Buttercups First Anal


Note: This is a true story.

Having a boyfriend was great. I had someone loving and carrying who paid special attention to me and seemed to care for me. When we would get together with friends, I had that person there for me just like most everyone else did so I was not that single woman anymore.

Not everything was perfect though. Like most men and boyfriends he enjoyed being affectionate and intimate when we were along. We would kiss deeply and let our tongues explore. I had even open my pants and underwear to him to let his fingers go inside of me. It all felt amazing but he wanted more. He wanted sex. It was not an unreasonable request honestly. I just was not on any birth control and had heard quite a few stories of condoms failing.

One night seemed to bother him more than others. We had both stripped down all the way. He had taken me to an orgasm with his fingers and I had brought him to one with my hand as well. As we were lying there, he asked me when he thought we would be ready and I could not give him an answer. He said he was fine when he was dressed and left but I could tell something was amiss.

He was out of town the next few days I took some time to explore. I got some condoms, took them into my room, and opened them. They had an interesting smell and the lube on them felt somewhat odd. When I pulled hard on almanbahis them though they did tear. I did not think the condom would come under that type of pressure during sex. I was not sure if I was ready to take that risk.

The following day I was at lunch with some friends. Every now and then, we discussed sexual topics but it was not a common thing. Today it was Mandy, Jess, Shanna and me. These were all girls that I knew to be sexually active and had good advice. I told them my problem and asked what their suggestion was. Mandy said I was worried for nothing, and to use the condom. Shana suggested that maybe we get some toys to use together. Jess was the one that surprised me when she suggested I let him have anal sex with me. I had to double check she was suggesting what I thought she was. She said yes, let him put his dick into my ass and fuck me that way. Both Mandy and Shanna disagreed saying it was painful and felt awkward.

I spent the next few days thinking over their advice waiting for my boyfriend to come home. Sure enough when he returned we went out with some friends to dinner and a movie and then went home and to the bedroom. We took each other’s clothes off and tongues and hands wandered. He had taken me to an orgasm and he was lying on my bed as I stroked him. My mind thought to the condoms in my clothes drawer and to what almanbahis yeni giriş Jess had suggested. I also thought of how he seemed when he had left the last time.

I swallowed deep as I stopped stroking him; he looked up at me and asked what was wrong. I did not even know if he wanted to stick his dick into my ass. I told him I knew he wanted more and I was not quite ready. I then told him that if he wanted to, we could have anal sex. I was not sure what I was expecting but he said yes and started getting up. Now it clicked with me that this was actually going to happen.

He went behind me and pushed gently on my back. I got on my hands and knees as he pushed my legs apart a bit with his knee. I realized I had started breathing harder. I felt his hand on one side of my hip and then I felt him between my cheeks. It was an odd feeling as he almost moved the head of his dick up and down until he found what he was looking for. He pushed and I felt the pressure as my body gave way. It did hurt a bit and seemed like more and more just kept going inside of me. My front arms collapsed and I went down to my elbows. Finally, I felt his other hand on the other side of my hip and he asked if I was ready. The pain was going away so I bared down and shook my head yes expecting the pain to come back when he started. As he began moving, the almanbahis giriş pain did not return though. It actually started to feel good and I began relaxing. I could hear him breathing hard and his pace picking up as his body encountered my cheeks. I was breathing hard as well as it actually felt good.

I am not sure how long we went for but I found myself enjoying it so I was back to my hands and knees pushing back on his body. His hands were gripping harder on my hips now. We had a great motion going as I felt him grab my body as hard as he could. I pushed my body back against him and he pushed hard against me. I could feel a pulsing sensation as we stayed like that for a minute.

Finally we relaxed and collapsed on the bed. My legs and wrist were sore from holding myself up. My butt also felt a little odd but that was to be expected. He looked at me and smiled. I smiled back and looked down to see his dick covered with cum and it clicked the pulsing was him cumming in my ass. Well I had never heard of someone getting pregnant from unprotected anal sex so I did not worry too much. When my boyfriend went home that night, he was in a much better mood.

The following day my ass was a little sore but it only took about a day or so to feel normal. That was good because my boyfriend seemed to enjoy having anal sex. We stared doing it regularly and I noticed when we did it more it hurt less and took no time to recover. Anal sex itself was not taking me to an orgasm but it felt good and I must admit it felt somewhat naughty to be out somewhere knowing what we had been doing.

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