Buisness trip with the wife


Buisness trip with the wifeThis is a very long detailed 100% TRUE story, comments will be greatly appreciated!!This story takes place when Kelsey my wife joins me on a business tip to California. It was a short four day trip where I had to work two of the four days. My company set me up in a hotel 2 miles from their headquarters, and I had planned to work the first two days and do some site-seeing the following two. We arrived and checked into our hotel very late Wednesday night, and we decided to have one quick drink at the hotel bar and call it night. While we were sitting at the bar having our drinks I noticed Kelsey was making eye contact with a guy sitting at the other end of the bar. I didn’t say anything to her while at the bar, but I was going to bring it up to her later back in our room. After we finished our drinks I told her we should leave and go to bed since we were on a plane most of the day and I had to get up early the next morning. Kelsey agreed, and we headed back to our room, but not before she gave the guy a smile and wink. Back in the room we got ready for bed, each of us taking our turns in the bathroom and getting changed in to our night wear. She always wore very revealing thin lingerie, and I wore shorts and a tee. Once in bed she cuddled into me with her ass into my crotch. I figured this would be a good time to bring up what I saw. “So did you have a good time at the bar?””It was ok. Did you?””I did. I always like going out to a bar with you” I started to feel my cock start to get hard as we were talking. Apparently so did Kelsey as she started to rub her ass ever so slowly into my crotch. “Mmm…Why is that hon?””Because you are so beautiful and I love seeing the guys ogle over you, while your with me””Oh honey I do you know how much you like that..and from the feel of your dick you enjoyed today””I certainly did!”Kelsey took her arm, reached back and slipped her hand in my shorts. Once she found my dick she started to slowly trace it with her fingernails. “Hon you are getting quite hard””I can’t help it. I saw what you were doing at the bar” She squeezed the bottom of my shaft”What was I doing?””You were make eyes with the guy at the end of the bar””You don’t miss a thing do you” She started stroking my now fully hard dick. “I’m very lucky that I have a husband that likes having a openly naughty wife””And I am lucky to have a naughty wife like you””Maybe this long weekend I can have some fun…maybe even with that sexy guy at the bar” She turned around looked me in the eyes, stilling pumping my dick . “Maybe I can find guy with a nice big cock.” She squeezed my dick hard”Would you like that? Would you like your wife to be naughty with someone else this weekend?”That’s all I could handle and my dick exploded all over her hand and my shorts. “I’ll take that as a yes” She removed her hand from my shorts and brought it up to my lips she pushed each finger into my mouth making my clean my cum off them”You’re turn to make me cum” She rolled over onto her back and opened her legs. I moved down her body and pushed the tiny fabric that was covering her pussy to a side. “I can’t believe how wet you are! You must really want to be a naughty wife this weekend?” I slide my tongue between her labia, and into her slit. “MMMMM do I….GOD you tongue feels so good….it makes up for your little dick.”I started to alternate my tongue going into her pussy and flicking her clit. Her moans started getting louder and louder. I separated her lips with my finger and really started tongue fucking her. In-between moans she said”I need to hear you answer my question….Do you want your wife to be naughty this weekend”I lifted me head “Yes I want you to be naughty this weekend”She pushed my head into her pussy again, and squeezed my head tightly with her thighs.”Do you want to watch?'”Yes please””What exactly to you want to see?”” I want to watch you with another man””Watch me do what?””I wanna watch you get fuck by another man””A man or a man with a big cock?”One with a big cock!””MMMHGHMMM” ” I’m cummin I’m cumminggg”After a few minutes she released her thighs and I moved back up the bed and we kissed. She finally broke the kiss.”I am looking forward to the next couple of days””So am I” We drifted off to sleepThe next morning my alarm went off, and I got out of be took a shower and got ready for work as quietly as I could. When I was already I walked over to Kelsey who was still in bed.”Time for me to go. sleep as long as you want. Have fun while I’m at work””I will, I think I’ll do some shopping and spend some time at the pool.””Sounds fun”I kissed her and left. The next couple of hours I met with my bosses and colleague. Pretty boring stuff, as I brought them up to date on our east coast sales. But every break I got my mind wondered to my wife and what she was up to. Around 2:00pm I got a text message from her that was followed by a picture message. “Look what I bought”It was a picture of her in and white and pink tiny bikini. It was a strapless top, that showed off her ample cleavage, and very tiny bottoms, that barely covered her pussy, that tied together at the sides.I wrote back “WOW!! That looks great on you! Can’t wait to see it in person”she responded “I’m wearing this at the pool now”I typed back “My Naughty wife”The next four hours went by very slowly, I just couldn’t get my mind away from the picture my wife sent me. Finally 6:00pm came and I go to go back to the hotel. I walked into our room, and saw my wife getting out of the shower.”Hi hon! How was your day? I made us dinner reservations at restaurant next door” “My day was long, especially after that picture you sent me! I was hoping to get here and still see you in it””Oh you’ll see me in it, but right now you need to get ready for dinner” She pointed to the showerI got her hint and took my shower. When I walked back into the room, she was wearing this hot little strapless blue dress that stop at her mid thigh. It was so tight she couldn’t wear a bra, and her nipples said she was in a horny state. “You look amazing. Any special reason you’re all dressed up!!” “Other than being your naughty wife…no”I finished getting dressed….”So you were a naughty wife while I was at work”She came over and rubbed my crotch”Not really….but the night is young”She grabbed her purse. “Let’s go”We got to the restaurant and were seated in a booth, in the middle of the restaurant. We looked over our menu’s made our choices and ordered a bottle of wine, Once our glasses were poured we cheered “To a successful weekend””So hon while I was at the pool a ran into the guy from the bar last night, and a few other people. His name is Steve”I looked at her and excitedly said”AND?!?”She laughed “AND…nothing…We talked, told him I was married and that I would introduce you to them after dinner at the hotel bar””So you didn’t do anything naughty” I said disappointedly “No silly, but maybe tonight if I’m lucky. We did flirt a lot when the other people were in the pool, But I honestly don’t know, He seemed less flirty when I told him you’d be back later.””I’m sorry baby..guess I ruined it for you””It’s ok. We are meeting up with him and the other people I met later” Our dinner came and the rest of the conversation revolved around what I did at work earlier. We finished our bottle paid the check, and walked back over to the hotel. “You know hon if things don’t workout with türbanlı escort me being naughty tonight with Steve, we can always go back to the room and roleplay again!””You’re right. We can still make the night fun!””But if you see something happening between Steve and me, please don’t ruin it””You know me better than that…I would never do that!”We got to the bar and Kelsey found the group at the far end of the bar, across from the small dance floor that was there. She introduced me to every one. Three guys(Justin, Mark, and Steve) and two women (Beth and Nicole). None of them knew each other, and were all here for some type business. When Kelsey introduced me to Steve, he gave me a very strong firm grip hand shake. He was from Texas and a deep southern draw in his speech We all bought rounds of drinks, and we alternating talking to each other, I did notice that Kelsey and Steve spend most of the time talking to each other. And after a couple of hours of drinking, the girls took turns dancing with each of the guys. Although I was not much of a dancer I did danced with both of the girls but kept my eye on Kelsey who was now being more touchy feely with Steve. And Steve was just as touchy with her. After awhile I stopped dancing and a few us just stood at a high top table talking, laughing, and doing more shots. I don’t know if anyone except me really was picking up on the new found chemistry Kelsey and Steve shared but as the night got later Kelsey and Steve became more bold in their dancing and flirting. After one dance set they decides to take a break and comeback to the bar table. Kelsey stood next to my stool, and Steve stood right behind a little to her right. She leaned forward to get her drink I notice his hand is on her ass. She saw me pick up on that and whispers to me”I’m having a really great time. Steve has amazing moves, and I told him that when you get really drunk you pass out and are dead to the world. So if you play along, I think I am going to be able to get a chance to be that naughty wife of yours, and you can even be in the same room.”She stood up straight and wiggled her ass into his hand a little more which cause him to smile. After a couple of minutes and another shot he leans into her “Wanna get back out there and dance a little more””MMM yes…Lets go”They left us and went back to dancing, as if no one else was there. Our group continued to talk and drink, when the lights come on and the bartender/DJ announces that they will be closing after the next song and that it was last call. I looked over to the dance floor and I saw them in the far corner breaking what seemed to be a very passionate kiss. She grabs his hand and walked back over to us. We all finished the rest of our drinks, paid the tab, and left. I ended up walking with Mark and Nicole, it was apparent that the Beth and Justin were going to get business, as they took the closest stairwell to his room. We were all pretty hammered and a little bit ahead of Kelsey and Steve who hadn’t stopped holding hands since they left the dance floor. Nicole turned to me and said. “If Kelsey wasn’t your wife I would think Steve and her would be getting some just like Justin and Beth.” Mark and I laughed”Well are you and Mark seem to be hitting it off are you two going to get lucky” We all laughed “Nicole I’m on floor 4 if your interested” Mark said , and again we all laughedWhen we reached the elevator, the group got in and I pressed floor 4 for Mark Floor 6 for Nicole, Steve said his floor was 6 also. I pressed 15 for our floor. “Someone has the fancy room” Steve said.When the elevator stopped at floor 4, Mark said goodbye it was nice meet us…he looked at Nicole who smiled and winked at us”You only live once” and got off with Mark, before the door closed Steve said with a very cocky southern accent”Guess just one of us poor bastards isn’t getting any tonight” Mark and Nicole busted out laughing as the door closed. The elevator stopped at floor 6 the doors opened and Steve got out and put is arm against the door so they wouldn’t close. Kelsey looked me with her bright hazel eyes”Hon, how about we invite Steve back to our suite for one last drink.””I don’t know were all are pretty drunk right now””But honey, one more won’t hurt” “If that’s what you want…sure”Kelsey gave Steve a big smile and he got back in the elevator stood next to Kelsey, putting his arm around her waist, and placed his hand on her ass. I looked over at them, Kelsey seemed so small next to him. She was in a trace looking at him. She was clearly turned on, as her nipples were protruding through her dress.”Jay you are a very lucky guy!! Kelsey is so sexy! She’s the whole package”Not making eye contact with him”Yes I am”Finally the doors to the elevator open and I follow them down the hall toward our room. I pull out my key card and open the door, and let them walk in together. “WOW you guys have an incredible room. its so big and the view is great.”Kelsey walks him over to the balcony “You should see this view””It really is breath-taking” His eyes we locked on her and not at the view. Steve looks over to me “Jay why don’t you go pour us a drink and turn on some music while I take in this beautiful view.””Sure” I walk over to the radio, turn on some music, then over to the small fridge and start making some drinks.Steve was becoming more and more bold.”Kelsey want to sit down so I can massage your neck”Yes Pleaseeee” They walked over love seat, and he proceeds to rub his hands on her neck and shoulders. She closed her eyes in relaxation, I gave them a few minutes, before interrupting them with the drinks. My dick was rock hard as I watched his hands roam her neck and shoulders”Here are the drinks.” Kelsey opens her eyes”Thank you hon”Steve looks at me with a grin”Yea Thanks”I walk over to the bed which is about 5 feet to the right of the love couch and stretch out on it. After a few sips of my vodka tonic, my eyes start to close. Steve picks up on that immediately. And through the squint slits of my eyelids I see his hands move down her shoulders and he leans into her neck and starts to kiss her. My heart was racing and dick was leaking precum. “mmm” Kelsey whispers “Steve that feels so good, but you should behave. Jay is right there.” ” Don’t worry looks like you were right he can’t hang with us…he’s passed out already”Kelsey turns to look at me”Figures” She gets a huge smile on her face “He’s a light weight””Yea he seems that way. Still want me to stop?””MMM…no, but we should” she said playfully”Isn’t this what you want darlin””What do you mean?””You want to get lucky with me just like everyone else that we were with tonight are””Why do you think that mister?” she leaned closer in to him”You invited me to you room, and you can’t pull yourself away from me”Steve turns her to face him. and leaned into her, they start kissing. After a few minutes of their tongues exploring each others mouths, My cock starts throbbing, and I try my hardest not to make any noises. He break the kiss.”I don’t get it why are you and Jay together? Your WAY out of his league!””Shhh” She whispers…”You’re too kind, I’m not that pretty, you’re silly”He doesn’t lower his voice”Kelsey oh you are one of the hottest women I have ever met”Kelsey giggles and looks into his blue eyes.”Thank you, your not so bad looking yourself!””We would make an awfully hot pair, türbanlı escort bayan that’s for sure….”Your naked body on top of mine would look pretty fuckin sexy!In a low voice she says “Yes I would imagine it would!””But seriously either he has a real big cock, has a lot of money, or both cause you two don’t seem to belong together”She looks down a little bit, still whispering”Aren’t you the bold one talking like that with my husband so close to us” He gives her a cocky grin. “I can’t help myself, I am just so attracted to you…and I know what I have in my jeans can change a woman…I also know what I want….and I really want you”She looks at him for a second…then looks over and me pretending to sleep. “I like that in a man” She looks back at him “To answer you question.”No longer whispering “Since I know you want to know…You’re right about the money just look at this room. And when we were dancing I felt what you had in your jeans, And it felt like you are much bigger than him.”Steve taking full advantage of her answer”Oh yeah…when did you exactly feel it”She leaned into him and started kissing him again “When you were grinding on me”Steve didn’t miss a beat he unbuttoned his shirt, and slipped it off. Kelsey didn’t stop kissing him but kept her eyes opened watching him: He then started to unzip the back of her dress, which cause her to break the kiss. She ran her hands over his very defined chest. She coyly teased”We should stop…I’m married and my husb…” He interrupted her “He’s out cold …he’ll never know..and I bet he won’t do anything about it even if he was up. Besides are you going to pass up this?”He took her hand and placed it on his crotch, Kelsey lost in a trance started rubbing his cock though his pants “oooh my””Whose going to get lucky him passed out dead on the bed or me the guy whose cock your massaging” She let out another moan “Youuu””You want to be with a real man tonight don’t you…wouldn’t you like to see how big I really am?””I do…oh god do I “”Good!! Now unbluckle my pants and see what is waiting for you”Kelsey looked down at his jeans, she took her hands to his belt, and undid it. followed by unzipping the zipper. He stood up and let them fall to the floor. Kelsey quickly slid her ands over the waistline of his boxers…looked at me sleeping and then back at him and slipped them down. He cock sprung right up at her face. “OH MY you’re definitely bigger than Jay””I knew I was, by the way you were Dry humping me on the dance floor”Kelsey looked up at him”Go ahead you know you want to”Teasing him by gentle licking the tip” I really shouldn’t Jay is right there sleeping…what if he wakes up?””Seriously…Fuck him…if he wakes up he can take notes”He reached down took his boxers and threw at me trying to cover my face with them, but the landed just under my chin. I kinda flinched but continued to pretend to sleep.When Kelsey saw that she opened her mouth and took him completely in. His hands moved to the top of her head and he guided her back and forth until she deep throated him. After a few minutes she looked up at him, he had his head bent back, she then looked over and me and gave me a wink. She pulled lips off his cock”How big are you Steve?”*Nine and half almost ten”She gasped”Really….Your double the size of Jay”Steve busted out laughing “he’s only 5 inches??””Well 5 1/2 inches….every extra bit count””How pathetic..you poor gal you””Steve I need to feel you in me…..BADLY”She stood up and turned around “Can you finish what you started””You know I can ma’am”He unzipped the rest of her dress and watched it fall to the floor. He then started to kiss up her shoulder, to her ear. “Are you ready for the fuckin of you life””Am I ever…I need a good fuck…it’s been so long”With that he ripped her panties off, and threw them at me this time hitting my nose. He pushed her forward onto the couch. He rubbed his cock over her pussy..”You’re so wet….think your tight pussy can handle me?””Oh I know its going to hurt…but I want it to. I need it too….I need you to make me full”After sliding the head in and out of her getting it really wet, he put it against her asshole.”Oh NO…please I have haven’t don’t that in years…and I’m not ready for that”Steve Just laughed…”Jay has never had your ass?””No…and I only tired once when I was younger…and I made him stop””Well Kelsey I can guarantee you will beg for it there tonight before I leave””Don’t get your hopes up mister”He the started to push his cock into her pussy”I told you I get what I want…And I want you to beg for me to fuck your ass””mmm we’ll see but for now…. Please fuck my pussy right now please”He pushed in slowly started to pick up the pace.Kelsey loves dirty talking while having sex, the dirty the talk the harder she cums. And it seemed Steve knew that somehow”How does a real man feel””You feel amazing Steve””Do I feel better that your husband?””OH MY GOD Yes you feel better than him””How much better”Kelsey’s moans started to get louder”You filling me up much more””What else?””Your reaching deeper than he ever has””Is my cock better than his?””YESSS OHH I’m going to CUMMMMM”Steve kept fucking her…and when she caught her breathe “Does he make you cum?””Yes..””He can make you cum with his little dick?””Oh Never with his tiny dick. Orally””Never with his cock””NEVER””Why not?””Cause he’s too small”He grabbed her hair and pulled back, looked over and me a laughed”Does it bother you that he’s sleep right next to you while I fuck you?”No…it turns me on”she started to cum again…”YOU”RE A REAL MANNN””That’s right I am”He pulled out of her…”I want you to be my cowgirl and ride this stallion!” She stood up and he sat on the love seat, She was about to mount him with he back to him”No, turn around I want you to look at me while we fuck”With that she faced him and lowered herself on him. She started to ride him like she was in a rodeo.”I’ve always want to fuck a real cowboy…mmmm”He gabbed her hips “I knew I was going to fuck you from the minute you sat across from me at bar last night””Did you?””Oh Yea I knew it when you couldn’t keep your eyes off me'”Steve leaned in and started sucking her breasts, cause Kelsey to moan in pleasure…That always makes her cum. She started to pick up the pass. and she pushed his head deeper into her breast.”If your not careful you’ll leave marks”Muffled in her breasts “Do you want me to leave marks”She just moaned He pulled away from her.”DO YOU WANT MY TO LEAVE MY MARKS ON YOU?!?””YES baby leave marks…suck them hard”He buried his head and started sucking on her nipples and on her breasts. He was determined to leave his marks. Kelsey’s head was moving from side to side in pleasure. She no longer cared if I woke up..if fact be she moaned like she wanted me to wake up.”Oh baby you really know how to make a woman feel good….You’re going to make me againnnnn…”That’s right I know how to work my women””UGHH OH MY””You’re little hubby will never make you feel this good””UGHH UGH NO NO HE WON”TTT…OH MY GODDDD”Kelsey started cumming for the third time. Steve grab her hips and held her on his lap grinding his cock deeper in her…I could see the sweat simmering off of their bodies. Her body kept trembling for at least 3-5 mins. When she started to recover she looked at him and started make out with him with total lust and passion. escort türbanlı He finally broke the kiss “Time for you to turn around and sit back on me””You still have more for me?””Of course I do..I haven’t cum yet””Jay has never last this long…even with Viagra” They both look over at me still pretending to sleep. She stood turned around and started to lower herself back on to him”He’s so pathetic…You deserve what I can give you on a daily basis”Kelsey started to ride him again..”I really do!!”After a few mins of this she pulled off him and leaned forward onto the coffee table. She looked back at him”Steve I want you to fuck my ass”I was so shocked by that statement I let out a little gasp, which I don’t either of them heard. Kelsey really hated anything by her ass she had always said that that was exit only”Are you sure that’s what you want?””Yes baby I need to feel you in there””You know it’s going to REALLY hurt””I do!! But I need to try it with you””Then you know what to do Kelsey”Kelsey turned around dropped to her knees took his cock in her hands”Please babe give me anal””You have to do better than that”Please please Steve give me anal””Do better””Please Steve fuck my ass. Please put your big cock in my tight asshole””That’s better”She was licking all around his cock, something she never does with me after we had sex, because she didn’t like to taste herself on my cock. He picked her up and bent her forward back over the table.”Are you ready””I am….please baby fuck my ass please please”He started rubbing his cock against her ass. Kelsey let out a Loud”OH UGH OW””Does that hurt””YES!!!””Want me to stop?””YES!!””Well I’m not” and he pushed deeper into her”OH GOD OH GOD”He pulled out and pushed in again further”OH MY GOD THAT FEELS SO…..FUCKING GOOD!!!””I told you it would…I told you want it””You make feel so good baby””How good am I?””You are by far the best fuck I have ever had””That’s right I’m going to make you cum again””UH HUH”Steve pulled out of her ass. grabbed her hair and turned her head toward him”Look at the hole I left you gapping with …mmmm…You wanna become my dirty girl…. my slut””Oh Steve I do””Are you prepared to do some evil things ?””YES…please put you cock back in my ass”Steve let her hair go, grabbed her hips, and slammed his cock back in her ass”I want you to cuddle up to your little hubby when I leave””Uh I will”I want you to get him nice and hard””UGH OH YEA””And I want you to make him go down on you…make him smell and taste my cum that I’m going to leave in you”Kelsey started going crazy cumming”OOHHH MY GOD…YESS YESS I’LL MAKE JAY DO THATTT””Tell him what you did while he was passed out””I’ll TELL HIM THAT YOU FUCKED ME THE WAY I SHOULD BE FUCKED””Good girl…whatlese are you going to tell him””THAT HIS LITTLE COCKK COULD NEVER GIVE ME THE PLEASUREE THAT YOURS DOES”Steve then grabbed her hips, stiffened up and released his cum in her ass”I’m cumming in your ass, and that’s where your going to make him go down on you”cumming off her orgasm she moaned”YESSS BABY…That’s where I’ll have Jay taste your cum”Steve stood there panting, sweat dripping off his chest onto her back. When he caught his breath, he sat back in the couch. Kelsey not wanting to dislodge herself form him sat back on his lap. She rotated her hips a so he legs were d****d over his couch. She leaned forward and started kissing him with the passion that she never wanted to stop. Finally he broke the kiss”You are now mine aren’t you?””I am yours baby…You just gave me the best fuck of my life””I can tell you don’t want me to leave…and that you like the feeling of my cock still in your ass””I don’t want you to leave I want you to stay in me forever. You are amazing””What about him” Steve shrugged over my way”Jay will just have to deal””Too bad I leave tomorrow””I know I wish we were closer””This is what I want….tomorrow after breakfast I want you to tell Jay that you’re going to come up to my room so we can fuck before I leave on Saturday.””OK….I will and I’ll be there!!””Good…but I’m not done with you yet for tonight””You’re not…Baby I don’t know if I can do it again right now…I’m so sore””Oh no this is for me…This is going to show me that your mine and that you will show up tomorrow”She looked at him with intrigue”I’ll do anything for you”” I want you to get off me, kneel in front my me with your ass in the air so my cum doesn’t leak out of you, and suck my cock clean”Without even blinking Kelsey did as he said with her ass in the air started clean his cock”He leaned back in the couch smiling from ear to ear”Does my cock that is covered with my cum, your pussy juice and your ass taste good””Uh Huh” Her mouth muffled with his cock “Your cock is amazing””Before I leave I going to make you do one last thing to prove to me that your mine”She looked up at him”ANYTHING!!”I going to walk to the door and you are going to crawl over to your lil hubby and your going to kiss him, stick your tongue in his mouth and make him taste me, then after I leave you can have him go down on you, and you can either be honest with him and tell him what you did with me or you can make something up about being horny but you will let him clean me out of you!!””That’s so bad!! I don’t know if I can do that””Well If you want to fuck me again tomorrow you WILL DO that””OH MY GOD That’s so naughty….and I really do want you to fuck me again.””Then you WILL DO IT””Ok..anything for you my cowboy”Steve stood up…and started to put on his clothes.”I can’t believe that lil bitch slept though the whole thing. I bet the neighbors on the both floors heard us””Steve I don’t know what to say. But thank you for tonight”He finished tying his shoes and started to walk to the door.”Go on…go wake your lil hubby up”Kelsey then crawled toward the bed and got up on the bed “HEY don’t let my CUM drip out of you!!”When she settled close to me”I WON’T SEXY”Kelsey then leaned forward and kissed me…forcing her tongue into my mouth. I resisted at first but gave in opening eyes, and my mouth let my tongue explore her mouth tasting the bitter saltiness of Steve’s cum and her combined pussy and ass juices.”Oh Jay I was a naughty girl while you were sleeping and I need you to help me with something so, I can get what I want tomorrow after Breakfast”Acting dazed..I said”Ok baby anything for you” Kelsey pushed my back on to the bed and began to straddle my face…I could smell the strong scent of cum, her pussy and her raw ass. She was inches from my face. Steve opened the door “I’ll see you tomorrow Kelsey”She sat back onto my face”YES YOU WILL!!!” Steve slammed the door shut.”Tell me you watched that!! Tell me you saw me have the best sex of my life…please tell me you don’t really sleep though it”I was licking he pussy taking in the view of her very red and freshly fucked holes”I was wake…I saw and heard everything””Jay, Steve was amazing. You’re not mad are you?””Moving my tongue from her pussy to her ass..”No I’m not mad..I enjoyed watching you getting that pleasure!”She slid her hand down my pants and unzipped my pants freeing my cock.”I can see that. My lil man is so hard….its so cute You don’t mind if I leave now for Steve’s room. I want to get as much of him as I can before he leaves.””Are you serious?””I am hon, Don’t be made, I’ll come back so you can clean me after he leaves”Looking at my wife glowing, I said “anything for you baby. Go enjoy yourself”Kelsey jumped out of bed, grabbed a rob…kissed me on the forehead. “Thank you…see you sometime tomorrow”She opened the door and floated out of the room…I didn’t see her again until Saturday night. He extended his stay to be with her.Those stories will follow shortly….

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