousin!

SANDYBABY6: He didn’t mean anything by it. You tell a teenage boy something like that, he’s gonna say something like that just by reflex.

RACHEL327: I guess.


RACHEL327: But what?

SANDYBABY6: After a minute or so he said “Does that mean we won’t be swimming?”


SANDYBABY6: Yeah, and I got all flustered and babbled something about we don’t have bathing suits and we certainly couldn’t swim naked together, and he just laughed and said he was teasing me. And he had been, but it kind of pissed me off a little that he made me act so goofy about it, so I said I’ll swim if my underwear if you will.

RACHEL327: You would? You did?

SANDYBABY6: What’s the big deal? You know my bras are pretty heavy-duty. And I’d already changed into my summer nightgown before we watched the movie yesterday, so if he was so interested in seeing my panties, he’d probably already had the chance.

SANDYBABY6: So I didn’t care. I kicked off my shoes and socks, took off my shirt and shorts, and waded in. So of course he had to strip down and follow me.

SANDYBABY6: It was fun. We splashed around, swam, whatever. It was a very new experience for him.

RACHEL327: I bet!

SANDYBABY6: No, not because of that. He’d only ever swam in pools. Ankara escort bayan Never anywhere he could look down and see all this shit below the surface.

SANDYBABY6: And that was basically it. We swam for maybe half an hour, then came out to dry off in the sun.

RACHEL327: Key question: Boxers or briefs?


RACHEL327: When he came out of the water, could you see everything?

SANDYBABY6: I guess so

RACHEL327: Tell me. Could you see his dick through his briefs?

SANDYBABY6: Yes, I could.

RACHEL327: Was he hard?

SANDYBABY6: Why do you want to know…

SANDYBABY6: Rach, are you doing what I think you’re doing?

RACHEL327: No! Well, maybe.

SANDYBABY6: Eww. What do you want me to tell you next, that he came up behind me while we were in the water and he pressed into me and I could feel his dick poking against my panties?

RACHEL327: Yes.

SANDYBABY6: And that it was between my legs, rubbing against my pussy?

RACHEL327: Yes

SANDYBABY6: And then he unsnapped my bra and tossed it into the water and started stroking my boobs? And pinching my nipples?

RACHEL327: y

SANDYBABY6: while i ground my pussy hard into his dick then he turned me around and kissed me

SANDYBABY6: and then he kissed and sucked on my nipples while i reached inside his underwear and pulled out his dick

RACHEL327: how hard was it

SANDYBABY6: very. should i have kissed it?

RACHEL327: yes

SANDYBABY6: I bent down and kissed it. And I licked it just a bit and i would have sucked it but i knew he’d come too quickly. cuz you know what i wanted instead?

RACHEL327: what

SANDYBABY6: Escort Ankara I ran over to the shore and he followed me and I took off my panties and laid down on the grass and i said Danny i want you to be the first boy to ever fuck me.

SANDYBABY: and he spread my legs completely exposing my wet pussy, and then pushed his dick deep into me and then again and again until i started to scream it felt so good and then he started to come, and it filled my pussy and started oozing out of it.

RACHEL327: Yeah. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

SANDYBABY6: You’re done?

RACHEL327: Yeah. Kind of embarrassed, but it felt so good.

SANDYBABY6: God, I can’t believe it. I just sexted my best friend. We’re probably lesbians now.

RACHEL327: No we’re not.

SANDYBABY6: And I was talking about my COUSIN!!

RACHEL327: Come on, it didn’t get you hot at all?


SANDYBABY6: Well, no. He’s my cousin. I don’t even know how I was able to make up that stuff.

RACHEL327: So what really did happen?

SANDYBABY6: Like I said, we swam around for a while, then we came out and laid down.

RACHEL327: And you really could see his dick through his underwear?

SANDYBABY6: A little, I guess. I wasn’t going to stare. He was mostly lying on his stomach.

RACHEL327: And what about your underwear? Could he see through them?

SANDYBABY6: Well, my bra is pretty opaque even when it’s wet. Uncomfortable as hell, because it soaked up half the lake, but you couldn’t see anything. My panties, I don’t know, they’re thin, but he wasn’t staring at me either.

RACHEL327: I bet if you’d taken off your bra…

SANDYBABY6: Stop it. You already got your jollies for the evening.

SANDYBABY6: Are you going to be able to hang out tomorrow?

RACHEL327: Yeah, I got all the shit done I needed to get done.

SANDYBABY6: Well, pop by after breakfast. Maybe we’ll all go into town or something.

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